Of WangQing being Jealous King & Kugou Highlights

in this event we can prove time and time again that Qingge as very Possesive

Oh Dear please chill Qingge , Dayu was only doing his job

Copy from Qingyu International

[FANACC] 160329 Ku Asian Music Awards

Dayu: Qing ge, go stand there.
Qing: No problem, no problem.

Dayu: Actually, Qing ge was so shy. He couldn’t even look at you guys (SING girl group’s members) when he was walking by.
Qing: Because I always look at you (Dayu) to the point I’m so sick of it. This is the first time I see a girl group.

Qing: I heard Adore, Big Dreamer (TFBoys) (bla bla bla)
Dayu: Qing ge, I’m not aware of it.

When MC A Ya ( she used to host Fanxing Annual Ceremony where QingYu attended) went up to the red carpet, Qing apologized her for interrupting her when she mispronounced Dayu’s name.

While Dayu was interviewing Wang Xinling, Qing pushed him, “You can talk, but why do you need to stand next to my venus?” –> YEAH RIGHT
After that, they two stood so far away from her during the interview.

During the interview with Nichkhun, Dayu said to Qing, “You talk so much whenever you meet a handsome guy.”
Qing: Am I?

Qing: I’m a little regretful when I accept to be the host. Seeing that there’re so many handsome guys, I lost my confidence a bit.

When SHINee is about to go to the red carpet.
Qing said to Dayu, “You host it alone, I’m going down.”
Dayu: Don’t!
Qing: I have an urgent thing that must be done. I need to go. Try to resist!
Dayu: How could you stand and see me be beaten by such handsome guys?

When SHINee went down the red carpet.
Qing: Why didn’t I say anything a while ago?
Dayu: You hid so far from here. You didn’t even say a word, that made me so shy. Luckily I had the interpreter standing next to me.

When Kim Joong Kook went up to the red carpet, Dayu said that he was so nervous, since he is his fan. Qing said he wasn’t nervous even a little bit.

Qing: You didn’t realise that I didn’t want to talk today, huh?
Dayu: I did realised that you had hidden so far away today, don’t you know? I was so shy.

Qing: No matter they are male or female guests, stand far away from them.
Dayu: I know that when seeing a woman, you automatically stay far from her. But when seeing a guy, can you not talk too much like that?

Jacky Xue: *slap Dayu’s shoulder* It’s been a long time.
Dayu: Eh?!
Wang Qing: Where did you guys meet each other?
Dayu: *points at Wang Qing* He is my… my… my… –>LOL  your what? cat got your tounge huh XD
Trans by Havu.
Cre: Fans’ weibo.
Source: Thanks to QingYuVN

160329 Ku Music Asian Music Awards – Full Red Carpet
Cr QingYu Fans

[ENGSUB] 160329 KU Asian Music Awards – QingYu’s speech.

Okay so now i’m going to continue with WangQing jealousy collection

How Qingge Deals with Dayu fanboy

Fanboy: FengJianYu so cuute
Qingge : Come! (to fight him)

@ CA behind the scene video (already posted before):
When Quishi following Wangqing and Fengjianyu going for a smoke, Qingge pushed Quishi away roughly.
and Also when Quishi put his vegetable on Dayu bowls Qingge ate all the veggies Quishi put in the bowl and threaten to throw his drinks to Quishi (Dayu only allowed to eat meats given by Qingge :p)

CA special episode BTS
when Chengpeng (the like love director) rehearse give example for hugging in bed with Dayu, Qingge stares is as if he was ready to kill with it XD
eventually even Chengpeng admit on weibo comment that Dayu belong to Qingge

Running man China fm
he drags Dayu like a kitten after Dayu hugged Kwangsoo

Oops Interview  151029
Qingge pushed the mc away after handshake/highfive with Dayu and said very clearly “stay away from each other”

The most epic moment was when Qing saw a weibo post of Dayu kissing Quishi cheek
he then posted a screen caps of HIS OWN MAKING OUT SESSION BED SCENE REHEARSAL with Dayu on his weibo (capslock jebol XDD)
seriously Qingge is too much

But dont worry Qingge was not the only jealous person :p if you notice Dayu can be jealous for Qing too

EXTRA Cute FMV from my friend Rin also featuring Jealous Qing and Dayu 😀

QingYu sweet moment at Big Star vs Big King (大牌对王牌完整节目)

anything i missed?? remind me later okay?

