Danmei Recommendation the pure fluf 💕 ; Love Stop Rumors, I Ship my adversary and me

If you are a fan of fluffy story you definitely should check out these stories

Love Stop Rumours


On the first day of school, Wei Ru Song accidentally fell in front of Xiao Nian’s dick. With his girlfriend witnessing this incident and thinking that he was giving another man a blowjob, this led to a series of misunderstandings.

WRS : I’m not gay I’m not gay I’m not gayyyyyyyyyyyy!
XN : Neither am I.
WRS : Seems like we need to come up with a scheme to clear our names now.
XN : Ok.


Counselor : I saw you and that junior doing it in the grass, *cough*, kiddo, please take note and be a bad influence.
WRS : No we just fell accidentally…
Neighbour : Wei Ru Song can you be quieter in bed? We couldn’t sleep the entire night.
WRS : No that was just Xiao Nian giving me a massage ahh…

Gym Teacher : You guys know what you did in the equipment room, go clean the mats!
WRS : Noooooooo that was just the milk I spilt!!!

XN : Senior
WRS : Yeah?
XN : Since they already think we’re gay, why don’t we just let this work itself out.
WRS : … Just what I was thinking.

A danmei novel on crack this novel is really really hilarious and the short 30 chapters are already translated completely

to sum it up the story is about 2 silly person who gradually fell in love in an awkward situation and be silly together, soo funny so cute so entertaining definitly a must read

Oh i can’t find any fanart related to this novel so let me put a random bl illustration that could represent

Their first sexual encounter at the attic?

The next story is about a Celebrity CP from the entertainment industry

I Ship My Adversary and Me

A fluffy entertainment world story with hilarious fudanshi MC.
ML is Gu Yiliang, a second tier fresh meat with superb acting ability.
MC is Wei Yanzi, third tier fresh meat who can’t act all.
Their fans behaved as if they are big rival while in fact they even never speak to each other before despite from the same company. Then, one day MC find a whole new world, a world where people ship him and MC together. He is quickly converted and start to ship himself and ML.

Quote: purple_mangosteen (nu spoiler forum)

as you may notice i loveee shipping those ambiguous idols up, so this series has easily become my favorite, i can relate to all of that idol shipping moment and the fandom ‘crazyness’

This is the illustration of the first bubble milk tea they drink together, and the post ML made on hinting on MC 💕



imagine that moment when your favorite CP starts shipping themselves to each other how adorable right?

Oh and the audio drama for this novel is available , i’m looking forward for someone subbing it


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