BL Updates: Dokyuusei & Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu Anime

This year anime production have been kind to  fujoshi,
After earlier release and success of Super Lover this year we get to watch Dokyuusei (movie) & Fudanshi Koukou seikatsu (series)

Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu (The Highschool Life of a Fudanshi)


Sakaguchi is a high school boy and also a “fudanshi” who loves boys-love stories. He hangs out with his friends, a fujoshi named Rumi, his gay friend Yuujirou, fellow fudanshi Daigo, and his “normal” friend Nakamura.

(Source: ANN)


CDByUdYVIAAFrr8Dokyuusei (Classmates)

Trailer :

watch :

i like both titles i think it was refreshing altho Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu duration was really really really short per episode

and i love the execution of Dokyuusei it was really cute , sentimental and romantic ^^
i really want to watch the sequel ^^



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