Summary 160410 QingYu Moment – The 4th V Chart Awards

Qingyu won 3 awards on YYT Vchart Award
1. Best rookie
2. Most popular mainland singer
3. Most popular artists of the night

and we are so proud of them and also the amazing effort of sisters from mainland through their joint effort of 62 fansites

Forgive me for being so lazy since all of our friends in twitter already did a great job describing their moments i’ll just compile it all together :3

They totally look as if they are getting married :3

My favourite moment when Dayu hand on Qing’s waist

Fans calling for Dayu making Qing all Jealous again XDD and the effort Qing does to makes it seems normal is useless haha we can see right through you Baba

They are being very sneaky touching hands behind people’s back XDD


My Babies Cryiing T^T

The most beautiful QingYu constellation

Baba taking picture of QingYu constellation


3 thoughts on “Summary 160410 QingYu Moment – The 4th V Chart Awards”

  1. thank you so much, shiraai. I was just thinking today what if they can never be lovey dovey again in front of people (because you know…). but, then I read this and realized QingYu cannot be anything but lovey dovey. It is how their love is. and we will always be there to superanalyse their actions, haha. Thanks.

  2. First article of a long list of upcoming awards they will receive…
    The first steps of a long journey straight to the stars 😉

    Thanks for this article, always a pleasure to read you…

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