Rewatching FM1 Counter Attack Premier in Beijing

On this very fanmeet Qing and Dayu sang 青花瓷|Qing Hua Ci| Blue and White Porcelain for the first time, this song is like and ultimate QingYu love song because it have the word Qing and Yu in the phrase with very significant meaning. Dayu will sing this song again in the fanmeet in Shenzen 16th of January


天青色等煙雨 而我在等妳
Sky Blue (Qing) is waiting for the Rain (Yu)

“I think many people don’t know the real meaning of the sentence <The blue sky is waiting for the drizzle rain>. Blue is the only color which is hard to be created on the Qing Hue Ci. Because only when it drizzles and has enough moisture, is the Qing Hue Ci created. Hence, this sentence means, the blue needs the drizzle rain in order to be created, and I, only need you.Qing (Blue) is waiting for Yu ( Rain).”

Cre: Angie夜总攻喵
Vtrans: Qingyu VN – Vương Thanh & Phùng Kiến Vũ.

as posted on Counterattack International Fans

Qingge cried in this fanmeet and Dayu says “i’ll always be with you” and Qingge made him repeat what he said ^_^

On this fanmeet also we heard from Qing’s word “Wo Ai FengJianYu” , I Love Feng JianYu, even though seconds later he add names of other cast, chaijidan, and the fans on the list of person he loves, but we all now he loves Dayu first right? :3


Fanmeet raw (the link its a mess i’ll find more complete fanmeet later)


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