QingYu is My OTP

Okay I have an announcement I’m smitten head over heels in love with this pairing
Wangqing (qingge) and Fengjianyu (dayu)
Let me explain how I love them and how they are sooo compatible and adorable

The way they hold each other hand is looveee

this was a picture showing qingge hands after hitting brick scene posted on weibo

The way they kiss is loooveee

This is fanservice or its only acting I know, they are not awkward at all with all their love scene even with french kiss and touching each other even for their first ever kiss scene the PD [Ms Jidan author of CA] said they’ve done it without a hitch
for best friend is.. that.. normal…???

Qingyu understand each other very well

They have been best friend for 3 years, so they know so much about each other, like that saying “they finish each other sentences” it is soo lovely to watch

Qingge is possessive and also protective toward dayu

914357b4gw1ew5d6mfqw5g206e074u0z.gifBut still in a good way. When dayu linger without him too long he will drag him like a cat, that’s how possessive qingge is.
is this also fanservice?

When an mc ask whether females fans would follow him (dayu) privately Qingge would say “I’m here no one dare to court him”

on another occasion Qingge would say “don’t even try to approach him (dayu) it’s impossible” towards their fangirls that’s like hmmm

You need to watch Qingge reaction on Counter Attack BTS when Dayu hurt his toe … he was pissed ^^” was this also a fanservice?

Qingge wants dayu attention

Dayu was busy playing with his phone ignoring Qingge and Qingge does some cute thing

When Dayu sit too far from him Qingge hit his shoulder and say “why are you sitting so far?” and after that rub the shoulder with affection :3 and lot more

Qingge likes indirect kisses


And most of the time he does it on purpose whether with a pocky stick or a bottle of water or a tissue even a ciggarette


A post shared by @ qingyupics on

Qingyu looks each other with affection

I see something when I see something, I can’t explain but I saw spark in their eyes

Dayu is caring

I always love this kind of gesture on a couple, qingge tends to sweat a lot dayu call him sweaty king , each time dayu would wipe sweat off his face and fans like me would squeel

Also the way they dress each other is so intimate

❤️ cr 蕴琪7777777

A post shared by @ qingyupics on

which include back hug and more (//_//)


Dayu spoiled qingge

“When the first time I met him, I’d decided that I would pamper him.” Dayu about qingge

Qingge is a little lazy, whenever he feels he doesn’t want to get up from bed he will call dayu to get him food or do things for him and Dayu never refuse (he coudn’t)

But actually Qingge also took care of Dayu

“Actually you’re a person who always needs some care. Basically, there’s nothing I can’t stand (tolerate).” Qingge about dayu

Qingge had a small hotpot restaurant who also sells delivery pizza, each time dayu call to order pizza Qingge would deliver the pizza himself.

During CA film Qingge would light a coil so that Dayu wont get bitten by mosquito while sleeping.

Qingge have a fierce unapproachable persona but not with dayu

“If others can’t hold on to me and fall down I’ll just throw them away. But if it’s dayu even if crash on to me, I won’t let him fall (hurt) do you understand?” Qingge when asked why only Dayu can approach him

Qingge speaks in code

Qingge loves playing with numbers one time in weibo he post

and when arranging fanmeet date an such he would do things like this

[Trans] Sharing of Chengdu FM sweetness from romantic Qing Papa
Trans: Rainbow
– Ticket sales date 12171314 (要爱一起一生一世 Want to be together forever) Plus the ticket pricing which we said earlier.
– Ticket release date (1217) and FM date (1226) is of 9days difference. (Papa really likes “9” alot. “9” – 久, for a long time)
– Official Summer Baby (This Summer FM official weibo) personal domain name is “52310827” (我爱青宇 I love QingYu. 310827 are WQ & DY birthday dates and personalized of domain name is entitled for weibo member.)
– Official Summer Baby first weibo was posted at 5:21 (我爱你 i love you)
– Introduction of Official Summer Baby weibo account has same sentence (因为今夏有你们) as what qing papa posted yesterday. Fans were guessing and teasing that this account should be handled by Papa as even the writing style are same xD (compare 1st and last pics)
– Fanmeeting venue is a famous place for holding wedding ceremony. *Cough*

and also on Tianjin FM

[FUN FACTS] The Numbers of QingYu’s products and Fanmeetings

Please be advised that this is just fans’ speculation, there is no offical proof of it being truth. So think of it as your dose of sweetness for the day. ^^

*1121 (fanmeeting date) means ‘still loving you’ (依然爱你)
*Dayu’s dad is working at tianjin.
*The ticket prices are 521 & 1314. 521 is ‘i love you’ (521 我爱你) & 1314 is ‘forever’ or ’till death do us part’ (1314 一生一世)
*The fanmeeting contains lots of no 9 (long), 1121 (still loving u), 521 (i love u), 1314 (forever)
*827 is number of ticket which is sold in the fm. It is dayu’s birthday!
*The tix is sold at 1519. 1519 means ‘will you accept to have me in your life’and when you type 1519 on mobile keypad ‘This summer’ will be showed
*There is a a say that ‘1’ (yi) is ‘yu’. ‘1121-521-1314’ (Yu Yu Ai Ni ‘Yu Yu I love (yu) you’ – ‘still love (yu) you’ – 521 ‘I love you (yu)’ – 1314 (yi sheng yi shi (forever). The saying of ‘you’ to ‘yu’ is bcoz in summer baby, the sentence ‘I’m missing you, and i need you’ , wq pronounced it likes ‘i’m missing yu and i need yu’. Fans joke n tease wq if he did it on purpose n prounce ‘yu’ instead of ‘you’. This was by the composer JA.:

Cr Rainbow, Havu-Anne Noh-

This is just for fun. The saying that the fans depict from the number is due to the phonic of the numbers that resemble some words in Chinese. That’s how we have such words. Please again, be advised, this is just FANS’ SPECULATION, NOT an official statement.

