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The Ugly Prince Chapter 11

There is no moon in the sky, but it is strangely clear, and the sky is a deep blue-black in color.

The deep palace, the secluded garden, the hallways dotted with palace lanterns are horribly silent.

No one around, the huge palace floating with a kind of dark and strange atmosphere. Obviously It is not the winter yet, but the palace and its garden are so grimly cold deterring people to walk near.

The water in the pool is faintly glistening as the men in the water struggle and the waves spread outward in circles, but it is quiet, Only the occasional gurgle of people drinking water could be heard.

“Thank you. Don’t you think this mask suits me well ?” He smiled. He knew too well what effect his smiling face would bring to people in the middle of the night.

Huang Fu Liu poked his head out, his wide-open eyes instantly filled with fear.

“You … glug glug!”

He reached out and pressed the pretty face into the water again.

Over and over again, as soon as the delicate Sixth Prince’s head floated up to his nose, he pressed against him to let him catch his breath, then press him down again.

“Do you remember when you kicked me into the water like this? Thanks to you, now it’s not so easy for anyone who wants to drown me.”

Oh, he had wanted to hear him beg for mercy, but he didn’t want to be found by the patrolling guards, so he didn’t let him have a chance to speak. But the boy’s fearful eyes, pleading tears, and desperately struggling helplessness also pleased him.

Watching his pretty face twist from fear , his mood became very good.

The eldest prince and the second prince were appointed as king* and leave the palace a few years ago.

Ever since the eldest prince was ordained out of the palace, the admonition* of the court to Emperor Sheng that the Crown Prince should be established early was never broken. Emperor Sheng’s attitude has never been clear.

Most of the ministers in the court, headed by the prime minister, Wei Qingzi, supported the establishment of the eldest as the crown prince*, but some people are optimistic about the second prince and some even support the sixth prince.

The sixth prince’s mother, De Fei, is the daughter of the important minister, Sinongqing. Her eldest brother, who held the post as Changle Commandant of the Guards of the Forbidden Guards, was highly respected by Emperor Sheng and was specifically responsible for the security of his chambers at Changle Palace.

The reasoning of those who support the Sixth Prince is simple: His Majesty has been slow to appoint a crown prince, but haven’t he always been doting on the Sixth Prince?

Indeed, Emperor Sheng’s fondness for the Sixth prince was well known to all. But will he pass over the elder in favor of the younger because of his love for the sixth son, no one can figure out the divine will, not even the eunuch Hu Rong, who served for the emperor daily.

However, it is true that the emperor has rejected the proposal to appoint the eldest son as the crown prince again and again.

Could it be that Emperor Sheng was waiting for the Sixth Prince to grow up, intending to make him the Crown Prince when he has power to fight with the Grand Prince?

The moment this doubt came out, a number of people immediately agreed.

The grand prince faction was naturally a little flustered. Even the empress couldn’t help but knock on the side* of Emperor Sheng.

And just then, the sixth prince died. Drowned in the lotus pond of Liuyun Palace.

No one knew why the Sixth Prince had gone to the legendary haunted Liuyun Palace. The concubine there died in childbirth a year ago and no one else has been moved in there.

The two servants who followed the sixth prince to Liuyun Palace also died, both of them were shot dead with a bow, and the arrows were pulled out. Because of their cause of death, the possibility of ghost haunting was ruled out.

As soon as this news came out,It causes a surge like a gathering storm in the whole palace and the imperial court.

The sixth prince’s mother, De Fei, fainted when she heard the news of her son’s death.

Emperor Sheng became furious in the middle of morning court assembly and ordered the Chief Minister of the Court of Judicial Review, Minister of Justice, and The Censor-in-chief of the three judicial offices* to investigate the case together.

With the death of De Fei’s son, it was natural for the other consorts to go to console her.

Xian Fei also went. She accompanied De Fei to cry for a while, and lamented with an embroidered quilt in the corner of her eyes, “MeimeiJiejie is really envious and jealous of you. I envy you for having a smart and handsome son, and I’m jealous that you, mother and son, are favored by his holy. You also know that my son … “Xianfei smiled bitterly.

“But I would rather have your son enter the east palace in the future than let that woman’s son…….Hmp! Pity. Meimei, Jiejie not afraid of you going to sue, if it’s my son who gets the holy favor and blocks the way of that woman’s son today, I’m afraid it will be my son’s turn to drown in the pool of lotus flowers. That woman was so hard-hearted, I always suspected that she was the one who put the curse on me in the first place, but I had no proof. Meimei, you want to avenge your son, it’s difficult! “

Xian Fei seemed to associate this with her grievance at giving birth to her ugly son, she wept with more grief than the bereaved De Fei.

De Fei clenched her silk scarf tightly, her eyes red.

The Fourth Prince’s small courtyard.

“You’ve got a lot of nerve.” Yang Momo shook her head and sighed.

Huang Fu Jie laughed lightly, ”Momo, I don’t know what you are talking about, I had nothing to do with the death of the sixth prince, but he was the only one who had been favored by the Emperor, and royal father was hesitant to make eldest royal brother the Crown Prince.

“This old person don’t believe the Grand Prince faction would be that stupid, at least that Wei Wenxin doesn’t look like such a stupid person.” Yang Momo snorted.

“Hehe, Momo is right. But what about the eldest royal brother’s mother? You know as a mother you always have to look out for your son, maybe she just saw a really good opportunity and couldn’t resist.”

“That’s possible. But ……this old person doesn’t believe you’re not involved in this.”

“If Momo don’t believe me, just forget it. By the way, Momo, I heard you brag to Zhang Ping last time that you still have a few disciples, saying how they are amazing and have made such and such a name for themselves in the Jianghu*. I wonder if I have the honor to meet these martial brothers? “

Huang Fu Jie sat on the tip of the sword and smiled.It was not the day or two that Yang Momo wanted to accept Zhang Ping as a disciple. Unfortunately, Zhang Ping was very interested in stealing a master knowledge* but was very indifferent about formally becoming an apprentice to a teacher.

“Haha, boy, don’t be too greedy. Although you are clever, you have bad heart, and you are not good person. This old person now only sees that you are working hard as a prince, but as an emperor, you are still far from it.” Yang Momo casually took a mouthful of steel sword and rested it on Huangfu Jie’s shoulder, applying a little force, but she still smiled kindly.

Beads of sweat rose on Huang Fu Jie’s forehead, but because he was wearing a mask, no one saw it. He was now speechless and could only use his entire body to resist Yang Momo’s internal force.

Yang Momo smiled. “When this old one saw you reading that book, I immediately knew that this old master sect’s profound knowledge will not be lost. This is also destined, this old master sect’s have searched for this book for almost sixty years, and didn’t expect it to be in the palace. Did you take this book out of the library because of its cover? “

Huang Fu Jie reluctantly nodded. He remembered well that the book had a ghost-shaped man painted on it. He first thought it was a biography of the gods and demons, but upon closer reading, he found that it was not.

Yang Momo held up the tea cup in her other hand and said :
“Do you know why I asked you to give up the orthodox taoist cultivation method* taught by Zhang Ping and practice our sect martial arts* instead? Just because your nature is more suitable for our martial arts teaching*, especially since you discover our sect Yin (dark) secret book, it is also fate. Do you remember this old one told you before that our martial faction teaching have two course of Yin (dark) and Yang (Light)? “

Huang Fu Jie blinked, his sweat dripped faster.

“But yīn course was lost for sixty year because of the disappearance of a martial uncle of this book faction. The book you read is my faction school of yīn. This old one teaches you the introduction of Yang Gong*, and allows you to memorize the content of that book, So that you can connect the flow of Yin and Yang at the right time. And you happen to have a solid foundation that Zhang Ping has laid down for you with orthodox taoist methods, and training my martial arts is even more effective. You are a blessed kid”

“Momo, do you think I am now….” Huang Fu Jie refused to show his weakness, but he forced out a sentence.

“Well, you’ve already practiced Yang Gong to the fourth level, now is the right time for you to open up your meridians for the yīn yang call. ” Yang Momo nodded appreciatively.

“Thank you very much for Momo’s guidance.”

“Haha, no thanks. You only have to promise to let the old one take away the book in the future, and the old one will do my best to teach you. “

“Momo, don’t worry…….., I ….. what Huang Fu Jie had said…must count for something. If you need it…I can offer the book with my both hands now.” Huang Fu Jie said stammeringly.

“Ha ha. “Yang momo laughed strangely.” you don’t pretend to be good in front of the old one, Regarding your nature, that blindman old Zhao can’t see it, but this old one knows it clearly. The angry-eye mask on your face fits you exactly. “

Huangfu Jie also laughed, who said something in front of the person: “Since momo…. know me, should know that my …….words count. As long as momo is devoted to teaching…. When I appointed as a king* leave the palace, I would present this book. “

“You kid still worried about this old one hiding something? Although you are not good at heart and nature, you have a good appetite for the old one. None of the disciples of this old one can get 70% or 80% true legacy of this old one like you. The remaining 20% or 30% are Qin, chess, calligraphy, painting and herbal medicine* skills, which you won’t be interested in. “

As soon as Huangfu Jie’s body was relaxed, Yang momo withdrew her internal power.

Huang Fu Jie hastened to adjust his breathing.

“Are you fourteen this year?

“Yes.” Huang Fu Jie collected his breath and exhaled it, relaxing his whole body. He seemed to have forgotten that he was sitting on the tip of a knife.

“Now that you have practiced four levels of Qiankun Jiezi gong*, can you feel what’s special about it? “

*乾坤芥子功 Heaven and earth mustard seed skill

Huang Fu Jie thought about it for a moment and nodded with a somewhat unnatural expression in his eyes.

“Are you angry that those palace maids won’t get close to you?”

Huangfu Jie did not answer, but glanced at Bailian in the distance. He has reached the age to be attracted to a person. Qingyun and Bailian, who is a few years younger and beautiful, has naturally caught his attention.

“Oh, don’t think of hitting on them, you shouldn’t leave a heir yet, Otherwise, your selfish Mother consort is likely to abolish you and support her grandson instead, of course if your son does not inherit your appearance then “

Huangfu Jie didn’t get angry because Yang momo insulted his mother. Instead, he smiled knowingly. His mother has been trying to attract the emperor’s attention in recent years.Her intention is nothing more than to regenerate a son to replace him this hopeless and difficult to support ugly son.

“If you really want to experience the taste sexual bliss*, it is not impossible. You need someone to help you block out your mother’s thoughts, too.” Yang Momo seem to point a place to hit with her finger to strike.”

Huang Fu Jie looked up at her, “You mean Zhang Ping?”

He is not an innocent good boy who knows nothing. He knows more about the filth in the palace than anyone else. The young eunuch with handsome appearance and good figure can not only win the favor of the palace maids, but also be used as a woman to express desire sometimes.

