Upcoming BL : Theory of Love etc

Apparently OffGun are casted in a new BL series for 2019 , as a good OffGun Shipper Fangirl i am, ofcourse i should put out a few word to promote ^0^

the kind lazy subber compile the trailer with 2 other upcoming BL series and provide engsub


this story was the sequel of kiss the series and kiss me again altho it looks cute i dont really follow the previews arc so cant really comment HOWEVER those 2 new cast which will be the 2nd bl couple looks hwaaat


this next upcoming series is interesting also because it cast Singto from Sotus and Ohm from Make it right . I liked Sotus while Make it Right is just a meeeh so i’m not sure how i’ll played out, the premise is interesting tho with BL ghost story

link if you cant play the vid > https://www.facebook.com/LazySubber/posts/714214278946026

Lastly we have THEORY OF LOVE which Off and Gun new bl series

first of all Gun is as cute and beautiful as always


while Off ..! my oh my Off with his badboy persona is so damn hwat


and theeen we have the premise of the story , an unrequited friendship love story, exactly my poison of choice ^^ i can already taste the angst and the sweetness of the story from the trailer

also the original source material the novel ทฤษฎีจีบเธอ (theory to flirt/win you) by JittiRain was said to be a sold out bestseller BL novel ,DrScS39VYAAeXcn.jpg

the trailer was pretty much self explainatory so i dont think i need to quote a synopsis just go ahead and watch the trailer

i have high hope with the story and very ready to watch it already

btw i also found this cute offgun video so i’ll just put it here cause i can LOL

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