QingYu Hey Hey Hey

14th/15th of Mei is QingYu debut anniversary, so according to FengJianYu, he and WangQing have something private to do just between both of them …

okay then Dayu i’m sure you are enjoying your private time tonite maybe some Dinner and some Hey hey hey :p

Speaking of Hey hey hey, tonite i want to discuss the recently translated Yinyuetai 151225 interview by Qingyu International FC that we have been waiting for.
It’s great to have a shipper as the MC

First the way Baba WangQing keep falling into Uncle GuoTao trap was very cute

He cant hide his eagerness to describe how Dayu eyes are beautiful, ofcourse because it is the one thing that made him fall for dayu i think.
When Dayu stare at him here he even say dont look at me its dazzling me awwwww

Guo Tao was right when he said Dayu is one lucky cat, after Qingge lean on his shoulder to express ‘spoiled cat’, Dayu was shy and looking at Qingge after Guotao said that :3

when Qingge gets the penalty/punishment of kissing Dayu he was rather happy

Dayu said whose penalty is this LOL

okay enjoy the videos, thanks to the dedicated subber and translator

PART 9. HD Full video: http://m.yinyuetai.com/video/2458554

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FYI what they mean on the video by “Hey hey hey” were Sex :p


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