Review: My Starry Sky (BL Manhwa)

“you are the galaxy within which i walk”

so today i would like to recommend another lovely bl manhwa
my starry sky by confeito planet published at lezhin

Just when Yeonduk thought he was finally going to be free of his tormentor (and family friend and crush, might we add), Seo Skyler – coolest kid in school – saunters his way into the same classroom. Skyler might look blessed (his sister’s even in a girl group), but he’s got some family issues that only Yeonduk can understand. Yeonduk is more than just star-struck, though, and when Skyler starts acting nice and walking to school with him, he can’t help but hope there might finally be more between them.

This manhwa start of very frustating with the unconscionable misunderstanding between the two protagonist, going into the first half of the story you’ll think how much Skyler is an asshole and Yeonduk should just give up his crush on him.
While infact both of them are equally miserable kids being manipulated by their situation

Currently the story start turns for the best, and Skyler is redeeming himself
but is it too late?

anyway i really love the character and their development, reminds me with the likes of bagjwi sayug or never understand (by Bbong) especially the latest development they really tuck the heartstrings.

i’m really looking forward for the next chapter, definitly not a manhwa to miss out

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