QingYu Protecting the Love

Just want to say something, you are just blind if you cant see how much truth revealed about QingYu after watching these videos
Sure they are maybe doing some fan service but most of the time what they are doing was from their sincere feeling.
Especially WangQing he was seriously follow his instinct to pursue and protect FengJianYu.
He followed his heart and he still does.
All he was doing right are also to protect them both.

I want to elaborate one by one from this video but i guess i am to lazy 😛 maybe later i’ll update

【QingYu Translation Group 青宇翻译组 ★ 中英字幕】
QingYu’s timeline from May 4 to July 3, 2015

160507 Wang Qing Seven Minutes’ Words Of Love [eng sub]

【QingYu Translation Group 青宇翻译组 ★ 中英双语字幕】

Dayu spilling about their private activities as ‘best friends’ for celebrating their anniversary on South Bound Premier

Trans Rainbow
Time Anne Noh
Subber Adarqiz


2 thoughts on “QingYu Protecting the Love”

  1. Forget about lazyness we want the elaboration 😉
    (ok i want ^_^; even though i m already convinced :P)
    Come on Come on Sister, plz plz 🙂 ❤ ❤

    1. And this timeline, fuck woaw, can’t wait the eng sub for part 2 and i hope the one who made these two, will follow QingYu career this way all along ! ❤ ❤ ❤

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