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The Ugly Prince Chapter 11

There is no moon in the sky, but it is strangely clear, and the sky is a deep blue-black in color.

The deep palace, the secluded garden, the hallways dotted with palace lanterns are horribly silent.

No one around, the huge palace floating with a kind of dark and strange atmosphere. Obviously It is not the winter yet, but the palace and its garden are so grimly cold deterring people to walk near.

The water in the pool is faintly glistening as the men in the water struggle and the waves spread outward in circles, but it is quiet, Only the occasional gurgle of people drinking water could be heard.

“Thank you. Don’t you think this mask suits me well ?” He smiled. He knew too well what effect his smiling face would bring to people in the middle of the night.

Huang Fu Liu poked his head out, his wide-open eyes instantly filled with fear.

“You … glug glug!”

He reached out and pressed the pretty face into the water again.

Over and over again, as soon as the delicate Sixth Prince’s head floated up to his nose, he pressed against him to let him catch his breath, then press him down again.

“Do you remember when you kicked me into the water like this? Thanks to you, now it’s not so easy for anyone who wants to drown me.”

Oh, he had wanted to hear him beg for mercy, but he didn’t want to be found by the patrolling guards, so he didn’t let him have a chance to speak. But the boy’s fearful eyes, pleading tears, and desperately struggling helplessness also pleased him.

Watching his pretty face twist from fear , his mood became very good.

The eldest prince and the second prince were appointed as king* and leave the palace a few years ago.

Ever since the eldest prince was ordained out of the palace, the admonition* of the court to Emperor Sheng that the Crown Prince should be established early was never broken. Emperor Sheng’s attitude has never been clear.

Most of the ministers in the court, headed by the prime minister, Wei Qingzi, supported the establishment of the eldest as the crown prince*, but some people are optimistic about the second prince and some even support the sixth prince.

The sixth prince’s mother, De Fei, is the daughter of the important minister, Sinongqing. Her eldest brother, who held the post as Changle Commandant of the Guards of the Forbidden Guards, was highly respected by Emperor Sheng and was specifically responsible for the security of his chambers at Changle Palace.

The reasoning of those who support the Sixth Prince is simple: His Majesty has been slow to appoint a crown prince, but haven’t he always been doting on the Sixth Prince?

Indeed, Emperor Sheng’s fondness for the Sixth prince was well known to all. But will he pass over the elder in favor of the younger because of his love for the sixth son, no one can figure out the divine will, not even the eunuch Hu Rong, who served for the emperor daily.

However, it is true that the emperor has rejected the proposal to appoint the eldest son as the crown prince again and again.

Could it be that Emperor Sheng was waiting for the Sixth Prince to grow up, intending to make him the Crown Prince when he has power to fight with the Grand Prince?

The moment this doubt came out, a number of people immediately agreed.

The grand prince faction was naturally a little flustered. Even the empress couldn’t help but knock on the side* of Emperor Sheng.

And just then, the sixth prince died. Drowned in the lotus pond of Liuyun Palace.

No one knew why the Sixth Prince had gone to the legendary haunted Liuyun Palace. The concubine there died in childbirth a year ago and no one else has been moved in there.

The two servants who followed the sixth prince to Liuyun Palace also died, both of them were shot dead with a bow, and the arrows were pulled out. Because of their cause of death, the possibility of ghost haunting was ruled out.

As soon as this news came out,It causes a surge like a gathering storm in the whole palace and the imperial court.

The sixth prince’s mother, De Fei, fainted when she heard the news of her son’s death.

Emperor Sheng became furious in the middle of morning court assembly and ordered the Chief Minister of the Court of Judicial Review, Minister of Justice, and The Censor-in-chief of the three judicial offices* to investigate the case together.

With the death of De Fei’s son, it was natural for the other consorts to go to console her.

Xian Fei also went. She accompanied De Fei to cry for a while, and lamented with an embroidered quilt in the corner of her eyes, “MeimeiJiejie is really envious and jealous of you. I envy you for having a smart and handsome son, and I’m jealous that you, mother and son, are favored by his holy. You also know that my son … “Xianfei smiled bitterly.

“But I would rather have your son enter the east palace in the future than let that woman’s son…….Hmp! Pity. Meimei, Jiejie not afraid of you going to sue, if it’s my son who gets the holy favor and blocks the way of that woman’s son today, I’m afraid it will be my son’s turn to drown in the pool of lotus flowers. That woman was so hard-hearted, I always suspected that she was the one who put the curse on me in the first place, but I had no proof. Meimei, you want to avenge your son, it’s difficult! “

Xian Fei seemed to associate this with her grievance at giving birth to her ugly son, she wept with more grief than the bereaved De Fei.

De Fei clenched her silk scarf tightly, her eyes red.

The Fourth Prince’s small courtyard.

“You’ve got a lot of nerve.” Yang Momo shook her head and sighed.

Huang Fu Jie laughed lightly, ”Momo, I don’t know what you are talking about, I had nothing to do with the death of the sixth prince, but he was the only one who had been favored by the Emperor, and royal father was hesitant to make eldest royal brother the Crown Prince.

“This old person don’t believe the Grand Prince faction would be that stupid, at least that Wei Wenxin doesn’t look like such a stupid person.” Yang Momo snorted.

“Hehe, Momo is right. But what about the eldest royal brother’s mother? You know as a mother you always have to look out for your son, maybe she just saw a really good opportunity and couldn’t resist.”

“That’s possible. But ……this old person doesn’t believe you’re not involved in this.”

“If Momo don’t believe me, just forget it. By the way, Momo, I heard you brag to Zhang Ping last time that you still have a few disciples, saying how they are amazing and have made such and such a name for themselves in the Jianghu*. I wonder if I have the honor to meet these martial brothers? “

Huang Fu Jie sat on the tip of the sword and smiled.It was not the day or two that Yang Momo wanted to accept Zhang Ping as a disciple. Unfortunately, Zhang Ping was very interested in stealing a master knowledge* but was very indifferent about formally becoming an apprentice to a teacher.

“Haha, boy, don’t be too greedy. Although you are clever, you have bad heart, and you are not good person. This old person now only sees that you are working hard as a prince, but as an emperor, you are still far from it.” Yang Momo casually took a mouthful of steel sword and rested it on Huangfu Jie’s shoulder, applying a little force, but she still smiled kindly.

Beads of sweat rose on Huang Fu Jie’s forehead, but because he was wearing a mask, no one saw it. He was now speechless and could only use his entire body to resist Yang Momo’s internal force.

Yang Momo smiled. “When this old one saw you reading that book, I immediately knew that this old master sect’s profound knowledge will not be lost. This is also destined, this old master sect’s have searched for this book for almost sixty years, and didn’t expect it to be in the palace. Did you take this book out of the library because of its cover? “

Huang Fu Jie reluctantly nodded. He remembered well that the book had a ghost-shaped man painted on it. He first thought it was a biography of the gods and demons, but upon closer reading, he found that it was not.

Yang Momo held up the tea cup in her other hand and said :
“Do you know why I asked you to give up the orthodox taoist cultivation method* taught by Zhang Ping and practice our sect martial arts* instead? Just because your nature is more suitable for our martial arts teaching*, especially since you discover our sect Yin (dark) secret book, it is also fate. Do you remember this old one told you before that our martial faction teaching have two course of Yin (dark) and Yang (Light)? “

Huang Fu Jie blinked, his sweat dripped faster.

“But yīn course was lost for sixty year because of the disappearance of a martial uncle of this book faction. The book you read is my faction school of yīn. This old one teaches you the introduction of Yang Gong*, and allows you to memorize the content of that book, So that you can connect the flow of Yin and Yang at the right time. And you happen to have a solid foundation that Zhang Ping has laid down for you with orthodox taoist methods, and training my martial arts is even more effective. You are a blessed kid”

“Momo, do you think I am now….” Huang Fu Jie refused to show his weakness, but he forced out a sentence.

“Well, you’ve already practiced Yang Gong to the fourth level, now is the right time for you to open up your meridians for the yīn yang call. ” Yang Momo nodded appreciatively.

“Thank you very much for Momo’s guidance.”

“Haha, no thanks. You only have to promise to let the old one take away the book in the future, and the old one will do my best to teach you. “

“Momo, don’t worry…….., I ….. what Huang Fu Jie had said…must count for something. If you need it…I can offer the book with my both hands now.” Huang Fu Jie said stammeringly.

“Ha ha. “Yang momo laughed strangely.” you don’t pretend to be good in front of the old one, Regarding your nature, that blindman old Zhao can’t see it, but this old one knows it clearly. The angry-eye mask on your face fits you exactly. “

Huangfu Jie also laughed, who said something in front of the person: “Since momo…. know me, should know that my …….words count. As long as momo is devoted to teaching…. When I appointed as a king* leave the palace, I would present this book. “

“You kid still worried about this old one hiding something? Although you are not good at heart and nature, you have a good appetite for the old one. None of the disciples of this old one can get 70% or 80% true legacy of this old one like you. The remaining 20% or 30% are Qin, chess, calligraphy, painting and herbal medicine* skills, which you won’t be interested in. “

As soon as Huangfu Jie’s body was relaxed, Yang momo withdrew her internal power.

Huang Fu Jie hastened to adjust his breathing.

“Are you fourteen this year?

“Yes.” Huang Fu Jie collected his breath and exhaled it, relaxing his whole body. He seemed to have forgotten that he was sitting on the tip of a knife.

“Now that you have practiced four levels of Qiankun Jiezi gong*, can you feel what’s special about it? “

*乾坤芥子功 Heaven and earth mustard seed skill

Huang Fu Jie thought about it for a moment and nodded with a somewhat unnatural expression in his eyes.

“Are you angry that those palace maids won’t get close to you?”

Huangfu Jie did not answer, but glanced at Bailian in the distance. He has reached the age to be attracted to a person. Qingyun and Bailian, who is a few years younger and beautiful, has naturally caught his attention.

“Oh, don’t think of hitting on them, you shouldn’t leave a heir yet, Otherwise, your selfish Mother consort is likely to abolish you and support her grandson instead, of course if your son does not inherit your appearance then “

Huangfu Jie didn’t get angry because Yang momo insulted his mother. Instead, he smiled knowingly. His mother has been trying to attract the emperor’s attention in recent years.Her intention is nothing more than to regenerate a son to replace him this hopeless and difficult to support ugly son.

“If you really want to experience the taste sexual bliss*, it is not impossible. You need someone to help you block out your mother’s thoughts, too.” Yang Momo seem to point a place to hit with her finger to strike.”

Huang Fu Jie looked up at her, “You mean Zhang Ping?”

He is not an innocent good boy who knows nothing. He knows more about the filth in the palace than anyone else. The young eunuch with handsome appearance and good figure can not only win the favor of the palace maids, but also be used as a woman to express desire sometimes.

As far as he knows, neither his father nor his brothers and brothers have such a hobby, Instead, some aristocrat ministers and some guards with real power would seek opportunities to find some beautiful and young eunuchs to play.

Everyone in the palace who knows about this has turned a blind eye to it, playing with eunuchs isn’t playing with the exclusive royal family palace maiden, Moreover, they are also poor rankless little eunuchs. As long as they don’t damage the royal face, no one will go to report. The little eunuchs who were harassed won’t have such courage.

“You’re quick to react. Could it be that you had this idea in mind?”

Huang Fu Jie didn’t answer, but instead came down from the tip of his sword.

“At the mention of Zhang Ping, it’s obvious what’s on your mind. You have to be careful.” Yang momo laughs.

Huangfu Jie knew that she was testing. After a pause, he turned around and said, “Maybe your proposal is really good. I’m so ugly, only Zhang Ping will not dislike me. He is practicing orthodox Taoist methods, and I know the gate to enlightenment ,It’s just right to dual cultivate with him. “

Huang Fu Jie took off his robe and went to practice bow shooting, leaving Yang Momo with an expression of swallowing a frog raw.

She was joking. She just wanted to tease this hypocrite prince. If this causes Zhang Ping to be treated like that in the future, her sin would be great.

Speaking of Zhang Ping, she remembered at the beginning. At the time, she accidentally found that Huang Fu Jie’s this small young boy was not what he seems, and there is more lying beneath. She Immediately interested to delve further, then she discovered that his internal Qi had been adjusted by another person and that he had practiced orthodox Taoist methods, her curiosity swelled to the highest level.

Who taught him?

At that time, she wasn’t in a hurry to teach the fourth prince, instead, she began to observe the people around her. This observation alone revealed to her a very interesting person.

His name was Zhang Ping, an ordinary little eunuch. When the little eunuch learned that she was aware of his martial arts, he was completely frank. He also let them in about his plan to cultivate Huang Fu Jie to become the next emperor with the second-best martial arts in the world. He would cover the martial arts, but he would leave it to them to educate Huang Fu Jie to become the emperor

Moreover, when the little eunuch found out that she and her husband’s martial arts was unknowingly how much higher than him,he not only didn’t feel ashamed of his previous boasting, but also felt that he had found a shortcut to become the world’s best martial art master.

He started stealing her knowledge, and she … let him steal. What is annoying is that this boy would rather steal her knowledge than to worship her as a teacher openly and honestly.

Well, although this kid Zhang was a little bit blank, but with him in the secluded little courtyard, the boring and tense palace life has become much more interesting.

She particularly likes to see Zhang Ping and Qingyun Bailian the two little servant girl acting like a fool, and Zhang Ping seems to have been trying to win over the two little girls.

She didn’t know whether he had succeeded or not, but it was a fact that Xianfei and Hongxiu, including General Yan, didn’t know the depth of Huang Fu Jie. Not to mention about Zhang Ping. The two little girls seemed to ignore his existence intentionally or unintentionally in their report.

Tut, he may look blank and distracted, but not stupid at all. By the way, what about Zhang Ping? How come he was not seen all day?

Zhang Ping is both happy and expectant, he’s been looking forward to it for a year, he finally got to see his parents again, and this time even his fifth brother came here.

His parents have been visiting him once a year since he entered the palace. They didn’t see him the first time because he was sent to re-education, Thankfully, they see it every year after that.

His parents reassured him by telling him everything was fine at home, His sister-in-law gave him two more nieces, the fourth brother was also married to the village’s green girl* at the end of last year.

Zhang Ping had saved some silver money on hand over the past two years, all of which he had shoved to his mother.

His mother didn’t push back much either, kept half, and returned half to him, saying let him keep it for himself. Zhang Ping left only five taels of silver, and the rest was stuffed back to his mother. The reason is that he serves the prince, there is not much room for him to manage, and his monthly silver has risen to three taels and six yuan a month.

“How is the fourth prince you serve? What kind of person? Is he good to you? Did he usually beat or scold you?” His dad asks the same question almost every year.

Zhang Ping smiled and reassured his parents, “The Fourth Highness has been very kind to me and never scolded me.” His eyes, on the other hand, looked to Lao Fifth, who was accompanying his parents, and the boy was scowling at him with a very strange look that hadn’t said a word to him until now.

His father and mother looked at him carefully and found that Zhang Ping’s looks really good, and he has grown taller, now he is taller than his father. The twenty-year-old looks like a decent guy, his eyebrows are widened, However, at this age, the youth should be a little childish, but he completely can see that on his son.

But fortunately, Zhang Ping’s shade of softness are not heavy. Maybe because of his long-term martial arts practice, his body looks very strong. don’t know why his voice doesn’t sound shrill which is unique to ordinary eunuchs, but rather hoarse and soft. It doesn’t sound bad.

“I heard that the Fourth Highness looked ugly, is it true?” His father whispered in his ear.

“Dad! “Zhang Ping smiles,”you listen to the nonsense outside! The fourth highness is the prince, but his appearance is a little different from that of ordinary people. It’s not ugly. It’s all rumor. “


“It’s true, of course. Your son serves him every day. Shouldn’t i know whether he is ugly or not? Dad, hurry to go back with mother. You have so much silver on your body. Be careful on the way back. ” Zhang Ping wiped his sweat in secret, the rumour even spread among the people. His fourth highness was too pitiful.

“Humph, why should we go so fast. Think about your father these year… Ouch, my child mother lightly,I haven’t seen my son for such a long time. Would you give me some face? “

Face*? You don’t even have a substance* yet you still want to keep your face? Staring and asking if the prince is ugly, why? You hate that I’m old and ugly don’t you?”

“My child’s mother, i was wrong, my wife, you know how i feel about you… “

Dead face*!” Zhang ping’s mother sheepishly pushes away her man, she turns to hold her son’s hand and says,”You should be careful what you do. Mother won’t say much. Accompanying a king is like living with a tiger. So was the emperor son also the same. Even if you have been serving that Prince for many years, you should pay attention to discretion and don’t overstep it. “

“The palace is not like the outside, There are people watching anytime anywhere, you can’t feel it now, wait later you …”

“You still saying I’m a nag, you’re more nagging than me.” Zhang Ping’s Dad muttered off to the side.

His mother glared at him, and the two of them got into an argument again.

Zhang Ping giggled with joy and followed the two elders to send them out of the palace. Now the place they meet is the accommodation hall for eunuchs to meet their families. It was built on the outer periphery of the palace, the north gate is used for access.

Zhang Xi, the old fifth, was naturally one step behind and walked beside Zhang Ping.

“Xizi, how’s the family?” Zhang Ping asked his brother in a small voice. He hasn’t seen this brother for five years, luckily the general appearance hasn’t changed.

Thirteen-year-old Zhang Xi looked up at him and said nothing.

“Be honest, don’t lie to me.” Zhang Ping put his arm around his shoulder. Zhang Xi struggled, but did not break free.

“Last year … dad’s old injury recur after he watch you came back. He lay on bed for more than half a year. When he was sick, he kept crying and said I’m sorry. Mother was scared to death, thinking that Dad would not survive. An old friend who knew medical skills came to visit and saved Dad. The man saw that our family was in a bad condition, and sighed for a long time, and even paid for the medicine. Later, when he left, he also took away the youngest* brother and said that he would make him his apprentice”

Zhang Ping’s heart was a little heavy. His father’s injury happened just after he was born, don’t know who had hurt him, but after that, he and his mother went back to their hometown with several children and began to settle down in the life of ordinary people, never mentioning those past again.

A penny kills the hero han, regardless of what his parents were used to be, now they are just ordinary little people who have to run around all day to make ends meet.

Knowing that life at home is not easy, he gave money to the two elder every year since the year before last, but they refused to ask for it. If it wasn’t for this year’s difficulties at home, he’s afraid the two elder would not take his money. He came to the palace as a eunuch to support his family. It will probably become a permanent thorn in their parents heart. That’s why his parents were so reluctant to take his money.

“Do you know who that person’s name is?” Zhang Ping thought that if he had a chance, he would have to repay that person. In the passing he would like to check whether his youngest brother been mistreated or not.

Zhang Xi thought for a while: “Mother calls him brother Hu, and father calls him medicine basket. I don’t know the name, father and mother should know.”

Zhang Xi suddenly changed the topic and said, “Third brother, do you know that people in the village are secretly laughing at our family, saying that there is a eunuch in our family. When I play with the villagers, they all laugh at whether I have it underneath, Third brother, why do you have to be an eunuch? The village Fang picked up two children and sold them. No one laughed at them. But….. “

Zhang Xi had probably been holding these words in his heart for a long time, his tone rather flushed.

