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Dream event: BL Convention for South East Asia anyone?

Its not that yaoi fans communities is nonexistent in here infact there is already some of event happening that we could say catering to fujoshi in South East Asia.
But i think it would be really cool to combine those event into a much larger event like South East Asia own Boys Love/ Yaoi convention

Things that i wanted to see

♥ BL Anime and Movie festival, launching and promotion
Other than animes from Japan, Thailand have loads of BL series made from BL fiction and they have huge fandom in their own country and it affect the neighboring countries as well

in Bangkok Love Sick the series launching and fanmeets was a huge success

♥ A fan meet & greet of famous BL actor pairing and BL mangaka, BL authors would be great

inviting Asia’s Talent like Angelina (I still love you even tho you are a man aka. Like Love) , Chai Ji Dan (Addicted, Counter Attack), Feng Nong (Feng Yu Jiu Tian), Lan Lin (A round Trip to Love),P’Hed (Love Sick), He Tian (19Days)

♥ Butler Cafes

A Fujoshi’s heaven on earth exists in Ikebukuro’s Boy’s Love Academy cafe

♥ Comic Market with lots of Yaoi Doujinshi circle and Fan Artbooks

Samples of Gallery display for inspiration

♥ it should be fanbase oriented

AFA in Indonesia invite baozi and hana every year! because their fanbase is pretty much establish and will support a lot with attending the exhibition and buy their merchandise


its really important to recognize this fanbase, Let the fanbase create special activities for their fandom
Since i’m a huge fandom member as well  it would be pretty cool if we could gather all of the favourite CP, OTP, Ship with large fanbase in south east asia
such as BaoziHana, BNY, QingYu, Leo x Lucas, White Captain and let them have their fan activities would be really fun to watch

Existing Communities

If we are talking about fujoshi event. The largest of it all is Japanese Comic Market, eventho like AFA it was not 100% fujo oriented, i’ve heard that the first time Comiket ever held the attendees was 90% girls.
another event in Japan for girls >https://www.animate.co.jp/ex/agf/

So i’m thinking since Japan is sooo far away it would be very cool to have something like that here too


whats interesting in fujoshi communities in South East Asia or anywhere outside Japan that its not about just japanese bl manga and anime anymore. i think its really facinating to explore that and showcase how far the communities have grown


In USA they have this kind of event

Samples of event that is already happening here


In Indonesia the closest thing we ever have for this kind of event is Anicult in Surabaya, tho its still subtext as a regular anime exhibition but compare to AFA (Anime Festival Asia) that largely caters for otaku boys , Anicult exhibitor and content largely caters to girls

The event successfully invited Mangaka like Nekota Yonezoh sensei in the previous event isnt that cool?


Comifuro or Comic Frontier is an annual event for local manga/doujinka circle to display their works, and when i say Doujin you can guess that there will be load of yaoi doujin there to 

By the way the next Comifuro will be held on 21st of January 2017


OTPCon/C2Fiesta is one of organizer of such event in smaller scale recently they sucessfully held Moviedome where Movie fans can display their fanworks. The opening of next year they will held Yuri on Ice fan gathering! how awesome i hope i dont miss that

Last but not least


In Jakarta they have already attempted to made this kind of event in a form of BL butler cafes, and i would say their first attempt was really successful i went there and it was soo much fun. In this event we gather with fellow fujoshi watched some Yaoi OVAS, and My oh my all that juicy fan services
Unfortunately sharing picture was prohibited, try to imagine from the menu served


as much as like the events held here its still not very ‘safe’ to held such events here in big and public scale, so i’m thinking Bangkok would be great place to have it dont you think?

BTW next february i’ll also be attending LEO and LUCAS Fanmeet in Bangkok SUPER EXCITED


Okay that all from me what do you think ? Do you like this kind of event? Do you already have this kind of event in your country?

the ‘f’ word

I’ve been wanting to write this for a while now, seeing how lgbt ban/censorship in Chinese media becomes a very hot topic now i want to address this issue

Because my background on humanity studies and graduation paper about social discourse regarding homosexuality in japan, and also my hobby to explore BL fiction/movies in asian countries  i’m really interested on comparing the ‘fujoshi’ discourse in Japan, China, Thailand, and also my own country Indonesia


Lets skip Japan the orign of all this fujoshi and yaoi stuff, you can check that in some other time and place, if we start that it will go on and on
here some reference for the newbies

some good articles>>
Manga Studies #3: On BL manga research in Japanese by Jessica Bauwens-Sugimoto

lets start with the current hot Topic Chinese Danmei


Danmei is the Chinese equivalent of Yaoi

This is a very good article about yaoi/danmei and fujoshi culture evolution in China compared to its native Japan>

One thing that is common in the fujoshi/yaoi fandom are their fondness to create homoerotic fanfiction as their creative outlet. Many of them involved characters from yaoi or regular drama , anime or stories.Or even certain idols CP (couple/pairing) that have certain chemistry. This attitude first came from ‘bromantic’ ‘gayish’  fanservice from Korean and Japanese idols that was proven effective among fangirls.

But then many many talented BL Danmei fiction writers emerged with their own OC (Original Character) Story and getting more popular multiplying the population of Fujos
Some example of their fiction provided in this link> http://bltranslation.blogspot.co.id/

This large ‘girls gone wild’ fujos perhaps alarming for Chinese conservative government.

in 2014 about 20 girls were arrested because of publishing homoerotic slash fiction on the Internet

Earlier this year, during a nationwide clampdown on online pornography, some 20 writers, allegedly under contract with “illegal erotic novel Web sites,” were arrested in Henan province, China, and numerous Web sites with explicit written and visual content were shut down. Most of these writers were young women, many of whom, according to footage from Phoenix TV, a Hong Kong broadcaster, were in their 20s, oblivious to the fact that they were breaking the law. The incident followed a similar spate of arrests in 2011 — again of young female writers.