As far as he knows, neither his father nor his brothers and brothers have such a hobby, Instead, some aristocrat ministers and some guards with real power would seek opportunities to find some beautiful and young eunuchs to play.

Everyone in the palace who knows about this has turned a blind eye to it, playing with eunuchs isn’t playing with the exclusive royal family palace maiden, Moreover, they are also poor rankless little eunuchs. As long as they don’t damage the royal face, no one will go to report. The little eunuchs who were harassed won’t have such courage.

“You’re quick to react. Could it be that you had this idea in mind?”

Huang Fu Jie didn’t answer, but instead came down from the tip of his sword.

“At the mention of Zhang Ping, it’s obvious what’s on your mind. You have to be careful.” Yang momo laughs.

Huangfu Jie knew that she was testing. After a pause, he turned around and said, “Maybe your proposal is really good. I’m so ugly, only Zhang Ping will not dislike me. He is practicing orthodox Taoist methods, and I know the gate to enlightenment ,It’s just right to dual cultivate with him. “

Huang Fu Jie took off his robe and went to practice bow shooting, leaving Yang Momo with an expression of swallowing a frog raw.

She was joking. She just wanted to tease this hypocrite prince. If this causes Zhang Ping to be treated like that in the future, her sin would be great.

Speaking of Zhang Ping, she remembered at the beginning. At the time, she accidentally found that Huang Fu Jie’s this small young boy was not what he seems, and there is more lying beneath. She Immediately interested to delve further, then she discovered that his internal Qi had been adjusted by another person and that he had practiced orthodox Taoist methods, her curiosity swelled to the highest level.

Who taught him?

At that time, she wasn’t in a hurry to teach the fourth prince, instead, she began to observe the people around her. This observation alone revealed to her a very interesting person.

His name was Zhang Ping, an ordinary little eunuch. When the little eunuch learned that she was aware of his martial arts, he was completely frank. He also let them in about his plan to cultivate Huang Fu Jie to become the next emperor with the second-best martial arts in the world. He would cover the martial arts, but he would leave it to them to educate Huang Fu Jie to become the emperor

Moreover, when the little eunuch found out that she and her husband’s martial arts was unknowingly how much higher than him,he not only didn’t feel ashamed of his previous boasting, but also felt that he had found a shortcut to become the world’s best martial art master.

He started stealing her knowledge, and she … let him steal. What is annoying is that this boy would rather steal her knowledge than to worship her as a teacher openly and honestly.

Well, although this kid Zhang was a little bit blank, but with him in the secluded little courtyard, the boring and tense palace life has become much more interesting.

She particularly likes to see Zhang Ping and Qingyun Bailian the two little servant girl acting like a fool, and Zhang Ping seems to have been trying to win over the two little girls.

She didn’t know whether he had succeeded or not, but it was a fact that Xianfei and Hongxiu, including General Yan, didn’t know the depth of Huang Fu Jie. Not to mention about Zhang Ping. The two little girls seemed to ignore his existence intentionally or unintentionally in their report.

Tut, he may look blank and distracted, but not stupid at all. By the way, what about Zhang Ping? How come he was not seen all day?

Zhang Ping is both happy and expectant, he’s been looking forward to it for a year, he finally got to see his parents again, and this time even his fifth brother came here.

His parents have been visiting him once a year since he entered the palace. They didn’t see him the first time because he was sent to re-education, Thankfully, they see it every year after that.

His parents reassured him by telling him everything was fine at home, His sister-in-law gave him two more nieces, the fourth brother was also married to the village’s green girl* at the end of last year.

Zhang Ping had saved some silver money on hand over the past two years, all of which he had shoved to his mother.

His mother didn’t push back much either, kept half, and returned half to him, saying let him keep it for himself. Zhang Ping left only five taels of silver, and the rest was stuffed back to his mother. The reason is that he serves the prince, there is not much room for him to manage, and his monthly silver has risen to three taels and six yuan a month.

“How is the fourth prince you serve? What kind of person? Is he good to you? Did he usually beat or scold you?” His dad asks the same question almost every year.

Zhang Ping smiled and reassured his parents, “The Fourth Highness has been very kind to me and never scolded me.” His eyes, on the other hand, looked to Lao Fifth, who was accompanying his parents, and the boy was scowling at him with a very strange look that hadn’t said a word to him until now.

His father and mother looked at him carefully and found that Zhang Ping’s looks really good, and he has grown taller, now he is taller than his father. The twenty-year-old looks like a decent guy, his eyebrows are widened, However, at this age, the youth should be a little childish, but he completely can see that on his son.

But fortunately, Zhang Ping’s shade of softness are not heavy. Maybe because of his long-term martial arts practice, his body looks very strong. don’t know why his voice doesn’t sound shrill which is unique to ordinary eunuchs, but rather hoarse and soft. It doesn’t sound bad.

“I heard that the Fourth Highness looked ugly, is it true?” His father whispered in his ear.

“Dad! “Zhang Ping smiles,”you listen to the nonsense outside! The fourth highness is the prince, but his appearance is a little different from that of ordinary people. It’s not ugly. It’s all rumor. “


“It’s true, of course. Your son serves him every day. Shouldn’t i know whether he is ugly or not? Dad, hurry to go back with mother. You have so much silver on your body. Be careful on the way back. ” Zhang Ping wiped his sweat in secret, the rumour even spread among the people. His fourth highness was too pitiful.

“Humph, why should we go so fast. Think about your father these year… Ouch, my child mother lightly,I haven’t seen my son for such a long time. Would you give me some face? “

Face*? You don’t even have a substance* yet you still want to keep your face? Staring and asking if the prince is ugly, why? You hate that I’m old and ugly don’t you?”

“My child’s mother, i was wrong, my wife, you know how i feel about you… “

Dead face*!” Zhang ping’s mother sheepishly pushes away her man, she turns to hold her son’s hand and says,”You should be careful what you do. Mother won’t say much. Accompanying a king is like living with a tiger. So was the emperor son also the same. Even if you have been serving that Prince for many years, you should pay attention to discretion and don’t overstep it. “

“The palace is not like the outside, There are people watching anytime anywhere, you can’t feel it now, wait later you …”

“You still saying I’m a nag, you’re more nagging than me.” Zhang Ping’s Dad muttered off to the side.

His mother glared at him, and the two of them got into an argument again.

Zhang Ping giggled with joy and followed the two elders to send them out of the palace. Now the place they meet is the accommodation hall for eunuchs to meet their families. It was built on the outer periphery of the palace, the north gate is used for access.

Zhang Xi, the old fifth, was naturally one step behind and walked beside Zhang Ping.

“Xizi, how’s the family?” Zhang Ping asked his brother in a small voice. He hasn’t seen this brother for five years, luckily the general appearance hasn’t changed.

Thirteen-year-old Zhang Xi looked up at him and said nothing.

“Be honest, don’t lie to me.” Zhang Ping put his arm around his shoulder. Zhang Xi struggled, but did not break free.

“Last year … dad’s old injury recur after he watch you came back. He lay on bed for more than half a year. When he was sick, he kept crying and said I’m sorry. Mother was scared to death, thinking that Dad would not survive. An old friend who knew medical skills came to visit and saved Dad. The man saw that our family was in a bad condition, and sighed for a long time, and even paid for the medicine. Later, when he left, he also took away the youngest* brother and said that he would make him his apprentice”

Zhang Ping’s heart was a little heavy. His father’s injury happened just after he was born, don’t know who had hurt him, but after that, he and his mother went back to their hometown with several children and began to settle down in the life of ordinary people, never mentioning those past again.

A penny kills the hero han, regardless of what his parents were used to be, now they are just ordinary little people who have to run around all day to make ends meet.

Knowing that life at home is not easy, he gave money to the two elder every year since the year before last, but they refused to ask for it. If it wasn’t for this year’s difficulties at home, he’s afraid the two elder would not take his money. He came to the palace as a eunuch to support his family. It will probably become a permanent thorn in their parents heart. That’s why his parents were so reluctant to take his money.

“Do you know who that person’s name is?” Zhang Ping thought that if he had a chance, he would have to repay that person. In the passing he would like to check whether his youngest brother been mistreated or not.

Zhang Xi thought for a while: “Mother calls him brother Hu, and father calls him medicine basket. I don’t know the name, father and mother should know.”

Zhang Xi suddenly changed the topic and said, “Third brother, do you know that people in the village are secretly laughing at our family, saying that there is a eunuch in our family. When I play with the villagers, they all laugh at whether I have it underneath, Third brother, why do you have to be an eunuch? The village Fang picked up two children and sold them. No one laughed at them. But….. “

Zhang Xi had probably been holding these words in his heart for a long time, his tone rather flushed.

“And dad, since you left, dad has always stood at the entrance of the village and looked, when he came back, his eyes were red. Last year, when that medicine basket doctor came here, he also said that the old wound would relapse only when father was depressed. Dad often tells us that he was the most sorry for you. He also said that we must treat you well after you leave the palace, or we will not be children of Zhang’s family.”

“Mother doesn’t say it, but she treats everything you leave as treasure. Big brother and second brother feel sorry for you every time they mention you. Third brother, you don’t have to be a eunuch, why don’t you go back with us? ” Zhang Xi said and choked.

Zhang Ping couldn’t help but put this half-size brother in his arms, the words of a child, though hurtful but they are also true.

” I’m sorry. Brother didn’t think that much of it at the time and just wanted to make things better for the family. But the next time someone jokes about your brother being a eunuch, you tell them : My brother is very good*. He didn’t steal, rob or cheat. Isn’t he just short of that thing below? You all who say that are less of a man than my brother! “

Zhang Xi wiped his tears, a little embarrassed. Having not seen his third brother in over five years, he was a bit shy about his current closeness.

“Third brother, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you’re bad, I’m just…”

“I know what you mean. If the eldest brother or second brother became a eunuch, I would not be able to raise my head.”

“Certainly not! Third Brother, you will definitely rush up and beat up those who say bad things.” Zhang Xi shouted, even more embarrassed afterward.

Zhang Ping laughed and said, “Yes, your third brother is a man without brains. Xizi, I will rely on you to protect this brother when I come home. “

“Mmm. Third elder brothers, don’t worry. We brothers have made a promise. When you come back, we will let you stay in the largest room. When you go out, we will have a person to accompany you. No one will bully you! Later, if they dare to call you eunuch, I’ll fight them with my life!”

“Haha.” Zhang Ping laughed to tears.

“Fight with your life? Stupid fellow, your third brother’s martial arts is so strong, he still needs you to fight with your life? Besides, it’s true that I became an eunuch. When they laugh let them laugh. We can live a good life ourselves. In the future, I will try to earn more money, and when my family gets rich, maybe those who mock your brother for being a eunuch will regret how they didn’t become one in the first place. Haha!

