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The Classics is always unreplaceable: Banana fish, Furuba

The first anime that you watch, your first favourite, or a manga that give deep impression on you will stay with you for a very long time, that was furuba and banana fish to me

the first anime i ever watch was probably sailormoon and doraemon, but the anime that i watch in japanese and got me to learn japanese was fruits basket, i think it was also the first anime that made my cry and squeal almost every episode


I love love love the anime so much, i also read the manga but i must admit i feel for the anime more cause its more compact and i am a Yuki x Tohru shipper (i believe the cannon pairing was Kyo x Tohru) anyway i’m really super excited for the news that Fruits Basket new anime version will be relaunch next year and they promise to finish the show this time around YAAAAAAAAY

altho i will be sad to accept that my Yuki x Tohru is not canon, but i’m really happy to be able to se my beloved anime girl Honda Tohru on screen again

Another classic which are currently airing and become and instant stealer is ofcourse BANANA FISH, i had the manga in my original native language back in the day, i believe lots of fujo back in the days gave this manga a very high rating.


I know you’ll be saying it was not BL well yeah sure, but it was always mention back then on anime magazine as a classic when talking about BL history
anyway you see banana fish as bl or non bl , we can admit that it have a really good story which is still relevant to be adapted into anime 34 years after the manga first ended (it was from 1985-1994)

Also i love how this manga trigger heavy debate among fan especially regarding Ash and Eiji relationship nature some of my favourite below

More than Friends, More than Lovers: Exploring Ash and Eiji’s Love

I truly stands for Ash and Eiji in a romantic love with each other, hey asexual romance do exist its time to watch it on an anime

its canon baby no use to deny
banana fish are revering to a classical movie maurice

On the other hand i also agree that banana fish is not of bl genre but it is still a shoujo manga genre (bl is a sub genre of shojomanga) tho the plot carries it self like a shonen manga, which is a charm for banana fish

The reason of why banana fish is not bl is simply because the author said so, i think she just doesnt want banana fish to be restricted to specific genre

And also it was not because of the lack of sexual romance between two male protagonist, actually there are some bl manga which are devoid of sexual scene, categorize as shonen ai (example of popular one was komatta toki ni ha hoshi ni kike)

anyway Banana fish have reach episode 21 from the scheduled 24 episodes its one of those EPIC anime that you MUST watch for once in your life so please watch if you havent already

with allthis new adaptation i trully hope that my other favourite series will get pick up again and be getting the ending they deserve, especially my all time fav juuni kokki T^T i really need to see Taiki and Gyousou back T^T

MoDaoZuShi review

A few weeks back i’m finally catching up with all of the existing updates for the highly raved Modaozushi which alternatively translated as Founder of Diabolisme , of Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation

if you haven’t heard about it, its a very popular Danmei novel which is already adapted to Manhua and Anime/Donghua. The production house of the anime was Tencent which is probably the biggest tech company for games, social media etc in China right now.

So i can say the animation are in good hand, however due to restriction of censorship which impact a lot of BL in china until now MoDaoZuShi is also on the radar and was temporarily taken down from Tencent for readjustment. Apparently they said some scenes are to gore but well IMHO they are probably just making whatever excuses since they now the source material was BL, again WTF China moment

Well enough with the rant i would like to introduce this piece of awesomeness to those who still haven’t read it yet, i say please read the novel and then watch the anime it really is super good


As the grandmaster who founded demonic cultivation, Wei WuXian roamed the world in his wanton ways, hated by millions for the chaos he created. In the end, he was backstabbed by his dearest shidi and killed by powerful clans that combined to overpower him.He incarnates into the body of a lunatic who was abandoned by his clan and is later, unwillingly, taken away by a famous cultivator among the sects—Lan WangJi, his archenemy.

This marks the start of a thrilling yet hilarious journey of attacking monsters, solving mysteries, and raising children. From the mutual flirtation along the way, Wei WuXian slowly realizes that Lan WangJi, a seemingly haughty and indifferent poker-face, holds more feelings for Wei WuXian than he is letting on…


Where To Find
novel https://exiledrebelsscanlations.com/grandmaster-of-demonic-cultivation/
anime (fansub) https://www4.gogoanime.in/category/mo-dao-zu-shi
manhua https://exiledrebelsscanlations.com/the-grandmaster-of-demonic-cultivation/
spoilers https://forum.novelupdates.com/threads/the-founder-of-diabolism.32452/

First i really love the character
the main character (MC) Wei wu xuan/Wei Ying/Yiling Patriarch

Trouble Maker , Prankster, Hero Complex young man with a kind heart, willing to sacrifice his whole being to protect the weak and do what he think is right tho by doing so he was demolished and get really fucked up by the situation

and Lan Wang Ji/Lan Zhan/Han Guang Jun

Stoic, Rule abiding, Romantic well we all know that wei wu xian will end up with lan wang ji so let me spoil some of the most heartwarming background , after wei wu xian death lan wangji travels across country playing his guqin playing ‘inquiry’ which is a song to communicate with ghost in hope to find wei wu xian lost soul and he keeps doing it for 13 years

fmv (may contain spoiler)

