QingYu and YunJae analogy

In my lifetime i never thought another couple can make me feel how much love i felt for YunJae and even beat them until I encounter QingYu and  i’m glad i found them this lovely love birds

So today i’m going to compare the parrallel between YunJae and QingYu,

any indonesian language you’ll find are local jokes that i dont need to translate

Feeding birthday cake

Both Yunjae and Qingyu like to feeds their couple from their own hands, and if it was birthday cakes they will play around and flirt with it


Leaning to the other for comfort

Both Jaejoong and Dayu have this unique habit to lean or hide behind their partner , especially when they are uncomfortable, here the example

Jaejoong goes to Yunho after doing mistakes with his dance moves


When Dayu asked question about their relationship where Dayu having trouble to explain
the obviously uncomfortable Dayu leans to Qingge for comfort, and after that CJD even point it out asking “why do he always leans to Qingge if uncomfortable?”

Further Qingge also mention about this habit on a magazine interview

Q: Is there any gesture of the other which only you understand?

Wang Qing: When DaYu is not happy, angry or embarrassed, he would scratch his thighs; or if he is sitting on an armchair, he would play with those handrails. If we are talking with each other, sometimes he involuntarily leans toward me. Those times, he might feel unhappy or insecured *smile*. Right now, he feels very safe, you can see how cozy he gets *smile*.

[TRANS] Wang Qing and Feng Jian Yu Interview in Easy Idol Magazine issue no. 720 (January 2016)
Credit Counter Attack International fans


PDA (Public Display of Attention)

Brushing hands are regular for Yunjae and Qingyu

While YunJae was very comfortable with hands on each other thigh

So does Qingyu they even comfortable having one hand all over and inside their pants

Taking care of each other

Both Yunjae and Qingyu show their affection with small attentive gesture

For Jaejoong and Dayu taking care of their partner neat appearance is a most, that is what Yunho favor

While in Qingyu part not only Dayu but Qingge also pay attention and take care of Dayu appreance


Ideal type

When asked about their ideal type of ‘girl’ they would date both Yunho and Qingge would mention their couple characteristic
takut ga dapat jatah mereka kayanya sih klo salah ngomong

OWKAAAY that sums everything, every QingYu fans know who exactly Qingge was describing even tho he add “it was ideal type of girl ”
especially because on the previous fm at Shenzen he mention how he likes Dayu shining (in other words “Bling Bling” with the same hand gesture) big eyes that give him courage , and Qingge also had mention about Dayu tan skin on another older interview


Kiss attack

Both Yunjae and Qingyu have moments of Uke suprise kiss attack that makes their Seme gets all flustered *tehehe

今儿个真高兴😊 ❤️ cr百度青宇吧

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If Yunjae have Yoochun as their club president QingYu have MC GuoTao as their club president





They look so comfortable doing back hug

list yunjae Lean 20150905164856_EjLTG.thumb.224_0

but on Qingyu case Dayu also doing the back hug
dah jaman emansipasi uke soalnya sekarang sih yaa

Did i miss anything else ? let me know if you found another parallel of this two OTP


4 thoughts on “QingYu and YunJae analogy”

  1. some other similarities i noticed:
    -digging their own grave ^O^ they are always slipping out information that will only make their respective relationships appear more suspicious
    e..g on DBSK happy together episode, how yunjae ended up revealing that they went to Hong Seok Cheon’s restaurant together in the most suspicious way XD, or Dayu revealing that Qingge moved to his dorm room later in the Shenzhen fanmeeting
    -having many many couple items (including some they might have bought themselves, some gifts from fans)
    -the hugs: for some reasons, I get similar vibes from Yunjae’s hug in 2008 MKMF and Qingyu’s hug in Shenzhen fanmeeting (after the hand kiss)
    -both never really explicitly said they are dating whatsoever, but they clearly describe their respective relationships to be something more stronger than friendship? hahaha I don’t even know how to describe

      1. hahaha yep! I realized that many qingyu shippers tend to be long-time yunjae shippers as well 🙂
        oh and the more recent qingyu moments at the airport with qingge making sure dayu doesn’t get mobbed by the crowd…that also reminded me of yunjae XD

  2. I also feel that i always feel excited when read a fanfic about yunjae because they feel so real and now i find qingyu couple OMG they so real and similar but hope qingyu will not end like yunjae couple cross my finger

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