The two elder of Zhang family looked back and did not understand what the two brothers were saying that could make them laugh and cried. But seeing Xizi getting close to his third brother again, the two elders are still very happy. They brought the fifth child this time, because this fifth child back home, did not know what cow horn have poked him that he yelled at his elder brother and said that he never wanted to see his third brother again, and was beaten severely by his big brother.

“Third brother, you really won’t come back with us? “

Zhang Ping shook his head, “I can’t go back yet, I have to wait for the palace to release me.”

“Then how long will it take for them to release you to go back? “

“Soon, wait till you get married. “Zhang Ping talks nonsense.

“Okay, then when I get home I’ll ask mom to get me a daughter-in-law.” Zhang Xi nodded earnestly.。

Zhang Ping hugs his fifth brother and laughs. How can his brother, like his highness, be very clever at ordinary times, but sometimes he will be stupid for no reason? But his own brother is still better, no matter how resentful, they would just talk it out. Unlike those in the palace.

If Huang Fu Jie is here at this time, he will tell Zhang Ping: Whose brother is like who, don’t get me involved.


Translator Note:

Finally, we have a protagonist side character for once, Yang momo is really mysterious and interesting character who will teach Huang Fu Jie and Zhang Ping good skills

Now its clear that five year have passed Zhang Ping is 20 and Huang Fu Jie 14, still young tho.
It was bittersweet to witness the contrast between Zhangping loving poor family, and Huang Fu Jie wicked royal family

The Ugly Prince Chapter 5.1

Why is he talking nonsense? Huang Fu Jie was puzzled and thought desperately.

In fact, Zhang Ping was just lashing out, he can’t afford to be angry and attack people, he feels vexed by restraining. He makes up a mess of truth and falsehood. First, he wants the adults to feel sympathy, and second, he wants the adults to raise their voice to those children.

Zhang Ping didn’t expect to change Hong Xiu’s point of view with these words at all. He just hoped to do his best to help the child in any way he can think of.

Zhang Ping took the child back to the courtyard and heat up water to wash his face, wash his hands, and eat. Then he made a decision that he thought was very wise.

Both of them were hungry, and Zhang Ping combined his own meal with the child’s, “Eat up. ”

Huang Fu Jie saw that he took initiative to sit together and eat, and he did not object. Of course, he would not object. Just thinking in his heart that the eunuch still thought about his meal.

After eating and drinking, he wiped his mouth. Zhang Ping packed up his lunch box and other things, and then he went back to the fourth Prince’s room with a small incense burner, a small copper cauldron, and an incense stick. He properly put the incense burner in place, and then he picked up the child who was going out and put him on the chair

“Sit down, I have something to tell you.”

Huang Fu Jie lowered his head. He was thinking that this man’s true face was finally revealed.

Zhang Ping stared at the child’s head and said solemnly, “Raise your head.”

The child raised his head in fear.

“I’ll let you choose. Do you want me to be your servant, or do you want me to be your big brother. As a servant, this slave servant will serve you well, and no slave will do what he should not say or do. The slave only duty is to serve you.”

“As for big brother, if I were your big brother, I would care* for you, love you and teach you. I will protect you from being bullied. If someone bullies you, I will help you to beat him, no matter who he is, even if he is your father! You can choose, do you want me to be your servant or big brother? ”

Zhang Ping’s obviously biased way of asking may be naive, but it is very important to him.

“Will Big brother help me wash my hair?” The child asked.

This condition is simple. Zhang Ping smiled. “I will. Until you have your wife to wash it for you. ”

“Will Big brother punish me?” The child asked again.

“I will, if you do something wrong.”

The child was silent.

“However,” Zhang Ping added, “I will not let my brother starve or hurt him all over. If you do something wrong, I will punish you to write some sentences and memorize your lesson. But I won’t beat you, let alone starve you. ”

The child looked up. “Is Big brother the same as Great Imperial Brother*?”

*)Da Huang Xiong (大皇兄)=Eldest brother the great prince

Zhang Ping smiled and shook his head. “Of course, it’s not the same. He is your birth brother, and I am your sworn brother.

Since then, the child has kept in mind that a biological brother is not as good as a sworn brother.

“So tell me, which one do you choose?” Zhang Ping was inducing.

“Big Brother.” The child said without hesitation.

Very good. “Zhang Ping clapped and shouted happily. Later, he was not afraid that his father and mother said that he broke the ban with martial arts, but he let the fourth Prince choose, and since he chose to be his brother, he as the eldest brother should protect his younger brother and teach the martial arts heirloom of Zhang family, which was a matter of course. Even if the heavenly emperor comes he has reason!

“I, Zhang Ping. People from the village of Fang Ding, five hundred miles away from the capital. I’m the third in my family. The villagers call me Zhang San. I have two elder brothers and one sister, and three younger brothers. Today, I accepted you as a godson*, on behalf of my parents. Instead of waiting for a good day*, it is better to do it now, Shall we go to worship now? ”

Huang Fu Jie didn’t understand what he was going to do, but he nodded.

Zhang Ping was happy to see him nodding. Although this little ghost is not favored, he is still a prince. If his father and mother knew that he had accepted a prince for them as a godson, what expression would they have? Haha!

“Come, let’s kneel together.” Zhang Ping lit three incense sticks in his hand and also gave three sticks to Huang Fu Jie.

Huang Fu Jie took the incense and knelt down beside him. Don’t know whether to look at him or the incense burner

“What’s your name?” Zhang Ping found that he didn’t know the little ghost’s name yet.

“Huang Fu Jie. “The child didn’t ignore him this time, and soon said his name.

“Huang Fu Jie*? Good! Good name! Hearing the name, you will know that you will not be a nobody in the future. ”

The child shook his head. “Jie, Unruly Jie. It means ugly and ferocious.” Probably many people had explained the meaning of his name to him, and he remembered it very well.

Zhang Ping was stunned and then sneered, “who said that? Jie also the same as Jie (Outstanding). The person who named you must have a special meaning”

“What’s the special meaning? ”

Zhang Ping thought about it and began to lie to the child: “it means that you shouldn’t mind your ugly appearance. As the saying goes, All things in their being are good for something. As long as you work hard, you will certainly become a very outstanding person in the future. The person who named you really thought hard”

The child was stunned. really? Does the imperial father give him the name in the hope that he doesn’t care about his ugly appearance and strives to be an outstanding person in the future? But if that’s the case, why didn’t the father come to see him?

The child’s expression has not been concealed from Zhang Ping. Zhang Ping doesn’t want to see him sad, he also wants to help him build up confidence. He continues to ramble, ” The Emperor gave you that name, didn’t he?The emperor is really a wise man. you think, you indeed don’t look good. If you don’t look good and he still dotes on you, don’t those concubines and princes hate you? He’s trying to protect you, really. ”

The child looked up at him.

Zhang Ping nodded fiercely, “Really, believe me!”

The child always feels that there is something wrong with what he said, but there is inevitably a trace of happiness and hope in his heart. Royal father, if he knew he was bullied, would he come to rescue him? Will it? It should be… Yes.

But Mother and HongXiu told him that the father emperor hated him so much that he didn’t even want to look at him. He was almost killed as an evildoer by his father when he was born.

Giggle. The child suddenly laughed.

Zhang Ping was startled. The child’s smile looked strange. But it doesn’t matter. He will be his elder brother from now on. He can forgive no matter how ugly his younger brother looks. Besides men, what’s the matter with being ugly

“Come on, let us begin to worship. You follow me. “Zhang Ping, facing the copper cauldron and holding three sticks of incense, he said,” I Zhang Ping. ”


“Huang Fu Jie.” Zhang Ping reminds him.

” I, Huang Fu Jie”

“We swear by the gods that we shall from now on be brothers of different surnames.”

“We swear by the gods that we shall from now on be brothers of different surnames.”

“In the future, no matter honor or disgrace will follow each other, misfortune and happiness will depend on each other, and we will never turn our back or deceive each other. ” Zhang Ping has a solemn look and powerful words.

Huang Fu Jie repeated. He didn’t understand the meaning of this, and the ceremony of worship was very simple, but he felt a kind of solemnity that made him tremble from the bottom of his heart.

“If I violate this oath, let five thunderbolts strike , thousands of arrows pierce the heart, and die without burial! ”

The child froze and opened his mouth, “If I violate this oath…….”

“Wait! Nevermind, you don’t need to say it. You are still young and don’t understand the meaning, and when you grow up, if you really want to, we will make up for the oath again.” Anyway, I just need an excuse to uprightly train you as the second-best in the world. The second excuse is that how he would protect a prince and protect his own brother is different.

The child looked at him, and then said, “If I violate this oath, let five thunderbolt strike , thousands of arrows pierce the heart, and die without burial! ”

Zhang Ping stared at the child for a while and nodded vigorously.

The child smiled. He hoped that Zhang Ping would be satisfied with this oath. If only he could be good to him with this oath, it doesn’t matter how many oaths he made. So what about a heavy oath? He still didn’t know how long he would live, and having someone to keep him fed and warm in the meantime was all that mattered.

Zhang Ping naturally didn’t know the child’s mind, and although the child might not understand the meaning of the vow, he was still touched that he could say it. Then he asked Huang Fu Jie to kneel with him and worship the heavens and the earth and the gods, and then the two worshipped face to face for four more times.

After vowing to Gods, Zhang Ping took out a bamboo stick from his arms-this was given by the person in the royal dining room. The servants in the palace were not allowed to carry sharp weapons, so they had to make do with it today. Use a bamboo stick to poke the tip of your left middle finger and squeeze a little blood into the tree legged copper cauldron.

Then he looked at the child. The child obediently stretched out his right hand. Zhang Ping hardened his heart and managed to make some blood dripping into the copper cauldron

Then Zhang Ping poured a glass of water into the copper cauldron and mix the blood of the two people evenly.

“There is no wine today, we will use water instead. Come, drink half of this blood water.”

Huang Fu Jie picked up the copper cauldron and drank half of it.

Zhang Ping took over and drank the remaining half as well.

He put the copper cauldron respectfully in front of the incense burner, Zhang Ping turned and looked at Huang Fu Jie seriously : “From now on, we are brothers. Now you have my blood in you, and I have your blood in me. I am your big brother and you are my little brother. I will go out of my way to protect you, care for you, and teach you. And you start today by learning how to be a person who doesn’t get bullied by others. Come on, call me Big Brother.”

” Big….. brother….” Huang Fu Jie opened his mouth, it was different from just now, now those two words came out of his mouth with a very strange feeling. It makes him want to cry. But he’s clearly not in pain.

