The Classics is always unreplaceable: Banana fish, Furuba

The first anime that you watch, your first favourite, or a manga that give deep impression on you will stay with you for a very long time, that was furuba and banana fish to me

the first anime i ever watch was probably sailormoon and doraemon, but the anime that i watch in japanese and got me to learn japanese was fruits basket, i think it was also the first anime that made my cry and squeal almost every episode


I love love love the anime so much, i also read the manga but i must admit i feel for the anime more cause its more compact and i am a Yuki x Tohru shipper (i believe the cannon pairing was Kyo x Tohru) anyway i’m really super excited for the news that Fruits Basket new anime version will be relaunch next year and they promise to finish the show this time around YAAAAAAAAY

altho i will be sad to accept that my Yuki x Tohru is not canon, but i’m really happy to be able to se my beloved anime girl Honda Tohru on screen again

Another classic which are currently airing and become and instant stealer is ofcourse BANANA FISH, i had the manga in my original native language back in the day, i believe lots of fujo back in the days gave this manga a very high rating.


I know you’ll be saying it was not BL well yeah sure, but it was always mention back then on anime magazine as a classic when talking about BL history
anyway you see banana fish as bl or non bl , we can admit that it have a really good story which is still relevant to be adapted into anime 34 years after the manga first ended (it was from 1985-1994)

Also i love how this manga trigger heavy debate among fan especially regarding Ash and Eiji relationship nature some of my favourite below

More than Friends, More than Lovers: Exploring Ash and Eiji’s Love

I truly stands for Ash and Eiji in a romantic love with each other, hey asexual romance do exist its time to watch it on an anime

its canon baby no use to deny
banana fish are revering to a classical movie maurice

On the other hand i also agree that banana fish is not of bl genre but it is still a shoujo manga genre (bl is a sub genre of shojomanga) tho the plot carries it self like a shonen manga, which is a charm for banana fish

The reason of why banana fish is not bl is simply because the author said so, i think she just doesnt want banana fish to be restricted to specific genre

And also it was not because of the lack of sexual romance between two male protagonist, actually there are some bl manga which are devoid of sexual scene, categorize as shonen ai (example of popular one was komatta toki ni ha hoshi ni kike)

anyway Banana fish have reach episode 21 from the scheduled 24 episodes its one of those EPIC anime that you MUST watch for once in your life so please watch if you havent already

with allthis new adaptation i trully hope that my other favourite series will get pick up again and be getting the ending they deserve, especially my all time fav juuni kokki T^T i really need to see Taiki and Gyousou back T^T

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