“And dad, since you left, dad has always stood at the entrance of the village and looked, when he came back, his eyes were red. Last year, when that medicine basket doctor came here, he also said that the old wound would relapse only when father was depressed. Dad often tells us that he was the most sorry for you. He also said that we must treat you well after you leave the palace, or we will not be children of Zhang’s family.”

“Mother doesn’t say it, but she treats everything you leave as treasure. Big brother and second brother feel sorry for you every time they mention you. Third brother, you don’t have to be a eunuch, why don’t you go back with us? ” Zhang Xi said and choked.

Zhang Ping couldn’t help but put this half-size brother in his arms, the words of a child, though hurtful but they are also true.

” I’m sorry. Brother didn’t think that much of it at the time and just wanted to make things better for the family. But the next time someone jokes about your brother being a eunuch, you tell them : My brother is very good*. He didn’t steal, rob or cheat. Isn’t he just short of that thing below? You all who say that are less of a man than my brother! “

Zhang Xi wiped his tears, a little embarrassed. Having not seen his third brother in over five years, he was a bit shy about his current closeness.

“Third brother, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you’re bad, I’m just…”

“I know what you mean. If the eldest brother or second brother became a eunuch, I would not be able to raise my head.”

“Certainly not! Third Brother, you will definitely rush up and beat up those who say bad things.” Zhang Xi shouted, even more embarrassed afterward.

Zhang Ping laughed and said, “Yes, your third brother is a man without brains. Xizi, I will rely on you to protect this brother when I come home. “

“Mmm. Third elder brothers, don’t worry. We brothers have made a promise. When you come back, we will let you stay in the largest room. When you go out, we will have a person to accompany you. No one will bully you! Later, if they dare to call you eunuch, I’ll fight them with my life!”

“Haha.” Zhang Ping laughed to tears.

“Fight with your life? Stupid fellow, your third brother’s martial arts is so strong, he still needs you to fight with your life? Besides, it’s true that I became an eunuch. When they laugh let them laugh. We can live a good life ourselves. In the future, I will try to earn more money, and when my family gets rich, maybe those who mock your brother for being a eunuch will regret how they didn’t become one in the first place. Haha!

The two elder of Zhang family looked back and did not understand what the two brothers were saying that could make them laugh and cried. But seeing Xizi getting close to his third brother again, the two elders are still very happy. They brought the fifth child this time, because this fifth child back home, did not know what cow horn have poked him that he yelled at his elder brother and said that he never wanted to see his third brother again, and was beaten severely by his big brother.

“Third brother, you really won’t come back with us? “

Zhang Ping shook his head, “I can’t go back yet, I have to wait for the palace to release me.”

“Then how long will it take for them to release you to go back? “

“Soon, wait till you get married. “Zhang Ping talks nonsense.

“Okay, then when I get home I’ll ask mom to get me a daughter-in-law.” Zhang Xi nodded earnestly.。

Zhang Ping hugs his fifth brother and laughs. How can his brother, like his highness, be very clever at ordinary times, but sometimes he will be stupid for no reason? But his own brother is still better, no matter how resentful, they would just talk it out. Unlike those in the palace.

If Huang Fu Jie is here at this time, he will tell Zhang Ping: Whose brother is like who, don’t get me involved.


Translator Note:

Finally, we have a protagonist side character for once, Yang momo is really mysterious and interesting character who will teach Huang Fu Jie and Zhang Ping good skills

Now its clear that five year have passed Zhang Ping is 20 and Huang Fu Jie 14, still young tho.
It was bittersweet to witness the contrast between Zhangping loving poor family, and Huang Fu Jie wicked royal family

The Ugly Prince Chapter 10

Although Emperor Sheng said that he would give Yang Zhaorong’s mother and son an explanation, but after finding out that Lu Wei was given by the great prince to the fifth prince, the matter was settled without a conclusion.

However in order to appear like they got a confession on the surface, the emperor still arrested several former enemies of The Yang’s family. He forced a confession from them that they bribed Lu Wei, the servant beside the fifth prince for revenge, and intended to assassinate the fifth prince, so as to give the Yang family a huge blow

After hearing this explanation Yang Zhaorong knew that was not the case, but she had to accept it as well. The fifth prince seemed a bit unconcerned. He was only very happy that emperor Sheng had come to see him several times.

After that, those confessors died naturally. They died very quickly, didn’t even wait to be beheaded after autumn.

And the one who has benefited from this incident was probably the fourth prince, Huang Fu Jie

Because the fifth prince personally testified that the fourth prince rescued him, Emperor Sheng himself wanted to reward the ugly son. On that day, Emperor Sheng was in such a good mood that he called Huang Fu Jie and asked him what he wanted for his reward.

Huang Fu Jie looked truly frightened, kneeling on the ground and respectfully saying, “Royal Father, this son* doesn’t want anything. I didn’t think of anything that day. Seeing that the servant wanted to kill my fifth brother, my head rushed up at the first heat. This son really didn’t mean to save his fifth brother.”

“Well, it is a fact that you saved him no matter how. If you don’t want anything, I will give you some gold and silver and some palace maids. What do you think?”

“Royal Father, this son, don’t want gold and silver, nor palace maids. If the father really wants to reward, then give this son a horse” Huang Fu Jie said boldly.

“Oh? Why do you want a horse? He thought that the boy would brazenly demand an exorbitant price* of some precious things, but he asked not to have gold or silver, not a Palace maid, but only a horse. This request obviously aroused the interest of Emperor Sheng.

“Because…” Huang Fu Jie embarrassedly snapped his fingers. With a naive smile he said : “Because this son wants to kill my enemies in the future and defend this great land for my father. This son knows that I’m ugly, but if I was in a military camp full of men, no one would be so afraid of me.”

“Ha ha!” Huang Fu Sheng was amused by his fourth son’s childish words, and at the same time, he felt a little sad.

“Good! I’ll give you a horse. In addition, I will give you a mask. In the future, if you wear the mask I give you, no one will be frightened by your appearance.”

“Thank you royal father for your gift” Huang Fu Jie knelt down and kowtowed.

“I have one more thing to ask you.” Huang Fu Sheng asked with a seemingly casual expression.

“Royal Father please say it, this son will answer if he knows”

“That day at the Wuchen courtyard, how can you swing that single-backed sword which weighs six catty and three taels*”

Huang Fu Jie didn’t speak, but looked around, finally dropping his gaze on the marble-encrusted partition.

“Father, can you let this son try to move that partition?”

“Oh? Can you move it?” Huang Fu Sheng’s gaze fell on that partition, it seems like it has some weight.

“This son would like to try.”

“Okay, you try it.”

“Thank you Royal Father”

Huang Fu Jie got up and go to the front of the partition , the partition was wider so he shouldn’t try too hard. After thinking for a while, Huangfu Jie squatted down and hugged the screen from the side.

The eunuch, who was waiting on one side, stood on guard just in case.

One, two, three!

The veins on the forehead is blue and stretched. Huang Fu Jie stiffly lifted the partition.

It was only after such a small interval, until beads of sweat dripped from his forehead, that Huang Fu Jie landed the screen.

” Hu Rong”

” The slave is here. “

“How heavy is this partition?” Huang Fu Sheng asked.

“This slave remembers that it weighed about 110 catty” Hu Rong was also surprised.

Huang Fu Sheng looked at the fourth son kneeling in front of him again and said in amazement, “Your strength is not bad!”

Huang Fu Jie said shyly, “This son can’t do anything else, just a little stronger.”

“Good! Very Good. Learn more about the military* with your grandfather in the future, maybe there will be a day in the future that really gets you into battle. You go on.”

“Thank you Royal Father”

Huang Fu Sheng is thinking about it. Huang Fu Jie will certainly not become a crown prince. He was also worried that in the future he would have resentment against his several brothers, and he would use the power in his hand to retaliate. Now he feels that he is kind-hearted, his personality seems honest and straightforward, and he’s also naturally strong, maybe it would be nice to make him a general in the future.

Of course, he will carefully observe the mind and nature of the child for a few years. If he is not as he thought, for the sake of the imperial court ‘s stability, he could only justly kill his own offspring* and eliminate this unstable factor.

In addition to the fourth prince Huang Fu Jie, The Xian Fei of Ruihua Palace was also rewarded, and Emperor Sheng rewarded her for teaching his son well, giving her six pairs of gold and silver jewelry. She is also invited to attend the first flower viewing feast in early spring.

Not to mention how happy and sad Xian Fei was when she received the reward from Emperor Sheng again ten years later, and knowing she was invited to the royal banquet again. Let’s say Huang Fu Jie saw that special gift half a month later and sat at the table and smiled for a while .

Zhang Ping couldn’t tell what his smile meant because Huang Fu Jie’s face was different from that of ordinary people, and his expression was always not easy to distinguish.

But Zhang Ping could sense that Huang Fu Jie was not happy, on the contrary, he was a little sad.

“This angry stare mask looks very good. The dragon body and the leopard head are neither too luxurious nor too simple, so poised in its simplicity very good.” Zhang Ping yelled. But what does the emperor mean by giving his fourth son a murderous and savage, angry-looking mask? Warning or expecting him to take it as a commandment*?

Zhang Ping felt that the question was not very easy to answer. He paced two steps and sat down in front of Huang Fu Jie.

“I am sixteen this year and I have reached the age when I can marry a wife outside. Do you think I should get a wife then?”

Huang Fu Jie tilted his head, not understanding.

“For others, I am a person with a physical defect or a great flaw. But should I be ashamed of myself and live miserable and desolate from the eyes of the world forever?”

Huang Fu Jie shook his head subconsciously.

“Yes, I won’t do that. Instead, I’ll do my best to live my life as happily as possible. But I’m not the only one in this world, and I can’t be happy myself and at the same time completely ignore the feelings of others. For example I could marry a wife, because I have a physical defect I may not be able to marry a child from a good family, but as long as I am willing to pay money, I can buy a daughter from a poor family as a wife. But in doing so, I will harm the girl for life. “

Zhang Ping paused for the child to digest his words.

The child really didn’t understand it very well. He asked earnestly, “what’s your defect? Why would you harm the girl for life “

Zhang Ping smiled bitterly, knowing that a child would ask this question. After a moment of hesitation, what the hell, anyway, the opposite side was just a kid, ruthlessly, he with both hands pulled down his pants.

“See, this is my defect.”

The child bent over and looked down, Zhang Ping suspect that the shirt blocked the light, and lifted his shirt up.

After looking and looking, the child simply got off the chair, squat on the ground to look up carefully.

Altho Zhang Ping is thick-skinned, after the child take a look his ears and face still turn red.

“Alright, alright, how long do you want to watch? You have seen enough”

Zhang Ping reached out to lift his pants, the child reached out and grabbed them to keep him from lifting them. Not only that, but he reached out to touch.

Zhang Ping was so startled that his legs clenched his pants and he jumped backwards.

“You, you, you,  you damn kid! Just look at it, don’t touch it carelessly! Zang Ping lift up his pants and tie two knots on his belt.

Huang Fu Jie was still crouched in the same place, probably seeing the eunuch’s lower body for the first time did shock him a bit.

“There is none”

“What? Zhang Ping was still blushing, in order to hide his panic, he casually took a cup of tea and drank it, only to realize that he had drunk Fourth Highness’s drink.

“There is no Jiji*”

*) cute word used by children to say penis, lit translation birdie

There is None … None … Those four words immediately ignited Zhang Ping. Although it’s a fact, who told you to speak so loudly? Don’t you know how to swear at someone without exposing his shortcomings!

“So What if I don’t have that stuff! I am an eunuch, ofcourse I have none! Look which eunuch in the palace has this thing! Even if he could grow it, it’d be cut it off again! ” Zhang Ping was practically screaming. He can’t blame him, he was kind enough to comfort the child, but the child was cruel enough to put salt in his wound again.

He knew the child didn’t understand, but he was still angry. If he knew better he should not let him see! Zhang Ping regretted it.

“Are you angry?”

“I’m not”Zhang Ping turned his back and lowered his voice. He almost forgot that there are two more people in the yard, He’d almost forgotten that there were two more in the yard, probably masters among master. Maybe they heard the shouting just now….. poor Zhang Ping’s face was green and white.

“Don’t be angry. Oh, I’ll show you mine too, you can touch it if you want. Don’t be angry, will you?” The child said and pulled his pants down.

“Bang!” Zhang Ping slammed his head against the door frame as he ran away.

The child looked down at his lower body strangely, then looked up at the direction where Zhang Ping had disappeared. He did not understand why Zhang Ping was so angry. Didn’t he say he shouldn’t be ashamed of his defective body? Then why did he run?

From then on, it became an unsolved mystery in the child’s mind. Until few years later…..

The other side, Zhang Ping ran back to his quarter only to remember that he had only answered half of the questions for the child.

Should I go back and finish the conversation? Should I? Should I……

Zhang Ping ponders, and as he ponders and ponders, it dawned. Then he went to carry water.

Since then, Huang Fu Jie has put on the angry eye mask given by Emperor Sheng. Except in his own house, he would certainly wear this mask whenever he was outside.

And the gaze from the people in the palace has also changed, and the previous disgust and rejection gradually disappeared.

Huang Fu Jie understood that it was not the merit of a mask, but because this mask was given by his father. At the age of 11, the emperor called him to the front for the first time in the new year, encouraged him like other princes, and gave him new year gifts.

Huang Fu Jie is quietly changing. Under the guidance of his mother, his grandfather and two masters in his courtyard, in order not to arouse the hatred and vigilance of other princes, he curtailed his intelligence and tried his best to appear cowardly and foolish.

And ever since he showed off his crude trick of throwing stone dumbbells* at the New Year Royal Banquet, Although it drew contempt and ridicule from the crowd, but it was true that from that several of his royal brothers no longer came to bother him so easily

Slowly, Huang Fu Jie grew up in this imperial palace full of filth, mutual deception*, where the weak are prey to the strong.

Translator note : I found a throwing the stone dumbbells show on youtube if anyone want to see

The Ugly Prince 9.2


No one knows what’s going on.

Because it happened so suddenly, even the person in question, Lu Wei, only knew that the three fingers of his right hand were separated from his body when the sharp pain came from his palm.

Lu Wei let out a miserable shriek. He hadn’t expected Huang Fu Jie to actually swing his sword and slash at his right hand as he reached out to pull him.

Huang Fu Liu was also so stunned that he even forgot to shout.

Blood spurted out from Lu Wei’s palms, and Lu Wei screamed in pain. Why is this happening? Why?!!

Huang Fu Jie smile insidiously, and while Lu Wei was unprepared, he swung the sword with both hands and summoned all his strength to chop at Lu Wei’s leg.

Lu Wei collapsed and a large amount of blood spurted out from the area near the inside of his knee, and Huang Fu Jie cut this area too hard, he couldn’t even stand up, and the pain made him roll all over the floor and scream in pain.

Huang Fu Liu was shaking. He didn’t know what happened. He only saw his fourth brother, who had been bullied by him all the time, waved the single back sword and hack Lu Wei’s body again and again.

Huang Fu Liu was shaking, he didn’t know what was going on, he only saw that his fourth royal brother, who had been bullied by him all this time, swung that single-backed sword and slashed at Lu Wei one after another.

Blood, flowing all over Lu Wei’s body.

Huang Fu Jie, whose body and face was splattered with blood, smiled grimly and dragged the blade to Lu Wei’s head, glanced at Lu Wei, revealing small white teeth, and slowly raised the single backed sword in his hand.

“Don’t…! Fourth Highness, please spare this slave! Spare this slave dog’s life! Help! Help! Fifth Highness, help Aah——!”

Lu Wei was scared. He didn’t understand how Huang Fu Jie could wield that single-backed sword. He didn’t understand how Huang Fu Jie could be so cruel. Isn’t he a small child? How could he dare to slash someone with a sword? Not only chopping but all of the joints were cut by him?

Lu Wei should not have been defeated. He lost because he looked down on Huang Fu Jie too much and was too unprepared. Even if he saw Huang Fu Jie pull out a single back sword, he didn’t expect that he would have the strength to wield it.

Huang Fu Jie looked at his half brother Huang Fu Liu, slightly curved his lips to him, and then slash down.

Blood was splattered from the servant’s face on the ground and even sprayed onto his face. But that’s okay, just wipe it clean later.

Listen, how nice the man on the ground calls. He’s begging for mercy

If Lu Wei can summon up the courage to escape at this time, maybe he can still save his life. However, he was dumbfounded by Huang Fu Jie’s sudden outburst of brutality, and the fear of royalty that had been ingrained in his heart since he was a child slowly enveloped his entire psyche.

He had forgotten how much he had once flaunted his martial arts to this fourth prince, and he had also forgotten that this fourth prince was a small man with poor martial arts skills and was simply no match for him.

Huang Fu Jie kept looking at Huang Fu Liu, swinging his sword as he did so.

One slash after another, the blade slashed into Lu Wei’s face, and Lu Wei’s voice gradually turned weak, his body jerking a few times before he stopped moving.

“Ahhhhh! Mother! Uncle! Mother——!” Huang Fu Liu finally cried out , crying and screaming, but he couldn’t even move a step. The warm liquid wet his pants.

Huang Fu Jie looked down at the person at his feet and kicked him. After he was sure that he was not a threat, he dragged the bloody single back sword to Huang Fu Liu.

Very good, this man is dead, he would not force Zhang Ping to escape a predicament again. Zhang Ping, who was obviously strong but had to pretend to be weak, would not get hit by him again.

Huang Fu Liu was still screaming.

Huang Fu Jie gave him a deep stare and revealed a very strange smile to him. The people outside the courtyard heard the fifth prince shouting, so they should be coming soon, right?

Huang Fu Liu only felt that he saw a demon, an evil spirit from hell.

“Remember, Lu Wei wants to kill you, so we killed him together. If you forget, I will kill you.”

The demon whispered in his ear over and over until he nodded.

Then the demon came over and forcibly took his hand, dragged him to Lu Wei, whose face had been hacked up, he shoved the blade into his hand and holding and waving it together

“We killed Lu Wei together. Remember that? ”

Huang Fu Liu nodded. He was so scared that he only nodded

The blood is still hot. The feeling of it splashing to his face is so clear. Huang Fu Liu stared at Lu Wei’s wide eyes, and watched those eyes pop out from the eye sockets, and then fell into a pool of blood as the single-backed sword fell.

He killed Lu Wei. Lu Wei saw him kill him.

Huang Fu Liu didn’t know when Huang Fu Jie had let go of his hand, he also didn’t know that Huang Fu Jie had cut himself in the stomach, then lay down beside him.

Huang Fu Liu was so scared that he even forgot to cry, and just sat still.。

When Zhang Ping arrived at Wuchen courtyard with the doctor, it was in chaos. Eunuchs, maids and guards filled the whole courtyard.

Zhang Ping’s heart pounded. What happened? He just dragged on for a while before bringing the Imperial doctor, how come he only returned a little late, and the situation has changed here?

Captain Yang hugged his nephew and consoled, but no matter how he coaxed, the child didn’t say a word. Blank like a wood, as if he is stupid.

Captain Yang was so anxious he could kill people! It was only half an hour, when he returned from the regular patrol, he found that the Wuchen Courtyard was full of people in panic.

The man lying on the ground was as dead as can be, wounded all over, and then saw his nephew’s face full of blood, which scared him that he snatch him from the palace maid’s arms. Fortunately, it was someone else’s blood, but as he calmed himself he found that the child’s expression was not right

This fifth prince’s mouth had been chattering about something, Captain Yang stretched his ears and listened carefully, and found that Huang Fu Liu had been repeating a phrase : “I killed him…. I killed him….”