“Good little brother.” Zhang Ping held him in his arms. “You will definitely not lose out as my brother. Don’t think that I’m just a little eunuch now, but in ten years I will definitely become the best martial artist in the world. Don’t worry, I will train you well. You have to become the second-best martial artist in the world. By then you will not be afraid of being bullied by others. ”

Huang Fu Jie stared at the blank wall, really? Will his new big brother be the best master* in the world?

Zhang Ping was satisfied. He finally did one of the things he wanted to do most in his life: finding someone to be his sworn brother

He just felt that this kind of thing of becoming a sworn brother was something a man should experience in his life, just like his father, like the legendary heroes.

He thought that he would never have this chance again when he entered the palace, but as a result, he came across a depressed prince who was in urgent need of family affection. And this prince’s situation is too in line with all the conditions that he wants for someone who would rely on him and to be someone hero. This enabled him to find a motive force for survival in the palace, and he thought he had found his purpose of coming here.

In fact, since the moment he was castrated, he has been regretting that he took the initiative to become a eunuch in the palace. He told himself that it was for his family, but sometimes he still thought that there might be other ways. Well, this is Zhang Ping’s psychological shadow.

Now he found balance.

The two children, one is not enlightened, the other one hasn’t grown any hair yet, made an impulsive brotherhood vow like this….Uh, it was Zhang Ping who was very impulsive and Huang Fu Jie who was very passive.

That night, Zhang Ping rambled on and on and said a lot to the children, The most that he said over and over again is this: The relationship between the two is secret. In Closed door they are brothers, but after they go outside, pretend not to be brothers.

The child didn’t understand very well, but he also note it all

Huang Fu Jie always regarded his servant Zhang Ping as a weirdo. In his opinion, this weirdo is very clever.

You see, now not only does he not have to kneel before him and claim to be a slave, but he even eats with him, and he takes some of the food that belongs to the prince, and he had the audacity to pull some old quilts of cotton tires and make a set of knee pads to put on his legs, saying that He’s not afraid of swelling his knees. By the way, he also made a set for him.


Huang Fu Jie squatted at the edge of the flower bed and thought: it seems that big brother is really better than slave servant.。

Big brother Zhang Ping would help him to wash his head and bathe once every two days and would catch lice for him. His scalp and body are not so itchy anymore.

Big brother Zhang Ping, also cleans his room every day, lights a small stove for him to keep warm, and helps him light many candles in the evening

Big brother Zhang Ping will also take out his quilt to bask in the sun when the weather is good. It’s warm and comfortable to sleep. If the weather is bad, he will put the quilt by the fire and bake it warm for him

Big brother Zhang Ping will help him dress and wash his hair and face. Every time the clothes are clean and warm, and there is no torn place on them. Before, it seemed that all his clothes were collected by special eunuchs, It’s sent to a place called the laundry department for cleaning. But every time it was sent back, he would wash his coat or inner jacket again. But not now he dont have to.

Since his Big brother patted the little eunuch who collected his clothes on the shoulder and gave him his meals several times, he could change into neat and clean clothes every day.

The child stroked his hair, which was much smoother and darker than before. Suddenly thinking of big brother told him that dirty hands can’t touch randomly, and put his hands down again.

When it comes to clothes, when big brother Zhang Ping comes, his new clothes also increase. Big brother said that it was collected according to one’s status attributes. The people who served before didn’t work hard and didn’t get what they should have.

Big brother Zhang Ping would not let him eat a cold meal, and every meal that reached his mouth was always hot.

Big brother Zhang Ping now attends classes with him every day, saying that he is his eunuch. He will also fetch lunch for him at noon. Before, he only looked at what others ate. Although Big brother said that he didn’t eat as well as several other princes, he would eat until very full.

The people in the academy would still bully him, but every time Big Brother helped him out. Big brother took his place as a horse to be ridden; Big brother received his Imperial brother’s fists and kick; Big brother was slapped in the face by the eldest great royal brother, because when Great royal brother pushed him to the ground, he said that Great Royal Brother didn’t look as benevolent as Second Royal Brother. Then the second royal brother also hit the big brother and said he was talking nonsense.

At Ruihua Palace, Big Brother Zhang Ping also took a beating for him. Because his mother called him one day and suddenly asked him to take a poetry test, and he couldn’t answer. The mother wanted to punish him, but the big brother said that he was his own attendant and that the master had not read well, all because he had not served well. But then the mother punished him with not allowing to eat, but the big brother gave him his share of the meal.

In the fifth month of the elder brother Zhang Ping’s arrival, he received his monthly silver.

“Your Highness, if you have time to squat there and play with mud, why don’t you come and squat in the horse stance. Hurry up, squat for as long as one incense burns, before you are allowed to eat.

Huang Fu Jie looked back and saw his elder brother Zhang Ping carrying the food container into the yard.

Hmm … Big brother also has some bad things. Since they became sworn brothers, he made him do martial-art squats every day, and he has also made him meditate at night. After thinking about it, Huang Fu Jie or obediently go down to the locust tree squat. Half a year passed, he has squatted like a decent figure

After squatting and eating, Zhang Ping sat at the desk and said to the child: “Tomorrow I will take you to the library, as a prince you can go in and borrow books. I went to my friend in the book and ink department to help, I wanted to ask him to bring the book out, but he said that it was very strict. He was just a little eunuch. It was a major crime to be found that he had collected books privately. So tomorrow you will borrow the book yourself. ”

“What book? “Huang Fu Jie asked as he spread out the paper for calligraphy practice.」

“The art of war.”

The art of war? Huang Fu Jie looked at him.

“Little fool, why are you not enlightened? You are the grandson of the general! There is such a good backstage you do not use, no wonder others are riding on your head. “Zhang Ping hates it. God of heavens, by all means, don’t give him such a weak and inept person or else he’ll have to think about kidnapping and running away with the child.

“My grandfather doesn’t like me. ”

“So what?” Zhang Ping stared. “It is one thing that he doesn’t like you. You are his grandson, and you are the only male grandson.”

Zhang Ping knocks on the child’s head, hoping that he would be smarter.

“Your grandfather doesn’t like you. In addition to your ugliness, it’s because you don’t fight for it. Of course, I can’t blame you. You are still a kid. Even if you want to fight, no one will teach you.”

I don’t know what your mother thinks. What’s wrong with having an ugly son? It’s said that the son doesn’t think the mother is ugly, and the mother shouldn’t think the son is ugly! But Zhang Ping didn’t say that. He always lied to the child that his mother had hidden his love deeply and was strict with him, hoping that he would become talented soon.

“I don’t know how to set up a battle. I know nothing about the art of war. You can only find General Yan to teach you. Don’t look at me like that, kid, it’s very important to have military power in your hands if you want to stand out and for others not to bully you. But you have to learn how to fight a war if you want to have military power in your hands. The most I can teach you is to let you walk on the path of Wulin*. What is Wulin? I’ll tell you later. ”

*)Wulin = Martial arts forest

“In other words, you can only consult your grandfather about the military. To get your grandfather’s attention, you have to show him. Look for a military training book, find an opportunity to talk to him, let him know that you want to be big and powerful and you want to protect yourself. ”


translation note: I’m not sure whether I should translate the titles/name-calling or kept it in chinese, these titles will get complicated and may get mixed up when translated

The Ugly Prince Chapter 4.2

The two mounted on the ‘horses’ were both children who looked like six or seven years old and dressed in royal clothes. The one crawling on the ground looking at the clothing one was an eunuch, and the other …..

Zhang Ping’s expression changed greatly

Although he took off his outer garment, but how could he not recognize the small short coat he had put on himself?

“Drive! Come on! Why is it so slow? I want you to hurry up! “Prince Huangfu Jue, the sixth prince riding on Huangfu Jie, saw that he was lagging behind the fifth prince and was so angry that he lifted the small leather whip in his hand and beat the “horse” under him.

Huang Fu Jie moved a little faster, using his elbows to brace the ground and desperately climb forward.

Zhang Ping rushed forward and stopped again. Just now he thought that this little boy showing of military prowess* was very cute, but how he looks awful now.

“Sixth Brother, you’ll lose if you don’t hurry! ” The eldest prince and the third prince laughed. The second prince watched with arms folded.

Seeing that the Fifth Prince is about to reach the end, the eunuchs around the circle help their highness to cheer and shout.

The Sixth Prince’s little leather whip pumped more diligently.

Zhang Ping’s eyes were red with anger, his hands were clenched into fists, and he thought twice before suddenly turning around and walking to a secluded place to put down the food box, then walking back to where he was.

Isn’t it Imperial Academy* here? Why didn’t the teacher inside come out and stop it?

Zhang Ping does not know, those teachers at first still know to put a stop. But it went on for many times and for a long time continued and no adult came forward, so they went with them. As long as they didn’t see red or big things happen, they didn’t want to offend these powerful princes.

A cheer erupted as the fifth prince finally reached the end.

The sixth princes got down from the horseback ride and was so angry that he kicked at Huang Fu Jie.

Huang Fu Jie blocked with his hands, avoiding the vital point.

Zhang Ping watched from the side, teeth clenched together. If it is his brother who is being bullied now…..

“Eat mud! Eat mud! The loser will be punished with eating mud! ”

Huangfu Jie knelt on the ground with expressionless expression, watching the two eunuchs grab the mud from the flower bed and deliver it to him.

“It’s all your fault that I lost to my fifth brother! I lost the silver money for this month! Eat quickly! Eat it all!” The sixth prince waved his small leather whip in exasperation.

A whip mark appeared on HuangfuJie’s face, and the child trembled in pain, but did not let out a sound.

“Your Highness!” Zhang Ping rushed over, so what if he wasn’t his brother? So what if he is Emperor’s son? If someone hurts him, I’ll be hurt, from now on, he will be my Zhangsan* younger brother!

Xian Fei asked you to go back to the palace and said there was an emergency! “Zhang Ping picked up the child and dragged him away.

Unexpectedly, Huangfu Jie was scared when he heard that his mother was looking for him, he was stunned.

“Stop! Which Palace servant are you! Can’t you see your highnesses are here?” The Grand Prince’s eunuch, , looked at his Highness’s eyes, and immediately stopped the two from going on their way and shouted loudly.

Zhang Ping stopped in his tracks and “fluttered” at the largest looking child in imperial clothes, kneeling and kowtowing as he said: “This slave deserved to die, this slave is the envoy of Ruihua Palace, because the concubine is in a hurry, she asked her slave to find Fourth Royal Highness quickly brought him back, and In a moment of recklessness has offended his highnesses. This slave is damned, this slave is damned! ”

Huang Fu Jie stood dumbfounded as he watched Zhang Ping kowtow to the grand prince

Hearing that Xian Fei asked Huangfu Jie to return quickly, it wasn’t good for the Grand Prince to go too far. Although Xian Fei has not been favored for many years, but to see that she can still sit on the Xian Fei’s throne for so many years, one can see the emperor’s intention.