210416 adding some cute gif from [http://m.weibo.cn/1956699722]








Not so calm Wangqing looking at Dayu playing ballon hug with fangirl so cuuutee


add one Qingge jealousy from yyt vchart award red carpet (160410)



11 thoughts on “Of WangQing being Jealous King & Kugou Highlights”

  1. About Dayu’s jealousy, you can include the fairly recent Kugou awards interview one where QingYu were being question by another MC (not Guo Tao uncle) and the other MC mentioned if Qing is looking to find a girlfriend soon and Dayu suddenly looked pissed as hell.
    And Dayu mentioning “My Qingge” over and over again also shows his possessiveness and love towards Qing.

  2. While Dayu was interviewing Wang Xinling, Qing pushed him, “You can talk, but why do you need to stand next to my venus?”

    first time i read the rough translation i thought Qing was calling Dayu his venus which ok would have been bad move as a host but would have been priceless for us 🙂

    “Did dayu said that after the mc mention girlfriend?”
    No, i think it’s too different stuff, Dayu is pouting when MC ask Qing about girlfriend and at Qing’s BD Dayu calles him “My Qing” several times

    Anyway Thank You for another great article
    I don’t agree with everything but it makes me dream and i love that 😉

      1. First what i will say is i totally ship QingYu and what i will say doesn’t mean i don’t believe in them and i even believe in Qing jealousy…
        I m sure he is being possessive, which i think suits his personality very much 😛
        But i think sometimes he is just over-reacting to please the fans 😉 and that sometimes we are analising too much some simpler gesture and we are seeing what we wish…. but personnally it makes me dream and i love this 🙂
        Sorry i m no fun, i hope i don’t annoy you 🙂

        There is another thing i noticed, which made me laugh, which is probably delusion and which doesn’t fit in Jealousy but very cute

        I’m really sorry i don’t know the name of the bands but there is a girlband (not the one of the comment below, i think they are korean cause they have an interpretor) interviewed by QingYu :
        The girl next to Qing, she has high and long poney tail, i think she eyes him a few times and when she leaves she even turn around to wave at him, i think he was being hit on but he seems to not care at all lol

  3. From the Kugou awards, look at this:

    I think this is jealousy?? Look at 21 seconds on this clip- it counts down backwards. The celebrity (TCK) puts his hand on Dayu shoulder and Qingge taps TCK on the shoulder with his cue card and Dayu looks like he puts/pushes the celebrities hand away or TCK (accidentally??) runs his hand down Dayu arm- need slow motion. Looks like Dayu then directs TCK attention to Qingge and when this touchy feely celeb touches Qingge and leans towards him , Qingge constantly steps away, especially a big one at the end. It is pretty funny watching the body language as I have no idea what is being said as it is has Vietnamese subs. Maybe this is after warning each other not to stand so close to others?? I notice Q gives the girls a wide berth at the beginning of this clip when walking to the other side too lol. In the middle bit where Dayu gestures over to Q I am imagining he is saying “we are together” when he swishes his hands between q and himself several times. * dreams * SIGH. But then I am a major shipper looking for any little gesture he he and if subbed the conversation may make all clearer but it looks like something is playing out here.

    1. Come to soompi forum QingYu thread if you are a major shipper. Anyways, you missed a big part in that sequence. Actually, Dayu tried to introduce Qing to the celeb saying “He is my…he is my…” and then he couldn’t finish the sentence. But, somehow the celebrity understood what Dayu was trying to say. LOL. Dayu is just so innocent and cute. 😀

      1. I wish in 2026 they will get married. I really want that they will always stay together .I really love my papa and mummy😚. I hope my wish will come true.

        But in 2017 what are they doing?

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