Captain Yang looked at the dead body on the ground, no matter how much he called out the child couldn’t snap out of it. and then looked at the fourth prince on the ground, there was a wound in his abdomen. The child could not cry or shout. He asked his brother if he was ok?

Not knowing what was going on, Captain Yang asked the Fourth prince。

The fourth Prince covered his stomach and said off and on, “He, he … hit me down, pulled a sword to kill the fifth emperor brother, said that who’s going to die for money?, He also said, said … need to frame me … with the fifth brothers together, together … ” Huang Fu Jie passed out before he finished speaking.

The matter of Wuchen Courtyard was soon known by the Emperor.

Captain Yang received his own punishment , and was punished by Emperor Sheng on the spot by 30 canes in the court.

The slave Lu Wei is dead, the fourth prince Huang Fu Jie is seriously injured, the fifth prince Huang Fu Liu is scared to the point of having a high fever.

Zhang Ping, the only one who should have been there but wasn’t, was called in for questioning.

Zhang Ping said truthfully that Lu Wei wanted him to ask the imperial doctor to treat the wound for his fifth highness. The fourth highness had no choice but to let him go. He didn’t know anything about what happened later.

There are many doubts about the Wuchen Courtyard story, but no matter how you look at it, it seems like the servant Lu Wei was rebellious. After hurting the fourth prince, he pulled out a sword to kill the fifth prince. However he didn’t expect to be the fourth and fifth princes would resist, and In the end, he was killed.

The emperor is in doubt, The teacher of the two princes Captain Yang is in doubt, the mother of fifth princes Yang Zhaorong is in doubt, and Xianfei the fourth prince mother is also in doubt

However, no matter how much they suspected, they couldn’t give a complete picture, they always felt that something was missing, but they didn’t know which piece was missing.

Now the truth can only be known when the fifth Prince recovered from illness.

Zhang Ping was also asking Huang Fu Jie

Huang Fu Jie is lying in bed drinking medicine, he said to Zhang Ping:. “Bitter”

Zhang Ping laughed, “good medicine is bitter, it’s good for illness. That sword is not light on your stomach. ”

Huang Fu Jie still returned a word: “Bitter”

“Okay, Okay, consider that I’m afraid of you. Would you like something sour or sweet? ”

Huang Fu Jie thought for a while, “Sour.”

Zhang Ping had to get up to get the palace pickled plum for him. He doesn’t know why this kid likes sour stuff so much.

Zhang Ping poured three sour plums on a small plate and served them to the child, picking one with a toothpick and feeding it to him.

The child eats with relish.

“Now you can talk, can’t you? What the hell happened yesterday?”

When the child finished eating the plum meat, he refused to spit out the kernel, so he played with it in his mouth and rolled the plum kernel from one side to the other, saying in a muffled voice: “Lu Wei wants to kill Fifth Brother, I killed him together with my fifth brother.”。

“Really?” Zhang Ping didn’t suspect the child of lying, but he was just surprised that two children could take the sword from the adult’s hand and then kill him.

“Really.” The child spat out the plum kernel, showing a slight smile

Zhang Ping rubbed his little head and exhaled reassuringly, “It’s good that you’re okay.” No matter what anyone says in the future, I won’t leave you. Come to think of it, he is still a little scared.

The child swayed his big head and rubbed it against Zhang Ping’s palm.

“Are you scared or not?”

“Scared” He is afraid that the fifth brother would wake up and tell the truth despite his threat.

Two days later, the fifth prince, Huang Fu Liu, was able to speak after his fever went down.

Today, the son of heaven came to see him personally when he heard the news.

Emperor Sheng sat in front of his fifth son’s bed, and asked softly as much as he could, “Liu er, tell father what else is unwell ”

Huang Fu Liu shook his head, and his mother watched him anxiously on the side.

“What happened that day? Do you still remember? “Emperor Sheng comforted his son with a few words and then asked for doubts in his heart.

Huang Fu Liu shook his head desperately, then burst into tears.

His mother, Yang Zhaorong, said sadly: “Your majesty, this concubine asked him the same thing, but when I asked him, he would cry and sometimes he would scream. I asked the imperial doctor to come and see him. He said that Liu’er was frightened. He suggested that we should not mention that day again, so as not to stimulate him. ”

The emperor sighed, “how could this happen? ”

“Your Majesty, you have to make the decision for Liu’er.” Yang Zhaorong drooped her tears. “We mother and son have never wanted to fight for anything, so we are just begging for peace and security in our life. Your Majesty….. ”

“I know you are sensible.” Emperor Sheng looked at the woman in front of him and his heart immediately softened a lot.

“I’ll find out what’s going on at the Wuchen Institute so I can give you both an explanation.”

“I thank Your Majesty on behalf of Liuer.”

The Emperor reassured Yang Zhaorong a few more times and then left, just as he turned around, he heard someone behind him call: “Father Emperor, Father Emperor !”

“Liu’er? ”

Huang Fu Liu with tears streaming down his face, held out his hand to Emperor Sheng.

Emperor Sheng could not bear it, he walked to the bed and hold his son in his arms. “Don’t be afraid, father is right beside you.”

“Father, I, I killed him….. I killed him….” Said Huang Fu Liu, sobbing.

“Who did you kill?”

“Lu Wei…… I killed Lu Wei.”

A flicker of disbelief flashed in the heart of Emperor Sheng, “Why did you kill him?”

“Because, because….” something flashed in Huangfu Liu’s mind, as if someone kept telling him in his ear : Lu Wei wanted to kill him, so they killed him.

“Because he wanted to kill me.” Huang Fu Liu tightly grasped his father’s lapel and buried his head deeply in it.

“Royal Father, Fourth…… brother saved me……”

Half a month later, a guest came to Ruihua Palace.

“Your Highness, the fifth highness came down to see you. You see …” Qing Yun, one of the two palace maids outside the door, reported.

Huang Fu Jie was lying on bed reading a book. Hearing this, he slipped the book under the pillow.

“Please let him in.”

Since he had returned with his injury that day, he found that there were four more servants in his courtyard. An old eunuch, and one older and two younger total of three maids.

At the beginning, he was surprised, but then Hong Xiu came over to specially introduce him, and he realized what was going on.

At first, there was a bit of resistance to let people other than Zhang Ping come to serve him. Later, it was found that the two palace maids wont go near him. They mainly served the two elders, which made him calm down .

Because he was injured, the introduction was fairly simple. The two older servants saw him with surprise but didn’t say much. It was the fright and disgust in the eyes of the two little palace maidens that was clear in Huang Fu Jie’s eyes.

Huang Fu Jie lay on the bed waiting for Huang Fu Liu to come in. Not at all worried about Huangfu Liu’s intentions, since Huangfu Liu didn’t tell the truth when he woke up, he had nothing to fear.

He admitted that he did regret it a bit after he killed Lu Wei half impulsively and half premeditatively. According to his original plan, it should be more seamless, but that day … he was very angry.

He is just a ten-year-old child, perhaps a little precocious than ordinary children, but he was still a child in essence. A child who would laugh when happy, A child who wants to break things when angry.

A child is always too childish to do things without thinking about the consequences, it is already very good that he can think of cleaning up the mess afterward.

Huang Fu Liu was led in by a palace maid, Zhang Ping also followed, Qing Yun took the door to exit.

Huang Fu Jie looked up at his fifth Imperial brother and was taken aback by his expression.

Huang Fu Liu stared at him with a strange fanaticism in his eyes.

Huang Fu Jie didn’t understand. Suddenly he said to Zhang Ping, “Zhang Ping, go out first.”

Zhang Ping gave him a worried look and retreated silently as he said.

There were only two of them left in the room.

Huang Fu Liu and Huang Fu Jie looked at each other for a while.

Huang Fu Liu opened his mouth first, “You…I won’t tell anyone.”

Huang Fu Jie crooked his head.

Huang Fu Liu took a step closer, his eyes seemed to glow, “You are so brave, how did you dare …? I was scared to death! I saw murder for the first time …” The fifth Prince shakes a little. at the thought of being scared that he peed his pants, He blushes.

Huang Fu Jie didn’t understand, what did Huang Fu Liu mean? Didn’t he come to threaten him? Didn’t come to scold him? Why did he look so excited?

Huang Fu Liu bit his lips. “I don’t want to Bully you…… but everyone bully you. If I don’t do it, they will bully me.”

Huang Fu Jie tilted his head and looked at him.

“My mother is a Zhaorong. The eldest brother, the second brother and the third brother have never put me in their eyes. Father emperor used to love me dearly. They were jealous and secretly gave me laxatives. They also asked people to push me to the pond in winter. They also make me make a fool of myself in front of my royal father, so that father did not dote on me as much as before . Lu Wei was given to me by the eldest brother because the waiter who accompanied me was beaten to death by him, saying that he was disrespectful. ”

Huang Fu Liu doesn’t care whether Huang Fu Jie listens or not. The bamboo tube spilled out the beans*. He keeps on talking. In short, he was also a pitiful little kid who grew up being bullied by his older brothers, and then finally came the fourth prince who was less powerful than him, so he was able to get out of the difficult situation of him.

Huang Fu Jie not only didn’t feel sympathetic to his hurt, but also had a strange anger in his heart. But he didn’t express that anger.

Huangfu Liu took another step forward and said to Huangfu Jie very sincerely: “Can we play together in the future?”

“Okay.” Huang Fu Jie looked very happy and said with a smile to Huang Fu Liu.

“We’ll team up from now on.” Huang Fu Jie seemed to be reminding himself. He didn’t expect this killing of the attendant would bring him such a result, but this result looks much better than he was expecting in the first place.

However, he also understood that if he hadn’t rebelled against Lao Fifth that day and then killed Lu Wei to threaten him, Lao Fifth probably wouldn’t have felt that Huangfu Jie and he were in the same group.

“Um! We will practice martial arts with my uncle later, and I will never bully you again.” The fifth Prince smiled.

“It doesn’t matter. You can’t beat me anyway. I used to just let you.” For the first time, Huang Fu Jie showed his strength and confident side in front of other princes.

The fifth prince who was shocked by the madness and cruelty of Huang Fu Jie’s that day, then developed a distorted worship mentality, thought that his ugly brother looked very tall at the moment.

“You, you were you pretending?”

“No. I didn’t eat enough before, and my body didn’t develop.”

What do you mean?

“Tell you a secret. I seem to be born with infinite strength.” This secret he had discovered a few months ago, he even didn’t tell to Zhang Ping.

“Re- really?” The fifth prince was dying with excitement. “That’s why you can waved that large blade, right?”


“I won’t tell anyone about this, rest assured.” the fifth princes swear.

“It doesn’t matter, they’ll have to know sooner or later anyway. ” Huang Fu Jie smiled strangely. It was really uncomfortable for the little child to show such a smile.

“From now on you should not come to me casually or show friendliness to me in front of other people. Just treat me the same as before.”

Huang Fu Liu nodded desperately. “I understand. I know what you mean. We’re underground allies. We can’t let anyone else know.” The child didn’t know what to expect either, scratching his ears in excitement.

Huang Fu Jie looks at his younger brother, who was one year younger than him. and how he looked childish.

But Huang Fu Jie didn’t know that he now had a faintly mocking and smug expression on his face, and he also looked childish.

In short, two young boys, a nine-year-old and a ten-year-old, had found their allies just like that, and they were still underground.

Translator note; thank you for reading up to here, now is the turning point of Huang Fu Jie life but unfortunately we would have to say good bye to the cute little Jie soon

The Ugly Prince Chapter 9.1

Driven by the conscious or unconscious promotion from Xian Fei——she had personally visited the mother of the fifth prince, Yang Zhaorong, no one knew what agreement had been reached between the two women.

And Emperor Sheng may indeed feel that he owed Huang Fu Jie. In short, Huang Fu Jie finally got what he wanted and began to practice martial arts with the fifth prince, following Captain Yang

Half a month later, new servants were finally welcomed in the small courtyard of the fourth prince, Huang Fu Jie

Two palace maids, plus two old servants at the dusk of their age.

Such changes are very common in the palace, so common to the point where no one is paying attention at all.

The two elderly veteran servants were said to have spent half their lives in The Laundry Department, and they seemed to have been serving for a concubine who had entered the Cold Palace*. Just when Xian Fei wanted to find two old slaves who knew the rules and regulations of the palace to serve the fourth prince, the inner palace department recommended these two to Xian Fei.

The two palace maids were drafted into the palace five days ago. This coincided with the death of two palace maids Dongmei and Loulan in Ruihua Palace due to accidents and theft, The two new palace maids, because they offended the trainer momo*, naturally, they were thrown into the Ruihua Palace, that needed to replenish the maid.

Xian Fei also seemed very casual when she ordered these four servants to serve the fourth prince. After taking a look, she let Hongxiu to take them to the courtyard of Huang Fu Jie

As soon as she entered the small courtyard, Hong Xiu’s expression changed and she gave a deep greeting to the two old slaves.

“Hongxiu greets the two grandmasters*.”


The old eunuch and the old palace maid faintly returned the salute, the old eunuch did not say anything, the old palace maid smiled, “You are so kind, Miss Hongxiu. You are the fifth grade palace maid serving Madam consort, This old one should greet you first. And just in case, from now on, Hongxiu can call the two old slaves, Zhao Gonggong and Yang Momo* ”

“This junior won’t dare.” Hongxiu greats again, with a respectful expression on her face, but in her heart she didn’t think so. In the General’s Mansion, she had to honor them as grand master and second master, but after entering the palace, they all equally worked for the general, and she was one step higher than them in terms of status. She salutes just to look good on each other’s faces.

Who is the old eunuch and the old woman? No matter how powerful the little Hongxiu was, she is just a palace maid who hasn’t seen the world, No matter how good her expression was on her face, how could she hide from the eyes of these two old rivers and lakes.

However, neither of the two elders said anything about it. Different from Hongxiu who was sold to Yan family as slaves, they once received Yan Jing’s favor and was cordially invited by him before entering Yan family to protect Yan Jing, At the same time, they also taught the Yan officials families General in passing. Now, to return the favor, they accepted Yan Jing’s plea to enter the palace under false pretenses to support his grandson, Huang Fu Jie, for five years.

If Huang Fu Jie’s is a child worth teaching, they will naturally teach him wholeheartedly; if Huang Fu Jie is a mud who can’t help the wall, they are responsible for protecting Huang Fu Jie’s safety, and they will leave after he leaves the palace to build his official residence. Five years later, granted that they have paid off this kindness, they will be free from now on.

So how Hong Xiu treated them, they really didn’t care about it. It was as easy for them to run over Hong Xiu as it was to run over an ant. You say, do you think they get angry with the ants?

After Hongxiu bowed to the two elders, she smiled again at the two palace maids. This time, without waiting for Hongxiu to speak, the two maids directly bowed to greets.”Qingyun meimei, Bai Lian meimei, greet Hongxiu jiejie.”

*meimei= little sister, jie jie=big sister

“Please get up quickly, two little sisters. Later, fourth highness and two grand masters will bother two little sisters to take care of them. Fourth Highness has an eunuch to serve him, little sisters just need to take care of the two masters” Hongxiu said to the two maids in front of the two elders.

“Yes, Hongxiu Jiejie, is fourth highness not here? “Among the two maids, Qingyun is the youngest, about 13 or 14 years old. She looks more lively than Bailian.

“His Highness is learning martial arts with the fifth prince at Captain Yang’s office. It will be about half an hour before he comes back. Zhao Gonggong, Yang Momo and two younger sisters, this is where you live in the future. If you are short of anything, please tell Hongxiu directly. ”

At this time, in the Wuchen courtyard, which was specially set up for the fifth prince to practice martial arts.

As usual, the fifth Prince Huang Fu Liu would hit Huang Fu Jie after Captain Yang left. After half a year of practicing martial arts, Huang Fu Jie was not as weak as before,But every time when he was about to win, Lu Wei, the servant of Huang Fu Liu, would stumble on him, either he stretched his legs to trip him up, or pretended to help him but deliberately grabbed him, so that Huang Fu Liu could beat him up.

Lu Wei is an adult. He has learned a little martial art with Huang Fu Liu, even if the time is too short to make Huang Fu Jie suffer.

Every time, as long as Captain Yang left, the pair of master and servant united to bully him.

Zhang Ping wanted to take care of it, but suffered the master and servant villain false accusation every time, causing him to have been flogged by Captain Yang twice. He also said that if the princes martial arts practice were affected again, he would never be allowed to come to Wuchen courtyard again.

Helpless Zhang Ping can only watch, unless the master and servant are too much, he generally dares not to reach out his hand. Otherwise, once he is driven away from Wuchen courtyard, Huang Fu Jie, who has no servants, will probably be bullied more severely by the two master & servant. He was so depressed over this that he almost had to put a sack on Lu Wei, which he really would have done if he hadn’t thought about his consequences.

So now he can only watch Huang Fu Jie stumble over Lu Wei again, and Huang Fu Liu rushes up and sits on him.。

Now it’s up to you. Zhang Ping cheers for Huang Fu Jie in secret.

Huang Fu Jie is desperately struggling to overturn the fifth prince who is riding on him..

“Wonderful! Your Highness, it’s a wonderful move to use. Even if Captain Yang is here, he will give you a thumbs up. “Lu Wei is licking his ass.

“Haha, Lu Wei, don’t you think he looks like a big black turtle? He’s trying so hard to turn over, but he can’t.” The fifth prince laughed happily and raised his bamboo sword in his hand to poke Huang Fu Jie’s hand.

“Ha ha, your highness, the slave does not dare to speak nonsense. It’s whatever you say it is.” Lu Wei covered his mouth and laughed.

Zhang Ping endured, his eyes fixed on Huangfu Jie, secretly cheering him on! Come on! Come on!

Huang Fu Jie glanced at Zhang Ping and saw the anxieties, worries and anger in his eyes. Lowering his head, the boy trembling arms propped up his upper body little by little. Suddenly, he summoned up his strength and overturned Huang Fu Liu.

Huang Fu Liu was unprepared. He knocked his leg hard to the ground and his mouth deflated as if he was about to cry.

Lu Wei is Surprised, he rushed to help Huang Fu Liu “Your highness, are you OK,? Let this servant have a look. Where did you hurt? “Then he went to complain about Huang Fu Jie:” fourth highness, you are the elder brother. How can you be so cruel to his highness? His highness is precious if he is hurt somewhere who can afford? ”

Is your fifth highness precious but our fourth highness is not human? Zhang Ping was angry and came to help Huang Fu Jie, but he could not say anything. Out of ones mouth comes evil, and he knew enough about it.

“Lu Wei, Lu Wei, hit him for me! It hurts! It hurts! It’s killing me! Woo woo! ” Fifth highness injury was not serious, and his knee was a little red. He didn’t even have a broken skin, but he cried like his leg was broken.

Huangfu Jie is wounded, there were wounds on his body and hands, and some obvious bruises on his back. Heartbroken, Zhang Ping led Huang Fu Jie aside and poured water from the water bladder to clean his wounds. Wanting to bandage him, but Huang Fu Jie shook his head and refused. It’s no use wrapping it up now, it’ll have to redone later.

Fearing that he would be reprimanded, Lu Wei carefully helped this Fifth Highness to sit down on a stone chair to one side. He couldn’t go and beat the prince, but as a sixth-rank eunuch, he could go and punish the classless eunuch next to that fourth prince.