It is no longer a matter of the emperor’s family, but of the balance between the country. Although the fourth Prince is not powerful, but he has a grandfather who is a first rank cavalry great general’s behind him. If it wasn’t for adults not bothering to stop them, they wouldn’t dare to do this to Huangfu Jie.

Since he was a child, he was taught to be an emperor in the future, so it’s naturally not good not to give Xian Fei a face, but he couldn’t step down even if he left it at that. With a wave of his hand, he said: ”Since it was Xian Fei who told the fourth brother to go back , it was natural to return quickly. But a loss is a loss, and the penalty should still be paid. What do you think, fourth brother?”

Huangfu Jie raised his face stupefied, he reach out to grab the mud in the eunuch’s hand.

Immediately Zhang Ping stretched out his head, he grabbed the hand of the eldest prince’s attendant eunuch and wiped it on his face. When he had finished, he kowtowed to the princes, saying : “This slave servant has been ordered by the mother to follow the fourth prince. The mother told him not to let his highness be cold, hot, frozen, injured or dirty. Otherwise, I would die” I beg your grace and spare your servant’s life. The fourth Highness’s body is noble. If he eats mud, I am afraid I will have to trouble the doctor, so this slave is willing to eat the mud instead of the fourth highness. ”

The grand prince sneered and looked towards Huang Fu Jie…… On his side his reading companion Wei Wenxin, the son of the prime minister, let out a low cough and tugged on the sleeve of the great prince.

Wei Wenxin is the oldest among the royal sons and reading companion. He is 15 years old. Huang Fu Hun, the eldest prince, attached great importance to him and looked back at him.

“Your Highness, wait. ” Wei Wenxin whispered in the great prince’s ear,” this move must have profound meaning, Xian Fei did not send a eunuch to follow the four princes before, but now she has sent one. And it seems that the servant is very concerned about the fourth highness. I’m afraid that Xian Fei has ordered him. ”

“Although the fourth highness is ugly and eccentric, and she is not loved by her highness Xian fei, but she has only one son. Second Highness is also there, If the villain lets you do it alone, then it will not be pretty if you are hated by her highness Xian Fei.”

The other people naturally couldn’t hear what Wei Wenxin said to the great prince, and then saw the eldest prince turned a little, and say to Wei Wenxin very boringly, “Well, say it early if you are hungry. Lao second and Lao third , you keep playing, Wenxin, let’s go.”

“Thank you Royal Highness for your kindness” Wei Wenxin was so relieved that Huangfu Hun was so intelligent, convinced that he had not followed the wrong person. He immediately followed Huangfu Hun and walked towards the school.

The Second prince smiled slightly and said to the people around him, “Aren’t you guys hungry?” he also lifted his feet and walk away

Seeing that the eldest and the second had left. The third looked around and shouted that he was hungry. He ran towards the school.

Only the fifth and the sixth are playful, making people hold a lot of mud to make Huang Fu Jie eat it.

Zhang Ping grabbed the eunuch’s hand and ate it with relish, coating his face with sludge all over his face and neck. Eating it while saying how it’s delicious.

The fifth Prince and the sixth prince are childish. Seeing Zhang Ping eating and making strange looks, he was much more fun than the timid Huangfu Jie. So they circle around him and leave Huangfu Jie out. These little ghosts* watched for a while and were reminded to dine by their respective attendants, so they dispersed with satisfaction.

Zhang Ping wiped his face with his sleeve and stood up. looking at his fourth Prince’s highness on the other side, he said, “Your Highness, would you like to go back for dinner today? ”

Huangfu Jie nodded.

Zhang Ping was in front, Huangfu Jie was behind, as the two slowly walked out of the school. As he walked out of the school, Huangfu Jie watched Zhang Ping pull out a food box from behind a stone bench.

“My mother didn’t call for me, did she? ”

“Right” Zhang Ping thought the little ghost wasn’t too stupid.

“It will hurt your stomach when you eat the mud,” the child said again.

“This slave knows.” Zhang Ping thought that he wasn’t so stupid to really ate the mud. He covered his face with mud, spit it out from his mouth, and wiped it while eating. A bunch of small children could not tell whether he had eaten the mud or not.

Good! Very good! I’m really unlucky to have a poor prince who everyone can ride on his head. But it’s only today, don’t you dare to bully him again! What’s wrong with being ugly? What’s wrong with being eccentric? Don’t be such a bully.

Hump, I Zhang San* had decided, I will cultivate the world’s second-best over here in the palace!

Zhang Ping went all the way, clenching his fists in a click. Huangfu Jie was so scared that he shrank his head for fear of being beaten.

Zhang Ping didn’t even wash his face, so he walked all the way back to Ruihua Palace with a muddy face.

The waiter inside naturally reported to Hongxiu after seeing it.

Before he even reached the entrance of the small courtyard, he heard someone behind him shout, “Zhang Ping, stop right there!”

Zhang Ping turned back, and Huang Fu Jie also silently turned around.

“What’s going on? Do you disgrace madam consort with this face! Hong Xiu scolded harshly.

“Thud!” Zhang Ping immediately knelt down and rubbed his eyes, red. “Hong Xiu daren! .”

It’s still a young boy’s crisp voice, which has become a little weak because of castration, and with his aggrieved tone, just listening to it, it felt like the little eunuch had something to say.

“What’s the matter? “In fact, when Hongxiu questioned she could already guess that when the princes played a trick on the fourth prince, they also bullied the servant. But on the surface, she still had to do something, not expecting this question, it almost blew her lungs out.

“This slave doesn’t dare to conceal it from daren, even the slave servant doesn’t dare to let Hong Xiu daren be my master, but the slave doesn’t dare to speak. ” Zhang Ping kowtowed while speaking with a sobbing voice.

“You say it, I will never blame you for anything. ” Hong Xiu grew more curious to see him like this. Looking again at the Fourth Prince beside Zhang Ping, he was still the same as usual, just seemed to be a bit cleaner than usual.

Zhang Ping wiped the tears from his eyes, he didn’t know if they were flowing or not, but with this wipe, but he make it seems like it was true.

“Hong Xiu daren, listen to your servant. As daren’s command, The slave servant went to bring His Majesty’s meal at noon, but when he arrived at the Imperial Academy, I found that His Highness was being ridden as a horse by the Sixth Prince, and while riding, he said…….”

“Say what? ” Hongxiu frowned, thinking that it’s not good to find an honest person. He doesn’t know how to figure her out.

“Sixth royal highness said … Fourth highness could only serve him as a horse to ride, and also said that Xian Fei is only worthy as his mother …”

“What ?!” Hong xiu was furious.

Zhang Ping couldn’t resist kowtowing again, “Hongxiu daren spare my life, this was not what the slaves said. It was said by the Sixth Royal highness. This slaves rushed to stop them, but were stopped by Great Prince’s servants. His Royal Highness asked which palace the slave was from, and answered truthfully, asking the Grand Prince to let the Sixth Prince come down from the Fourth Prince. But his highness said….. ”

Hong Xiu glared at him angrily, not knowing who she was angry with either.

Zhang Ping, regardless of her expression, said in one breath:

“Great Royal Highness said that even if you were a little eunuch, you dare to talk to this Prince . Even your Consort Xian Fei have to bow to respect this prince. What’s wrong teaching the fourth prince a lesson ? I could kill people of your palace if I want to kill! Great Royal Highness as he speaks was pulled by a boy in Jinyi’s clothing next to him. The young man said something to the big prince, the big prince said to the slave: Who is your boss? This Prince wants to ask them how they taught you!

Listening to Zhang Ping, Hong Xiu guesses that the son of the shrewd Prime Minister of must be the one who stops his Highness’s unbridled behavior. It’s true that your highness said those things correctly, but there are some things that can’t be said clearly. It would be very deceiving to say it!

Zhang Ping took a breath and continued, ”The slave servant doesn’t dare to speak for fear of implicating the people in the palace. servant next to the big prince would stretch out and kick the slave, and I heard third-prince royal highness said on the side: : : Aren’t all the servants at the Ruihua Palace taught by that woman called Hong Xiu?”

When Hong xiu heard of her name mentioned, her face suddenly changed.

“Grand prince asked who Hong Xiu was. Third prince said: She is the only female official fifth ranked palace maid who is responsible for teaching the prince. Grand Prince asked how do the third prince remember her, is it possibly that this palace maid Hongxiu is more beautiful than the Xian Fei? Then third prince was angry and vulgarly said “What beauty! A fat old woman! I remember her because she used to meet my mother with Xian fei. My mother insulted her and she couldn’t talk back, just letting someone slapped her in the mouth. As a result, I remember her face that is fatter than a pig.

Hongxiu is mad. She screams, “shut up! ” Hongxiu is born with a round face. She hates people saying that she is fat. She can’t help her hatred when she hears that his highness third prince insults her so much behind her. He thought of how his mother Consort Shu Fei* had humiliated her.

*)Shu fei 2nd of the fourth high rank consort

Suffer! Suffer! Serves you right for bullying my second best in the world. Zhang Ping was happy in his heart, and his head was kowtowing diligently.

“These were not the words of a slave. When the slave servant heard that they insulted Hong Xiu daren and the Madam consort, he argued with them, and as a result, the servants of the Great Prince let the people smear the slave servant’s face with sludge, and said that this was for the people of Ruihua Palace to see, and that they should remember to keep their tails between their leg in the future. He also said that the people of the Ruihua Palace should remember that it’s no use to raise a prince, who is just a piece of mud under their feet.

“The slave was really angry, so I called out that our fourth princes were born with the appearance of the Dragon God, and that our madam consort was a ninth heaven fairy who descended to earth and kidnapped. One day he will shock the world. As a result, his great highness did not like to listen, so they let the servants use mud to plug this servants mouth. Boohoo! ”

Hong Xiu didn’t speak for a long time. Huang Fu Jie would be bullied by his highnesses and belittled by the servants, she knew it all. It could be said that this situation was caused by her and the madam consort, intentionally or not.

They hated him, and when they saw this abnormal-looking fourth prince, they would think that he had caused them all to suffer today. They were so desperate for him to die early, but Huang Fu Jie lived to see the light of day.

What will happen to Ruihua Palace in the future? With the madam consort’s youth over, the possibility of wanting to conceive a royal son again was almost zero. Thinking about the fact that General Yan had just come here yesterday, he also mentioned once again whether he wanted to support this ugly son. Then Hong Xiu dropped her gaze to the Fourth Emperor who had been silent at the side.

Is this naturally the unusual appearance of a Dragon God coming to earth?

