BL News; Oak on “Me, My Familiar People” (Caution R 18+)

News flash everyone buat yang nonton Room Alone The Series pasti tahu dong tentang tokoh senior kuliah (Cable) yg dicurigai sebagai gay di Episode 2 🙂


yang belum nonton tunggu apa lagi check out the 2nd episode of Room Alone The Series  (eng sub) HERE

that cute guy name is Phanuphong Wongthom aka Oakley or Oak, i love the story between him and Toptap Jirakit in that episode
10729287_486682008141012_1688049024_a B1C9hQ6CIAAIm15.jpg large By86jcCCMAArAhB

Ternyata oh ternyata dia pernah main film gay yg R-rated sebelumnya (>///<)
awww sorak sorak bergembira dong kakaknya
482311_10151470977814181_1733146675_njudul filmnya “Me, My Familiar People”
the trailer available on youtube with engsub

judging from the trailer it is quite racy but also may have interesting story line, i’ll check it out right away

thanks to for posting the trailer on her blog

You can check out more promotion material of this movie in its FB Page

Late night browsing is always interesting i found some other movie clips from here maybe i’ll find some other movies that i’m interested enough to blog


5 thoughts on “BL News; Oak on “Me, My Familiar People” (Caution R 18+)”

      1. GANTENG BANGET!!!! Secara gw pecinta haruma miura di pelem angst parah itu aduhhh apa ya judulnya? Sky of love apa ya?

        Heniwei begitu liat tuh cewek, JATUH CINTAK.
        Masaaa sihh? Buat gw cast room alone cakeb cakeb

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