Their height difference is loveee

Dayu is tall (182) but Qingge is taller (193), they have a perfect 11cm height difference which inspire their fans to create 11cm fansite


Qingyu likes to jokes around

The coolest thing is they enjoy and have so much fun around each other

They like to affectionately slap each other face, this sounds weird but it was actually cute

Their fight about Qingyu and Yuqing is soo cutee
This is the first time a saw an OTP idol malexmale couple to fight /compete over who is TOP/Seme it is soo cute

Qingyu doesn’t want to act as male x male couple with anybody else

Even when they are not together they posted someting like this on weibo


It’s destiny

they can’t explain how or why they are so close and compatible, the conclusion was they were destined to be. No I’m not the one saying thing Qingge was the one saying this

I can totally see them 10 years from now

There was a game on Chengdu fanmeet a confession game here what they were saying

[FANACC] 151226 This Summer Fanmeet in Chengdu

Da Yu asked Wang Qing “Are you willing to marry (嫁 jia) Mr Feng Jian Yu?”. Wang Qing replied “No. Because marry (嫁) and (娶) are different. 10years later, if I’m unmarried (未娶) and you are unmarried too (未嫁), (are you) willing to be stay together (forever).” Da Yu replied “I will marry (娶) you”. Wang Qing said “Then QingYu and YuQing battle will go on for life”

*T/N – 娶 means marry a girl and 嫁 means marry to a guy.FANCAM: http://video.weibo.com/show…

Trans: Rainbow
Fancam: 你的屁股可真大

Was it scripted did they mean it even just a little bit? in any case i can totally see them together 10 years from now


To Be Continued….


27 thoughts on “QingYu is My OTP”

  1. ayuk mbak nunggu bareng 10 tahun dan kita lihat merek bakal kawin beneran aoa nggak
    kyaaa… QingYu
    aku team #QinhYu btw

    tapi mbak liat video2 mereka, ga percaya2 banget aku kalo mereka cuma bestfriend gt..
    afuh flirting siapa kissingnya itu loh bikin aku tutup mata
    apalagi adegan nggak sengaja nyentuh *tiiitt*
    duh mbakk kegirangan aku #slaapp

    tbcnya kpn lanjut mbk ???
    udan kangen mereka, baru bisa liat lg next summer

      1. line itu pakek @ ga sih mbak??
        akunya nggak pernah cari orang sih adanya vm ngadd official account hihihi
        line aku rahma2293

      2. maaf nimbrung tapi tapi tapi boleh ikut gabung grup qingyu shipper ga? asdfghjkl mereka gemesin banget hah god jebaaallll /bbuing bbuing/

  2. KYAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! QINYUUUUUUUU!!!! Ah, jantungkuu~ Nih couple satu bener2 gak sehat, gak sehat buat jantung duuuh~ Suka banget sama moment2 yg mereka bangun. Suka banget sama cara mereka ngisi satu sama lain. Qingge yg kadang cool, bisa jadi manja dan cerewet banget, tp dayu bisa ngikutin. Trus dayu yg klo gugup atau bingung selalu nyenderin tubuhnya ke qingge, kyaaaaaaaa tu twit lah pokok.a, warbyasah buat mereka, hehehe maaf ya kakak komen kepanjangan 😊😊😊

  3. Agak terlambat sebenernya, karna baru nonton beberapa hari yang lalu
    Yaampun bersyukur banget nemu series semanis iniiih
    Ditambah nonton bts sama segala macem interview dan fancam tambah guling2, kalo nontonin itu orang bedua rasanya perut ini geligeli gimana gitu XD
    Emesh liat momen mereka bedua
    Ayuk nunggu bareng 10 tahun haha

  4. Hai aku new qingyu shipper jg nie…salam kenal yah. Jarang bgt ada blog ngebahas qinyu pake bahasa indonesia atw inggris. Pas ketemu blog ini tue seneng bgt. Thank you Shira

      1. kya~ :3

        dayu ga cocok jadi seme, meskipun gaya ngerokoknya kaya emak2 di kungfu hustle. Dia tetap berkarakter uke. setelah whitexcaptain. aku menemukan couple tak kalah warbyasah.
        perasaan apa ini?!

        mau join grup
        line : monsteroid

    1. sepengetahuan saya real :p (jgn tanya tau darimana)
      tapi mereka ngga open

      at least mereka benar2 soulmate , sahabat, tapi bener2 sayang satu sama lain

      ngga sih FJY sebelumnya ga pernah main yaoi cuma CA doang

  5. hehehe *troll face*
    dan kita juga tau kemana arahnya kalo real:3 (mudahan sampai ke pelaminan)

    tapi mereka itu kaya pro di CA….bener2 ga canggung pas skinship. apalagi pas SouWei ‘nyerang’ ChiCheng di depan pintu
    pas ChiCheng dapet telpon dari YueYue…woooa aku aja yang liat langsung kaget. cara nyerangnya itu… >_< (please ini
    bukan adegan hardcore)

    jujur selama nonton genre BL pasti ada canggung waktu face to face, ngomong dulu, trus skinship…kaya udah biasa :3

    QingYu ini couple paling enjoy :3
    tapi alur ceritanya di CA agak menyimpang dari novelnya ya. ada beberapa adegan dari novel yang harusnya penjelas. ga ada di dramanya.

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