Phun ❤️ Noh (White x Captain)

White Nawat Phumphothi-ngam x Captain Chonlathorn Kongyingyong
this two boys rock my world when they acted as Phun & Noh
on Thai Lakorn ; Love Sick The Series


17 thoughts on “Phun ❤️ Noh (White x Captain)”

  1. Ohhh~ love them too~ (just notice u like Yunjae too(?))
    Anyone know how many episodes there currently are of the lovesick series? And how much ep there will befor season one? And if there’s a season two ? Or do the characters change? And Omo… Noh has longer hair in some of the pictures?

    1. Oh i’m crazy bout LoveSick at the moment (yunjae is my OTP) , there will be 12 episode of season1 we are now at episode 9 , and we can expect season 2 and 3 (some even say up to season 4 ( ̄~ ̄) dont know how i’ll survive)

  2. こんにちは、ShiraAiさん。ぶうです^^

    I’ve just seen the last episode of LS on YouTube with no English subtitle. It’s SO CUTE!! But it’s TOO SHORT!!!
    I was looking forward to seeing the scene that Phun&Noh have a talk at a rice porridge restaurant longer. They talk a lot in the novel, but…, oh well. They were sooo cute, right? I’m dying to read Chapter23, I guess I can’t wait that until Season2 starts. ヽ(`Д´)ノ OMG! I can’t wait!

    By the way, I seldom watch Japanese BL films, but I love “Ai no Kotodama” and “Junjou Pure Heart”, they are cute stories even so both main cast’s performances are terrible.
    Before they filmed “Ai no Kotodama”, the lead actors, Tokuyama-kun and Yasuka talked together about how to kiss. And they decided that they would kiss with their mouths open, but no tongue. It’s interesting, isn’t it? (゚∇^*)
    I’m sorry for my bad English.

    1. Hello boochan YAY 嬉しい thank you soo much for visiting i appreciate it ♡♡
      Omg the last separation on the gate 心臓 止まりそう i loved how their nose was sticking together before Phun kisses Noh forehead (T^T) すごく美しいsceneでした。And the flashback i wanted to cryyy (T^T) so sentimental
      The ending also they looked soo in love with each other さっさと彼女と別れてよ!!

      Your english is fine ぶうさん better than my Japanese:p

      I loved BL films some are no good but still ok
      i looooove Takumi series with Maokun and Daichan their love scene and kissing scene was the best i’ve ever seen in BL film
      Love ai no kotodama and junjou pure also

      Have you watched どうしても触れたくない? You should watch that veeery cuuuute !!

  3. おはようございます~、ぶうです。

    I agree with you! The flashback in front of the gate of Phun’s house was a SO beautiful and touching scene. And when their eyes lock together and they smile at each other at the last scene, I felt sweet sorrow. They still love each other… ・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。ウエエェェン

    Do you know how the story ends? Have you finished reading all of the novel? Or only spoilers?
    I don’t like 下克上, but I’m so interested in how. OMG!
    OK, I was ready myself. Please tell me the spoiler about they switch their parts. Please!

  4. Hi, ShiraAi.
    Have you read some comments on soompi that they filmed Phun&Noh’s hot kiss scene in the car on the EP10, and they showed that in the “Love Sick The Series marathon”? OMG! I’m dying to see the scene!
    They should have uploaded that on the website as the Uncut ver! I wonder why they filmed the hot kiss scene, though they can’t show it to us because of Captain’s age.
    That’s weird! ε=ε=ε=(ノTдT)ノ ワアァァ・・!! ふざけんなーー!見せろー!

  5. Hi, ShiraAi.

    Thank you for that vid at that time. (^з^)-☆ チュッ!
    Have you seen that vid on YT? Someone has Uploaded that!
    I wonder if he/she did it because of his/her anger…
    Captainのママは大失敗したね。(‘・c_・` )

    1. Yes i’ve heard about youtube (=_=)
      Well you cant block broadcast items nowadays
      How much they restrict it fans will always found ways to get it

      I’m hoping it wont cause any problem for captain future enrolement
      Noh はもうCaptain以外満たせないから (>_<)

      1. we’ll I’m not good ENG. It’s not problem with White&Captain.. Almost fanclub supported them even all of them get sick about production team.

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