Lu Wei walked over to Zhang Ping, who was cleaning Huang Fu Jie’s wounds, and reached out and gave him a slap.

“Daring dog slave, you saw fifth highness is injured still don’t call the imperial doctor! ”

Zhang Ping covered his face and whispered, “The slave has to serve the Fourth Highness and cannot leave.”

“Your fourth highness is unharmed, and you and I are the only servants here, I have to take care of our fifth Highness, why don’t you go if you have nothing to do? Do you want to aggravate the injury of fifth highness on purpose, so you don’t want to ask for an imperial doctor? ” Lu Wei made a gesture to hit Zhang Ping again.

Are you blind? Can’t you see the wounds on His Highness’ hands and body? Zhang Ping lowered his head and forcefully swallowed his anger.

“No, no. this slave will go at once. ”

“Still not going! “Lu Wei kicked him out.

Zhang Ping was kicked to the ground by Lu Wei. He dared not refute his words. He got up and told Huang Fu Jie, “Your Highness, your servant will go to ask the doctor. Wait a moment. I’ll go back. ”

“You’re not going! What are you still doing!” Lu Wei growled, and the fifth princes cried louder.

Huang Fu Jie glanced at Lu Wei and nodded to Zhang Ping. He could see Zhang Ping’s anger, and if he was not allowed to leave again, he doesn’t know what the man will do later. He didn’t want Zhang Ping to be hit by Captain Yang’s board again.

Zhang Ping limped away once he was excused

Zhang Ping departed, leaving only the three of them, Master and Servant and Huang Fu Jie, in the training ground. Lu Wei’s eyes rolled. Every day, Captain Yang leaves half an hour for them to practice. He will never come before the time. There is still plenty time left.」

“Fourth highness, our fifth highness has been injured and is no longer suitable to be your opponent. What do you think of this slave replacing him? ”

Huang Fu Jie raised his head, and before he could say that Lu Wei was despicable, Huang Fu Liu over there was already yelling : “Yes! Lui Wei, hit him for me! Help me get my revenge!”

Lu Wei looked back and smiled flatteringly. “Your Highness, I dare not to hit the fourth highness. This slave just be the practice opponent on your behalf.”

“I don’t care what you are! You do it now!”

“Yes. Since His Highness agrees, then this slave has overstepped.”

Lu Wei came to Huang Fu Jie’s side and reached out without a smile on his face: “After you, Your Highness.”

Huang Fu Liu cheered and was very happy. It’s easy to see who is the winner and who is the loser. One is a strong adult in his twenties, and the other is a weak child only ten years old.

A child like Huang Fu Liu would not think whether it was mean or despicable, as long as he could vent his anger.

But Lu Wei knew that this was despicable, but in order to please his fifth highness and to escape his own punishment, he take on the fourth prince, whose height just reached his waist.

Huang Fu Jie did not refuse and said to Lu Wei, “you can be my training opponent, but you are bigger and stronger than me. In order to show fairness, I will hold weapons. Would you like to? ”

Lu Wei also knows some martial arts skills. He never put a child in his eyes and feels generous, saying “Naturally. Please feel free. ”

Huang Fu Jie went to the weapon rack and thought about it for a while

Lu Wei laughed in his heart, only if you could hold those real weapons! Hmph, this is good, so that even if you are injured heavily then, I can justify it.

Huang Fu Jie was interested in a single-backed sword that weighed six catties and three taels. It’s not very long. It’s only two feet inside the hilt.,the back of the knife is thicker. In order to pull it out, Huang Fu Jie seems to have tried his best, holding the hilt in both hands and putting it forward with a little effort.

Seeing that Huangfu Jie was struggling so hard just to draw his sword, Lu Wei smiled even happier. After all, they are children who think that with weapons, they are invincible. I’ll see if you can swing it then!

“Lu Wei, he has a sword, you get a sword too!” The fifth princes shouted on the side.

Lu Wei looked back. “Your Highness, it’s ok. It would be bad if this slave injured the fourth highness with a blade. ”


“Your Highness doesn’t have to worry about it, and watch the slaves get angry for you.” Lu Wei said very softly.

Huang Fu Liu understood and smiled secretly.

Huang Fu Jie finally drew his single-backed sword and dragged it to the center.

Lu Wei bowed and said, “I have offended. “Then he went to kick Huang Fu Jie.

Huang Fu Jie was not Lu Wei’s opponent at all. He was defeated by Lu Wei in three or two moves. The single back sword fell beside him.

“Ha ha! Lui Wei, you’re amazing! Hit him, hit him! Huangfu Liu was so excited that he almost did dance with his hands and feet.

Lu Wei walked step by step to Huangfu Jie’s side and watched him struggle to get up, deliberately reaching out to pull him. Only by getting him on his feet could he go ahead and beat up this unloved ugly prince with integrity.

At the thought of hitting a prince, Lu Wei felt an uncontrollable excitement gushing from the bottom of his heart. It’s your misfortune. Who called you a prince, but the emperor hated you.


The Ugly Prince Chapter 8

Ten days later, outside the chambers of Ruihua palace.

“I want to see my mother.”

“I’m sorry, Your Highness. Madam is now resting, and has instructed her slave to not let anyone in.” A palace maid stopped Huang Fu Jie from going on his way.

“You tell my mother I have to see her for something important.”

“Your Highness, do not make it difficult for your slave. Madam said no one is allowed to see her, and that includes you.” The palace maid’s word was humble, but her expression was a little arrogant. and they, the palace servants, knew better than anyone else what this amazing-looking prince was being treated in this palace. To put it bluntly, she hadn’t really set her eyes on this prince while talking.

Huang Fu Jie raised his eyes, and looked at her “What’s your name?”


Huang Fu Jie didn’t get angry and asked again, “what’s your name?

“This slave is Loulan. ”

“Luolan Jiejie*”

*big sister

“This servant is not worthy.” Luolan slightly delighted.

“Luolan jiejie, may i trouble you to help me to go in and report?” Huangfu Jie is hanging his sleeves with kind words and salute.

Luolan let out a breath from her nose impatiently, ”Your Highness, how many times do you want the slave to say it? The Madam said no one means no one. Your Highness, please go back before you alert the concubine and get punished again.” Luolan intimidated the kid.

“You really can’t even tell for me ?”

“Your Highness, your servant has just said, please don’t make it difficult for your servant. If Madam gets angry and give punishment, this servant also will not escape the blame. Luolan’s expression is unpleasant, and her attitude is increasingly disrespectful.

“Kneel down.”

Luolan is stunned

“This prince told you to kneel, can’t you hear me ?”

Luo lan looked around. There were other palace slaves cleaning in the distance. The rules on the surface could not be broken. She could only kneel down slowly even if she didn’t want to.

“If this prince doesn’t let you get up, you can’t get up. Otherwise, it will be handled according to the regulations of the palace. Do you understand?”

“The slave servant does not know what she has done wrong to be punished to kneel by your highness.” Luolan bit her lip and scolded the ugly prince in her heart.

What do you think you are? If I had the chance to meet the Emperor, if I had the chance to have the Emperor grace me*, I wouldn’t know who would kneel to whom by then!

“You didn’t do anything wrong. This prince just feels like it, thats all.”

What! Luolan doubted her ears. Is this really the fourth prince who was bullied by that Ren Palace slave and didn’t dare to fight back? He…what happened?

Huang Fu Jie also stopped looking at her and took a step towards the hall.

“Your highness no! Madam said that no one is allowed in, you can’t go in!” Luolan rushed up and stopped Huang Fu Jie’s way.

Huang Fu Jie reached out and kicked at her knee.

Luo Lan did not expect Huangfu Jie to strike at her, and was kicked when she was unprepared.。

Although Huang Fu Jie was small, but the kick, which was full of anger, landed on Luolan’s knee, causing her to fall to the ground with a scream.

Huang Fu Jie bypassed her, pushed open the palace door and headed inside.

“What’s going on! Don’t you know madam consort is resting?” Hong Xiu appeared from the door, angrily.

Huang Fu Jie stood in front of her.

“Hong Xiu, I want to see my mother.”

“It’s you.” Hong Xiu didn’t expect Huang Fu Jie to arrive without notice, and was surprised. Sinking her face, she said, “Your Highness, didn’t the maids outside tell you that madam was resting and no one was allowed to see her?”

“I have an important matter.” Huang Fu Jie raised his small chest. This was the first time he had ever held his chest up in front of Hong Xiu.

Hong Xiu was surprised and puzzled by the tough attitude she had never experienced before

“Your Highness, no matter how important is it , you have to wait until madam wakes up.”

“Okay. I’ll wait right here.” Huang Fu jie didn’t go out, but instead took another step forward and casually found a chair in the hall to sit down.

Hong Xiu was thoroughly surprised, “You…….”

“What? This prince cannot sit here?”

Hong Xiu took a deep look at him, “Since Your Highness wants to sit here and wait, then just sit here and wait.”

Hong Xiu turned and walked to the door of the hall and ordered someone to take Luolan away, and Luolan sobbed and was helped down by two eunuchs.

An hour and a half later, Hong Xiu appeared in front of HuangFu Jie once again.

“Your highness, Madam consort welcome you in.”

The inner sanctum of the Ruihua Palace.

“You want to see me. What is it?” Madam Xian Fei looking carefully at her painted red nails, Jade like and exceptionally beautiful. Unfortunately, it was not appreciated by anyone.

Hong Xiu stood to the side and waited.

HuangFu Jie stood in front of his mother and said in a smooth tone, “Mother, I would like to ask my grandfather to teach me martial arts and art of war.”

Madam Xian Fei’s erected fingers froze.

“What did you say?”

“This son said I wanted to ask my grandfather to teach me the martial arts and art of war. This son have already asked, grandpa delivered the post before March, and the day after is the day he comes to the palace to meet mother.

“Why? ” Xian Fei couldn’t come to be surprised how he found out about the day Yan Jing came to the palace, putting down her palms, she sat in the same posture and asked.

“I want to be strong. I want to protect myself and to protect you. ”

Ha! Protect me?

After a long time, Madam Xian Fei slowly turned her body to face her child.

Ugly, really ugly.

If he wasn’t her own child, she probably wouldn’t even let him come close.

How long had it been since she’d had a good look at the kid?

What is this timid child saying to her now?

“Mother, this child didn’t understand before. I didn’t understand that a child honor is a mother honor and a child disgrace is a mother disgrace. The child used to be inferior and ugly, and only dwells on self-pity, but doesn’t know how to make progress. I have wasted mother’s hardwork to teach me. ”

“Hard work? ” Xian Fei laughed lightly in surprise, she would like to see what this ugly son actually had to say.

“Yes. A Wise man says: When heaven will entrust the great task to the people, they must first work hard, strain their muscles and bones, starve their skin, empty their body, and disturb their action. Therefore, stimulating oneself to temper their body and mind*, which is beneficial to them. Only when I read this can I understand my mother’s long suffering heart*

“Now I have come to my senses, but I pray that I may win a place for my mother, so that those who mock her ugly son will see that her son, even if he is born ugly, will win honor for his mother. Inevitably there will be one day, this child will let his mother be the mother of the nation*….. ”

“Shut up! ”

Huang Fu Jie immediately shut his mouth.

It turns out I’m cultivating him by ignoring him and letting people bully him?

So all I’ve done so far is for him to say this today?

Mother of the nation ? Mother of the nation commander of the Imperial harem! Hahaha!

Really? Really? Will I really have that day?!

Yes, she had had this dream, and once she was not far from this dream. But only because she gave birth to this ugly son, she was alienated by her husband and moved further and further away from the pinnacle of power.

Just because she gave birth to an ugly son, the former love and affection, the former pledge undying love and the promises that once existed no longer exist.

For what? Why would God do this to her?

Why should those women come and mock her?

Why can’t she sit on the Queen’s throne?

“Do you know what you’re talking about? ”

“I know.” Huang Fu Jie clenched his trembling hands and said calmly.

“Who else did you say that to?”

“No one. This son only have mother, and who else will listen to me but my mother. Huang Fu Jie slowly knelt down in front of Xian Fei.

“Mother, I’m ignorant. I’d like to ask you for guidance.

Xianfei looked at the ugly son. For the first time, she felt that he was really like her child with Huang Fu Sheng

“This consort remembers that you seem to be bullied by your brothers, did you?”


“How did Gaoxin and Dongmei die?” Xian Fei suddenly said.

“I saw them drunk that night, and after a while of messing around, they lay down on the table and went to sleep. Thinking it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I gathered up all the lamp oil in the yard and poured it on them, and the table, and lit the fire.”

The 10 year old Huangfu Jie was talking about how he killed two of his servants, he didn’t even panic, Even his original nervousness about facing his mother disappears in an unseen way. He even said the last four words with a lingering smile.

Hong Xiu jerked her head up to look at Xian Fei.

They had their suspicions at that time, but they didn’t think it was the young Huangfu Jie.

What’s it called? Is it like mother like son?

Hongxiu overestimated Xian Fei. However, when seeing her son’s present performance, Xian Fei felt that it was not a day’s work to penetrate a stone with dripping water. Maybe Huangfu Jie, who was cowardly on the surface, had done something for a long time, but she didn’t find out. But Gao Xin and Dong Mei were his servants, and they were not good to him, and they died strangely.

At that time, they didn’t expect that Huang Fu Jie had such courage and shrewdness, that’s why they were so confused about the death of these two slaves. Now after listening to his son, she asked at will.

Xian Fei and Hongxiu were silent for a long time.

Did they really neglect this child for too long?

Do they think this child is stupid and immovable* because they are too preconceived? He was so ugly-looking that he thought he was no wiser.

Are they blinded by hatred?

Could it be that the boy’s cowardice, his fear of things, is what he’s faking?

If Huang Fu Jie knew what was in his mother’s mind at this time, he would probably….

A young child with no one to care for and rely on, he had been tortured from birth by his own mother and the palace servants around her, and the palace slaves were able to bully him at will, not to mention those of his imperial brothers and sisters. How could he not be afraid and cowardly under such devastation?

Which kid doesn’t need a backer? Which kid doesn’t want someone to be around when he’s being bullied, Comforting him, encouraging him, reassuring him when he’s sad and upset?

The child came to his mother today and strongly expressed his desire to be strong, not just because he was treated unfairly, but because he was expected. The opportunity for him to want to be strong was that he was inspired.

It is because of the hope of being expected, of being someone he values, that he wants to excel at this time, not waiting until he is 15 or 16 years old and knows more about shame.

The child is not liked and valued. In the first ten years of his life, all he saw and experienced was disgust and rejection. And this bullying, caused by disgust and rejection, has distorted the little child’s mind at an early age.

The twisted child didn’t know how to protect himself, nor did he think of protecting himself, after all, he was still too young, so he just endured and endured it, until he couldn’t stand it any longer, and then he would vent a little.

Then one day, a man appeared before him. Give him a taste of what it’s like to be protected, to be loved, to be valued.

The man looked at him with amazement but no fear, with pity but no disgust. Gradually, that pity turned into a fondness for him, an affection for him.

The man’s identity was clearly so humble, yet he opened his arms and said he wanted to protect him and taught him how to protect himself. But he, who had no position or power, could no longer protect himself because he protected him. And that person …….how can I say this, honest on the outside, but hot blooded on the inside?

So he thought, he had to be strong so that he could protect him from harm so he could do whatever he wants when his blood was boiling.

He had to get stronger. For himself, and for that person.

Xian Fei was in a rare mood of joy.

She didn’t think it was wrong to hear that her own son, at the age of 9 years old, had killed two adults, not only did she not think it was wrong, she even thought it was just like her son.。

“Gao Xin and Dongmei as palace slaves, did not know that they must serve their highness well. They deceived and concealed to did arduous things in the palace , it was indeed deserve to be damned.” Xian Fei gestured for Hong Xiu to pour her tea.

“But what is the matter with you outside today? Xian Fei’s face became stern again. Even if this son becomes something, she will not allow him to offend her dignity.

Huang Fu Jie knelt on the ground, clasped his fist and saluted: “Mother, I am just looking for an opportunity to teach that shameless and ambitious palace slave a lesson.”

“What do you mean?” Xian Fei took the tea.

Huang Fu Jie pondered the words in his mind, these words he had already thought of long ago while waiting.

“Two days ago, when this child returned from the Imperial College, I saw my father laughing and talking with the Sixth Prince who had left the College first, and the palace slaves were far behind. This child didn’t dare to show my face for fear of frightening my father, so I hid behind a tree and waited for my father and my brother to go first. At that time, an exquisite jade ball rolled down from the hands of the sixth royal brother. I wanted to pick it up, but I saw … ”

“Say.” The corner of Xian Fei’s eyes up.

“This child saw Loulan, the maiden of my mother’s palace, appear out of nowhere, she picked up the exquisite jade ball and bowed to my father. At that time, Loulan was dressed up differently than usual and looked more charming. This child did not recognize her for a while, but today when I saw Luolan, who was outside the gate of the mother’s palace, I remembered that the girl who had flattered imperial father that day was her. This child was angry, so I…….. ” Huang Fu Jie also waved a small fist to express his anger.


The tea was smashed hard on the table and immediately shattered into several pieces.

Xian Fei’s eyes were on fire and her heart was filled with hate.

“Madam Don’t be angry.” Hong Xiu fell to her knees.

Xianfei Concubine Xian took a deep breath and laughed, ” Hong Xiu, I never thought there would be such a shameless bitch in my palace! You know what to do now, don’t you?”

“The slave servant knows it, Madam doesn’t need to be upset. the slave servant will let her know what her duty is.”

Nodding her head, Xianfei stroked her hair and changed her face into a smile that could be described as benevolent.

“Jie-er , you go back. This consort will make arrangements for you to find your grandfather.”

“This child thanks my Mother. I’ll leave you to rest well.” Huang Fu Jie’s purpose was achieved, he obeys the courtesy to withdraw.

After Huang Fu Jie left, Hongxiu gathered up the broken cups and said: “Congratulations Madam, His highness the prince is finally enlightened.” She should be as happy as her madam consort, but what does the panic in her heart represent now?

“Hong xiu.” Xian Fei also had a happy look on her face. She finally have some expectations now, didn’t she?

“Yes, your slave is here. ”

“Pass a letter to General Yan for this consort”


The child grinned at all the palace slaves who peeked at him as he walked out of the palace doors.

No matter what thousand strange reactions those palace slaves might have when they saw his smile, all in all, he is in a good mood and has never been better.

Turns out it’s OK to do this. Yes, I’m the prince. There is nothing wrong with me doing that.

It turns out that lies are so useful.No wonder Zhang Ping said people can’t lie, but well-intentioned lies are allowed.I helped him to teach his bullies a lesson and was kind to him, so the lie was a lie of good intentions, and it turns out that white lies is indeed allowed.

Two days later, the cavalry grand general Yan Jing goes to the palace to see consort Xian Fei

Yan Jing took the tea and blew it gently , “so my lady is saying that, this child is not as mediocre as we thought he was?”

“mediocre or delirious. It will take a lot of effort from my lord father” Xian Fei sat on the upper seat and bowed slightly.

“I dare not, my lady is very polite.”

“Father, there are no outsiders here …”

“No, to be careful is of the utmost importance.”

Xian Fei knew that her father was a very strict person and was no longer pushing.

“Where is His Highness?”

“Just out there waiting.”

Yan Jing thought for a moment, “This is a matter that needs to be considered at length.”


