Godfrey Gao x Sunny Wang

Why do i post this two Hottest guys as a pair?


Okaaay just a while i stumbled upon Godfrey Gao x Sunny Wang being paired on a drama Never Give Up Dodo(钱多多炼爱记) and their kissing screen caps ^_^

tapi jangan salah ini bukan BL drama, it’s not a boys love story 😦 its a regular romance comedy

Godfrey Gao character already have wife (or is it girlfriend?) and Sunny Wang played as his gay bestfriend visiting their home


i fell in love with them in just this one episode

ofcourse the Gay guy (Sunny Wang) must be secretly in love with his Straight best friend T^T. I dont know whether the Straight best friend  (Godfrey Gao) is aware of this but i think he is the coolest straight bestfriend character i’ve seen, he just genuinely love his friend


just check it out

teruuuus wajar dong klo saya jadi kepo ama mereka kan yaaaaa ❤

i already know SUNNY WANG as Ding Li Wei from my recent favourite Chinese/Taiwan Drama “In Time With You”
how can i not notice him he is SYUUPEER SIZZLING HOT ❤ just the way se flaunt his tattoo’s and hot body ehmmm

i dont need to explain right?? just look at that TATTOO’S and that eyes that will make you melt!!

but who is this GODFREY GAO?  cant belief myself that i didn’t know about him before cause he is even WAAAAAY HOTTEER
so i googled about him abit & i found out that he is actually THE FIRST ASIAN MALE SUPER MODEL BEIBEH!! like an A list Louis Vuitton model




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