Review QingYu Moment Wangqing 23rd Birthday Again

Okay so a new Qingyu lover friend helps out to translate this lovely FMV of QingYu moments on WangQing birthday and i need to share the love to my blog readers ^_^
can you feel the love?? enjoooy

(edited thanks to Aili for video and translation)

Host introduce dayu and said let s welcome a special guest who promised qing a special present. Dayu stood up to greet everyone

Then the host ask dayu the special gift is it a french kiss to qing. Theb dayu took the bottle pretending to throw at the host.

Wq said  because he can draw better than dayu.

Wq said he like big eyes with double eyelid  and can blink blink

Wq said he like healthy dark skin “girl”

Wq said he look at his phone, feng jian yu, hehehe…

Wq said dayu dayu got playstation (lol)

Wq premarriage phobia how did feng jian yu overcome that time?

Wq said in this world only one person dare to slap him like that.

Wq said he always use to call me qing ge (qing bro)

Da yu said yes qing ge. Today, is MY qingge’s birthday. I wish MY qing ge happy birthday. No matter how old birthday today he say it all.

Wq said usually i in charge of all things too.

Dayu said maybe some of you are the 1st to greet qingge happy birthday but he will definitely be the last one to say happy birthday to him today. (Lol i was thinking dayu said this he want to show other he will be with wq the whole night)

Wq said he is lying because 1st person who greeted him is also dayu. (So lovely)

Dayu said no 1 can fight win him over “qingge”

Dayu said this is a present that i gave qing ge.

Wq ask can i show this to them?

Dayu said can can

Wq said i really really really really really like it. Golden wheel

Dayu said i may not be able to keep you safe whole my life. But i hope my gif will keep you safe eternally.

Dayu said yesterday is chu yi(1st day of the month) he went to temple very early in the morning

Wq said yes at you ha gong (a temple)

Dayu said i scared traffic jam so i took public train go to temple but train also very jam. I went to many shops and lastly also pray for qingge and myself. But i cant tell you what i pray for. Any way qingge today you need to give me a dinner treat as i have caught a cold. Lastly i wish you have a blessing and most complete birthday.

Wq said thank you.

Dayu said even if qing ge cry, you all cant say out.

Wq said it is live broadcast, bro

Wq said black tshirts only fot dayu and him wear.

They are singing the song.


Dayu ask is it you did it to me? (Put the cake on his neck)

Wq said no no

They singing the song again

Dayu said jiayou!(fighting!)

Wq said jiayou!

Happy birthday song.

Dayu shouted happy birthday!!

Wq said today is 10th march at my birthday party. Have a happy time. Even though i know he will come. Yes i know for sure he will definitely come. He bring me alot of surprises. Thank you!

Dayu said it is not problem ok!


Ok that is all for this video

So touching

CREDIT qingyulove4ever

FULL Fancam

SPICY Chicken fancam Raw


with part
part 1 >
part 2 >
part 3 >
part 4 >
part 5 >
part 6 >
part 7 (end) >


English sub Full



2 thoughts on “Review QingYu Moment Wangqing 23rd Birthday Again”

  1. Honestly, it’s just one small video and we are losing our minds over it. Imagine what will happen if they sub the whole Dayu section. We would be dying from all the blood loss from nose bleed. lol. 😀

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