BL News: Sotus the Series Coming Soon

Finally after 1 year waiting Sotus the series will be released in August, and maybe international fans can enjoy latest on september
what is so special about this BL drama, well i’m hoping it would be great starting from the cast acting skill (judging from the trailer) i’m hoping it will be in par with Hormones rather than Lovesick
Compare to LS or MIR (Make it right) this story will be based on Collage setting (not highschool) and more young adult rather than teenager


plot introduction from Psycho Drama
Storyline | Backgrounder: Apparently, we have graduated from middle school and are now in Uni. There’s a system called “SOTUS” whereby Junior level studes are required to mentor freshmen. Enters a rather assertive and vocal “freshy” named Kongpob (Singto Prachaya) who gets to be under the mentorship of Artit (Kristtps Kasetsart). As is the usual case, when you have a pro-active freshman being told what to do, there’s always fireworks. Note that Artit also asserts himself and wants Kongpob all to himself… so there’s the rub!

Novel in Thai


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