the ‘f’ word

I’ve been wanting to write this for a while now, seeing how lgbt ban/censorship in Chinese media becomes a very hot topic now i want to address this issue

Because my background on humanity studies and graduation paper about social discourse regarding homosexuality in japan, and also my hobby to explore BL fiction/movies in asian countries  i’m really interested on comparing the ‘fujoshi’ discourse in Japan, China, Thailand, and also my own country Indonesia


Lets skip Japan the orign of all this fujoshi and yaoi stuff, you can check that in some other time and place, if we start that it will go on and on
here some reference for the newbies

some good articles>>

Manga Studies #3: On BL manga research in Japanese by Jessica Bauwens-Sugimoto

lets start with the current hot Topic Chinese Danmei


Danmei is the Chinese equivalent of Yaoi

This is a very good article about yaoi/danmei and fujoshi culture evolution in China compared to its native Japan>

One thing that is common in the fujoshi/yaoi fandom are their fondness to create homoerotic fanfiction as their creative outlet. Many of them involved characters from yaoi or regular drama , anime or stories.Or even certain idols CP (couple/pairing) that have certain chemistry. This attitude first came from ‘bromantic’ ‘gayish’  fanservice from Korean and Japanese idols that was proven effective among fangirls.

But then many many talented BL Danmei fiction writers emerged with their own OC (Original Character) Story and getting more popular multiplying the population of Fujos
Some example of their fiction provided in this link>

This large ‘girls gone wild’ fujos perhaps alarming for Chinese conservative government.

in 2014 about 20 girls were arrested because of publishing homoerotic slash fiction on the Internet

Earlier this year, during a nationwide clampdown on online pornography, some 20 writers, allegedly under contract with “illegal erotic novel Web sites,” were arrested in Henan province, China, and numerous Web sites with explicit written and visual content were shut down. Most of these writers were young women, many of whom, according to footage from Phoenix TV, a Hong Kong broadcaster, were in their 20s, oblivious to the fact that they were breaking the law. The incident followed a similar spate of arrests in 2011 — again of young female writers.

The women were all writers of gay fiction, known as dan mei, which over the past two decades has gained a vast and dedicated following in China, a country where homosexuality is still heavily stigmatized.
……. Focusing on male-to-male romance, dan mei (which may be literally translated as “indulgence in beauty”) has surprisingly spawned an exclusive fan base: Its readers and writers are nearly all straight young women and girls.

source :

indonesian article>>

This restriction however doesnt slow down the hungry fujoshi’s market, in that same year 2014 a web series Like Love from a Danmei novel by Angelina”I still love you even if you are men”became a hit pushing a new genre of Danmei drama

the promotion gay app Blued (chinese grindr) also provide some great mini series for LGBT and fujoshi

After that another author CJD create a web series adaptation first with Counter Attack (falling in love with your rival aka Nixi) in which i fall in love with the main cast CP WangQing and FengJianyu but that was another long long story.

After being successful with her experiment with CA, she decided to  shift to her other Novel Addicted which become a bigger hit.

But then boom the series got “too popular” for the government to ignore
they got banned for circulating because they are viewed as inappropriate and promoting gay culture some sort of anti western thing

Last week the Chinese government pulled a popular drama, Addicted, from being streamed on Chinese websites as it follows two men in gay relationships, causing uproar among the show’s millions of viewers.
The government said the show contravened the new guidelines, which state that “No television drama shall show abnormal sexual relationships and behaviours, such as incest, same-sex relationships, sexual perversion, sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual violence, and so on.”
……China’s State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television told television producers it would constantly monitor TV channels to ensure the new rules were strictly adhered to.
The clampdown follows an increase in cultural censorship in China since Xi Jinping came to power in November 2012.

The irony is do the Chinese government realize that actually BL and yaoi are very east culture not western, and also if we look back to history the separation of sexual orientation were actually coming from the west?


I view thailand as a fujoshi heaven, unlike in China this emerging Fujoshi market is valued as a money machine, while the lgbt community itself already a big market for BL genre movies or series

a gay couple Both and Newyear and some other ‘real’ gay couple enjoyed their popularity among fujoshi and endorsing lots of commercial products (skincare etc) to their instagram follower.

They also have famous Fujo author one of them was P’ Hed , her novel “love sick the chaotic lives of blue shorts guys” that was popular with the netizen become a bigger hit when adapted into a TV series “Love Sick The Series”

Pushing similiar youth BL drama booming in the tv trying to re do LoveSick popularity

a review of lovesick and the social discourse>>


In Indonesia the situation are also complicated. The major religions in Indonesia especially Islam and Christianity are againts homosexual, and religion is a big , sacred. very important thing in the live of most Indonesian citizen.

it becomes far worse with the surging of anti LGBT movement in Indonesia

this anti LGBT are mass and the majority still pro about this issues

for example on twitter when i try to search fujoshi and Indonesia the result was extremely ridiculous, one self proclaimed fujoshi even said
” i am a fujoshi , but if lgbt become legal i’ll commit suicide”
this i dont understand her logic here if she really that anti why did he enjoy yaoi/bl fiction at the first place, just ridiculous !


however being a moslem myself i can empathize a little with their sentiment sense of guilty and resentment because of liking something that is consider a big sin in our religion

I wont lie i have passed that phase myself when i first encounter the beautiful world of Yaoi Manga, however slowly i have learned to make my private peace and accept my fujoshi identity and my religious identity

i do still hide my identity in most social circumstances especially professional due to unavoidable bad stigma and weird judgement. After all we are labelled ‘rotten girl’ altho i don’t see anything rotten about myself, it is just in my opinion less mainstream form of healthy sexual and creative expression.

