Yandai XieJie no 1


Yandai XieJie No 1 or Yandai Byway No 1 is a new Chinese Web series with BL / Danmei Genre it tells a story about peculiar relationship between LiangZe a loner novelist and Hanghang a pet shop owner


the story also adapted from chinese danmei novel like other chinese BL but compare to it other counterpart this story is rather tamed and slowpaced
if you get through a couple episode you’ll fine this one very cute, it already reach episode 6 and the development is great i’m very looking forward for episode 7 ^^

got some biodata of the main pairing from IG

the official youtube channel

english sub so far
ep 4
ep 5. 1
ep 6

Novel link (raw Chinese , author official thread)

follow the thread on soompi for update


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