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Cute CP Leo x Lucas

Recently i’m interested with this CP Leo and Lucas , altho honestly their drama have sooo many flaws which is to bad since their trying to sell that stuff, the should have picked a better project, well enough ranting let me introduced them first


姚望 Yao Wang akaLucas
Birthday : 1992-02-18
Location : Chengdu, Sichuan

Lucas is a young man with a charming smile, we can see that he have that gentle aura but it wasn’t easy to get cause he said it took time for him to be cozy with someone, and at first impression he finds Leo over friendly attitude annoying but after a while he realize that Leo is a nice man

业明 Yang Yeming aka Leo
Location : Nanjing, Jiangsu
Birthday : 1994-07-23

with his outgoing personality and high level flirting skill Leo didn’t give up charming Lucas even tho Lucas giving him cold shoulders since he allegedly thinks for him even iron will melts
and finally he is quite successful getting Lucas to warms up to him

and then being around each other they get really cozy 🙂 really really too cozy :))))
its really cute to watch so lets see how they develop from now

wake up

moon fest

favourite quote
Leo ; “you are so pretty”
Lucas; “you are toxic yeming.”

Leo hand obsession

Taiwan honeymoon





barbecue and touching butt XD

typhon day


watching sunset


Seoul honeymoon


Namsan tour trip

Make up game

Leo and lucas looking like touya and yukito

one thing i realize they looks a lot like Touya and Yukito from CCS especially when Lucas wear that cute round glasses


Fighting for gege title

As you can see in the video gege title is a big deal for them and they constantly fighting for the spot, obviously lucas is older than leo however leo insisted to be called gege instead but Lucas surely wont give up easily

and lastly their chat

notice that background wallpaper of Leo chat box which he said d he didn’t change
their web series SWAP 错生 novel in chinese

錯生的瞳孔> http://big5.quanben.io/n/cuoshengdetongkong/list.html

QingYu International Fanpage

A QingYu international Fanpage have been Launch Yesterday on facebook

It will be Just about QingYu

Please join and spread your love of QingYu

Qingyu International Forum: https://www.facebook.com/QingYuInternational/

QingYu International Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1794952800736687/

Other international forum:

Soompi shipper forum: http://forums.soompi.com/en/topic/385062-wang-qing-x-feng-jianyu-official/

Soompi counter attack forum : http://forums.soompi.com/en/topic/383223-2015-counterattack-aka-strike-back-web-series/?page=1

adding personal thought

This kind of international forum & fan promotion is very important for our OTP
Why ? cause lets face it, QingYu indeed very popular in china their homeland but Not as popular as I would want them to be and they deserve elsewhere.

In China they are HUGE and the fanbase are very SOLID and great, all due to fact that every information are available to love them more.
But are you aware of their potential internationally?

OTP, Shipping, Bromance and beside that BL and Yaoi are a HUGE HUGE MARKET, proven with pairings such as YUNJAE, BAOZIHANA, BOTH and NEWYEAR you name it
and i’m eager to introduce them to that MARKET.

I really believe every shipper heart would fall for them if they get a chance to know them just like how we do, they can beat them all.

They already have more established fanbase in Vietnam and Thailand lets aim larger to Korea, Japan, US etc.

Since i dont mind considering myself their marketers, i wish we can together provide as much information in ENGLISH, and also create more promotion outlet such as FANVID, FANFIC out there in English, and it would be great if the Fanvid and Fanfic in ENGLISH step up their game, just search and watch fanvid of other OTP on youtube and check out their level of quality so that you understand what i’m talking about
as for chinese FANVID they are already GREAT i have no complains

I just want people to love and support them as much as we do
lets put aside any controversies and focus on what is important


QingYu and YunJae analogy

In my lifetime i never thought another couple can make me feel how much love i felt for YunJae and even beat them until I encounter QingYu and  i’m glad i found them this lovely love birds

So today i’m going to compare the parrallel between YunJae and QingYu,

any indonesian language you’ll find are local jokes that i dont need to translate

