QingYu Moments on Dayu Birthday Hong Party

0827 Dayu birthday hong party. Dayu looked dazzling , shining and evermore handsome than usual the performance and the dance were jjang he must have practiced a lot he was very tired T^T otsukaresama Dayu.

but i still want to focus on my favourite qingyu moments, i got this moment ofcourse with the help of my awesome QingYu family not by myself, thank you all

dayu blush

Dayu was tired from practicing and prepairing this birthday event
he said “at moment like this i want to lean on someone”
the interviewer ask “do you have someone like that?”
Dayu answer “I have”
the interview ask “who?”
Dayu pause and blush for sometime and answer “my fans”

muehehehe yeah right

the mc was our favourite uncle guotao no 1 qingyu supporter, and ofcourse he keep teasing wangqing on the second floor

indeed Qing know Dayu very well even about favourite sleeping position #eh
when they play a game to find out who knows Dayu very well Qingge already disqualified by our uncle tao, but he still play the game

the question i forget was something about what Dayu do when he have trouble sleeping
and ofcourse baba  could answer correctly because they slept together ROFL

The way Qing Looks at Yu never changes

WangQing gift to dayu is a bracelet , ofcourse its not the habit of King of Romance Mr. Qing to gift ordinary bracelet

i heard that bracelet worth around 500~600USD but that aint important, the important thing is the meaning behind that gold lock and key bracelet

here are the tagline of that bracelet from its website

Creating a special love story, or to send your heart to the one you love, a free and sweet pair, making a one of a kind promise of love. The romantic set of a lock and its key, wishing for the loving couple to love forever, never to part

aaaaaaargggghhhh my poor shipper heart, that bracelet are indeed for a lover

also my friend rin told me that bracelet also mean
“My heart only YoU can unlock” awwwwwww

but actuallyyyy on shenzen fanmeet WangQing was challenged to give Dayu a house / apartment on the most expensive 3rd district in Beijing, which he agreed

Did wangqing forget his promise? not at all.

He apologize for not keeping his promise because he still cant afford to buy dayu their house but he said when that day comes (once he can afford) he’ll make the key from the bracelet to be able to open that future house, LOL Ameen to that

also the rumored mistery ring

Guys!!! There's more!!! A RING!!! #QingYu #WangQing #FengJianYu

A post shared by 青宇 杯杯 (@qingyurin) on

lover embrace

the one on the 2nd floor is WangQing

thats all i can compile for now , good night everyone


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