But to be judge just by one aspect of yourself is like a horrible thing which i rather avoid at the moment.

case example for fujo in Indonesia by Ms Ni Nyoman Wira

Well for the time being i can only wish that the bigot majority and media stay unaware or silence about the existence of fujoshi

Other :
YAOI in Taiwan>>

Homophobia in Boys Love Manga>>


6 thoughts on “the ‘f’ word”

  1. Hello 🙂

    Thank you for this article, this is a topic i m really interested in.

    I have been searching to know what are the penalty or the lawsuit that could be taken against gay/fujoshi writers, would you know ?
    I couldn’t find any answer,

    For the actors and film makers, it seems that their movies would just be taken down, but no lawsuits… from what i understood ??

    i m not asian, i think I m a fujoshi, as i m very interested in anything about gay cultural life and gay rights, but i don’t know anything about the fujoshi world (currently learning 😉 )

    As an outsider, there is really one thing that surprised me about fujoshi contradiction :
    i realised than in many yaoi or danmei, the boys/men are considered as heterosexual that would only turn gay for their one and only fated lover
    By talking a bit with some readers and by reading comments, i had the feeling that most readers dont like to think their hero as gay (not having previous boyfriends or gay friends etc…), as if being gay kept a bad meaning…
    I also had the impression that the actors taking BL roles, when they play the “uke” would have a lot more difficulties to deal with it and that they would rise more haters than “Seme” which seemed to be more admired, i mean even within the community of fujoshi

    Alll this to say that i had the impression that even in the fujoshi world, which seemed from outside to be a gay world, there seemed to be some discrimnations against gay

    But being an outisder i could quite misunderstand, i would be very interested to persue this discussion, if you could enlighten me 🙂

    1. for your first question i’m not familiar with chinese law, but perhaps the penalty is jailtime

      for the next topic, unfortunately its true discrimination againts gay happen even inside fujoshi community

      this happen i believe in Asian fujoshi’s community( in exception of Thailand), reason of which we were not thought or raised to accept or tolerate lgbt or even sex in general, it is still pretty much consider as taboo or immoral behavior. In my country it created an uproar and protest when lgbt pop up in school textbook

      as you can read through the links provided above, probably its hard to to understand but Yaoi/BL/Danmei and Gay are considered two different thing

      Yaoi are male x male love stories created by women and for women, not related to the lgbt community

      i forget where did i read this but these character in Yaoi are probably impersonation of a girl/women itself, a girl character in drag
      by separating their own gender with this highly sexualized stories, they were able to express their fantasy of sex that was usually hard to express in common situation

      thats one way to look at it,

      another perspective which is my personal opinion is the Romanticized idea of “Loving againts all odds”
      its more interesting or fascinating when the character were not gay in the first place

      When they were already gay its like very common not special because they are naturally attracted with same sex
      with or without love

      But these character was not gay, do not or never was attracted with same sex , Yet they met someone and they just cant help to fall in love
      it’s like “I love you not because you are a man, a woman, or even an alien , i love you because you are you”
      How romantic ^_^

      I personally dont mind at all if my fav character or CP are gay but i admit if they were not gay it gets more exciting for me

      Last thing about the Bottom or Uke getting more haters than the TOP or Seme, well i think it is case by case, i’m not sure of the reason
      Was it because they are viewed as less than a man? or a woman rival?
      or some people just hate effeminate guys? i dont know for sure
      but its not always like that

      in my circle the uke is not hated infact he gets more loving and adoration than the seme
      Lots of my fujo friends LOVES the Uke and Cute Ukeish guys

      i found an article also about homophobia in BL manga>

      but its not always like this, fujoshi are more open in accepting LGBT and LGBT rights. In the community we dont have just Fujoshi we also getting more and more Fudanshi (male yaoi fans) that is mostly gay and get along well with them

      ahaha this comment can make a separate blog post by itself

  2. First thank you to take the time to detail your answer and help me understand.

    it made me think a lot, i got so many question and thoughts…
    I m really interested by this topic, so i will share my mind,i hope that you don’t mind confronting ideas and that i won’t offend you or annoy you 🙂

    “Yaoi are male x male love stories created by women and for women, not related to the lgbt community
    i forget where did i read this but these character in Yaoi are probably impersonation of a girl/women itself”
    As i was always interested by gay culture and gay rights, i came to know BL world from there, so my way of thinking didn’t had this view at all, i think i felt that but couldn’t “understand” it objectively, this explanation seems quite accurate and helps me understand 🙂

    “another perspective which is my personal opinion is the Romanticized idea of “Loving against all odds””
    i felt most of the persons i spoke with or comments i read seemed to convey this idea.
    To me it’s a bit contradictory because all the heroes must always be very good looking, so loving but not against all odds 😛

    “When they were already gay its like very common not special because they are naturally attracted with same sex with or without love”
    I hope this will be true one day, even in France where gay can marry and adopt children, i don’t think there is many gay teens who hasn’t wish and tried to be straight…

    “Loving against all odds”
    To me loving against all odds is there in everyday life 😉

    My western view might be not grasping the pending of yaoi culture, sometimes the mind is too shaped by its own culture, but i wish to open mine, thanks for your help 🙂

    1. You are welcome,
      I enjoy this kind of comment rather than people asking to me about series update

      About the good looks ahaha
      Well it’s for appealing the reader but Maiding and WSW (the character) were not good looking at the get go , there are many ‘ordinary’ character

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