Feeding birthday cake

Both Yunjae and Qingyu like to feeds their couple from their own hands, and if it was birthday cakes they will play around and flirt with it


Leaning to the other for comfort

Both Jaejoong and Dayu have this unique habit to lean or hide behind their partner , especially when they are uncomfortable, here the example

Jaejoong goes to Yunho after doing mistakes with his dance moves


When Dayu asked question about their relationship where Dayu having trouble to explain
the obviously uncomfortable Dayu leans to Qingge for comfort, and after that CJD even point it out asking “why do he always leans to Qingge if uncomfortable?”

Further Qingge also mention about this habit on a magazine interview

Q: Is there any gesture of the other which only you understand?

Wang Qing: When DaYu is not happy, angry or embarrassed, he would scratch his thighs; or if he is sitting on an armchair, he would play with those handrails. If we are talking with each other, sometimes he involuntarily leans toward me. Those times, he might feel unhappy or insecured *smile*. Right now, he feels very safe, you can see how cozy he gets *smile*.

[TRANS] Wang Qing and Feng Jian Yu Interview in Easy Idol Magazine issue no. 720 (January 2016)
Credit Counter Attack International fans


PDA (Public Display of Attention)

Brushing hands are regular for Yunjae and Qingyu

While YunJae was very comfortable with hands on each other thigh

So does Qingyu they even comfortable having one hand all over and inside their pants

Taking care of each other

Both Yunjae and Qingyu show their affection with small attentive gesture

For Jaejoong and Dayu taking care of their partner neat appearance is a most, that is what Yunho favor

While in Qingyu part not only Dayu but Qingge also pay attention and take care of Dayu appreance


Ideal type

When asked about their ideal type of ‘girl’ they would date both Yunho and Qingge would mention their couple characteristic
takut ga dapat jatah mereka kayanya sih klo salah ngomong

OWKAAAY that sums everything, every QingYu fans know who exactly Qingge was describing even tho he add “it was ideal type of girl ”
especially because on the previous fm at Shenzen he mention how he likes Dayu shining (in other words “Bling Bling” with the same hand gesture) big eyes that give him courage , and Qingge also had mention about Dayu tan skin on another older interview


Kiss attack

Both Yunjae and Qingyu have moments of Uke suprise kiss attack that makes their Seme gets all flustered *tehehe




If Yunjae have Yoochun as their club president QingYu have MC GuoTao as their club president





They look so comfortable doing back hug

list yunjae Lean 20150905164856_EjLTG.thumb.224_0

but on Qingyu case Dayu also doing the back hug
dah jaman emansipasi uke soalnya sekarang sih yaa

Did i miss anything else ? let me know if you found another parallel of this two OTP

Review QingYu Moment Wangqing 23rd Birthday Again

Okay so a new Qingyu lover friend helps out to translate this lovely FMV of QingYu moments on WangQing birthday and i need to share the love to my blog readers ^_^
can you feel the love?? enjoooy

(edited thanks to Aili for video and translation)

Host introduce dayu and said let s welcome a special guest who promised qing a special present. Dayu stood up to greet everyone

Then the host ask dayu the special gift is it a french kiss to qing. Theb dayu took the bottle pretending to throw at the host.

Wq said  because he can draw better than dayu.

Wq said he like big eyes with double eyelid  and can blink blink

Wq said he like healthy dark skin “girl”

Wq said he look at his phone, feng jian yu, hehehe…

Wq said dayu dayu got playstation (lol)

Wq premarriage phobia how did feng jian yu overcome that time?

Wq said in this world only one person dare to slap him like that.

Wq said he always use to call me qing ge (qing bro)

Da yu said yes qing ge. Today, is MY qingge’s birthday. I wish MY qing ge happy birthday. No matter how old birthday today he say it all.

Wq said usually i in charge of all things too.

