Great Story With Tragedy Tag part 2: Rebirth of Degenerate Slave Abuse Tyrant

I can’t believe I haven’t written my review of this beloved favorite of mine, I thought I’ve included this when I was writing the Great Story with Tragedy Tag Part one

Son of the Senior Chancellor, Luo Wei, loved the wrong person in his past life. This mistake caused his entire family to be wiped out, and in the end, he was cast down as a pleasure slave, and died in the wilderness during the depths of winter.

Somehow, the heavens did not give up on him and gave him a second chance at life. He believed this rebirth was only meant for atonement, and not love. Yet, as he plotted his vengeance, Luo Wei quickly realized that passion would again be his fatal downfall.

The once emperor, the lover from his past life, his beloved in this life, and an opposing empire’s monarch who is doomed to love him, who is supposed to be good for whom?

And who is supposed to hurt whom? A hero chasing after a dream, an empire of a thousand years, a kingdom stretching across the known lands, all flashing before the eyes like a mirage. Is it worthwhile to trade a hundred years of my loneliness to give you a single lifetime of joy?

some readers would classify this novel as a dog blood novel, and many of them avoided the story because its extreme reader abuse tragedy

狗血 Dog blood – Mainly used as a genre or an expression, means a dramatic, over the top, or unbelievable, or very fake scene. Some say it comes from Hong Kong TV dramas where people spray dog blood for exorcism, then it was overdone and is now a meme. Others say that it started out as 够shit where 够Gòu means sufficient or enough, used in slang as very. (hellitrans)

In other terms close too Makjang in K-drama, but I don’t think that this is your regular Dog Blood or Makjang since there is so much more to it.

This story also a well written heavy plot drama, with emphasis about love and hate, compassion and obsession, regret and redemption

As I’m reading I feel that this story may have two MC which is the protagonist Luo Wei and the supervillain Long Xuan. The Author put so much emphasis in Long Xuan and I assume she at one point had considered Long Xuan as the ML again, she did mention that she may write an Alternate ending where Long Xuan and Luo Wei end up together. But I’m glad that the Author makes the precious Wei Lan as the ML (Main Love) which give Luo Wei experience compassionate true love in his 2nd life to make up for the suffering he experienced in his previous love altho it’s short-lived.

I’m so so sooooo in love with the love story of Luo Wei and Wei Lan this two wounded person, it’s so precious how their love heal each other, even when their love bring them grief like a Romeo and Juliet when all odds are against them

That being said this story will MAKE YOUR HEARTH BLEED! with trigger warning of Rape, Torture and Gore not to mention LOTS and LOTS of angst.

I also love how strong our main character Luo Wei is. With that much tragedy and abuse going on in his previous life and repeated in this lifetime I’m surprised that he was not broken and gone mad with his hatred and revenge instead getting stronger and resolute as ever to use his 2nd chance to protect the family he betrayed and cherish the chance to love and be loved by them this time.

Is it worth reading? I would say HELL YEAH if your hearth can handle Tragedy story (oh you little masochist!) then do give the story a try HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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