But not only that all of the character from the villain until the minor character are all extremely intriguing

The plot

i loveeeee the storyline of modaozushi if could describe it is like putting up pieces of puzzle and you’ll get much clearer view when you dig deep into the story, and its really enticing never boring

Now for new reader of modaozushi its going to be pretty confusing for the first 10 chapter since the story fast forward to a decade after the main event and its going to reveal piece by piece of what happen earlier in the story in a flashback. But pleaaaaseee hang in there cause its going to be really reallyyy good

also as i mention each character have several name or title we need to remember,
they have courtesy/common name which they usually called by, birth name for close friends and family, and title which is what they are famous by, thus this also will be very confusing but as you read you’ll get the hang of it

reading the character guide will also be very helpful for newbie

The animation (donghua/anime)
tencent really give a nice touch by combining 2d and 3d animation into the series, to sometime we may see few flaws in the 3d but for the most part it was beautiful especially the beautiful ancient china scenery
ofcourse some part from the novel was ommited to adjust for anime and because the damn censorship but it is still very2 well done

there is a very nice review for the donghua available in youtube @DongHua reviews

as the review mention i also would suggest this anime for non BL fans cause its really worth watching for the great storyline, i hope we’ll get to watch season 2 next year

preview may include spoiler

Good fandom encyclopedic source

now if you already a new fan hooked by modaozushi novel i could give
novel suggestion from the same author for you to check out




check out awesome fanart from Joeling
tumblr, twitter, fb : minorujoeling , Instagram:@joe_ling

and modaozushi cosplay by baozi and hana ❤

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BL News: Yuri on Ice Movie and some BL anime and drama

hi guys its been a while i haven’t posted anything just want to share exciting news you guys might already heard the upcoming news of Yuri on Ice the movie titled Ice adolescence which would be released next year on 2019

so far we only had one freaking movie poster which is totally not enough

Official site:http://yurionice-movie.com/

but nevertheless it was a very exciting following yarichin bitch club and tencount anime adaptation news

on the live action drama side there wasnt much drama that pique my interest after History 2nd season and Sotus 2

some worth mentioning was the adaptation series of Ossan Love it was pretty entertaining with not much different compare to the movie

and also a movie from previous year The Moment (2017) had BL story which pretty refreshing
watch here full movie and bl cut

but i guess i could mention a few airing recently

1 Kiss Me Again which was a prequel of Kiss me the series

2 My Tee the series , a new cute school theme BL


3 Guardian, a chinese bromance drama adapted from BL/danmei novel Zhen Hun (镇魂 ) by Priest
tho they wont display expicit gay scene i heard the bromance and actor was satisfying

do check out the BL novel for better viewing experience


Watch List: Together With Me, Beloved Enemy, Hitorijime my Hero, My` Dear Loser

Hello everyone, i’m starting a new section in my blog called BL Watch list just because i’m to lazy to post BL updates and by the time i posted it it wont be consider an ‘updates’ but i still want to share my joy of watching bl drama even tho it is outdated, and also would share other titles i haven’t watch but worth to check out

My first current watch list of course it would be “TOGETHER WITH ME” Thai series


i already know about this story as the prequel of BAD ROMANCE series, however i didn’t watch BAD ROMANCE because i did not fancy that story, by the time TWM was release i didn’t have so much high expectation of the story despite to watch that SMEXY scene featured in their trailer
Continue reading Watch List: Together With Me, Beloved Enemy, Hitorijime my Hero, My` Dear Loser

Yuri on Ice Theories Discussion (Proceed with caution)

I know some fans might hate me for bringing this up again , i just would like to share what was in my mind.

When Yuri on Ice was airing there was some theory regarding why victor decided to take a leave from professional ice skating and became Yuuri’s coach. Other than seeing Yuuri viral video was there any other reason that was more personal. One of those theory was it because he is sick like cancer or something.

However Kubo sensei does confirm that she will not make this story a tragedy or sad story instead she wants this story to be overflowing with LOVE and now we know that the real reason Victor came to Hasetsu was because he was smitten by a drunk sexy pool dancer that was Yuuri LOL :p
So please chill and dont make a big deal out of what i’m about to say cause it is most likely not the case

This theory was first brought about when Yuuri touch Victor head and Victor commented about his thin hair. And then on episode 10 i got alarmed because some of the dialog did hinted same possibilities

Now other than the dialog that was mentioned above “If i continued to skate Yurio wouldnt be motivated to fight and neither would I..”

Actually if you understand Japanese, the dialog before was also hinting and pretty intense
When Victor squeeze Yurio face he seems pretty pissed aside from Yurio calling Yuuri Pig etc.. Right before that scene the line Yurio was saying さっさと居なくなるジジ which was translated “Just go away already, geezer” while actually 居なくなる (inaku naru) can also translated into to disappear or to die so if we translated it more harshly it will be “Just go and die already, old geezer” which explain why the always calm and laid back Victor was triggered.
Also the first opening line from yurio in this scene was “viktor nikiforov is dead” so it goes with the flow of the dialog.
Some fans think that victor was offended for Yurio calling the ring from Yuuri as garbage but no that line was said afterward..
So after watching that scene I admit i was very worried about the course that the story may take.

