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BL News: What the Duck, in between seasons, & HIStory S2

Happy new year !! today i’m just going to make quick updates about new BL dramas that we should enjoy soon

highly anticipated thai drama “What the duck” series is starting and the first episodes is looking pretty good


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Watch List: Together With Me, Beloved Enemy, Hitorijime my Hero, My` Dear Loser

Hello everyone, i’m starting a new section in my blog called BL Watch list just because i’m to lazy to post BL updates and by the time i posted it it wont be consider an ‘updates’ but i still want to share my joy of watching bl drama even tho it is outdated, and also would share other titles i haven’t watch but worth to check out

My first current watch list of course it would be “TOGETHER WITH ME” Thai series


i already know about this story as the prequel of BAD ROMANCE series, however i didn’t watch BAD ROMANCE because i did not fancy that story, by the time TWM was release i didn’t have so much high expectation of the story despite to watch that SMEXY scene featured in their trailer
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2Moon the Series, Water Boyy the Series, Red Ballon

It was an exciting week for BL and Queer Dramas fans with the premier of Mir season two and the new anticipated drama 2 Moon the Series + the lovely wrap of Puppy Honey season 2, also ofcourse Water Boyy the series getting really really interesting

So today i want to talk again about my current favourite gay themed drama, but sorry i’m not really a fan of MIR so i wont discuss that in detail just want to let you know that the new season has started

and first ofcourse the premier of 2 Moon the Series ! Beside its controversies i think the first episode really deliver , i think the casting did a great job gathering not only these gorgeous looking casts with decent acting skill but also great chemistry

Sooo i didnt read the novel but i know lot of my friends are crazy about it and they told me that the cast fit the novel character very well

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BL Recommendation: Recent favourite manga, manhwa and dramas

Hallo so today i would like  to recommend some of BL’s and Dramas that i have enjoyed recent couple of month, its not anything new cause i’m quite late on reporting. i dont know why it took me forever i repeat forever to write just a simple blog entry being lazy and all

First lets start with the manga

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BL News: Sotus the Series Coming Soon

Finally after 1 year waiting Sotus the series will be released in August, and maybe international fans can enjoy latest on september
what is so special about this BL drama, well i’m hoping it would be great starting from the cast acting skill (judging from the trailer) i’m hoping it will be in par with Hormones rather than Lovesick
Compare to LS or MIR (Make it right) this story will be based on Collage setting (not highschool) and more young adult rather than teenager


plot introduction from Psycho Drama
Storyline | Backgrounder: Apparently, we have graduated from middle school and are now in Uni. There’s a system called “SOTUS” whereby Junior level studes are required to mentor freshmen. Enters a rather assertive and vocal “freshy” named Kongpob (Singto Prachaya) who gets to be under the mentorship of Artit (Kristtps Kasetsart). As is the usual case, when you have a pro-active freshman being told what to do, there’s always fireworks. Note that Artit also asserts himself and wants Kongpob all to himself… so there’s the rub!


Novel in Thai http://writer.dek-d.com/Is_12/story/view.php?id=974010

Bishonen of the month; Krittapak Udompanich (Boom)

Do you like your bias to be a nerdy cute sweet boy
the only problem is she is not legal for nuna to drool over wkk
not fair  15y’old boy should not be this hot

i must admit this boy is all about my type , sorry Abi-kun :p
Pretty , Smooth Skin, Sweet Smile, Nice Voice, Nice body, Bishounen , my type

Good Morning OMG I'M SO INTO HIM 😵😍😘🙏😝

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😊 #makeitrighttheseries #boomkrittapak

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I should skip long introduction cause most likely all of you already know this it boy starring on Thai popular BL series Make it right everyone talkin about right now

  • Name:

    Udompanich Krittapak

  • Native name:

    กฤตภัค อุดมพานิช

  • Also Known as:

    Boom; บูม; Boom Krittapak Udompanich;

  • Nationality:


  • Gender:


  • Born:

    January 12, 2001

  • Age:




Fathers (trailer)


‘LOVE’ starts with two people
but ‘FAMILY’ is more than just the two

The long anticipated, new lgbt movie from Thailand finally release its preview

its going to be about family, and the struggle of gay couple to raise a kid
i loveeee this kind of themes from American movies and i hope this Thai movie can deliver same powerful message

Movie info> http://www.moviedramaguide.com/2016/04/thai-bl-movie-fathers-2016.html


Bishounen of The Week : “Push” Puttichai Kasetsin

i’m currently in love with this thailand hottie after seeing him on ugly duckling the series “perfect match” (watch on youtube)

he is cute, witty, funny and just fun to watch, not to mention that hot body

wpid-1438188967003.jpg wpid-1438188968890.jpg wpid-1438188975865.jpg wpid-tumblr_ms10uk0xaa1s2c7z4o1_500.jpg wpid-md4pkpq.jpg600px-1184773_618656498166550_509449299_n

Push Puttichai Kasetsin (พุฒิชัย เกษตรสิน) started his career as a DJ for Chill FM 89. Later he took on small roles in lakorns until he had his own debut lakorn as p’ek in Leh Nangfah with View Wannarot Sontichai. Since then he has slowly started to gain more fans. Push is known to be flirty and silly with his co-stars and quickly becomes friends with them, many say he’s easy to get along with. Push’s fame starts to grow lakorn after lakorn, making him one of Exact’s best actors.
source :http://www.sharerice.com/index.php/Put_Puttichai

and on top of that he is also good with fanservice awww you know how i love fan service
here was his fanservice for ugly duckling the series


i’m excited for his new lakorn

I wanna be supstar.

i hope someone would kindly sub this lakorn for us ^___^

more gorgeous push >https://huongduong1412.wordpress.com/2015/07/16/push-put-puttichai/