Yan Jing raised his hand. “This is not an ordinary thing. I had only wanted to help him stand on his own to protect you both mother and son and the Yan family. But now you say …”

Yan Jing shook his head and said, “originally, none of the princes regard the fourth prince as a rival. Now, all the princes are still young and their confrontation with each other is not fierce. However, the influential maternal families of all parties are fighting in secret. If the fourth prince changes his cowardly facade, wouldn’t he make people turn vigilant towards him? ”

“My lord father what is your opinion?”

“Slow down.”

Slow down? How slow is it? How long after will it come?*” Xian Fei sounded a little eager. No wonder she was anxious; how many years had she waited, how many years had she suppressed?

“I will send someone into the palace to teach him. How many people are serving around him now?”

After a pause, Xian Fei replied, “Just one person.”

“Just one? He was surprised, but after a moment he regained his composure, “Can he be trusted?”

“This this……”

Seeing that Xian Fei couldn’t answer, Hongxiu who was waiting next to her replied softly: “Trustworthy. The child name was Zhang Ping. He had been in the palace for one year. When he arrived, he was arranged by this maid to serve his royal highness. Later, he was sent to the internal servant warden for punishment because he offended his highness the grand prince. When he came back, he became a little wooden, but it’s okay to serve His Highness in his daily life.”

“Mmm. Since you said you could believe him, it should be fine. But still, be careful. You’d better find out where he came from, and I’ll have someone verify it.”

“Yes, this slave understands”

“He has few people around him, so it’s easy to get someone in. But the problem is how to get people into the palace without raising suspicions. ” He’s just sweeping his beard, into deep contemplation.

“Father, think about these things slowly when you get back. Can you tell your daughter, apart from arranging someone to teach him, what are your other plans?”

“My Lady, this matter can not be rushed. Especially in words and deeds, you must be cautious. Wait for His Royal Highness to leave the palace when he is 15 years old, then …”

“By then it would be too late to make arrangements!” Xian Fei is angry, she felt that her father didn’t want to help her wholeheartedly. “Father, Do you think it’s possible if you want to remain neutral? If you don’t have a daughter in the palace as a first-class consort, If your daughter doesn’t give you a grandchild, And maybe there’s that possibility. But…..”」

“My lady, you needn’t say much. This old minister also understands the severity of this”

“Father, your daughter is not blaming you. Don’t be angry.”

Yan Jing shook his head, knowing his precious daughter’s temper very well.

“I didn’t say no to helping him, but helping him become a neutral prince, and helping him………that’s a completely different story! Besides, we haven’t made any preparations for nine years, and it’s a bit late to start. Not to mention whether it will be successful in the future, do you think His Majesty will be able to change his impression of him with his looks? Have you ever thought about how difficult it is for us to try to get things done without His Majesty’s support? And at what cost?”

Xian Fei was speechless.

“So the first thing to do now is to train him, and let’s not talk about the rest. Only wait for the opportunity.”

“How long do I have to wait? Xian Fei’s smile was somewhat bitter.

“You have to be patient and continue to hide your strengths, and order your highness to do anything in moderation, do not confront the princes.”

“The sandpiper and clams fight each other, and the fisherman gets all” Hongxiu said.

“Right. If His Highness knew how to keep his sword in check, the princes would not easily touch him for my sake. When we get out of the palace, and bestowed as a king*, at the time self defence would be no problem”

*) feng wang 封王, (of an emperor) to bestow the title of king on a subject

“What about me? I’m going to rot here? Waiting for someone else’s son to become Lord of the World, waiting for another woman to become Empress Dowager, and I still have to bow down to those women and acknowledge my allegiance? ”

“Fengzhi,” General Yan sighed, “I know you’ve been wronged.”

“Father!” Xian Fei cheeks streaming with tears

Huang Fu Jie have waited for half a day but his mother still haven’t let him in

It wasn’t until it was time for lunch that he saw Hong Xiu walking out.

Huang Fu Jie paid a visit to his maternal grandfather, which was his first official visit, and he was inevitably a bit nervous.

Yan Jing also carefully watched him from beginning to end for the first time.

During the meal, no one said much.

After the meal, Yang Jin said his goodbye.

Huang Fu Jie looked at him with bewildered eyes.

Before Yanjing left, he only said one thing to him: in order for the weak to fight the strong, one need to conduct well.

When Huang Fu Jie returned, he asked Zhang Ping what he meant by this.

Zhang Ping casually replied, “That’s just to tell you to keep playing dumb.”

Huang Fu Jie pondered.

Zhang Ping patted his little head and laughed : “Don’t think too much, save your life first. Your mother and grandfather will arrange everything else for you. You want to play slingshot?”

With that, he pulled out a slingshot from his arms and wave it at him.

“Yes! The boy immediately pounced on them, grabbed them and looked them over and over, Without a teacher, he took a chopstick as an arrow.

“Dong!” the Chopstick shot up the window ledge.

Zhang Ping was surprised, “Kid Maybe you’re a genius for archery! !” He was able to shoot a chopstick out with a slingshot. Although not far away, it landed without losing his grip.

Hearing the compliment, the child was happy to shoot another chopstick.

Unfortunately, it fell straight to the ground this time.

Zhang Ping retrieved two chopsticks to comfort him:” it was normal, a man can lose his grip and a horse can lose his hoof.”

The kid didn’t give in and fought the slingshot.

Zhang Ping smiled and showed white teeth. This is just like a normal child should be. It is a proper life for a child to be spoiled by adults, to do some harmless little damage, to be fascinated by some toys, and to send out some fantastic and heroic words occasionally. At least that’s how the children of their family grow up.

At the time, Zhang Ping didn’t take the oath that the child had said in his arms seriously. He only asked Huang Fu Jie to be an ordinary Wangye in the future and reward him as a chief steward of the prince’s palace. But the ultimate goal remains the same, the standard is set higher and the motivation for work is great.

But the child firmly remembered Zhang Ping’s words: If you don’t want to be bullied, be the best in the world! But before that, he needed to learn how to play dumb while thinking of saving his own little life, and of course Zhang Ping’s.

Soon Huang Fu Jie experienced the importance of pretending to be dumb.

On this day, a teacher called Zhou Li during a lecture at the Imperial College asked a strange question, asking “Where does the rice come from?”

Huang Fu Jie felt that he had answered very well, but the teacher did not praise him, but praised the grand prince and the second prince. Huang Fu Jie didn’t feel aggrieved, because he was already used to Teacher Zhou Li treating him like that. He even regretted a little that he shouldn’t have said what was on his mind.

Sure enough, during the lunch break, the grand prince went to him especially.

“Fourth younger brothers is very thoughtful today. Royal brother admire you. I heard you were on your knees the day before yesterday on your way back to the palace, begging your father, to ask him to let Chief Captain Yang to teach you martial arts, is it true?”

It’s true. In Zhang Ping’s words, it’s a cover up. and Captain Yang is related with the fifth prince.

Everyone knows that among several princes, except the ugly prince Huang Fu Jie, the fifth prince is the one who is most unlikely to be crowned. One reason is that his mother was born as a palace maid, and she was promoted to Zhaorong only after she gave birth to a prince. Second, because the background of the Madam’s family is simple, only one elder brother serves as the chief cavalry commandant of the imperial secret guard in the palace.

“Great Imperial brother, the imperial doctor said that I was weak. If I wish I could practice martial arts, my mother asked me to ask the emperor, saying that begging is the blessing of this foolish brother*. If the request was not granted, it is the fate of this foolish brother ….. ” Huang Fu Jie lowered his head and his voice got smaller and smaller, this answer was prepared a long time ago, Huang Fu Jie was not worried about being wrong.

“My uncle would never agree!” The fifth prince dominated.

Huang Fu Jie looked up at the fifth prince, Huang Fu Liu, and stammered, “Fifth brother, foolish- this foolish brother wants to practice martial arts with you.”

“You don’t think you’ll get beaten up if you train with me, do you? Huang Fu Lie, who was a year younger than Huang Fu Jie, waved his small fist and threatened.

Huang Fu Jie flinched his neck.

“Did Imperial Father agree? There was disdain and a hint of worry in Huang FuHun’s eyes as he looked at Huang Fu Jie.

“Father Emperor said he would consider it, and told me to learn more from my elder brother, the Great Prince.”

“Mmm. It’s for your own good that Father says so. ” A gleam of joy flashed in Huang Fu Hun’s eyes, compared to the second brother, his father still favored him.

“This foolish brother knows”

“Hey, ugly freak, if you promise to let me hit you, I’ll go beg my father and uncle to let you learn martial arts with me. Huang Fu Liu suddenly changed his words again after a while.”

Huang Fu Hun glanced towards him, guessing that he might be a child at heart and wanted to find a toy that wouldn’t fight back. However, he was still uneasy and secretly winked at a slave beside Huang Fu Liu.

“Ah? Oh, okay, okay.” Anyone with a good eye can see that Huang FuJie is not willing.

Huang Fu Hun saw that learning martial arts was not Huang Fu Jie’s own wish, so he was even more relieved.

Zhang Ping walked into the classroom with a food box. He saw several princes gathered around Huang FuJie to ask questions, but he did not dare to disturb, he obediently stood in the corner and waited.。

“Fourth brother, what you said in class today made your foolish brother enlightened. I wonder which sage is teaching you? Can you refer the second brother to referrals. Huangfu Jin, the second child, also came over and asked with a smile.

Huang Fu Jie is a bit flustered, if the eldest brother is a jackal, the second brother is a fox that can bite people, to these two older brothers, he has always hated and feared, most hated the eldest brother, most feared the second brother.

“No, not a sage. Its- its…” Don’t be afraid, Zhang Ping had said not to be afraid of them.

“Who is it? This Prince is also very interested. ” Huang FuHun joined to ask.

Zhang Ping stood anxiously behind him, but he could do nothing.

“Yes… The day before yesterday, while I was waiting for the imperial father on the road, I heard what he mentioned when talking with a minister. It seems that the minister mentioned something about the disaster “Huang Fu Jie seemed to know that he had made a mistake and covered his mouth with his hands.” I, I didn’t mean to eavesdrop on my father’s words. I just overheard them. I, I ”

“So it was Father emperor. Father emperor is right*” The second prince was one step ahead of the eldest prince smiling slightly


The great prince grunted coldly, ”Who is Father Emperor? How can he be wrong! ”

Huang Fu Hun was angry that he was one step slower than Huang Fu Jin, and when he saw Zhang Ping hiding in the corner and didn’t dare to come over, he scolded : “You stupid thing! When is the time to put lunch on the table? You want to make your highness hungry!”

“Yes, yes.” Zhang Ping was scolded, and hurried forward, but walked too fast and hit the corner of the table, making him groan miserably covering his hipbones as he walk towards Huang Fu Jie

“Stupid thing, he’s no use at all!”

“Yes, yes.” Zhang Ping bowed his head with a look of trepidation.

The other attendants also hastened to take their meals and prepare water after hearing the Eldest Prince scolding Zhang Ping.

Huang Fu Jie lowered his head, a glint of venomous resentment flashed under his eyes.

The Ugly Prince Chapter 7.2

He didn’t even notice that his fourth highness was crying.

“I know I’m useless ……”

“I didn’t know … how to protect you …”

“I tried hard, but … my mother didn’t even want to look at me”

“What’s the use of me being a prince … it’s worse than being a palace maid under the unloved concubine.”

“They all hated me, rejected me, even tortured me, now even you don’t want me … ”

Hearing that, Zhang Ping finally couldn’t help but speak “This slave didn’t, not want you!” .

“I don’t want a slave, I want a big brother!” The child’s cry grew louder and became less disguised. Wooahh wooahh he sobbed and cried, his little body shrinking into a ball.

“I want my big brother, I want my big brother, you return my big brother … wuuwuu! ”

Zhang Ping endured.

The child seemed to want to cry out all the grievances he has suffered so far, Cry to the top of his lungs

Gradually, the child’s cries changed from loud to quiet, and became huffing and puffing.

Crying and crying,The child suddenly rolled to the wall and hit the wall with his head

“Dong dong!”

“My big brother is gone … My big brother also thinks I am ugly and doesn’t want me anymore …”

Zhang Ping couldn’t bear it anymore, cursed himself and grabbed the child, and hugged him tightly into his arms.

“Who says I don’t want you! I couldn’t even joke with you to scare you! You’re the one who smashed my head so hard the other day, you almost gave me a spike. Say, You were you so ruthless, I never saw you like that normally …” Zhang Ping pressed the shouting “I should not” that he was screaming inside his heart.

“Wuuwuu! Big brother, big brother! Zhang Ping Zhang Ping! ” The boy clings on to him tightly with his hands and feet, howling dryly when his eyes could not cry anymore.

“All right, All right, its late night careful people might hear you. Be good, don’t cry.” The fifteen years old Zhang Ping was again heartbroken and felt his heart warming, Hugging the tiny fourth prince and coaxing him gently.

“Shh, don’t cry, be good.”

The child gradually stopped whimpering, and lay in his arms, huffing and puffing.

Zhang Ping patted him lightly, and tasted a hint of sweetness in his mouth.

The child turned his head just in time to see him hissing in pain.

“……what happened?”

“The flesh in the mouth is rotten and it hurts” Zhang Ping really hurt, covering his mouth and waiting for the pain to pass.

“Let me see.” The kid picks with his hand.

Zhang Ping didn’t try to cover it up, and let the child’s hand open his mouth.

“Hiss! Gently, gently”

The child opens off to the side so that the candlelight can shine a little more clearly.

“What’s wrong with your throat? Why is your voice so hoarse? You said you’re not healed, where else are you hurt?” The child pursed his lips hard, forcing himself not to cry.

“Nothing, it’s all right. I was also blessed by misfortune, and I got another level of internal power. Haha! As for the voice … maybe my throat got hurt.”

Zhang Ping didn’t want the child to worry, so he said it lightly. In his heart, he’s cursing those eunuchs of the inner palace division. Oh fuck, they’re all twisted and sick bastard! His parents were right, this palace is a man-eater’s den.

The child lowered his head, his small fist clenched tightly, and his body trembled slightly. How can it be okay? He saw it all!

“Really. I’m really okay.”

The child held him tight.

“I’ll be stronger. You wait for me to avenge you” The child said seriously, while making a poisonous vow in his heart.

Zhang Ping is happy, no matter what the future holds, it is always good for the child to have this type of mindset.

“Yes!, you fight and be stronger, for me and for yourself, we can’t always let people step under the shoes, right? We can’t always let people step on us under their shoes, right? You better be strong enough to become emperor, then we won’t be afraid of anyone. If you don’t want to be bullied, you have to be the best in the world! ! ” Zhang Ping began to fantasize.

“You see how powerful your father is, Whoever he wants to live, let live; whoever he wants to die, lets die;This palace includes the queens, concubine, and prince, who are favored and who are not favored, and who can live a good life or not, isn’t it all depends on his wish”

“If you really become an emperor, don’t talk about revenge, even the ugly can be called beautiful. At that time, no one in the world would dare to say that you are ugly, and they will also say that you were born with different appearance because you are a real dragon. Ha-ha! ”

The more Zhang Ping said, the more it felt right, “I know, the goals I set for you in the first place was simply wrong. I shouldn’t have planned to train you to become the second-best martial art master in the world, I should train you to be the next emperor with the second-best martial arts in the world that’s right! ”

The child listened and asked him seriously: “The emperor is more powerful than the general?”

“Of course.” Zhang Ping replied without hesitation. “The general is also great, but if the emperor wanted to kill him, we just a flick of finger he could kill him”

The child nodded. “Okay, then I will be emperor in the future.”

“Good, good, courageous! It’s worthy of my fancy. But don’t tell anyone else, or we will be snapped off before you could be emperor. Heh … HISS!”

Zhang Ping set up a new goal in life, he suddenly felt full of enthusiasm, plus the child’s bold words* made him feel happy. He couldn’t help but open his mouth to laugh, but before his mouth opened, he was so painful that he covered his mouth with pain and held the child on the bed and rolled around. He talked too much.

The wind is blowing, and the locust tree leaves have all fallen, and it seems that it is going to snow heavily.

Zhang Ping missed his first New Year’s Day in the palace because of his recuperation of injuries. With the arrival of the new year, Huangfu Jie’s status finally improved.

The biggest reason why there would be such a change was when Emperor Sheng had spoken to the princes in the library to be close to each other as brothers. And at the annual banquet, Emperor Sheng brought it up again. This time it was in front of all the concubines, princes and princesses present.

Although the Xian Fei and the Fourth Prince were not invited to the annual banquet, the attitude of other princes towards Huangfu Jie changed from bright to dark, at least on the surface, Huangfu Jie didn’t suffer anymore obvious bullying.

“Oh, isn’t this the same Zhang Gonggong who couldn’t die? I heard that you have offended his royal highness the grand prince and been beaten into a fool, was that true? ”

Zhang Ping buried his head and walked behind carrying Huangfu Jie’s book bag behind him.

Huangfu Jie looked back.

The palace maid who mocked Zhang Ping didn’t seem to have any regard for him as a prince at all, Seeing that he was only a little fortunate than her, she started teasing Zhang Ping behind him.

Seeing that Huangfu Jie had already walked to the courtyard gate, he doesn’t seem to care what happens to Zhang Ping. Immediately, the other palace slaves also gathered around.

“Hey, Zhang Ping, did you really become stupid? So when are you going to pay me the money you owe me? ”

“Haha, yes, yes, you owe me a lot of money too. When will you pay me back?”

“Zhang Ping, look at me. I’m Liu Shun, don’t you recognize me?” There was also concern interspersed with the sound of playful laughter

Zhang Ping raised his head and giggling foolishly, “Hehehe”

“Oh crap, he’s really beaten silly.”

“You all don’t mess around, okay, he’s pathetic enough.”

“It’s good that he is stupid, following our fourth prince. If he is not stupid, he would be scared ”

“Shh, Loulan, please lower your voice a little, be careful Hongxiu Daren might hear”

“Hmph, fear nothing. Hongxiu Daren wouldn’t say anything even if she hears it. A fool with an Ugly 8 (八) monster, is it not right? Hey, Zhang Ping, kowtow to your aunt and she’ll let you go.

“Loulan, don’t do this.”

“What’s the matter, you classless little eunuch also dare to control me? So what if Zhang Ping’s is serving the prince, he is merely a classless little eunuch like you, I’m Loulan a dignified 6th rank officer of the royal bed-chamber, can’t I get him to kneel for me? ”

Zhang Ping smiled as Luolan, the palace maid, as he carried the book bag

“What are you smiling! Get down on your knees!”

“Yes, yes. The slave greets his madam consort, and the slave wishes madam consort good health” Zhang Ping bowed without any objection.

“Do you want to die, what are you talking about! get up get up, go go go, really boring” The palace maid Loulan said it was boring, but anyone with a clear eye could see a smug smile on her face.

“Zhang Ping, what are you waiting* there!” Huangfu Jie finally opened his mouth and called out.

The crowd listened to the fourth prince’s words, and it was no longer good to tease Zhangping blatantly, all scattered

Zhang Ping rose from the ground and ran back to Huangfu Jie with a panicked face.。

The small courtyard door opens and closes.

Seeing Huangfu Jie’s gloomy and sullen face, Zhang Ping said, “Don’t be angry, there is nothing to be angry about. She’s higher than me, that’s a fact. But why would she dare to ignore you, the prince, even if she’s a small court slave ? Have you ever thought about it? ”

Huangfu Jie didn’t nod or shake his head.

