Review: Harukaze no Etranger

I always love when i found myself a good BL manga . Lot of BL manga are cliche but there are still a lot of preciously Romantic, Cute, Sexy, and touching and even inspiring manga if you know how to dig the gems

This one is one of my recent finding

Harukaze no Etranger is actually a sequel from Umibe no Etranger which i havent start reading yet and considering how i’m really delighted by this manga i’m going to read the prequel soon

What i love about this manga is that they emphasize more about family relationship much more deeper than other BL manga i could remember of

Harukaze no Etranger tell a story about an estranged son Shun coming home to his family bringin his male lover Mio after many years of leaving them and his past behind. Its about how they reconnected with his family and their everyday small steps to accept each other

Its really really heartwarming in its simplicity and i would love to recommend to you all


2 thoughts on “Review: Harukaze no Etranger”

  1. I sincerely Thank You for notifying me or I would never know about this. I have come so late to the world of manga I know practically nothing.

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