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MyungJong (Myungsoo aka L x Sungjong, infinite)

Myungsoo & Sungjong is the pairing from K-POP boyband Infinite
They looked sooo good together
L is a very touchy feelly love to do skinship person, he loves to touch his band member, above all he loves to caress Sungjong hair which he thinks is very beautiful
Sungjong IMO is the most effeminate member of Infinite, he is good with girlband dance move he has this cute and innocent persona and very funny

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My Top List Bishounen Pairing ^0^ v2.0

Wuih dah lama bgt sejak saya ngomongin tentang OTP dan penyakit shipping saya, time have passed so much now i think its time to update you about my recent top pairings

This entry is to update My Top List Bishounen Pairing ^0^ which i posted in 2008
this is an additional list from before so i wont post the previous pairing again although i still love them obviously (YunJae forever!!!)
check the previous list on

Here are the list of pairing which captivated my heart from 2012-2014
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Myungjong moment OGS INA 2013

ok i need to post myungjong moment in jakarta, i was so happy to see them live @ last night One Great Step concert in MEIS Jakarta

the day before, i saw pictures of Sungjong whispering something to L during Jakarta press conference  enough to make my heart melt


credit pic: @GyuL_Holic 300813

BS69Ce0CMAAtsl0credit pic: @Relawan_konser 300813

just enough to make me more excited for the concert

and then at the concert, i was waiting for another moment but they keep going different direction, but then just about when they going to say final meeting it happens ^__________^

310813 OGS INASunggyu was doing final gretting for the fans and they were kinda sad

so Sungjong probably feeling touched because the show was about to end so then he suddenly went to L and hug him for comfort ❤

BTArvhICIAARbpEcredit pic: @madeinL 310813

by the look L give in this picture i  think he was not expecting this hug, the hugged for a few second and they let go and as usual, L tap & caress Sungjong hair ❤

to bad i cant find someone picture capturing that moment–>updated

anyway I saw them liveeeee o hoho my heart ❤ thank youuu Infinite please come again to Jakarta

update >> more myungjong pictures from last night concert

credit pic: @ctranatalia 310813

credit pic: @ctranatalia 310813

BTElBAsCcAA1-N4credit pic:@auliarahmadiani 310813

BTEQ-UUCYAElrNwcredit pic: @Mabelnathania

BTFzS7tCQAAE0ZDcredit pic: @yeolcaramel