Zhang Ping thought that he should understand why, but still said, “Because in her heart, you have only a false name but no real prestige. If you want to become a real prince, you have to establish prestige, but before you become stronger, learn not to be afraid first. You can only talk about standing tall if you let go of your fear of them.

“You have to remember that you are the prince. In this palace, besides the emperor, the empress*, and your three elder brothers, you are the greatest. You do not need to be afraid of anyone, including your mother and Hongxiu.”

“Don’t look at how the palace slaves bluff in front of you. In fact, they were also very afraid in their heart. Because they are afraid, because they know they are small, that’s why they look for opportunities whenever possible, hoping to get balance from you, the unloved prince. Once you pose the majesty of a prince, I can guarantee that none of them dares to ride on your head again. ”

“Come, my highness, hold up your chest and show me.”

The little chest immediately stood tall.

On the 15th Lantern Festival, Zhang Ping used the small kitchen in the courtyard to make a bowl of longevity noodles for the child.

The child didn’t understand. He picked at the noodles to find just one long one and is about to cut it off.

“Wait wait ” Zhang Ping hurriedly stopped it “This is longevity noodles. You have to eat from beginning to end, and you can’t break it in the middle.”

“Longevity noodle? Who has birthday today?” The child wondered.

“Noone has a birthday today, because I didn’t make it last year, so today is the day to make up for it on this small perfect day and wish you a smooth year”

“So this is for me?”

“Yeah.” Have the kid never really eaten longevity noodles?

“Are we supposed to eat noodles on our birthdays?”


“Then why …” I have never eaten before. The child did not continue to talk, his face became darker.

“Maybe there’s no such rule in the palace. It’s our custom back there to eat noodles. Come on, eat it, have a taste of your big brother’s craft, I’ll make it for you year after year if you like it. If you don’t like it, we’ll change it with something else. ” Zhang Ping smiled and diverted the child’s attention.

No, they also eat birthday noodles in the palace, and the child has heard other princes mention it, and he also heard them compare the gifts their emperor father gave them on their birthdays. These memories have been pressed to the back of his mind, as he felt a throbbing pain in his heart every time he thought about them. He didn’t like the feeling, so he forbade himself to think about it.

Today, someone finally remembered his birthday and gave him a bowl of longevity noodles. Although it’s not his birthday today, it means that someone has finally taken him to heart. So can he expect little more?

“The first time someone gave me my birthday.” The child lowered his head.

Well, I guessed it.

“Father Emperor always gave them gifts when it was my elder royal brothers and younger royal brother’s birthday. There were exquisite jade balls, ponies, jade pendants, corals, parrots, swords, bows and arrows, and the four treasures of the study and many more. But I never got it. The child’s head was lowered even lower.

Zhang Ping opened his mouth, when did this little ghost learn to play the tactic of wretched soldiers? I’m too embarrassed to laugh. The child’s purpose is so obvious that he can’t bear it.

Alright alright, I know you are the most pitiful prince in the world. Come on, eat the noodles.”

The child didn’t get angry either, raising his face, his deep eyes shining with expectation.

“What’s after eating the noodle?”

“You eat first, you should not break it” Zhang Ping found that the kid had become more sociable than before. When he thinks the credit goes to himself, he could not help but be a little pleased with himself.

“How to eat this? It’s so long, how can it fit in the mouth?” The child looked at the noodle bowl and got a headache.

Zhang Ping laughed, thinking that he knew that, this little poor boy, had never eaten this stuff, after all, it was not in vain that he spent a silver or two to buy a lump of noodle dough with the people of the imperial kitchen. They’ll sell him a small dough for a couple of silver! They are so fuckin shaddy!

The child found it interesting and immediately picked up the chopsticks to try. He took a big slurp and finished the noodles after a while, not really letting them break in between. Of course, it had something to do with the fact that Zhang Ping had deliberately rolled the noodles to a thicker shape.

“The noodles are long and life is long. Today, during this Lantern Festival, I wish you a long life, a safe life, and a happy life.” Zhang Ping said auspiciously, as he took his long life lock from the neck and put it on the child.

“I’m a poor man with nothing to give you, this is for you. This is something I’ve worn since birth, and according to custom, I should have worn it until the day I have a baby, melted down a new one and passed it on. But now that I am a eunuch, I’m sure having a child is hopeless. This long life lock is given to you, which means that my Zhang Ping’s life has also been passed on to you. ”

“In our hometown, giving someone a long-life lock is said to help them prevent a great disaster. You keep it well and replace it later when you have something better.” Zhang Ping helped the child to tidy up his lapel, and said in a rare straight face.

The child put his hand on his chest and touch it again and again

Zhang Ping laughed, “it’s not something of value. It’s made of brass. Don’t you think that it’s made of gold.”

The child suddenly got out of his chair and walked over to Zhang Ping, opening his arms wide.

Zhang Ping by habit naturally holds the child onto his lap.。

The child didn’t say a word either, pulling the long-life lock out of his clothes and playing with it in his hands.

Zhang Ping hugged him just like that and casually told him things he thought he should pay attention to.

“In order to live a long life and prosperous life, besides pretending to be clumsy in front of those who are necessary, one must also pay attention to their mutual interests. You see that the second prince doesn’t know martial arts, but he can still compete with the great prince. Why is that? Because your second royal brother knows how to win people’s hearts and kill people with a borrowed knife. At a young age he can grasp each prince’s stake clearly. You should learn more from your second brother in the future. ”

” Hmm. ”

The child reminds himself: a fox is better than a wolf, because he can kill with a borrowed knife.

Seeing him nod, Zhang Ping joyfully stroked his tiny head. No wonder his mother likes to catch their brother so much to pass on knowledge, it turns out that teaching others feels really good.

The Ugly Prince Chapter 7.1

TRIGGER WARNING: Torture, Animal cruelty

Zhang Ping was dazed when he sensed that someone seemed to be flooding him.

He lost too much blood and opened his mouth to drink wildly.

The water went into his windpipe and the cough gave him a splitting headache. No, it was not a splitting headache, his head was literally cracked open.

“What kind of a slave you are not knowing your own limit, but you were sent to the Inner Palace Division after only six months in the palace, and you were sent by the order of his highness the great prince. You, just wait for the skin to come off! ” There was someone to maliciously mock in his ear.

The following month, Zhang Ping had truly shed a layer of skin in the inner palace division torture chamber.

Before the slave could utter a word, he was slapped in the mouth because they said that he was not pious enough.

He was stripped of his pants and they let him practice kneeling on the limestone slab, his knees were so red and swollen that his flesh was broken.

“Has this kid had become an idiot because of the beating from the fourth prince? How can he howl desperately at the first stroke? Listen to that miserable cry, he cried so much that it hurts everyone’s ears!”

“Who knows? Maybe his brain is stoned, the more he’s hit, the more he howls.When he was delivered, it was said that the blood kept flowing from the forehead, and the blood on his face make him look like a ghost. It’s good that he is saved”

“Do you know what he did?”

“I’m telling you, you don’t tell anyone. l heard that the boy had the nerve to speak ill of the great prince.”

“Really? He doesn’t want to live?”

“Yeah, stupid, just plain stupid.”

“Would he have been sent here if he wasn’t stupid?”

“Also. Hey ! Get on your knees! If I see you fall again, this Granpa will slap you to death! ”

In order to teach him to be careful with his words and conduct, the eunuch in charge of the execution room of the inner palace division had his mouth pried open and his tongue stabbed with a needle; he also poured boiling water on his mouth, calling it “washing his mouth”.

In order for him to learn to be humble, he was made to shout “Thank you for your reward, grandpa” while taking food like a dog.

In case he doesn’t remember his lesson, they let him kneel with a bamboo stick under his fingernails and scrub the floor.

Zhang Ping never acts like a hero at this time. He cries more bitterly and louder than anyone who has been tortured. In his heart, he vowed desperately that he would get it all back in the future. It’s not like he’s a fool to go hard against these people with abnormal hearts at a time like this.

He can cry and beg for mercy at the same time, he can say whatever you want him to say. The eunuch who had to execute him couldn’t help but say: “If you were so obedient, Isn’t there not so much sin to suffer anymore? Don’t cry! What a fucking prick!”

The punishment for the tormentors of the inner palace division was varied, and Zhang Ping, who had no background, no supporter, and no filial respect, had to suffer the teachings of the eunuch in charge for the rest of his life.

So has Zhang Ping changed? Has he become the obedient slave that the great prince would expect?

Zhang Ping had indeed changed. At least on the surface, it seems so.

Inside, Zhang Ping also thought he had changed. He felt that he had learned a lot in the library incident. For example, he knows that he can’t talk nonsense, but he can also say what he has to say with evidence, and must not be held to ransom and for example, never confront someone whose name begins with the word Emperor’s*. Even if he has a peerless martial art, he will only get defeated. Not to mention that he had not yet practiced the number one martial art in the world.

Maybe he shouldn’t be a eunuch. Zhang Ping thought. He found it really great to be an emperor. If you can be an emperor who possesses peerless martial arts and holds the power of life and death in the world, that is real life!

I wonder if there are any eunuchs in the world who have become emperors?

Well, whether he could be the first eunuch emperor in the world or not, this inner prisoner’s torture chamber was really a good place to sharpen a master. Every day, Zhang Ping would end his thoughts with a sigh like this.

No matter how much Zhang Ping felt about himself, change was change. This young man, full of justice and heroism, unaware of the immensity of heaven and earth*, young and impulsive, was finally ruthlessly rubbed off some of his edges nearly a year after entering the palace.

What should have taken years, or even a dozen years, to do was done within a month in the inner chamber under the authority of the execution division. The eunuch who comes in and went out of here, no matter how rebellious and obstinate they are, always becomes very obedient and well-behaved when they go out.

When Zhang Ping went out, he looked very well-behaved and very obedient.

Huangfu Jie began to starve again. Because he was to reflect behind closed door, Xian Fei nearly used the gold hairpin to puncture his back. By the way, Xianfei had stopped poking his brow bone a long time ago, as Hongxiu reminded her that Huangfu Jie was already studying at the Imperial Academy and it was not appropriate to leave a wound on his face.

Fifteen days passed.

Late at night, a small figure appeared outside the inner palace division’s torture chamber. he took a look at the tree outside the chamber and climbed up after a quick run.

The sound of human wailing came from inside.

This place and the Cold Palace were known as the two most gloomy places within the palace, indiscriminately day and night were always filled with screams and cries, no normal person would run to this place casually.

No one noticed him. Nor did anyone expect anyone to run specifically to the place where the eunuch was being punished, perhaps the palace guards noticed, but didn’t pay particular attention either. After all, the prince didn’t sleep at night and hang out in the palace, so as long as he didn’t enter sensitive areas, who would care about that?

The dark shadow lay on the tree and struggled to reach his head to look in.

There were lights in the house, and there seemed to be someone inside who was being tortured, From time to time, there were sounds of cursing, mocking and whipping, and miserable cries of pleading.

The one who wept miserably was a middle-aged eunuch, and he was left hanging.

The one who was beaten miserably was a juvenile eunuch about fifteen or sixteen years old, who was also hanged. The young eunuch seemed to have lost consciousness, closed his eyes and bowed his head as the officer scolded him.

The black shadow on the tree disappeared.

After that, the black shadow came every night, and every time, he would lie down on a tree like this to watch the punishment eunuch or the head eunuch of the inner palace division torture chamber punish and teach the young eunuch.

Every night, the pattern is different. Every night, the “education” for the teenager will be carried out late into the night.

The dark shadow kept watching and listening.

It was late at night, Huang Fu Jie was standing in his courtyard dressed in all black, looking at a small bird on the ground.

The bird’s wings had been broken, its eyes poked blind, its pointed beak cracked, its body feathers plucked in half, and it had a hole in its belly, all the internal organs in the hole have disappeared.

After watching for a while, Huang Fu Jie crouched down, picked up a stone, and very skillfully smashed the bird’s head, one by one then the bird’s wings, body, and two legs, until it was smashed beyond recognition.

Huang Fu Jie stood up again and reached out his feet to rub the crumbs into the soil and flatten it.

Looking at the dirt beneath his feet, the boy let out a strange laugh like a cooing* sound.

Huangfu Jie reappeared in imperial college after thinking behind closed doors. He still looks the same as before and yet seems a little different.

When a servant under the third prince “inadvertently” knocked over his inkstone at the third prince’s behest, Huangfu Jie, who had always held his tongue, stood up and gave the slave a kick, and scolded him severely: “your dog’s eyes are blind!”

The third prince was astonished and furious but he heard Huangfu Jie gloomily say to him: “Third royal brother, this foolish brother is stupid, royal brothers can teach me any lesson. But I can’t let these lowly slaves ride on my head and lose the face and majesty of the royal family. ”

Second prince applauded and laughed, saying that it was true.

The eldest prince also said, “Old fourth has a good point. Old third, your servant needs to be taught the rules again.

The third prince was also a shrewd master. He slapped the table, “blind dog! Go out and kneel for this prince*!”

The servant quickly knelt down and kowtowed, and went out to the yard and knelt.

Three months later, Zhang Ping, who had become very well-behaved and obedient, was sent back to Ruihua Palace. It was said that for nearly two months of that time he had been recuperating from his injuries because the grand prince did not want him to die and said that he would teach this lowly slave well and give it to the fourth prince as a gift.

Xian Fei saw the little eunuch and wanted to reprimand him, look at him on the ground ,he was shivering and his face was stupid, she lost her interest. With a wave of her hand, she asked Hongxiu to escort him to the Fourth Emperor’s compound.

Zhang Ping shrank down and trembled as he followed behind Hong Xiu.

“Zhang Ping”

“The slave is here.”Zhang Ping replied immediately, as did his conditioned reflexes.

Hong Xiu looked at him, she had not seen him for three months, this fifteen year old juvenile eunuch has only a layer of skin left, the original honest and well-behaved, and that pure innocence is gone, replaced by a humble face full of fear and trepidation.

“Alas, to tell you the truth, why are you so foolish? Is that person worth the price you pay?” Hong Xiu sighed, the rabbit dies and the fox mourns*. Good boy, it’s a waste.

“Forget it, you’ll serve the fourth prince well in the future.In a couple of days, I’ll send another palace maid to help”

Zhang Ping repeatedly said yes, not daring to lift his head.

Seeing Hong Xiu send Zhang Ping in, Huangfu Jie only slightly raised his head in front of the desk.

Hong Xiu didn’t take it seriously, Huang Fu Jie had always treated her in such a way that he was afraid to speak up.

As soon as Zhang Ping entered the house, he immediately fell to his knees in an extremely standard position and called out, “Slave servant Zhang Ping, kowtow to Your Highness, long live the Fourth Highness.”

Hong Xiu casually instructed a few words and departed.

Zhang Ping remained on his knees and did not move a muscle.

Huang Fu Jie also did not ask him to get up, just keep making a stroke to his post.

The room was very quiet, and it was unknown when Huang Fu Jie stopped his pen and turned to face Zhang Ping, who was kneeling on the ground, and watched in silence.

Zhang Ping still didn’t move.

Huangfu Jie finally jumped out of his chair and walked to Zhang Ping.

Zhang Ping’s breath was serene.

Huang Fu Jie crouched down and pouted his ass to look down at Zhang Ping’s face.

Zhang Ping maintained a kowtow posture, both palms up in front of his head, already asleep.

Huang Fu Jie nudged him.

Zhang Ping’s posture collapsed and he slumped to the ground, sleeping with his legs curled up in an unconscious state.

The child poked his face, saw that he was not awake, simply squeezed into his arms, head nestled into his chest, small hands on his waist, a small short leg across Zhang Ping’s hip, also closed his eyes to sleep.

Fortunately, Zhang Ping was awake in the middle of the night, otherwise the two of them would fall asleep until the next morning in October of the golden autumn, it would be strange if they’ll not get sick.

Zhang Ping woke up and noticed a fiery lump on his chest. Because of the cold, the child shoved to force himself into Zhang Ping’s body, clinging at Zhang Ping like a monkey.

Zhang Ping wiped his face, distressed.

He had wanted to escape the palace, but how could this child let him go? Take him away? Probably before they left the capital, the soldiers had already butchered Fang Ding Village.

He is young and inexperienced, but he knows what to do and what not to do.

Zhang Ping’s head continued to agonize. Is he treating this prince the right way? After these three months of “education”, he was no longer sure.

Now he thought about how naive he was three months ago!

He thought he could help Huangfu Jie, but what happened? He was nothing more than the lowest and most humble of the rankless eunuch, who was he to call a prince brother? Even if he wasn’t favored, it wasn’t a position he could hold high. Not to mention helping him and teaching him?

Maybe he was really wrong.

Zhang Ping couldn’t help but sigh, feeling that he had to become more mature and responsible.

When his body regained consciousness, Zhang Ping picked up the child and walked to the bed.

He tried to put the child to bed, but couldn’t get the child off of him.

He took down his left hand and two legs would hook his body.

If he release his right hand, his left hand gets tangled up again.

Later, the child may know that someone wanted to remove him from Zhang Ping. Now it doesn’t matter what Zhang Ping tries to release his hand, it was useless. The child’s grip becomes tighter and tighter, and he refuses to let go.

Zhang Ping couldn’t laugh or cry. Hey kid, you’re not letting people sleep?

“Your Highness, i beg your pardon, the slave is injured. Can I ask you to come down?” Zhang Ping respectfully said, his voice was a little hoarse.

The child’s hand was immediately loosened. Zhang Ping put the child flat on the bed. The child hand tugged at his lapel and refused to let it go.

“The slave will light the candles.”

The child let go and Zhang Ping light the candlestick.

“Are you hungry? Let the slave go and get you something to eat.” Zhang Ping went back to bed again, hanging his head and waiting for the child’s instructions.

The child stared at him with a very somber look.

“Your Highness, what may I ask what you want from your servant?” Feeling the others gaze, Zhang Ping did not dare to raise his head either and asked cautiously.

“Big brother”


“You are big brother, not a slave.”

Zhang Ping laughed and said, “That was all nonsense by the slave servant before, Your Highness dont take it seriously.” The burn in his mouth is still fresh, Zhang Ping words spoke a little slurred.

The child turned around in a flash, the back of his head was facing toward Zhang Ping and he stopped talking.

Zhang Ping stood in front of the bed and waited, wondering if he should wait on his knees. Thinking about it, he fell to his knees.

Zhang Ping bowed her head and once again thought about what to do in the future.

He helped this fourth prince and even taught him in a way he thought was good for children.

But the fact tells him that with his naivety and shallowness, he has no way to be a child tutor. Not to mention protecting him.

He is only fifteen, not fifty, and without a lot of life experience and knowledge, how can he resist those who bully Huangfu Jie? They are also the most powerful people in the world, and they have the power to kill him.

Maybe he should just be a servant and serve the child honestly.

Perhaps from now on, he should make the child aware of his privilege as a prince, a privilege that no one but his father could take away.

He couldn’t teach him to be the second-best in the world, but he could teach him to be a proper prince, right?

To teach a child to be a true prince is to make the child realize that he is his master, and that he is nothing more than his slave. He can scold him as much as he wants without any compassion.

Zhang Ping thinks he’s got an idea, Zhang Ping then raised his head and tried to receive the punishment.

The child’s shoulders are trembling slightly.

Zhang Ping is stunned.

A thin sob came to the ears, suppressed with grief.


