QingYu International Fanpage

A QingYu international Fanpage have been Launch Yesterday on facebook

It will be Just about QingYu

Please join and spread your love of QingYu

Qingyu International Forum: https://www.facebook.com/QingYuInternational/

QingYu International Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1794952800736687/

Other international forum:

Soompi shipper forum: http://forums.soompi.com/en/topic/385062-wang-qing-x-feng-jianyu-official/

Soompi counter attack forum : http://forums.soompi.com/en/topic/383223-2015-counterattack-aka-strike-back-web-series/?page=1

adding personal thought

This kind of international forum & fan promotion is very important for our OTP
Why ? cause lets face it, QingYu indeed very popular in china their homeland but Not as popular as I would want them to be and they deserve elsewhere.

In China they are HUGE and the fanbase are very SOLID and great, all due to fact that every information are available to love them more.
But are you aware of their potential internationally?

OTP, Shipping, Bromance and beside that BL and Yaoi are a HUGE HUGE MARKET, proven with pairings such as YUNJAE, BAOZIHANA, BOTH and NEWYEAR you name it
and i’m eager to introduce them to that MARKET.

I really believe every shipper heart would fall for them if they get a chance to know them just like how we do, they can beat them all.

They already have more established fanbase in Vietnam and Thailand lets aim larger to Korea, Japan, US etc.

Since i dont mind considering myself their marketers, i wish we can together provide as much information in ENGLISH, and also create more promotion outlet such as FANVID, FANFIC out there in English, and it would be great if the Fanvid and Fanfic in ENGLISH step up their game, just search and watch fanvid of other OTP on youtube and check out their level of quality so that you understand what i’m talking about
as for chinese FANVID they are already GREAT i have no complains

I just want people to love and support them as much as we do
lets put aside any controversies and focus on what is important



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