Maybe she should go and talk to the madam consort properly, no matter how ugly the fourth princes are and how he is not favoured by the emperor, no one can change the fact that he is a prince. Compared to other concubines with nothing to show for it, at least they have a prince, right?

Hong Xiu isn’t a stupid person, she’s the woman who was arranged to enter the palace by Yan Jing for her daughter in order for her to gain a foothold in the future, naturally, she is intelligent.

In the past nine years, Hongxiu and Xian Fei have been blinded by hatred and disappointment, and they have lost their youth in waiting and hope again and again. They themselves knew they had no bargain chips, and if they hadn’t had a patron in Yan Jing, they might have been sent to the cold palace.

They had also thought about supporting Huangfu Jie, otherwise, they would not plead again and again to The Emperor to ask Huangfu Jie to study at Imperial Academy. But Huangfu Jie’s appearance was really amazing and he is not very intelligent. He timidly shrank all day. He could bow when he saw the servant, which makes them even more angry.

It just so happens that yesterday General Yan also analyzed the current situation for them, watching the princes grow older, they have to learn to protect themselves even if they don’t seek the throne of supremacy. In the next two years, even if they don’t take the initiative, the prince who sees the influence behind the Yan family will also borrow an excuse to get close to them. Instead of waiting until then, they should take the initiative themselves.

And rather than to be implicated in the future defeat of any prince they rely on, it is better to cultivate a neutral prince general who is in control of the military, who dares not offend and wants to please, this is the best for them.

Yes, it’s time for them to plan. It will be hard to support Huangfu Jie when he is older.

Hong Xiu thought in her heart like the waves of the sea, but did not say much. After posturing to reprimand Zhang Ping with a few words, she let him and the fourth prince go back to the small yard.

From the beginning to the end, Hong Xiu had not doubted Zhang Ping’s words. First, she knew very well how badly those highnesses usually bullied Huang Fu Jie. Secondly, she didn’t believe that Zhang Ping, who had just entered the palace with an honest face, would lie at all. Not to mention that Zhang Ping had only been at Ruihua Palace for three days, so why would he need to lie?

The Ugly Prince chapter 3.3

Is this little ghost is really the fourth prince? The emperor’s son?

Why is he so dirty that no one cares? Even if the personality is bad. But he … after all, the prince!

But at the age of fifteen, Zhang Ping, who had never left his hometown, did not understand. Sometimes the more prosperous and richer the place, When it was unveiled the dirt under it became more and more dirty.

He didn’t dare to comb too hard, for fear of pulling and hurting the little ghost, Zhang Ping had to moisten him with a cloth towel and a little water. After finally combing the hair through the buns, and the time spent washing the face, half an hour has passed.

Zhang Ping went out to pour water. As he poured the water, he wondered why no one had come to teach him how to help the fourth Prince dress and also to tell him the necessary common sense of the fourth princes’ living habits, likes and dislikes.

When Zhang Ping went out, Huang Fu Jie finally dared to open his eyes.

He raised his hand and looked at it, then touched his hair. No pain, no injury. Then he saw the food box on the table.

When Zhang Ping came in, he found that the fourth Prince’s highness was still sitting on the stool in the same way, but his eyes were open.

“Your Highness, your servant is waiting for you to eat. “

Zhang Ping said as he took out all the meals in the food box.

There is a bowl of porridge, two steamed buns, two steamed dumplings, a boiled egg, and a small dish mixed with minced meat.

Zhang Ping and Huangfu Jie swallowed their saliva together.

Huangfu Jie secretly looked at Zhang Ping, wondering if he would leave him something to eat, even a mouthful of porridge.

Zhang Ping thought of the steamed bread in his food box, a little salted vegetables. He only hoped that the other side could eat it quickly, so that he could also have time to fill his stomach. He’s so stupid. He should have eaten before he served the little ghost

Huangfu Jie saw Zhang Ping put his chopsticks in front of him and poured porridge for him. When it was ready, he just sit still.

Doesn’t he eat?

Huangfu Jie stared at the bowl and suspecting what would be in it.

Maybe he could not endure hunger after all, but Huangfu Jie picked up the chopsticks.

When Huangfu Jie finished his breakfast and Zhang Ping also put away the boxes, he still couldn’t believe that he had a beautiful breakfast today.

Will he have a stomachache later?

After thinking about it, he always thought that there would be no good thing for Huangfu Jie when Zhang Ping went back to the house, he picked up the small book bag and ran out of the yard.

So when Zhang Ping was going to tidy up his fourth Highness’s clothes and send him to Imperial college and return to the house, his fourth Prince’s highness had disappeared.

Zhang Ping did not know if he should send lunch for him

It happened that Hongxiu asked him to ask. He asked by the way.

Hongxiu replied: It didn’t seem to have been delivered before, but it was supposed to be delivered.

Zhang Ping didn’t know what Hongxiu meant, he could only understand it according to his own understanding.

Hongxiu asked him about his impression of the fourth prince.

Zhang Ping is very honest to answer: the fourth Prince’s highness is different from others, this servant dare not comment at will.

Except for his looks? Hongxiu asked again.

Zhang Ping still answers honestly: the person is a little strange, strangely afraid of people.

Hongxiu finally smiled with satisfaction, and specifically commanded: After all, the fourth princes are the fourth princes. No matter how wicked and ugly he is, he can’t cut the face of the virtuous concubine.The rules that should be obeyed before a man must be obeyed. As for the latter, you and him will live in that yard alone. As long as nothing serious happens, no one will take care of you. Do you understand?

Zhang Ping understands. He finally understood that Hongxiu daren seemed to hate Fourth His Royal Highness .I don’t know what kind of expression the virtuous imperial concubine will look like if she knows someone treats her son like this?

Although Zhang Ping was a little shocked, he was not stupid at all. Of course, he would not go to the virtuous concubine to accuse her trusted palace maid, unless he didn’t want to live.

Anyway, Hongxiu just said that only he and the fourth prince lived in the courtyard, He is the only one who knows how to deal with the fourth prince.To do things, as his father said, it’s good to be worthy of your conscience.

Hongxiu seemed to favor him, and unexpectedly took him personally to familiarize himself with everything. For example, the knowhow on how to speak short and less, Who to lead with, who he can’t offend, etc., at noon, he was asked to serve the concubine with her and several court eunuchs for lunch, and then gave some concubines leftovers for him to eat

Looking at the sky, Zhang Ping decides not to send lunch to the fourth Prince today. Now he will go back to prepare bath water for his highness.

But what Zhang Ping didn’t expect was such an ordinary business of bathing the prince would lead him to break his promise to his mother that he would mind his own business only after 3 months of entering the palace.

Picking up the child’s clothes was a bit harder than he thought.

However this is but a small matter

Basically the child in his arms is surprisingly obedient.

When he came back, he warmed up the Chinese food and served him. When he ate, the little four princes kept looking at him with a strange look.

The child can eat very much, even more than when he was so old. He had eaten all the breakfast and a lot of mid-day meals. Unexpectedly, he also filled all of them into his stomach, which made his stomach bulge.

While he was packing the food box, the child went to the garden to play, and Zhang Ping didn’t care about him. Such a big child is always inseparable from mud. No one told him what the prince could or could not do, and he was happy to follow his own way.

He told his fourth highness that the bath water was ready. He wanted to wait on him. The child shrank obviously. But when Zhang Ping reached out to him, he did not refuse.

Huangfu Jie dare not to refuse.

This eunuch was the strangest person he had ever met.

He didn’t know what he would do to him. He always felt that it would be the same as before. Maybe a new palace maid would come out in a little while and mock and torture him with the new eunuch.

Why can’t all eunuchs and maids die?

It’s warm in the bathroom. Zhang Ping took a lot of charcoal and firewood. He prepared a small stove and a large pot of hot water for standby.

When Zhang Ping helped his fourth highness to undress, the child shivered and grabbed his belt with his small hand.

“Your Highness, will you wash your hair first? Zhang Ping saw that he refused, but he couldn’t encourage him. He decided to wash his hair first.

Huangfu jie gloomily looked at him with a straight face.

Perhaps his expression is not gloomy, but because of his appearance, it makes people look like his face is gloomy, like a sick little demon.

Zhang Ping’s scalp is a bit numb, thinking how can a good child grow up like this? It’s no wonder that Hongxiu hates him like that, or that his emperor’s father no longer comes to Ruihua palace.

If he didn’t have to wait on the kid, if he only saw him on the side of the road, Zhang Ping believed that he would never want to be close to him. People inevitably have the habit of admiring the handsome and resenting ugliness. This is human nature, and no one can escape it.

But now that he is his servant, taking care of him is what he should do.

“His Royal Highness, this slaves crossed.” As he said, Zhang Ping gently hugged His Royal Highness horizontally to his legs and let him lie down.

Huangfu Jie closed his eyes, as if he were a dead man just letting Zhang Ping fiddle with him

He had no idea what Zhang Ping was going to do to him, and his muscles became tense.

What is coming shall come alas

The hair has been untied, and the long hair has never been taken care of seriously. Just like this child, it looks weak and feeble, it feels rough to touch, and its tail is withered

A warm hand held the back of his head, and a scoop of just the right temperature of hot water poured on his hair.

A ladle of water gradually soaked his long hair. The eunuch didn’t know what to use to spread it on his hair. He rubbed his hands on his head together.

In fact, Zhang Ping’s movements are not gentle. As a big boy, where can you expect his movements to be gentle?

But he has the experience of taking care of his younger brothers. Bathing and shampooing the kids is more convenient. Naturally, he will not make water or soap liquid horn into children’s eyes or ears.

He doesn’t have long fingernails, and he can hold a little force when he grasps and rubs, which won’t hurt the child’s scalp.

Rubbing, rubbing, washing and pouring. The hair of these four princes is really dirty! Zhang Ping is washing while trying to get rid of the lice. Although the emperor also had three jade lice there were too many on his son.

Huangfu Jie’s tense muscles relaxed a little. It’s a wonderful feeling. He doesn’t know how to describe it.

Is this how it feels to be an immortal?

Am I a fairy? Huangfu Jie is hazy and has a kind of idea that he doesn’t want to wake up. Every time the eunuch scratched and rubbed his scalp, he felt numb all over.

Zhang Ping looked at the two buckets that were full of dirty water. He shook his head. Thanks to his rich experience, he prepared two more buckets, otherwise, the dirty water would not know where to pour.

He twists the child’s hair as much as possible, rubs it with a cloth towel and wraps it several times. Lift His Royal Highness Four from his lap.

The fourth highness was still confused and could not stand stably. Zhang Ping quickly helped him, “Your Highness, your servant will undress you, and you must clean yourself. “

Huangfu Jie opens his eyes and grabs his belt with his small hand subconsciously.