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The Ugly Prince Chapter 6.2

TRIGGER WARNING: Here comes the blood and violence


When Zhang Ping heard that he was going to be killed by a stick, he calmed down and stopped resisting. He just took a deep look at the child

Little ghost, you’ll be on your own in the future. If I can turn into a ghost, I will turn into a ghost to protect you.

Not afraid, I’m not afraid at all. it’s just flogged to death. It will over after clenching your teeth. It’s okay.

Zhang Ping is very afraid. He is only 15 years old. If he’s not afraid there’s something strange, He is not only afraid but also resentful. It’s clear that the eldest prince and the second prince are fighting each other. Unfortunately, he is the servant of the fourth prince. Do you think he could complain?

Huangfu Jie looked at how Zhang Ping looked at him, his face suddenly became so calm that he even smiled at him. Something in his heart swells, and clamoring to rush out!

“Ah? Ah! Yes, your son obeys the order.” Huangfu Hun hearth is ecstatic. The emperor entrusted this matter to him in front of many brothers, and the meaning was self-evident. He is wild with joy

“Also, as the eldest prince, you should remember to take care of other brothers and sisters. You all should!”

“Yes, the sons will obey the will.” The princes bowed together.

Emperor Sheng didn’t want to stay here any longer, he turned around to leave with his sixth son.

“The emperor set off–”

“Father Emperor!” Huang Fu Jie clenched his little fists in his sleeves. He knew that once Emperor Sheng left, Zhang Ping would have no way to live. He took a few steps on his knees and begged softly, “Please, please, spare this son’s servant.”

After the child said, he struck his head hard on the ground. He knew what flog to death meant, and he had seen his mother flogged over a maid. He didn’t want Zhang Ping to die. Zhang Ping cannot die.

Huangfu Sheng winced and frowned deeply.

“Father Emperor, please, forgive him.” He knocked down harder, and his forehead was raised, and it was already red.

“Nonsense! “Huangfu Shen was so angry that he brushed his sleeves and turned to leave.

In his arms, the sixth prince bit his finger and said, “Father Emperor, the fourth brother always scares me, you help me hit him.”

“You, unforgiving small thing. Well, the father has let someone teach his servant. Let him be punished for your brother. As for … “Huang Fusheng glanced at the fourth son and turned to the younger son,” In the future, I will let your fourth brother cover his face so that he won’t scare you. What would you say, ok?

“Okay, Father Emperor is so good, Thank you Father Emperor.” When the child’s pride was satisfied, Huangfu Jue, the sixth prince, immediately gave his father a sweet smile. Unknowing that the fifth prince not far behind him hatefully scratches the hands of the eunuch who is accompanying him..

Huangfu Sheng just wanted to leave with his little son in his arms. The corner of his robe was pulled by others.

Huangfu Jie walked on his knees before Huangfu Sheng pulling his robe, and begged pitifully: “Father Emperor, please, don’t flog him to death.”

“Get away!”

“Father Emperor, I beg you …” Huangfu JIe knocked his head again, he could only hit his head. A small plump on his forehead was swollen with bleeding.

“Wuu Wuu! “No need to beg him! If you die, you will die. At worst I’ll be remembered as a hero for the next 18 year! Zhang Ping’s heart ached. This damn child finally knows how to care and ached* for him. He can do this for him. He is already satisfied. Who says the palace has no real feelings? No love would wear people down.

The two guards who hold him down looked at each other. Why is this boy so strong? Their arms were numb.

“Fourth brother, don’t do that. Don’t you embarrass your imperial father by doing so? How about this, second brother can send a good servant to you later what do you think?” The second prince went to help Huangfu Jie with a smile.

Huangfu Jie shakes his head, but boldly clings to the emperor’s leg and feet, not letting go.

“Father Emperor, I beg you, I beg you, …”

“Fourth Brother!”。

“Let go! What a ruckus!” With so many sons and ministers’ sons in front of him, Huangfu Sheng couldn’t kick off this repulsive unfilial son.

“You pull the fourth Prince away! Hu Rong, pass on my will and ask the Xian Fei to lead the fourth son to think for half a month behind closed doors.”

“This Slave obey”

Huangfu Jie was stripped of Huangfu Sheng by the bodyguards with force.

“Father emperor, This son is ugly. No one is willing to serve me. He is the only one who doesn’t think I’m ugly or bully me “The child shed tears.

Emperor Sheng stamps one foot, then he walked out of the library without looking back. However, the sixth prince who lay on him made a face to Huangfu Jie who was kneeling on the ground.

“Send His Majesty off”

All of them bowed together and sent Emperor Sheng away.

Father, why don’t you look back at me? If you really look forward to me as Zhang Ping said, why can’t you hug me like holding the sixth younger brother? Why do you only look at me full of disgust and rejection?

“Fourth younger brother, who do you pretend to show this pitiful kind of thing?” Huangfu Hun sneered, holding his head upright and swinging his feet in front of Zhang Ping.

“You are a brazen lowly slave. As a servant of the prince, you don’t know how to serve the prince carefully, but you can only manipulate your tongue to sham* use your connection for intimidating*, and even deliberately try to provoke the brotherhood of the princes with malicious intentions. Hateful indeed! If I don’t teach you a lesson today, wouldn’t the servants in this palace climb up to the prince in the future! ! You drag him out of this temple and kill him with your staff! ”

“Yes. “At the command of the eldest prince, two bodyguards pressed Zhang Ping and dragged him away.

If I kill this grand prince, will our family be killed by guilt by association*? Zhang Ping wilted at the thought of this possibility.

In Huangfu Jie’s eyes, he saw Zhang Ping’s head bow, as if he had given up all hope and was waiting for death.

“Eldest Royal Brother! ” What’s in Huangfu Jie’s mind. He screamed and rushed to the guard to stop them.

“Don’t flog him to death! Don’t Flog him!”

“Are you crazy? What are you shouting like that!”Frightened by the face and cry that Huangfu Jie never had, Huangfu Hun was greatly displeased.

“What are you guys stuned there for? Didn’t you hear this prince order”

The two bodyguards looked at each other. Regardless of how the fourth prince, Huangfu Jie block them, they bypassed him and went out.

Suddenly, Huangfu Jie rushed up. As soon as he flew up, he raised his fist and hit Zhang Ping’s face.

“I kill you! Kill you! Let you talk nonsense again, let you say bad things about my royal brothers! I’ll beat you to death, kill you!

Not only was Zhang Ping beaten, but all the princes and reading companions who stayed in the library to watch the show were also frightened by Huangfu Jie’s sudden move.

It was not enough for Huangfu Jie to fight with his fist. He also used his feet and kicked again and again, which made his mouth and nose flat and bloody.

Huangfu Hun wrinkled his little brows and tried to stop until Wei Wen Xin stretched out his hand and held him.

“Huh?” Huangfu Hun looked back.

Wei Wenxin asked what decision he seemed to be making, After thinking about it, he wrote on Huangfu Hun’s back: the combination of grace and prestige.

Huangfu Hun is not a fool, but after a moment’s thinking, he understands where Wei Wenxin is thinking. The voice that wanted to stop him became questioning: “Four younger brothers, aren’t you teaching him a little bit late?”

Huangfu Jie raised his head and gasped: “elder brother, I will teach him properly. Please don’t be angry. ”

“Oh, oh? How can you teach him? Just slap him like this? Doesn’t he count the felony insulting the palace and provoking the relationship between the princes?

Huangfu Jie wheezing for a few breaths, took a deep breath to calm the turbulent Qi and blood channel in the body: “This Fool brother, Will make him confess and repent.”

“You know how to get his confession for this prince? “Huangfu Hun seemed surprised. He know that the old four had always allowed them to knead him round and flat. Even if he said something from his mouth, mostly it was to beg for mercy. It’s amazing that today he know how to ask to make him repent”

Huangfu Jie looked at the bodyguard who pressed Zhang Ping.

Huangfu Hun motioned to the imperial guard: “Let him go.”

The bodyguard released his hand and Zhang Ping lay on the ground.

As soon as Zhang Ping was free, he ripped the cloth towel from his mouth, “His Royal Highness, you …”

Huang Fu Jie kicked him over, kicking Zhang Ping’s head once.

Huangfu Jie grabs Zhang Ping’s head knot and drags him to Huangfu Hun.。

Zhang Ping didn’t know what he was trying to do, knowing that he couldn’t drag, he could only aggrieved himself to climb forward with his elbows on his back to make it seems like Huangfu Jie dragged him away.

Huangfu Jie drag Zhang Ping in front of Huang Fuyi, and said to his elder brother: “Brother, here’s this fool brother giving you his confession”

The other princes and companions also did not know what he was trying to do and looked around together. Even the eunuch Shao Yun, the eunuch who had been kneeling down on the ground, secretly raised his head to peek.

“Bang! ”

The sound of the flesh hitting the ground. It’s painful to listen to.

“Bang! Bang! ” Huangfu Jie grabs Zhang Pingfa’s knot, hits his head on the ground again and again, and scolds at the same time: “I let you talk nonsense! See you dare to insult brother ! You dare to bully! You dare to stir up a quarrel! You’re such a bitch, you don’t apologize to your highness! ”

Zhang Ping is confused. What’s going on with this kid? Does he really think that his head is made of iron?

Once, twice….. Zhang Ping began to beg for mercy: “Your slave is wrong. Your slave should die. Ask your highness to spare his life. Ask your highness to spare the life of a poor slave. ”

Zhang Ping’s pleading turned weaker, and gradually became inaudible.

Dark bloodstains appeared on the paving bluestone, and gradually the blood flowed.

Every time Huangfu Jie grabbed Zhang Ping’s face, he could see that Zhang Ping’s forehead was already badly mangled, and the blood flowing out stained the entire face, and it looked like a ghost.

Huangfu Jie kept his hand going, his face was bleak and his expression was crazy. That attitude, that appearance, like treating the most hated enemy, blood splashed, some also splashed on his legs, shoes. As if he didn’t feel it, he grabbed Zhang Ping’s head and beat it to the ground.

The fifth prince is young and had been scared into hiding in the arms of the servants around him.

Even the other second or third princes dare not face it with their eyes. Although they punish many people, they have never been punished before themselves. Moreover, Huangfu Jie’s appearance was too scary.

The grand prince looked at it from beginning to end. Looking at Huangfu Jie’s expression There were surprises and fierceness.

The second prince raised his head and took a half step forward.

Wei Wenxin has been paying attention to his movements. Seeing this, he immediately pulls the sleeve of Huangfu Hun.

“Thats enough, Forth brother”

“Brother Prince”

The voices of the grand prince and the second prince sounded at the same time.

Without waiting for the second prince to say more, the eldest prince, Huangfu Hun, said loudly to Huangfu Jie, “Fourth brother, you can let him go. ”

Huangfu Jie let go.

Zhang Ping is lying in a pool of blood, and the person has fallen into a coma

“Since the younger brother is sensible, and he knows that he will have to discipline the servants well, I’ll let this thing go, so as not to hurt the peace between our brothers. Fourth brother, what do you say?” Huang Fu Hun said with a smile. Today, The Holy Father just stated that he wanted him to care for his brother. No matter how much he hated Huangfu Jie, he had to cultivate brotherhood.

“Yes. Eldest royal brother is right. “Huangfu Jie seems to have lost his strength, his voice is hoarse and weak, his expression is hazy and his body is shaking.

Seeing Huangfu Jie response, Huangfu Hun was finally satisfied. Fortunately, this fourth child is a soft persimmon, The rabbit was probably anxious. After this momentum, it becomes soft again.

“But Although this prince wants to let you go, the father emperor just opened his golden mouth, saying that if he is not flogged to death, you should be sent to the internal warden servant to deal with. Fourth younger brother don’t blame this prince for letting people deal with him. ”

“What royal Brother said is correct? Royal brother is kind, and letting go of this dog slave to the care of brotherhood is the most generous punishment. How can the fourth brother blame Royal brothe for sending the person to the warden? What do you think fourth brother? “Huangfu Jin, the second child, smiled and interjected.

“Yes. This Foolish brother is grateful for the kindness of Eldest Royal Brother.”Huangfu Jie foolishly answered

“You shouldn’t just thank the royal brother for his generosity,You have to remember the deep kindness of royal brother “Huangfu Jin added.

“Yes, Yes”

The big prince glanced at the second prince with a slight annoyance, and the second prince returned it with a smile.

This time, because of the father’s partiality, the eldest brother won the game first. The second prince was dissatisfied in his heart, but his face didn’t show it at all. When he heard that Emperor Sheng was about to leave the matter to Huang Fuzhen, and specifically offered two choices, Huangfu Jin understood that this was the father emperor’s pointing out to the eldest brother to win over the fourth.

If Huangfu Hun didn’t understand the meaning of Emperor Sheng and insisted on revenge, he would naturally love to hear and see*. However, Huangfu Hun is also a scheming man, and he is accompanied by Wei Wenxin, the son of the prime minister.

But he won’t lose. On learning and scheming, he is not inferior to the eldest prince. Maybe he is not good at martial arts, but he also has Ye Zhan, who is loyal and devoted to him and has the aptitude for learning.

Before the end, who knows who is the winner?

“When you sent him to the internal warden, report what this prince said. Let the Internal palace officer teach this lowly slave how to be a slave, and then send him back to Ruihua palace. ”


The fainted Zhang Ping was towed away like a dead dog.

The prince and his party left together.

Huangfu Jie narrowed his eyes as he watched Zhang Ping was dragged away, holding his fist tightly in his sleeve. He can do nothing and unable to do anything.

That is the only one so far ….. The only person who was good to him is thus dragged away.

Will he return?

What’s the use of being a prince? I can’t even protect myself, let alone a petty servant.

The huge library entrance that were crowded just now has become completely empty again

Once again, the eerie cold air filled the whole library.

Except for a pool of blood on the bluestone, it was as if nothing had happened.

“His Royal Highness, it’s not too early, the slaves also got the order to report to Ruihua Palace. Please!” The eunuch Hu Rong, who is serving the emperor, puts on a fake smile and reminds him.

Huangfu Jie looked up and silently looked at Hu Rong.

Hu Rong was so frightened that he did not dare to look at Huangfu Jie.

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The Ugly Prince Chapter 6.1

Today the emperor Huangfu Sheng was also jumping out of his skin in fright.

He ended the court morning assembly early today, in the royal study room he guided the lesson of several princes, at a whim he took them to the library to select books.
Unexpectedly, as soon as the middle door opened, he walked into the building and was about to lower his head to talk to his beloved son. The extremely frightened expression suddenly appeared on the face of his favorite sixth son, and he began to scream.

He looked up and followed his son’s eyes.

A frightening face that only appears in the book and in the talks of gods and ghosts appears in the eerie cold library .

The raised eyebrow bones, deep eyes, and blood-red lines extending from the center of the eyebrows are drawn in a herringbone pattern from the corner of the eye to the base of the ear.

A gloomy look, a queer expression. Although the body is small, yet it could induced nightmare for human soul

“Impudent! What kind of evil spirit dared to appear in front of The Son of Heaven, so you are not afraid that the heavenly thunder and sacred fire will destroy you formless!” The Emperor was furious and picked up the frightened beloved son.

The small figure stared at him but did not speak.

Another figure appeared behind the bookshelf, pulling down the strange son and kowtowed on the ground together.

“The servant of Ruihua Palace greet the emperor, may the emperor live forever.”

Huangfu Jie also knelt down on the ground together but did not ask for his blessing. His head was still raised.

Ruihua Palace? The emperor frowned.

The sixth prince, who was carried into his arms, was reassured and turned to look at the boy kneeling on the ground. He murmured, “it’s him. ”

Him? The emperor seemed to think of something.

“Emperor, forgive me!” It was the old slave’s poor guard that made people enter the library to frighten the little highness and disturb your holy self. This old slave deserves to die thousand death for this fault”The old eunuch, who was guarding the door, heard the noise inside and was afraid of being implicated. He quickly knelt down and crawled to the door, pleading loudly.

“Father emperor, this dog slave really deserves to die. He let people in, but he didn’t know how to announce them in advance. As a result, six brothers were scared. Come, drag the dog slave down. ” The eldest prince walked out from behind the emperor and ordered people to guard and deal with the eunuch.

“Your Majesty Emperor spares life, Your Highness grand prince spare life!” When the old eunuch heard that he really may die, he shouted in shock: “It was the slave servants with His Royal Highness who forcibly entered the library. The old slave refused, He used the fourth highness to intimidate the old slave. The old slave incapable and let them in. The old slave didn’t know whether he was His Fourth Highness!

“This slave suddenly saw your holy self just now and was shocked by heaven’s might for a while forgot to report,I beg the emperor to spare the old slave’s life on the basis that the old slave has been guarding the library for thirty-three years and has not made any mistakes! ”

Zhang Ping was startled, this old eunuch was so smart! He acknowledged his mistake on the surface, but he secretly put all the blame on him. What should I do? Zhang Ping gritted his teeth and said: “I ask the emperor to make decisions for the fourth prince. In order to make progress, the fourth highness went to the library to select books. However, the Gonggong did not know whether he was old-sighted or not, and did not even recognize the fourth highness when he arrived. He had to take out the prince’s jade plate to verify his identity, which allowed the fourth highness to enter the library. ”

“The fourth highness was humiliated, but because he was young and kind-hearted, he did not say that Gonggong was not right. I didn’t expect that the Gonggong would said that he didn’t know whether he was the fourth highness. Is it true that the Gonggong is old and forgetful that he forgot he had verified the prince’s jade pendant just now? ”

Emperor Sheng raised his eyebrows, he thought that the little eunuch was clever, and he didn’t plea for himself. Instead, he let him make the decision for the prince. If the fourth brother is indeed verified before entering the library, then naturally there is no such thing as his servant abusing power to intimidate as he was accused of. Likewise, what the old eunuch said naturally made him the bully

“Emperor, this old slave is wronged! “The old eunuch didn’t expect that the little eunuch, who seemed to be honest, was not easy to push around, so he quickly called for plea and was waiting to say something more.

The emperor waved his hand and scolded “What a ruckus, where do you think you are! Get out of the way!

“Yes, yes. This old slave, get out now, get out now.” The old eunuch was spared his life. How dare he say more? He immediately rolled out of the door.

Zhang Ping exhaled a sigh of relief only to find there was a layer of cold sweat on his body. Damn it, what is this? I just came to check out the books. It was his first time to the library and the experience was so unpleasant, and he made enemies with the caretaker eunuch of the library, would it be even more difficult for him to come in alone in the future?

The clever little eunuch seems to have impressed the Emperor, he didn’t pay any more mind to Zhang Ping. Immediately, he turned his gaze on the child’s face in the shadow, and today the Holy Ghost finally remembers that he also has an ugly fourth son.

It was still his first time to see this son except for the time when he was born, perhaps he should be a little kinder to him. But at the thought of not only the sixth child in his arms was scared, but also almost losing his temper, he could not help but be very annoyed.

This is obviously his son , and obviously the Xian Fei was also from a generation of enchanting beauties, How could such a thing be born?

Compared with the lovable little golden boy in his arms and then look at the monster opposite, who can’t even ask for forgiveness, Huangfu Sheng looks more and more disgusted. What does he mean by looking at himself? Resentment?

Huangfu Jie looked at his emperor father and Sixth younger brother with a longing and envy. Just now his biological father scolded him for being evil, and he felt a pain in his heart somewhere, but he was still eager, because Zhang Ping had told him that his emperor father had also expected and cared for him.

