Anticipated BL drama Uncontrolled love and A round trip to love

Finally uncontrolled love should be released tomorrow 28062016
it should be exciting as i’ve read the novel summary on ig, if you fine with spoiler go search

it is adapted from Lan Lin Danmei Novel Force Majeur (不可抗力)

2nd Trailer

Opening Song


Pairing Chemistry
RuWen CP (Rui Meng x Bowen Wang)

Also another Danmei drama i’ve been waiting for was A round trip to love also adapted from Lan Lin novel

cast intro

and also another one was Cheng Peng BL wuxia project
“Love is more than a word” (识汝不识)

i’m not really excited with this one cause i havent really get the chemistry and attraction, despite chuinan being a part of the cast
and i’m supposed to comprehend the political drama background? hmmm ^^”

the only old political literature that i liked is Taiko an Nobunaga Oda x Ranmaru Mori will forever be my historical OTP


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