BL News: ′The Prince′s Prince′ starring ftisland jonghoon

11109666_10205156724140030_896055844707126561_n Exciting news from south Korea !! They are currently releasing a webtoon based drama with borderline BL storyline called

′The Prince′s Prince′

프린스의 왕자 (The Hangul read as Prince of Wangja, they differentiate between english and korean word for prince)

The most exciting thing is that my baby Choi Jonghoon from are staring in this one (dokyuuun~~ ) 86832002 Here are the news i copy from BL Movies Fb group , credit Mr Alexander BL Movies

[Korea/Web Drama Series] Prince’s Prince – 프린스의 왕자 (Update: Added Ep.02 Eng Subbed)
Can an older brother save his younger sister? Park Shi Hyun (Jonghun)’s younger sister (Yuna) is so engrossed in video games and her computer, she lives in an imaginary world all her own. Can Shi Hyun get his sister to return to the real world, or will his nemesis Lee Mong Ryong (Lim Yun Ho) stand in the way?
“Prince’s Prince” is a 2015 Korean web drama directed by Shin Joo Hwan. It is based on a popular webtoon by the same name. This series marks the acting debut of Jonghun of the popular Korean pop-rock band FT Island.

Original title 프린스의 왕자 Also known as Prince of Prince, Prince’s Man Broadcast Period 2015-06-08 to 2015-06-19 Rating PG-13 (ENG SUB)
Episode 01 Destined Enemies: (ENG SUB)
Episode 02 Trojan Horse:

Will just update this post for next episodes!

Personal Note: 1. Yes, this is BL Series produced by KBS. The whole story will make you giggle with the main casts. Acting and Plot are good. Just bare with comic style since this is a web drama and 1 episode usually 10mins only but 2 Episodes per Week, Enjoy! (Edit: Oh this will daily for 2 Weeks!)



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