Dayu said maybe some of you are the 1st to greet qingge happy birthday but he will definitely be the last one to say happy birthday to him today. (Lol i was thinking dayu said this he want to show other he will be with wq the whole night)

Wq said he is lying because 1st person who greeted him is also dayu. (So lovely)

Dayu said no 1 can fight win him over “qingge”

Dayu said this is a present that i gave qing ge.

Wq ask can i show this to them?

Dayu said can can

Wq said i really really really really really like it. Golden wheel

Dayu said i may not be able to keep you safe whole my life. But i hope my gif will keep you safe eternally.

Dayu said yesterday is chu yi(1st day of the month) he went to temple very early in the morning

Wq said yes at you ha gong (a temple)

Dayu said i scared traffic jam so i took public train go to temple but train also very jam. I went to many shops and lastly also pray for qingge and myself. But i cant tell you what i pray for. Any way qingge today you need to give me a dinner treat as i have caught a cold. Lastly i wish you have a blessing and most complete birthday.

Wq said thank you.

Dayu said even if qing ge cry, you all cant say out.

Wq said it is live broadcast, bro

Wq said black tshirts only fot dayu and him wear.

They are singing the song.


Dayu ask is it you did it to me? (Put the cake on his neck)

Wq said no no

They singing the song again

Dayu said jiayou!(fighting!)

Wq said jiayou!

Happy birthday song.

Dayu shouted happy birthday!!

Wq said today is 10th march at my birthday party. Have a happy time. Even though i know he will come. Yes i know for sure he will definitely come. He bring me alot of surprises. Thank you!

Dayu said it is not problem ok!


Ok that is all for this video

So touching

CREDIT qingyulove4ever

FULL Fancam

SPICY Chicken fancam Raw

FULL >>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dotjeux6P6I

with part
part 1 >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzD-gHcbKew
part 2 >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYs_ghOHhSY
part 3 >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vdIBgB9Gxw
part 4 >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnAAHyM3Eg0
part 5 >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjaD5omfYh4
part 6 > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGWR2EodkXA
part 7 (end) >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhyFl-pxK6A


English sub Full


MyungJong (Myungsoo aka L x Sungjong, infinite)

Myungsoo & Sungjong is the pairing from K-POP boyband Infinite
They looked sooo good together
L is a very touchy feelly love to do skinship person, he loves to touch his band member, above all he loves to caress Sungjong hair which he thinks is very beautiful
Sungjong IMO is the most effeminate member of Infinite, he is good with girlband dance move he has this cute and innocent persona and very funny

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My Top List Bishounen Pairing ^0^ v2.0

Wuih dah lama bgt sejak saya ngomongin tentang OTP dan penyakit shipping saya, time have passed so much now i think its time to update you about my recent top pairings

This entry is to update My Top List Bishounen Pairing ^0^ which i posted in 2008
this is an additional list from before so i wont post the previous pairing again although i still love them obviously (YunJae forever!!!)
check the previous list on https://shiraai.wordpress.com/2008/12/20/my-top-list-bishounen-pairing-0/

Here are the list of pairing which captivated my heart from 2012-2014
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Review: Takumi-kun series ~DaiMao Movie 2-5~

Hey i know it’s several years too late but i need to write this review got to write this review 🙂
seperti yang mungkin kalian dah tahu i love the cast of the first movie soshite harukaze ni sasayaite, Suka banget sampai saya takut bakal kecewa dengan lanjutannya, akhirnya saya ngelewatin bertahun-tahun ga nonton film ini.

Kemudian karenaNijiiro no Garasu lihat reaksi teman-teman yg dah nonton pada suka saya coba juga nonton,
dan ternyata saya salaaaaaah bgt, OMG the second cast is waaaaay better. dan scenenya juga lebih sesuai dengan manganya bahkan menurut saya lebih bagus dari manganya… a little regretfull that i didn’t watch it sooner but also glad because i could see all movies at once ^__^

okay since i think already lots of review about this movies, i’ll skip the details and just tell you about my favourite parts, and submit pictures

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