Rewatching FM 2 Counter Attack at Shanghai

WATCH 150920 2nd Fanmeet in Shanghai Eng Sub

Important Highlight


Here Chajidan leaked about how Qingge persuaded dayu to join him on Counter Attack
Qingge said to Dayu “You see. After we join this drama together, our relationship will upgrade to a new level” :p
Qingge was so shy when Jidan tell about this he couldn’t lift his face sooo cuuteee

Qingge carry dayu bridal style. Dayu also did the same :))

Dayu said when acting CA it took a long time to snap out of the character Dayu  then told a confession about his dream
He and Qingge slept on the same bed Dayu had a sleep paralysis and he felt Qingge was kissing and touching him, and then he wakes up and turn around Qingge was still sleeping soundly with his back facing him

The pocky games and the intentional pocky indirect kiss

The fans made them reenact kiss scene and CA and Qingge pretend to kiss Dayu but didn’t. And then Jidan ask Qingge to kiss dayu forehead

Qingge kissed Dayu forehead twice this was soo sweet

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