Review: Promised Sealed With Our Kiss


When we met for the first time inour first year of high school, he saw my contempt, but silently continued to clean;

In our second year, he kneeled in front of me while enduring the ridicule of others, “Can you please beat me up to vent your anger, then forgive me?”

From then on he would calmly fulfill our appointments: that horrible wound in physical education class, his guilt when he wore three layers of pants, the bruised and battered body that presented itself before my eyes, then I carried the trembling him…….

In our third year, we fell out because of the anger from being betrayed – but now that I think about it, how could that have been betrayal, why did he dare to be friends with me? Even though it was because of my rejection that he once again had to endure violence, what hung on his lips were still “I was the one who lied to you, it’s my fault for making you angry.”

Shi Yan couldn’t help but lift his head up and control the heat in his eyes, while his ears were still ringing from He Nuo’s words that were filled with gratitude, “You are the one who treats me the best!”

I’m so happy everytime i found a novel that captivate me emotionaly

I like everything about this novel, being a sucker for angst, slice of life romance

The Promise Sealed with Our Lips

last time i felt this way about a novel was with Brother, or Till death do us part which bear quite a resemblance with the nuance surrounding this novel

They all have some sort of realness despite it being a fiction, real raw emotion and very well described well developed character. Also they are written in a classical historical background.

i’ve been putting this one on reading list for a while, but just decide to read it over the weekend by the time the translator decide to release the translation until the ending of volume 1 and it was a weekend well spend

i need to note though that this novel have a trigger warning of Rape, Violence, Infidelity for those who avoid this kind of potrayal

one thing that would turn off some of the reader was that the ML; Shi Yan is kind of a scum which make the MC; He Nou already difficult circumstances much difficult but he is also the only one that could reverse that life and bring light and warmth to him

A quote that descibe that from the novel was [ He Nuo has always lived in a simple environment, and Shi Yan was the only foreign invader in his space ]

Without Shi Yan, He Nou would have continue living a soulless numb life but with Shi Yan he would have to face that enormous pain, would that be better?

since the author do not plan on picking up the second volume i wish another kind soul would adopt this wonderfull story
#insertstarryeyeemoji (๑o̴̶̷᷄﹏o̴̶̷̥᷅๑)

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