Zhang Ping noticed that he had to pull down the child’s hand and stretch out his hand to take off his clothes and trousers. He thought the little child was just shy with strangers

Huangfu Jie fist shook, no longer grabbing his clothes, he stood still and let Zhang Ping strip him.

Zhang Ping’s eyes widened when the child’s chest was exposed.

Who did this little ghost fight with? No wonder Hongxiu said that he had a bad personality, and it really made sense.

But is there too much purple? Zhang Ping is a little distressed, even if it’s not his brother, but it’s always sad to see such a small child injured. In those days, he fought with the children in the village. They were all bigger than themselves. He would never fight against the smaller and shorter ones.

Taking off his shirt, he found that not only his chest but also his arm was scarred. Zhang Ping grabbed these two arms and turned them over and looked at them. It’s not like bruises from fighting.

Inadvertently looking at the child’s back, Zhang Ping’s eyes were completely straight.

Is this? There seems to be something hitting in the brain, and the anger goes straight to the sky.

Which Ugly Son of a Bitch is not raised by Human beings, and can give Such A Cruel Hand to A Child! The I Fuck your Ancestors for Eighteen Generations! You just wait, Don’t let me catch you fucker! Zhang the Ping’s Eyes are Red.

The skin behind such a small, weak little baby is not intact. One by one, he doesn’t know what to draw out of the scar tired layer after layer, the top layer is still bleeding.

What kind of animal did these, and How could he did it?

Zhang Ping was extremely distressed and extremely uncomfortable. At this time, he had never been so glad that he had sold himself, otherwise, maybe his brother would suffer such a crime outside in the future. This is still a prince. If it is a normal child who is a slave to others, it could have been worse!

He reached out and gently touched the injured spine of the child. The child’s body shook and his eyes closed tightly.

Zhang Ping burst, “fuck me! Who did this? No way! I want to tell your mother! “

Zhang Ping stood up angrily, even forgetting his modest name. In his opinion,the fourth prince’s mother must have not known. If his own mother saw these injuries on his body, it would be strange if she didn’t shout for knife and fought with others!

Hearing that Zhang Ping was going to find his mother, Huangfu Jie opened his eyes and grabbed Zhang Ping.


The little fourth Prince actually knelt down for him in the tub.

“I’m wrong. Don’t go to my mother. I beg you, I’ll give you all my food, and you can take the valuable things in the room. Don’t go to my mother, will you? ” The ugly child grabbed Zhang Ping’s sleeve and begged.

This is Zhang Ping’s first time listening to the child talk to him.

He heard, what did the child say?

This is the prince?

A prince kneeling to a eunuch without reason?

Is there such a humble prince in the world?

Anger, heartache and indescribable affliction made Zhang Ping’s compassion and caring for the baby soar in an instant, which made his mother’s orders all pushed at the back of his head.

He can’t watch such a small child being bullied. Isn’t he just a little uglier and weirder than others? Why, ugly people are not human?! From now on, he will do his best to protect him. It has nothing to do with whether he is the prince or not.

Zhang Ping squats down and raises the child.

“Your Highness, you are not wrong. I don’t know why you hurt yourself, but if you wont let me go to your mother, I won’t go. “Zhang Ping never spoke in such a whisper, just like he was afraid of frightening children.

“Come on, I’ll wash your body for you. Then I’ll ask you to let me give you some medicine. Only in this way can the injury get better quickly. “

Zhang Ping took off the rest of the children’s clothes and trousers, and saw that the child’s thin body was covered with scars, some of which were made by hard objects, some of which were poked by sharp objects, some of which were scalded, and some of which were cut by knives.

Such a small body is full of countless scars.

Are his attendants blind? Or…

Which mother can give up her child like this? Why didn’t the fourth Prince let him go to his mother?

Are these all directed by Hongxiu?

Zhang Ping suddenly stood up and whirled around the child. His fists were clenched, and he said, “Bastard!”! Not human! You’d better not fall on my Zhang Ping’s hand! Otherwise, I’ll beat you to tears! “

Huangfu Jie followed him with dull eyes, a little afraid in his heart.

The Ugly Prince Chapter 3.2

Of course, the most important thing is that he has to practice his peerless martial skills during this period.

After tidying up his room, he also diligently cleaned the yard.

He doesn’t know if this is how the princes live, or only the fourth prince … uh, it looks a lot better than his house. But it really wasn’t even close to where he imagined the princes would live.

There seems to be no one coming to the yard and leaves fall all over the ground. Some flowers and plants were planted in the yard, but they were also very messy. A locust tree with a thick thigh was planted in a corner of the yard alone, and the leaves on the ground are what falls from it.

There are three main rooms, two side room, and a small kitchen. However the people living here are only him and the fourth prince, which is quite deserted. But fortunately, no one is watching him. He is more free to do things, and he can get less scolding and beating. In this way, it suddenly feels like it’s good to be assigned here. His heart is happy, even how he sweeps the floor is more energetic.

After the yard was cleaned, he became curious.

Was the fourth prince really obedient, and honestly keep facing the wall?

On tiptoe, he walked quietly to the door of the fourth prince’s quarter and peaked in through the window. Vaguely, a shadow could be seen kneeling in the corner without moving a muscle.

Tsk! Really obedient! Zhang Ping admired. Several brothers in his family have never been so obedient when punished. When their father, mother or elder brother are not in sight, they would immediately do what they want

Seeing that it was almost dark, and hearing the bell ringing outside, Zhang Ping reminded himself that he should go get his meal. Sure enough, out on the courtyard, the eunuchs who would also go to receive the meal had been instructed by Hongxiu to wait for him.

Zhang Ping has a kind look and well-spoken. The eunuch who went with him was about his age and he had a good impression of him. At first they kept silent, but later they talked and laughed.

Zhang Ping thought that Hongxiu Daren must be very strict with the people in the palace at ordinary times, otherwise the little eunuchs would never make fun of her. Zhang Ping learned from the eunuchs that Hong Xiu hated it most when people said she was fat because she had a round face and had been ridiculed by Shu Fei.

Zhang Ping stayed in the dining hall for dinner in order to strike a good rapport with everyone, while also prying about the fourth prince, intentionally or not.

After eating, Zhang Ping decided to visit his young master.

In the darkness of the house in the middle of winter, he can’t see anything clearly. Zhang Ping slaps his head, damn it, surprisingly he forgot to put on the light for the fourth prince. He rushed back to his quarter to get a candle and knock on the door.

“Your Highness, your slave is here to light your lamp. ”

Even after a while, there was no response from the room.

Zhang Ping didn’t know that the people who lived in this Ruihua Palace never asked permission to enter Huang Fu Jie’s room, and Huang Fu Jie didn’t know how to respond.

Knocking on the door again, Zhang Ping was uneasy in his heart and pushed the door into the room while saying he was impolite.

The dim candlelight reflected a small dark shadow in the corner of the wall. Zhang Ping found the candlestick only to find that there was no candle, so he had no choice but to put down the only candle in his hand and said to the Fourth Prince : “Your Highness, I’m going to fetch some candles. Don’t be afraid. The servant will be back soon. ”

The black shadow did not move.

Zhang Ping had never seen such a strange child, how could he dare to be alone in such a dark room ?

He went to the side room where the sundries are placed, searched for a large handful of candles, he hold them and leave

The candlestick filled with candles lit up the dark room in a flash.

Zhang Ping looked at the fourth prince who was still kneeling in the corner of the wall, he who had been instructed didn’t dare say anything more. Even if he felt that things were strange and that the fourth prince seemed to be a little pitiful, but he had no clue, he could only withdraw silently.

Late at night, Zhang Ping, who had finished his breathing exercises*, in bed and did not sleep very well. One , he is still unfamiliar with the place and second, due to the twitching general pain coming from the lower body from time to time.

As he gently turned over, suddenly, Zhang Ping opened his eyes. There’s someone in the room!


It’s quiet, the room is unusually quiet.

Zhang Ping pricked up his ears, his senses had always been keen, there was no way he could not sense that there was someone in the room. Sure enough, when he listened intently, a faint breath came from a corner of the room.。

Zhang Ping gets up.

A dark shadow quickly ran to the window, and with both hands climbed to the edge of the window, trying to escape from the window

Zhang Ping moved much faster than he did, the opponent hadn’t even flipped out the window before he caught him in the act.

” Who are you? ” Run to my quarter…….” Before Zhang Ping could finish his sentence, he was already dumbfounded

He said the feeling on his hand was not right. Such a small height, such a thin and weak body

God! This kid is so skinny. It’s all bones.

“Your Highness? “Zhang Ping asked tentatively.

The black shadow turned back.

With the moonlight coming in from the window, what Zhang Ping saw was a face that could frighten people to death in the middle of the night.

Compared to ordinary people the eyebrow bones are more raised, compared to ordinary people the Eyes are deeper, The blood-red birthmarks are scratched from the center of the eyebrow to both cheeks like a herringbone. The face pale, eyes swarthy.

Zhang Ping exhaled a breath. This fourth prince really looked different from normal people.

His mother was also a famous ugly daughter-in-law, but she’s got at least five features, the top face is flatter, it was the exact opposite of the face shape of this fourth prince. That can’t be helped, that’s what happened when his mother was born and refused to come out and was clamped out.。

For this reason, his mother suffered a lot in half her life, and when she married his father, she was hindered by his grandparents because of her ugly appearance. Good thing his dad really likes his Mom.

Zhang Ping let go. The fourth prince, Huangfu Jie, immediately climbed out of the window.

Zhang Ping scratched his head, would he take a beating? And why does His Royal Highness Fourth come to his house?

Looking around with the candle lit, there seemed to be nothing missing. Ah! Zhang Ping stared at the tabletop as he remembered that he had brought back some of the leftover steamed buns with him. When he was still growing, he would be easily hungry at night, he would take a bite before going to sleep.

But now half of the steamed bun that he bit is gone.

Er, the prince stole a slave’s food? No one could believe it.

The kid was probably starving, So thin…how could a prince be as thin as a skeleton?

And I hear he’s nine years old, right? Why does he look so small? He remembered his fifth brother being that tall when he was five or six. If we pull his family’s fifth son to this fourth prince, Surely no one would believe that the Fourth Prince was older than his brother.

Should he check on him? Zhang Ping hesitated.

And does he need to report this to Hongxiu daren?

Standing still for a while, unable to make a judgement, Zhang Ping finally chose to go back to bed. At the same time, he decided not to report the matter.

The next day, Zhang Ping got up early.