In the interview below however Kubo sensei also explain that she may have thought to make Victor sick but decided not too cause that plot would be too much for a 12 episode anime

Kubo: As a story moves from the middle to the later stages, it’s quite common for the protagonist to have something important to him or her taken away. We thought that it was about the right time to do that. That’s why we had Victor leave Yūri’s side momentarily in episode 8. In a long-running manga serial, it’s quite possible that Victor would fall sick or meet with some kind of accident, but we can’t take such a roundabout route for a one-cour anime. That’s why we had Maccachin steal and eat some buns instead (chuckles).


Well that was my thought but certainly not my hope for any of this to happen i’m just saying the possibility. I do wish that Victor and Yuuri would live very very happy and healthy together until they grow old *cough*marriage*cough*

I think the previous plot might be interesting just for fanfic material or something :p
so yeah looking forward for season two i wish for the best for them,

Peace out ♥

Other Yuri on Ice Trivia Source




Review: Yuri On Ice


Now its about time that i share my thought on this hot groundbreaking sport anime

or the one fans been saying Yaoi on Ice since day one
but no Yuri on Ice is not a Yaoi anime its Sport anime and that is exactly what make it so special

you know fujoshi really love sports anime such as haikyuu or free!! and its has been forever that they ship pairing from those sport anime, but as you can see all over the social media, it is here where our fantasy OTP finally become REAL or canon
and its really really REALLY means a lot to so many of us

it not about yaoi/boys love homosexual romance it is about ice skating sport and competition but its okay to have the wholesome and healty gay relationship as the main focus and it was such a beautiful relationship without over exaggerating on the sexuality

even the maker Kubo sensei was not planning on making this sport anime to turns out this way but she said the characther took shapes on their own and they are obviously meant to be together

and when it gets romantic it really makes you squeel make you hear burst with happiness


by the way the fandom reaction is so amazing this anime really have fun fandom who watch and analize and also making some really gorgeous fanarts
and i also love to watch the youtuber reaction when girl and boys even tho they arent necessarily can watch it together and enjoy it as it is and ofcourse ship VICTUURI together
after you watch do drop by to instagram and tumblr to see how much this fandom have to offer

really fun yuri on ice “born to make history” op song parody

awesome articles reviews about Yuri on Ice (contain spoilers so make sure you watch the anime first)







BL Updates: Dokyuusei & Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu Anime

This year anime production have been kind to  fujoshi,
After earlier release and success of Super Lover this year we get to watch Dokyuusei (movie) & Fudanshi Koukou seikatsu (series)

Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu (The Highschool Life of a Fudanshi)


Sakaguchi is a high school boy and also a “fudanshi” who loves boys-love stories. He hangs out with his friends, a fujoshi named Rumi, his gay friend Yuujirou, fellow fudanshi Daigo, and his “normal” friend Nakamura.

(Source: ANN)

watch: http://kissanime.to/Anime/Fudanshi-Koukou-Seikatsu

CDByUdYVIAAFrr8Dokyuusei (Classmates)

Trailer :

watch : http://kissanime.to/Anime/Doukyuusei

i like both titles i think it was refreshing altho Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu duration was really really really short per episode

and i love the execution of Dokyuusei it was really cute , sentimental and romantic ^^
i really want to watch the sequel ^^


Breaking News: Skip Beat Anime! Hontouni?? Yatta!! ^0^

finally!! that’s all i can say ^_^ this wonderfull should have been made into anime a long time ago.
but i guess now is the perfect timing

Anyway i’m so excited when i accidently read the news on a front cover of mangazasshi in kinokuniya yesterday XD Exactly the same day i get the manga i’ve longed for a while Zankoku no Kami ga Shihaisuru hyaaa lucky

according to animenewsnetwork the manga will be aired on Japanese broadcast on October, I hope this anime is going to be as exciting as the manga, tanoshimi da nee ~_^

Saigo no Door wo Shimero!!

duh sy jadi pengen BGT nonton atau baca anime/manga yg ini deh T_T
ada yg punya scanlationnya ga? sayangnya dah dilicence di US jadi ga keluar lg deh scanlationnya, KUSO!!!


judulnya Saigo no Door wo Shimerou karangan Yamada Yuugi

here was the initial plot from wikipedia:
After being best man at his best friend’s (Saitou Toshihisa) wedding, Nagai Atsushi realizes that he might be in love with him. Nagai, drowning in his sorrows and hatred for the new bride then meets Honda Kenzou, another guest at the wedding. Honda took care of Nagai when he was dead drunk and now Nagai thinks he may have feelings for both men.

sampai sekarang Yamada Yuugi dah nyelesain 3 judul tankoubun dari cerita yg ini Saigo no Doa wo Shimerou! (Close the last door), Saigo no Doa wo Shimerou 2, & Aiteru Doa kara Shitsureishimase (aka. Into your heart trough the door) dan ceritanya dah dibuat jadi anime OVA