Review : Prunus Girl


I found a really really cute gender bender manga called prunus girl

its a about a boy name Maki who struggle questioning his sexuality after a fated encounter under cherry blossom with a crossdressing boy named Aikawa Kizuna

Aikawa keep on aggressively charging into Maki’s life with his cuteness, confidence and straightforward personality while Maki figuring out their relationship

its really really cute, fun, pure and sweet love and friendship story and i absolutely love the ending ^_~

it should be labeled shonen-ai but its still better labeled as shoujo cause i totally cant see Aikawa as a boy, also it contain shoujo ai story among their friends

funny enough i found this title through its very lewd ‘futanari’ ecchi doujin from myreadingmanga before decided to read the original manga

and found its TOTALLY PURE original story , anyway i love you can find it also at mangago




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