Bishounen of The Week : “Push” Puttichai Kasetsin

i’m currently in love with this thailand hottie after seeing him on ugly duckling the series “perfect match” (watch on youtube)

he is cute, witty, funny and just fun to watch, not to mention that hot body

wpid-1438188967003.jpg wpid-1438188968890.jpg wpid-1438188975865.jpg wpid-tumblr_ms10uk0xaa1s2c7z4o1_500.jpg wpid-md4pkpq.jpg600px-1184773_618656498166550_509449299_n

Push Puttichai Kasetsin (พุฒิชัย เกษตรสิน) started his career as a DJ for Chill FM 89. Later he took on small roles in lakorns until he had his own debut lakorn as p’ek in Leh Nangfah with View Wannarot Sontichai. Since then he has slowly started to gain more fans. Push is known to be flirty and silly with his co-stars and quickly becomes friends with them, many say he’s easy to get along with. Push’s fame starts to grow lakorn after lakorn, making him one of Exact’s best actors.
source :

and on top of that he is also good with fanservice awww you know how i love fan service
here was his fanservice for ugly duckling the series


i’m excited for his new lakorn

I wanna be supstar.

i hope someone would kindly sub this lakorn for us ^___^

more gorgeous push >


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