Highlight Qingyu This Summer Fanmeet Shenzen

In This fanmeet, Seeing how they get emotional just talking about their 10 years ahead
i can tell you , i don’t care if they are dating or not, or whether they are gay or not, but i’m sure they are in love with each other

translation credit to twitter  @

Watch HD fanmeet Shenzen (Raw)

The song was romantic including Qing Hua Chi (the ultimate QingYu love song) , stubborn Love, and I Only Care About You (我只在乎你)

on the first half of the fanmeet i’m immediately shock by Dayu outfit dancing trouble maker again

i’m also shocked the first game which include bondage, handcuff, blindfold , gauge( well maybe not gauge )hahahaha bravo to this fm creative team

and then our favourite copy the pictures game

The fans trick them into saying Wo Ai Ni. and then Baba did it again the very obvious Wo Eye (Ai) Ni sign (///_///)

The fans keep on pleading for them to kiss but they still didn’t give in but still they give us the cutest indirect kiss, did you see Dayu expression after Qingge pat his head after the kiss his expression & sneaking glances at Qingge were SOOO FUCKIN ADORABLE

Qingge and Dayu showing their panties to each other O M G

Qingge was talking about Dayu best quality which is his eyes Qingge said Dayu eyes is so big and beautiful, when he is uncertain and nervous like during fanmeet Dayu eyes give him strength

A fanboy testing Qingge patience again while watching this summer mini drama
the fanboy shouting “Feng Jian Yu Wo Ai Ni” Qingge get up taking his chair swinging it to the audience “want to see me kill someone today” he said half joking maybe haha
but he is so hot tempered and being possessive

as usual they were so lovely chatting while watching their love scene on screen :p

(add) on one scene Dayu asked “Did you remember what did you read on the magazine?”
and Qing answered “i was soo busy looking at you i dont remember anything”
ufufufu so cheezy

the fans were shouting for them to get married, and qingge start chanting together with the crowd. And then Dayu said “what do you mean marriage? it’s just a formality” XDD
even if two person dont get married they still can live together




6 thoughts on “Highlight Qingyu This Summer Fanmeet Shenzen”

  1. You know, I think qingyu works so well because Qingge makes Dayu’s talents more noticeable (basically he makes Dayu shines) while Dayu makes Qingge more approachable and brings out his gentle side ^^

      1. I think Qingge is a little pervy, and never misses a chance. Did you notice how he used the pen he was holding to symbolically enter the cap Dayu was holding, and then looked at the camera smiling, to make it more obvious. And, poor innocent Dayu has no idea what Qingge just did, continued with returning the picture. Hah. Gosh.

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