Trailer Like Love 2 “Nobody Knows But Me”
Trailer Like Love 2 “Nobody Knows But Me”
it’s out i think i’ve made some missed info on another post
the main character for Nobody Knows But Me is still Anziyan and Maiding as sequel of like love not Yanyan and Su XiaoMi :p


3 thoughts on “Trailer Like Love 2 “Nobody Knows But Me””

  1. Trailernya bikin hati kebat kebit panas dingin, ya ampuuunnnn… Tolonglah… Cepetan tayaaanggg… Huwaaaa… 😂😂😂

    Thanks for sharing, Mbak.. Muah! 😚

  2. Translation:

    Teacher: Today, here’s a new student from other college.
    AnZiyan: I’m AnZiyan, MaiDing’s boyfriend.

    Caption: The work of ChenPeng Director
    Caption: Shot according to Angelina’s popular novel .

    AnZiyan: Is it in just two days that you get a wife and sister?
    MaiDing: I love you so much that I am indifferent to danger. To be the king’slover is just like living with a tiger. From day on, I set three rules in our family. First, listen to me.
    AnZiyan: Be careful.
    MaiDing: Second, still listen to me. Third, you must listen to me.

    AnZiyan: In a remote countryside…
    MaiDing: You forget ‘Long long ago’.
    AnZiyan: Long long ago…

    Caption: KongChuinan acts as AnZiyan

    MaiDing: He gives what I want. Even if I want the star in the sky, he will pick it up for me with a ladder, not to mention a car.
    BaiXiaosi: I think he is more likely to beat you with that ladder.

    An’s grandpa: When AnZiyan falls alseep…

    Caption: HuangLige acts as MaiDing

    MaiDing: We are going to travel for a long distance, which I regard as our honeymoon. AnZiyan, thanks for taking me to the paradise.
    AnZiyan: Why do you have so many paradises?

    Caption: 2015.9.25 Nobody Knows But Me will be shown sweetly.

    AnZiyan: In this world, nobody can set us apart. 💕

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