The women were all writers of gay fiction, known as dan mei, which over the past two decades has gained a vast and dedicated following in China, a country where homosexuality is still heavily stigmatized.
……. Focusing on male-to-male romance, dan mei (which may be literally translated as “indulgence in beauty”) has surprisingly spawned an exclusive fan base: Its readers and writers are nearly all straight young women and girls.

source :http://www.advocate.com/print-issue/current-issue/2014/11/11/where-slash-fiction-makes-dangerous-words

indonesian article>> http://jurnalotaku.com/2014/04/27/20-fujoshi-ditangkap-di-china-karena-telah-membuat-fan-fiction-homoerotis/

This restriction however doesnt slow down the hungry fujoshi’s market, in that same year 2014 a web series Like Love from a Danmei novel by Angelina”I still love you even if you are men”became a hit pushing a new genre of Danmei drama

the promotion gay app Blued (chinese grindr) also provide some great mini series for LGBT and fujoshi

After that another author CJD create a web series adaptation first with Counter Attack (falling in love with your rival aka Nixi) in which i fall in love with the main cast CP WangQing and FengJianyu but that was another long long story.

After being successful with her experiment with CA, she decided to  shift to her other Novel Addicted which become a bigger hit.

But then boom the series got “too popular” for the government to ignore
they got banned for circulating because they are viewed as inappropriate and promoting gay culture some sort of anti western thing

Last week the Chinese government pulled a popular drama, Addicted, from being streamed on Chinese websites as it follows two men in gay relationships, causing uproar among the show’s millions of viewers.
The government said the show contravened the new guidelines, which state that “No television drama shall show abnormal sexual relationships and behaviours, such as incest, same-sex relationships, sexual perversion, sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual violence, and so on.”
……China’s State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television told television producers it would constantly monitor TV channels to ensure the new rules were strictly adhered to.
The clampdown follows an increase in cultural censorship in China since Xi Jinping came to power in November 2012.


The irony is do the Chinese government realize that actually BL and yaoi are very east culture not western, and also if we look back to history the separation of sexual orientation were actually coming from the west?


I view thailand as a fujoshi heaven, unlike in China this emerging Fujoshi market is valued as a money machine, while the lgbt community itself already a big market for BL genre movies or series

a gay couple Both and Newyear and some other ‘real’ gay couple enjoyed their popularity among fujoshi and endorsing lots of commercial products (skincare etc) to their instagram follower.

They also have famous Fujo author one of them was P’ Hed , her novel “love sick the chaotic lives of blue shorts guys” that was popular with the netizen become a bigger hit when adapted into a TV series “Love Sick The Series”

Pushing similiar youth BL drama booming in the tv trying to re do LoveSick popularity

a review of lovesick and the social discourse>> http://www.newyorker.com/culture/culture-desk/boys-in-love


In Indonesia the situation are also complicated. The major religions in Indonesia especially Islam and Christianity are againts homosexual, and religion is a big , sacred. very important thing in the live of most Indonesian citizen.



it becomes far worse with the surging of anti LGBT movement in Indonesia

this anti LGBT are mass and the majority still pro about this issues

for example on twitter when i try to search fujoshi and Indonesia the result was extremely ridiculous, one self proclaimed fujoshi even said
” i am a fujoshi , but if lgbt become legal i’ll commit suicide”
this i dont understand her logic here if she really that anti why did he enjoy yaoi/bl fiction at the first place, just ridiculous !


however being a moslem myself i can empathize a little with their sentiment sense of guilty and resentment because of liking something that is consider a big sin in our religion

I wont lie i have passed that phase myself when i first encounter the beautiful world of Yaoi Manga, however slowly i have learned to make my private peace and accept my fujoshi identity and my religious identity

i do still hide my identity in most social circumstances especially professional due to unavoidable bad stigma and weird judgement. After all we are labelled ‘rotten girl’ altho i don’t see anything rotten about myself, it is just in my opinion less mainstream form of healthy sexual and creative expression.

But to be judge just by one aspect of yourself is like a horrible thing which i rather avoid at the moment.

case example for fujo in Indonesia by Ms Ni Nyoman Wira

Well for the time being i can only wish that the bigot majority and media stay unaware or silence about the existence of fujoshi

Other :
YAOI in Taiwan>> http://web.uri.edu/iaics/files/06DienfangChou.pdf

Homophobia in Boys Love Manga>>https://johntfrancis.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/ma-gender-studies-535522.pdf


BL News; BLOOM & other BL stuff

ini dah telat 1 tahun tapi saya juga mau share ttg majalah online ttg yaoi dari Indonesia Fujoshi Forum

namanya BLOOM singkatan dari Boys Love Online Magazine

Sayangnya cuma ada volume 1 padahal kontennya lumayan ^_^ coba dilanjutin lagi, tapi pengalaman emang susah bikin online magazine volunter yg kontinue pasti yg buat punya kesibukan sendiri2

P.S Kawaii BGT cover utamanya Both x Newyear ❤

Eh pas lagi browsing di ISSUU malah ketemu Essay yg membahas tentang manga BL karya Fusanosuke Inariya sensei

Forbidden Love and Violent Desire: Themes in the WWII Yaoi Manga of Fusanosuke Inariya

aaah kerennya!! pengen bikin tulisan akademik tentang BL kaya gini