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Fathers (trailer)


‘LOVE’ starts with two people
but ‘FAMILY’ is more than just the two

The long anticipated, new lgbt movie from Thailand finally release its preview

its going to be about family, and the struggle of gay couple to raise a kid
i loveeee this kind of themes from American movies and i hope this Thai movie can deliver same powerful message

Movie info> http://www.moviedramaguide.com/2016/04/thai-bl-movie-fathers-2016.html


BL News : Japan Ame To Kisu

kabegami1920_1080 CGoCHLwUkAAVJRT

Japan will be releasing a new BL live adaptation from manga Ame to Kiss (飴とキス) candy and kiss

DVD Sale event will be held on July 24th, and plan to feature guest stars actor of the movie

Yoshioka Yu 吉岡佑
Kishimoto Takuya 岸本卓也
Toshihiko Tanaka 田中稔彦

(photo’s will be added)

my oh my they are really eye candy


Bangkok Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2015


So bangkok gay & lesbian film festival 2015 will have a very interesting line up of movie
including some thai movies i was eager to watch like The Blue Hours , How To Win at Checkers (now retitled ‘My Hero’) and I Love You Thank You

and also indonesian movie The Sun , Moon & Hurricane




you can check some of the titles here