“You saw me, why don’t you know how to pay respects?”

Hearing that the emperor’s tone was bad, Zhang Ping hurriedly pushed Huangfu Jie back and said in a low voice, “Your Highness, please greet your Emperor father. ”

Huangfu Jie was excited, eager and scared. When he heard his father talking to him, he didn’t know how to answer. At Zhang Ping’s reminder, this response came. He fell down on his forehead and knelt down in a trembling voice: “This son Huangfu Jie, kowtowed to his father. ”

“Um. You may rise.” Huangfu Sheng’s tone was unknown, and no one knew what he was thinking.

Several princes behind Huangfu Sheng had different expressions. The calmest was the second prince, who looked at him with a smile. The eldest prince and the third prince had obvious smirks, while the fifth princes looked at the sixth prince on his father arms enviously.

Huangfu Jie stood up. He didn’t know what to say or do, so he stood in a daze.

As soon as Huangfu Jie stood up, Zhang Ping, the servant behind him, showed his figure.

Emperor Sheng glanced at Zhang Ping, who was bowing behind and did not dare to look up, and said to Huangfu Jie, “Your servant is good!

Huangfu Jie shakes. Zhang Ping was also surprised. What about me?

“Huangfu Jie, you connive at the arrogance and despotism of the slaves and oppress the palace slaves in your name. Do you know your sin? ”

What do you mean? Huangfu Jie didn’t understand it in panic, but he also knew that the emperor was blaming him, and then he fell to his knees in surprise, “This son know his crime. ”

Zhang Ping called out in the dark: miserable!

But why did the emperor aim a knife at him? Zhang Ping doesn’t understand.

“Um. ” Although this fourth son is ugly and dull, He is not ignorant of advance and retreat. Huangfu Sheng nodded with a little satisfaction

“Ha ha. ” don’t know who laughed suddenly, and then he said in a very relaxed voice, “Your majesty, you don’t know that the servant beside the fourth highness is so bold that he can say anything. Last time, in front of all the princes, he said that his Highness the great prince is not as kind as his Highness the second prince”

“Shut up!” Ye Zhan, what are you talking about? His Royal Highness the Second Prince was astonished, and he uttered his breath immediately.

This young man named Ye Zhan also seemed to know he was guilty, and immediately knelt down to plead guilty.

The cold sweat on Zhang Ping’s body overflowed again. He had just guessed if the emperor was going to give him a dismissal for the sake of his son, and his other sons began to use him to “fry.”

The second prince, Huangfu Jin, immediately knelt down in front of the emperor and said, “Father emperor forgive his sins, this son is not strict enough to control his servant, so he talked nonsense. Please ask the emperor to plead guilt.”

Ye Zhan also repeatedly knock his head to plead guilty, saying that he was saying nonsense.

“Enough!” The Great Prince expression looked ugly. “Second brother, do you need to do this? You do this, as if I did something.

“What’s going on?” Huangfu Sheng looked unhappy.

“Report to Your Majesty, Wei Wenxin can explain it. ” Wei Wenxin who accompanied the Great Prince take a step forward, clasping his fists and said.

“You Say”

“Yes.” Wei Wenxin answered “That was about half a month ago. His highness learned to wrestle. Under the skill itch, he asked everyone to compete with him. But The grand highness took down five servants in a row, and they had to compete with the bodyguards. Considering that all the bodyguards were adults, and they were afraid of hurting the grand highness, so this small official asked his highness to stop”

“Your Highness mind is childish in nature, went to play with his Highness the second prince and was rejected by his Highness the second prince. Later, his highness played with the third highness. Seeing that the fourth highness was lonely on one side, he ask the fourth highness. But the fourth highness didn’t learn to wrestle. He lost the second time to his highness. His attendants looked at him. Because he was not satisfied with his anger, he said that his highness is not benevolent like the second prince. ”

Your highness second prince, would you agree what this humble official said?

The second prince quickly clasped his fists and said, “The sentence you asked is true and correct. Just now Ye Zhan just merely wanted to explain that waiter word not to conceal and he had no other thoughts.”

Zhang Ping listened to them, ignoring the facts and deceiving the emperor. Obviously they are being fake but prefer to look like a friendly brothers, He was so angry and scared that he trembled. Of course, he was afraid. What he had said that day could really meant to stir up discord.

“That’s good. Father Emperor, you also heard it, the second brother also proved this son just wanted to get close to the younger brothers. It was all that cheap slave said, wanting to break our brother’s relationship. ”

“Slave has something to say, please emperor grace.” Zhang Ping was indignant and shouted with anger.

This cry provoked all present to look at him. Why doesn’t the little eunuch know how to read the signs at all? Is this the time when you can call for injustice? Don’t you understand that this is the time for you to sacrifice for your own prince ?

Even Huangfu Jie couldn’t help looking at him. But with some admiration in his eyes. Elder brother, you are so brave.

Emperor Sheng was unhappy since he entered the library. Now he almost saw these fighting among brothers. Fortunately, things are explained, otherwise he would have a headache.

After much deliberation, it’s all because of this wicked master and servant. Seeing this ordinary little slave shouting again, he couldn’t help being furious and rebuked at Huangfu Jie”Look at you! What kind of person are you keeping beside you? Your elder brother looks at you pitifully and kind enough to be close to you. But you indulged in bullshit and provoked the relationship between the princes. I know that your appearance is different and that ordinary people would reject, but you should not have resentment and instruct your servants to provoke alienation between the princes. you……”

“Your majesty!” Zhang Ping’er hears how his majesty scolded Huangfu Jie without reason, and his protective heart rise, his heart is chaotic and he throw caution to the wind

“The Fourth Highness are wronged! He never did these things. Instead … wuu wuu!” Zhang Ping’s mouth was blocked,unexpectedly it was the imperial guards of the emperor. Don’t know when the emperor ordered them, but they blocked the rest of his words in his belly.

Fortunately, all the princes and the accompanying reading companion complexion changed hugely and regain their composure. Is this little slave crazy? Thankfully the Emperor is wise

Of course, the emperor is wise. After many years as the emperor, he knows that some words can be heard, and some words can’t be heard at all. The little slave servant was young and didn’t understand, that moment he was thoughtless in speaking. He said it all, at the expense of his lowly life. But the consequence is that he can’t pay for his lowly life.

Zhang Ping didn’t understand these twists and turns. He desperately struggled after his mouth was blocked. Does he have to knock down these two bodyguards? Zhang Ping is hesitating. If he escapes from the palace like this, would he not be castrated in vain? What about his second place in the world?

Zhang Ping didn’t expect that a visit to an ordinary library would put him in such a predicament. From the beginning when the emperor said that he had provoked the relationship between his imperial son, he knew that he would not survive today. It seems that his mother is right. This imperial palace is really a man eating devil’s cave. If you go in, you don’t even think about escaping.

Well, with his current skills, I’m afraid it will be more difficult to escape from the palace, but also if he escaped. What about his family? Since he are going to die, then to die right away cost a little. He hoped that if the emperor could know the fact that his son was bullied, even if he display just a little of fatherly love, then Huangfu Jie would have a more smooth life in the future.

It’s a pity that Zhang Ping’s idea is in vain, let alone he can’t say it now. What if he said it? Even if the emperor understood that the fourth prince was bullied by his brother, he would not do anything. There are so many sons in his family. Take out this one freaky fourth son and he still has five sons with their own advantages.

Will he scold other sons for a disgusting ugly boy? No, he won’t. On the contrary, he would think the fourth son was not only ugly, but also cowardly and incompetent!

“Hun er.”

“Son is here.” The eldest prince listened to the emperor’s call for his name. He didn’t know what his father meant. He was uneasy and hated Zhang Ping.

“Do it as you see fit. Would this servant be flogged to death or be handed to the internal warden* you can decide”

Flogged to death ?! Dad, mom, I’m sorry, this son also didn’t expect that I would die in less than a year. I’m gone. You guys if possible please remember to help me redeem this one dearest son back.

The Ugly Prince Chapter 5.2

Zhang Ping said a little excited. After all, if you can be a eunuch accompanying a general instead of a eunuch beside an incompetent prince he won’t feel inferior. Although the root below him was cut, his man’s blood did not disappear. The most important thing is that he finally has a chance to enter the library!

The child looked thoughtful.

“You don’t have to be afraid,” Zhang Ping comforted his little prince. “Your brothers are not much older than you. Your eldest brother and second brother are only 12 years old. They don’t know much more than you. You can catch up now. ”

Zhang Ping also knew that he had said too much. Although the eldest, the second and the third princes are not much older than the fourth princes, they have received emperor education since childhood, and their mother’s family has cultivated them. Just looking at the reading companion by their side to know how much effort their mother’s family has given.

As for his family member, Zhang Ping looked at him and worried. Why do you think it’s so difficult to cultivate the second best in the world? Is it because he has not become the first in the world?

He always thought the child was not stupid, but how could he not be enlightened? Most of the time, he would clam up. He can remember what he was taught, but when it comes to drawing conclusions, don’t count on it. Don’t even think about being articulate in the four art*.

Although it can be felt that the attitude of Madam* Xianfei and Hongxiu towards the fourth Prince has changed, there is still a long way to go from deliberate cultivation. I don’t know what they mean.

Sometimes Zhang Ping was very skeptical about whether Huangfu Jie was really born by Xianfei. But if he weren’t born from her, this ugly child would probably have been strangled to death.

Just when Zhang Ping worries the child won’t be enlightened, things suddenly turned around. Although this turnaround came at the cost of his blood, it is an indisputable fact that Huangfu Jie has become more vigorous and proactive since then.

That was the next day …

Why did they choose to go to the library today? Because today is a day off. It was said that the emperor would test the knowledge of his sons and called them all to the imperial study, except for the fourth son, Huangfu Jie. The emperor seems to have completely forgotten his fourth sons.

Huangfu Jie didn’t say it. Zhang Ping couldn’t tell what he was feeling, but it must have been hard.

In order to comfort the pain of the fatherless little ghost, Zhang Ping took the child to sleep for the night and told him two stories. On the surface, the child seems satisfied.

In the morning of the next day, Zhang Ping, like in the past, picked up the child and asked him to go out to do the morning lessons he had arranged for him.

Zhang Ping himself, after activating his body for a while, went to boil water, take food, and did his daily housework.

Zhang Ping came to the yard with a copper basin and watched the children punch like tiger gives birth to the wind.* Suddenly, he felt that himself as the Shifu* was of some value.

This regard as some kind of love, isn’t it? Zhang Ping felt his chin, pretending to be mature. To be honest, with this child in the palace, he has a great sense of achievement.

“Come here to eat, and let’s go to the library after you eat.”

At the door of the library, they were stopped.

“Fourth Highness? “The two servants guarding the library looked at each other.

“I’m sorry. We have never seen fourth princes. I dare not let anyone in.” Said the middle-aged eunuch.

“Two Gonggong*, how do you usually verify the identity of the other princes? “Zhang Ping swallowed his breath.

*)courtesy calling to address senior eunuch means granpas

Huangfu Jie’s clothes and accessories can prove that he is a prince, but that’s not it. In this palace, how many people can wear embroidered dragon-shaped patterns and golden yellow colored belt?

Besides, those who have been in the palace for a long time don’t they know that Xian Fei has an ugly prince. He didn’t think Huangfu Jie has become beautiful today. The watchmen did not let them in, because they looked down on people, and they did not bring money to reward them.

“Can you show me the jade plate of his Highness the fourth prince? ”

Zhang Ping obviously knew that this was unnecessary, but he had to act according to the requirements of the other party, so he turned to the child and said, “Your Highness, can you please give me your jade pendant?”

The jade pendant representing the identity of the prince has a uniform shape, with dragon flying and auspicious clouds on the front and the prince’s name and rank on the back. The jade pendants are different in texture. Each palace can prepare them separately.

In order to prevent the craftsman from imitating, the jade pendant must go through seven grindings, each of which has strict regulations. No craftsman knows all the patterns and techniques. That is to say, those who really know the shape, pattern and specification of jade pendants all over the world, except the royal family, only know about one.

Moreover, in the palace, the prince did not need to wear a jade pendant at all. Underage princes cannot go out of the palace until a specific day. The so-called specific day is when they follow the emperor imperial chariot, such as large-scale safari, sacrificial rites, or celebrating with the people during the New Year. In other words, the princes would never be able to leave the house alone during their underage.

There is no need for jade pendant in the outer palace. Most of the palace slaves are familiar with the faces of the princes and princesses. Even if they are not familiar with it, they can see from the clothes and decorations that there is no place for jade pendant.

When the prince is granted a palace as an adult, the prince’s jade pendant is useless. They have other clothes to show their identity. Therefore, the prince’s jade pendant is not very useful for the princes, it is just a decoration.

Do you think there will be people in the palace who dare to wear prince costumes but are not princes? Even if there were assassins or thieves posing for luck, eunuchs and palace ladies who were royal slaves would never have the courage to verify their identity.

Unexpectedly, the fourth prince, Huangfu Jie, was asked to show the jade pendant representing the prince’s identity outside the library building in the palace today. This could count as a joke in the palace right.

Zhang Ping understood that it was because the other side determined that Huangfu Jie was the fourth prince, that they dared to ask to verify the jade plate.

Huangfu Jie shows the jade pendant, and the two servants take it like this. They look at it in a pretentious way and smile on their faces.

“Oh, I’m impolite. I don’t know if it’s the fourth highness. How does His Highness come to the library today to teach?”

“His highness came down to borrow books.”

“Oh, borrow a book. The Fourth Highness is diligent and eager to learn. Its really fortunate. Can the old slaves ask me what books the fourth Highness intend to borrow?”

Huangfu Jie didn’t respond to the old eunuch’s rudeness, and he didn’t know how to respond.

Zhang Ping was so angry that he didn’t teach the child how to act like a prince and how to deal with such things. In fact, he was only 15 years old, and he had just entered the palace for less than a year. How could he know how the prince should deal with this kind of thing? He was just angry that Huangfu Jie’s attitude was too weak.

“Gonggong, His highness is going to find it by himself. “Zhang Ping was so angry that he still had a smile on his face.

“This…. “The old eunuch did not say yes or no.

Zhang Ping secretly poked at the child, trying to make him yell at them.

As a result, the child turned to look at him.

Zhang Ping stunned, what are you looking at me for? You show me your power! These waiters are soft and afraid, but they are just secretly enjoying the superiority of bullying the prince.

“Zhang Ping …” the child began to talk.

Well, you don’t show authority, I will give you authority. As soon as Zhang Ping gritted his teeth and threw himself on his knees, he began to knock his head again and again.

“Your Highness’s please forgive, your Highness’s please forgive. This slave a bastard, this slave deserves to die. It’s because the slave didn’t do it well. Please forgive me, your highness. This slave knows his mistake. This slave really knows his mistake. ”

In order to be more persuasive, he raised his hand and began slapping himself in the face. Once, twice, and several times, he bled.

Huangfu Jie froze. He just wanted to say: Zhang Ping, let’s go back. Unexpectedly, Zhang Ping would suddenly kneel down at him and start beating himself. Why did he do this?

Huangfu Jie reached out and wanted to stop Zhang Ping.

Zhang Ping took the hand, and respectfully said, “Thank Your Highness for your kindness. The slaves let the two gong gong invite His Highness to go in.”

Zhang Ping got up and did not wipe the blood on the corners of his mouth. He went to the two eunuchs without expression and said, “Two Gonggong, my highness, would like to go into the library to borrow books. Please do me a favor. ”

The two eunuchs glanced at each other, and had been scared by Zhang Ping’s self-punishment for a long time, and then saw that the four princes who were famous for their ugliness were looking at them with a very gloomy eyes, immediately they were scared they had cold sweat.

Did they just go too far? This ugly prince is not favored any more, but he is also a prince! What’s more, his grandfather is still a cavalry general.

“Please forgive me for my impoliteness. Only because there are many books in this library, and the classification is very complicated. I wanted to ask the fourth highness what books he wanted to read. The old slave could look for them on behalf of him, which saved the fourth Highness’s efforts to find books. But if the fourth highness wants to find the book himself, he has no choice. Fourth highness, please! ”

The door of the library was finally opened to them. Zhang Ping asked Huangfu Jie to go first, and then he followed in. Today, his friend, a young eunuch who was trained in the same period with him at the same time, Shao Yun was on duty inside. He didn’t worry about finding the book he wanted.

The library is really big and really deep.

A large number of books are crammed into the bookshelves. Someone cleans and arranges them every day, but the cold eerie feeling can’t be dispelled.

With the help of Shao Yun, Zhang Ping soon found books such as art of war. Considering that it was not easy to come to the library, he took one book after another. But where is the martial arts secret collection?

Huangfu Jie didn’t understand, so he stood by and watched. After a long time, seeing Zhang Ping’s addiction in finding books, he was bored and looked around casually. In the distance, the young eunuch named Shao Yun is peering into him secretly. Huangfu Jie glanced at him, and the other party immediately backed away.

Is he really that scary? When Zhang Ping took him to find him just now, he screamed at him and knocked over the books being revised on the table.

If he is so scary, why Zhang Ping never fears him and dares to sleep with him at night?

He remembered that Gao Xin, the eunuch who had served him before, said that during the day, it was okay. If he saw him at night, living people would be scared to death.

He is really ugly and scared people, isn’t he?

“Your Highness, you also walk around to see what books you are interested in. This is a treasure land that only the royal family can possibly come to. A lot of books are out there but they can’t be found. Zhang Ping sighed, this is the place that many scholars dream of.

Huangfu Jie nodded obediently and began to walk around the study at will. Sometimes he would take out a book to have a look.

Time goes by unconsciously.

Huangfu Jie, who walked around and looked westward, suddenly set his gaze on a book on the bottom row of the left-hand shelf leaning lonely. What attracted him was the cover of this book. Generally, there is only the name of the book on the cover, but this book …

“The Emperor arrives –”

What? Zhang Ping and Huangfu Jie raise their heads together.

The emperor is here? Why did he come here all of a sudden? Isn’t he testing his sons in the imperial study?

It was not long before I heard the voice of the servant kowtowing outside the building:

“Pay courtesy to the emperor, long live the emperor -”

Zhang Ping turns to his fourth prince.

Huangfu Jie stepped out of the corner of the bookshelf and walked to Zhang Ping.

“Your Highness? ”

Huangfu Jie stared at the door.。

The middle door of the library was opened, and the sun slanted into the dark library. A slender figure wearing a bright yellow robe and a purple gold crown led a small figure into the building, and a group of people followed and marched in.。

Zhang Ping saw that the child did not respond and did not know what to do for a while. It seems that there are several rows of bookshelves between them, and they will not be found for the time being.

Go out to see you or kneel here?

Shao yun, who is repairing books in the library, has also knelt down in front of the door to welcome him. Calling long live his majesty.

The child’s body moved and he went out.

Zhang Ping saw that he was surprised first and then delighted. Father and son are instinct. It’s natural for a son to want to see his father. It is said that the child has never seen his father, and it is good that he can summon up courage to go out to meet him today.

Zhang Ping followed later.

“Ahhhh!” Suddenly! The child’s screams cut through the silent space.

Dust fluttered in the sun, Zhang Ping stood in the dark and could see clearly. The screaming child is Huangfu Jue, the sixth prince, and the most beloved little prince today. The emperor was holding him.

He was the first to come in with his father, and the first to see Huangfu Jie standing in the dark shadow behind the bookshelf.