First thing after getting in the morning he brings some water, and then fire up the long-unused stove to boil the water, luckily there’s firewood left. Then he went to get his breakfast and took his share with the fourth prince. He thought was going to see some kind of delicacy, The results are just ordinary. But it definitely looks better than what he eats.。

By the time everything was ready, the drums of the Wu Geng* happened to sound. It was time for the imperial concubines, including the Emperor, to rise.

He prepared a face towel, hot water, and carried the copper basin to the outside of the Fourth Prince’s quarter, Zhang Ping stood at the door and called out softly; “Your Highness, it’s time to rise.”

There was a noise in the room.

Zhang Ping had already learned that His Highness, the Fourth Highness, must attend classes at the Imperial Academy at Chen Shi* every day. Before that, he had an hour and a half to wash and dine.

Zhang Ping was about to call out again when the door opened in front of him.

His fourth Royal Highness had already put on clothes, trousers, shoes, and socks, and seems ready to go out.

“Your Highness, where are you going?

Huang Fu Jie glanced at him strangely, and it seemed as if he had just now discovered the copper basin he was holding in his hand. It’s mid-morning spring, it’s still a little cold, The copper pots that were steaming looked tempting. he was afraid that the eunuch would give him an initial show of strength- scalding him with hot water, So he decided to go to the water tank himself and see if there was any water, If so, get some water to dab.

Zhang Ping, who had followed behind Huang Fu Jie, found out that His Highness, the Fourth Prince, washed his face with a spoonful of water himself, still cold water, he could not help but widen his eyes.

“Isn’t he cold? He picked it out of the well early in the morning, it’s no different from ice water, even he can’t stand it.

Even Zhang Ping couldn’t care less about making mistakes, leaving aside the identity of the fourth prince, this was a kid. He’s been taking care of their younger brothers since his eldest sister was married, he has never let his brothers wash their faces in the cold.

He put his hands on the stone table in the courtyard and rushed to take the gourd ladle from Huangfu Jie’s hands. Zhang Ping forcefully picked up the fourth prince and carried the man back to his room, making him sit down on a stool. He went back to bring the hot water again, really, the water in the basin was so cold. Luckily, he had some left on the stove.

Zhang Ping refilled the water, brought it into the house, and brought in the lunch box as well.

After doing this, Zhang Ping was worried about the fourth prince getting angry at first, but seeing that he seemed quite well-behaved and even a bit scared, he also put his heart down. At the same time, he does’t know why he feels a little weird about it.

Why does he feel that this fourth Prince is not as naughty and ugly as Hongxiu or other people say?

Huangfu Jie hasn’t dared to move around since Zhang Ping took the gourd, he didn’t understand why this eunuch had to be so fierce. Will he not even let him wash his face with cold water in the future? Or does he have to blanch him with hot water to make him tribute the food that belongs to him as before?

Will he hit him?

He looked much bigger and taller than he was, not as tall as the adult Gaoxin, but also menacing enough for him. His fist must have hurt more than his brothers’ fists, right?

Last night, he went to steal his steamed bun. Surely he’ll report to Hong Xiu and his mother. At that time, he didn’t know how long he would be hungry.

Huang Fu Jie sat on a stool with his legs hanging in the air, his eyes tightly closed, waiting for the pain to come.

It was hot. At first, it scared him, but later, it felt very comfortable. The hot towel rubbed on his face.

While scrubbing the little prince’s face, Zhang Ping thought to himself that this prince’s face did not seem to have been seriously washed. He sniffed, as if there was a smell in the hair too. He thought to give him a good wash in the afternoon when he comes back from class.

Wash his face and hands, loosen his hair, and help him to comb again. The hair was probably done by himself, but it was a child’s hand after all. It’s okay to look at it from a distance, but it would be a mess from a near distance.

As soon as the comb went in, Zhang Ping regretted it. He should have been washed first. What a mess it’s become! And there is lice.

The Ugly Prince chapter 3.1

This was the first time Zhang Ping had seen Huang Fu Jie.

A strange child. That was his first impression of him.

As they walked into the gloomy dark  room, that fourth prince was facing them with his back to the wall, kneeling straight

“This is the madam consort punishing him to face the wall so that he can learn to meditate. ”  Hong Xiu  explained softly in Zhang Ping’s ear. 

“Your Highness, you turn around. I’ve brought someone for you to recognize.”

Hearing Hong Xiu’s tone of voice was so disrespectful  to the fourth prince, Zhang Ping was astonished.

“Your Servant Zhang Ping,His Highness the Fourth Prince.Your Highness, Long live.” Zhang Ping kneeled to the back of the fourth prince and kowtowed in greeting.

Hong Xiu took a glance at Zhang Ping and didn’t say anything more.

At the command of the Hong Xiu, the fourth prince turned around and looked over to this side. He was face-to-face with Zhang Ping, who had come to see him.

The fourth prince’s gaze was strange as he looked at the teenager who had his head deeply crouched in front of him without speaking.

“Zhang Ping, lift your head.Your Highness, this eunuch is called Zhang Ping, and he will take care of your living in the future.”

Zhang Ping raised his head as instructed, and as soon as he looked up, he saw a ….It was a shock, but thankfully he was brave enough not to do anything out of character.

Seeing that Zhang Ping’s face only bubbled up with some surprise and did not look alarmed and frightened, Hong Xiu could not help but glance at him again. Even the fourth prince dropped his dead fish-like gaze on his face.

“Your servant Zhang Ping, kowtow to His Highness The Fourth Prince. ” Zhang Ping saluted again.

“All right, Zhang Ping, you get up. Your Highness, continue.I’ll take Zhang Ping out to be familiar with the place.”

The fourth prince hadn’t said a word since they came in, and after listening to Hong Xiu’s instructions, he turned around and continued to face his wall. 

Hongxiu took Zhang Ping and told him where to put his daily necessities, and if he didn’t understand anything, he could go directly to her. Finally , she took him to his room to look around.

His room was small and very shabby.  However, he has been sharing bed with his brothers since he was a child. He is still very happy to have a room of his own.

” After serving the fourth prince for dinner every day, you can eat in the palace dining hall with everyone. Take this sign with you, I’ll have someone come and take you in the evening, after that, you can go and collect it yourself, it’s fine to eat there, it’s fine to bring the food back, the rest is not your concern. The fourth Prince’s dine will be sent by the people from the imperial kitchen. Just remember to get it from the vice chief of the imperial kitchen, Chunlan  on time.

Hong Xiu said, tucking him a sign*.

“By the way, you won’t have to take the Fourth Prince’s meal today. In order for him to learn his lesson, Madam made him clear his belly for a day to purify his heart.”


He was punished to kneel and forbidden to eat. For the sake of her son she was really cruel hearted, as expected she is worthy of her name the virtuous consort Xian Fei. Fortunately, his mother is not such a “virtuous” person. If he made mistakes and she would spank him at most. Thinking about it, Zhang Ping once again felt some sympathy for the fourth prince who looked terrible and gloomy at such a young age.

After Hong Xiu  finished her order and left, he tidied up his room slightly. He hang up the new eunuch outfit that had been issued to him today and  the rest of his shoes and socks, and a few personal items that he had been allowed to bring from home , he tucked up together in a well-worn wooden cabinet.

After being busy, He sat on the bed dazed for a moment.

A prince does not have a palace of his own, He lives with his mother, but he doesn’t live in a beautiful palace. Instead, he lives in a small separate courtyard in the corner of the palace.

Perhaps he didn’t quite understand what kind of arrangements the prince usually had. He was the only one serving, so no one would feel normal, no matter how you looked at it.

The attitude of Hong Xiu and other palace people was as if it is just as it is supposed to be.

No wonder they would let him as a newcomer to serve the prince. It wasn’t a step into the sky he imagined, but a foot into the abyss. However, he have settled down now anyway.

Reaching out to feel between his legs, he is still a little un-accustomed to it. It hurt so much that he regretted it. If he knew that it would hurt so much after being castrated, he was afraid he would at least hesitate for a few more days.

He was just trying to be a good, filial son. He couldn’t bear to put his family through difficulties, same for his brother and nieces and nephews.

Heroes aren’t so easy to make. Zhang Ping lamented. But it would be worth it if the knife could help the family get through this difficult time.

He heard that he will never grow a beard again and his voice will never change again.Thankfully, it doesn’t affect his height, but he wants to grow taller and stronger again.

He doesn’t  want much,  so let’s take it as it comes*. The first thing he needs to do is to save more money in the palace, so that when he leaves the palace in the future, you won’t have to worry about food and drink, and he can’t really let his big brother support him,  he also wants to save money to redeem himself. His parents had told him to redeem himself no matter what.

Upcoming Danmei adaptation

Hello BL and danmei lovers alike, how is your The Untamed obsession, are you over it or still checking the special version? i just realized i never posted about CenQingLing when it aired would it be to late to dedicate a blog post to fangirl about it?

So there was a list going around about latest danmei fiction which going to be adapted into drama which got me very excited since last year.


However it was in chinese character as a fans who have close to zero chinese ability but a lot will power I painstakingly collect and translate info from https://new.qq.com/omn/20190825/20190825A08B0000.html various resource just to share
Please check it out here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1u8jPI3WpATuzJJQk27RtxVQGxIyxcHx_/view?usp=sharing

I notice there was an error on the list they skipped no 41 double listing on no 18 & 45 伪装学渣 fake slacker as well as no 40 & 54 大神养成计划 (so the total should be 56 titles only)

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Danmei Reading List (Completed)

Hello all happy new year, i didn’t update the blog for quite a while, today i wanted to update and fix my reading list of novel I have finish reading focusing the one with completed translation, or almost finished and i like, i also have this list on novel update that i update more often check that for more novel i’m reading

i’ll input short description/tags as well for you to pick which one you like cause i like some weird/dark/tragedy danmei as well
the note and list will be updates as I need

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Review: Promised Sealed With Our Kiss


When we met for the first time inour first year of high school, he saw my contempt, but silently continued to clean;

In our second year, he kneeled in front of me while enduring the ridicule of others, “Can you please beat me up to vent your anger, then forgive me?”

From then on he would calmly fulfill our appointments: that horrible wound in physical education class, his guilt when he wore three layers of pants, the bruised and battered body that presented itself before my eyes, then I carried the trembling him…….

In our third year, we fell out because of the anger from being betrayed – but now that I think about it, how could that have been betrayal, why did he dare to be friends with me? Even though it was because of my rejection that he once again had to endure violence, what hung on his lips were still “I was the one who lied to you, it’s my fault for making you angry.”

Shi Yan couldn’t help but lift his head up and control the heat in his eyes, while his ears were still ringing from He Nuo’s words that were filled with gratitude, “You are the one who treats me the best!”

I’m so happy everytime i found a novel that captivate me emotionaly

I like everything about this novel, being a sucker for angst, slice of life romance Continue reading Review: Promised Sealed With Our Kiss