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GakuHai United by Destiny

Gackt & Hyde is my favorite bishonen pairing of all time and I say Moonchild is a great movie, not because it got good script, story or good act, but because it has united two of the world most adoreable creatures ^o^ ohoho i’m such a fangirl
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Breaking News: GakuHai performed together “Nightmare of Halloween”

Hisashiburi ni Gakuhai!

waha ko saya selalu ketinggalan berita ya???

anyway setelah sekian lama 2 manusia vampir ini akhirnya perform juga dalam satu stage

Kyaa~ naluri Gakuhai fangirl dlm diriku tergelitik kembali :p
I got the news from the lovely gacktxhyde community at livejournal ^o^
just check the complete news yourself
Quotes lauraorganasolo on the gactxhyde news:

It took five years but Gackt and Hyde finally appeared on stage together, TO THE DELIGHT OF ALL. (is it just me or does tha tlook like the uniform Gackt wore for that Malice Mizer photobook where they’re all committing suicide and Gackt performs seppuku? :B)

According to reports, Hyde offered his hand to Gackt but Gackt being Gackt pulled Hyde into a big hug. Hyde turned away and Gackt grabbed a handful of fake boobies. SORRY, GACKT, THIS IS AS CLOSE TO HYDE BEING A WOMAN AS IT IS GOING TO GET.

kyaaa~ Gacchan no hentai!! XD
anyway Hyde as usual looks gorgeous on woman’s clothing ^o^

sore de houkoku shimashita Shira-Ai deshita (~o^)v

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