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Bishonen of the month; Krittapak Udompanich (Boom)

Do you like your bias to be a nerdy cute sweet boy
the only problem is she is not legal for nuna to drool over wkk
not fair  15y’old boy should not be this hot

i must admit this boy is all about my type , sorry Abi-kun :p
Pretty , Smooth Skin, Sweet Smile, Nice Voice, Nice body, Bishounen , my type


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😊 #makeitrighttheseries #boomkrittapak

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I should skip long introduction cause most likely all of you already know this it boy starring on Thai popular BL series Make it right everyone talkin about right now

  • Name:

    Udompanich Krittapak

  • Native name:

    กฤตภัค อุดมพานิช

  • Also Known as:

    Boom; บูม; Boom Krittapak Udompanich;

  • Nationality:


  • Gender:


  • Born:

    January 12, 2001

  • Age:




Kottminam of the week; Yoo Ah In

This week i would like to feature korean actor who capture my heart from his character of ongoing hit drama Secret Love Affair

Its not that i didn’t know him , i’ve known and watch some of his earlier movies boys of tommorow and antique bakery, and also he was famous with his bromance with Song joongki in Sungsukkwan Scandal (ow you know how i love bromance)
But Individually he never really pique my interest more than now when he start his unconventional drama Secret Love Affair costaring with much senior Actress Kim Hee Ae

Recently i start watching his reality program Yoo Ah In’s Launch My Life (Mnet) and i found out that he have such a feisty charm that is unique compared to others well mannered korean actors
He is very frank with his opinion and emotion even on camera and he also have high  distinctive taste for fashion and wont take no shit from anyone
A very interesting Kottminam we have here i look forward to see more of him in the future

for our closure lets watch his very hot photoshoot with his costar kim hee ae for ELLE

Myungjong moment OGS INA 2013

ok i need to post myungjong moment in jakarta, i was so happy to see them live @ last night One Great Step concert in MEIS Jakarta

the day before, i saw pictures of Sungjong whispering something to L during Jakarta press conference  enough to make my heart melt


credit pic: @GyuL_Holic 300813

BS69Ce0CMAAtsl0credit pic: @Relawan_konser 300813

just enough to make me more excited for the concert

and then at the concert, i was waiting for another moment but they keep going different direction, but then just about when they going to say final meeting it happens ^__________^

310813 OGS INASunggyu was doing final gretting for the fans and they were kinda sad

so Sungjong probably feeling touched because the show was about to end so then he suddenly went to L and hug him for comfort ❤

BTArvhICIAARbpEcredit pic: @madeinL 310813

by the look L give in this picture i  think he was not expecting this hug, the hugged for a few second and they let go and as usual, L tap & caress Sungjong hair ❤

to bad i cant find someone picture capturing that moment–>updated

anyway I saw them liveeeee o hoho my heart ❤ thank youuu Infinite please come again to Jakarta

update >> more myungjong pictures from last night concert

credit pic: @ctranatalia 310813

credit pic: @ctranatalia 310813

BTElBAsCcAA1-N4credit pic:@auliarahmadiani 310813

BTEQ-UUCYAElrNwcredit pic: @Mabelnathania

BTFzS7tCQAAE0ZDcredit pic: @yeolcaramel

Seo In-guk in Master’s Sun

okay i looove seo in guk and i looove So ji sub so i’ll definitly gonna watch this one 🙂 looking forward for the premier ❤

Carrotblossom Patch

OMG OMG OMG OMG. I’m going to have a heart attack how can Seo In-guk, Gong Hyo-jin, and So Ji-sub ALL be in one drama. And a Hong Sister’s drama to boot. This is unbelievable. Give me a moment to calm my heart.


I think I’ve posted previously about Gong Hyo-jin and So Ji-sub being cast. Now I’m 100% gonna watch this. Any of you who were on the Patch during our 1997 fever should know how much I LOVED Seo In-guk.

But apparently character breakdown is:

Gong Hyo-jin: Secretary girl who can see ghosts


So Ji-sub: Her annoying boss aka shopping mall mogul


Seo In-guk: fought in a war but is now working as head of security at said shopping malls

August couldn’t come any sooner. SBS can you push the start date up any sooner?

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This week Bishounen/Kottminam : Sota Fukushi

Okay I just watch Starman (スターマン☆この星の恋  ) and i found this cute guy Sato Fukushi,

Starman starman_img_05

in this drama he play the role of a man loosing his memory and get tricked on becoming a husband of a mother with 3 kids, costaring with one of my favourite bishoujo Ryoko Hirosue ❤

i think his face is kinda familiar but didnt notice him atall , well he sure got my attention now ^_^

i tried to find more cute pictures of him but i think his looks from Starman looks best for him



and also i found out about two of his other interesting movie
Toei suspence scyfy movie “Boku ga Shokei Sareru Mirai” (In the Future, when I am Executed) here is the trailer

and this Year realese Enoshima Prism



and i want to watch thoose one too!!!!!

read about him here>>



looking forward to see more of him ❤

This week Bishounen/Kottminam : Miura Haruma, Seo In Guk, Yoon Shi Yoon

Hi it’s been so long since my last proper posting

This week i was catching up with LAST CINDERELLA dorama, a little behind following my friends and it was GOOD!!
Miura Haruma is really hot in this dorama, i’ve seen some of his drama but this is the first time i’m really taken by his character


he played this bad boy character whom you are not sure wheter to like our hate but keep you intrigued, and again he was hot 🙂

This week i’m still very much into SEO IN GUK, i lovee him since i watched reply 1997 He got great connection with both Eunji & Hoya on reply 1997, and now i was streaming his MV i loved his voice, and i also loved how he was featured in K Will’s MV ‘please dont’ awww awww his crying act is superb

among his song i love this song With Laughter or With Tears (some translate i smiled and I cry)

I think this song has a very deep meaning if you connect it with his struggle with bulimic, ah i’m falling for him ❤

Also this week i was watching Flower Boy Next Door , and i found Yoon Shi Yoon hmm i think i’ve seen his drama before some melodrama about bakery, he really looked like Lee Junki long lost brother hehe & i love Lee Junki as you know
but in Flower Boy Next Door first i liked Kim Ji Hoon character and face more but then i start to notice him more

he is so cuute & funny and then @ episode 14 when he pretend as mafia

awww hotness!!


i think thats all my Kottminam dose for tonight. おやすみなさい~~~

yunjae moment: i want to hold your hand

Yunho have 1001 reason to hold Jaejoong hand ^o^

@ history of japan 4
more –>http://community.livejournal.com/jaeho_yongwonhi/857818.html

@ zoom in 071109

pengen downloaaaaad XDDD

watch Zoom in091107

part of HoJ4 DL link from DBSKnight Subber

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