Review: Yuri On Ice


Now its about time that i share my thought on this hot groundbreaking sport anime

or the one fans been saying Yaoi on Ice since day one
but no Yuri on Ice is not a Yaoi anime its Sport anime and that is exactly what make it so special

you know fujoshi really love sports anime such as haikyuu or free!! and its has been forever that they ship pairing from those sport anime, but as you can see all over the social media, it is here where our fantasy OTP finally become REAL or canon
and its really really REALLY means a lot to so many of us

it not about yaoi/boys love homosexual romance it is about ice skating sport and competition but its okay to have the wholesome and healty gay relationship as the main focus and it was such a beautiful relationship without over exaggerating on the sexuality

even the maker Kubo sensei was not planning on making this sport anime to turns out this way but she said the characther took shapes on their own and they are obviously meant to be together

and when it gets romantic it really makes you squeel make you hear burst with happiness


by the way the fandom reaction is so amazing this anime really have fun fandom who watch and analize and also making some really gorgeous fanarts
and i also love to watch the youtuber reaction when girl and boys even tho they arent necessarily can watch it together and enjoy it as it is and ofcourse ship VICTUURI together
after you watch do drop by to instagram and tumblr to see how much this fandom have to offer

really fun yuri on ice “born to make history” op song parody

awesome articles reviews about Yuri on Ice (contain spoilers so make sure you watch the anime first)


3 thoughts on “Review: Yuri On Ice”

  1. I think that the fact that this anime has got so many people talking is fantastic (and there’s so much to talk about). By the way, thanks for sharing that parody of the opening. That was fantastic.

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