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BL Recommendation: Recent favourite manga, manhwa and dramas

Hallo so today i would like  to recommend some of BL’s and Dramas that i have enjoyed recent couple of month, its not anything new cause i’m quite late on reporting. i dont know why it took me forever i repeat forever to write just a simple blog entry being lazy and all

First lets start with the manga

I love the stories that breaks your heart and then mend it for you,
which is why i recommend some of those types of stories
like one of my recent fav which i already reviewed so it wont be included here anymore
was Yukidoke no Koi you need to check that one out also it is really good

My no 1 recommendation for that kind of story is Hana ni Kuchizuke

hana ni kuchizukeC6F1-k3XEAAbn5f

Just before their high school graduation, Hajime lost his virginity to his best friend Hanatarou. Soon afterwards, Hanatarou disappeared from his life without a word. Three years later he’s back…but as a cross-dresser! Hajime is dumbfounded, but have his feelings really changed?
The confused love between two earnest, awkward men.

next is a two book Arc of Kare no Barairo no Jinsei and Ringo ni Hachimitsu
download (2)

this is also really cute give you that spice to your heart
its about being in love but yet having doubt and feeling scared being convinced that someday your partner would leave you to have more ‘normal’ relationship in society
this manga also explain about coping with the loneliness of feeling different than everyone else


and while i’m writing this blog i found this nice entry that click with my taste http://adamantineheart.tumblr.com/post/32192233880/i-feel-like-i-havent-read-any-bl-in-ages-but

from there i found another manga Koi to Yobenai
KOi to wa Yobenai

for more new one i am starting to read No Color Baby , its only 1st chapter of scanlation and i kinda dig it and i hope it well develop much better


and then move on with things i’m into lately which is manhwa

the one title i absolutely adore lately are FOOLS

the main couple are super cute!!
i love their character, a tsundere seme and a cinnamon roll uke

Eungi has been in college without being engaged with others. One day by encounter, he finds the secret of underclassman Jeongwoo. Why are you so nervous to forget? A love story that’s both easy and difficult.


if you like simple and cute , fluffy heartwarming story you’ll love this one

being indonesian i’m so happy to be able to read this manhwa up to ch 39 in my language from the original source

if you are in the mood for more hot smut manhwa, maybe you would like to check out
window beyond window or all about lust

i’m also reading another manhwa which is Hate Mate , the story also pretty much my taste and i’m looking forward how the story will evolve

actually i’m also looking forward for the manhwa Spring in my heart by Bbong, unfortunately it got disqualified by Lezhin for breaking copyright right for the idea

I have a really sad news. So as some of you may be aware right now, Spring in the Heart has been disqualified from Lezhin's 3rd World contest and won't be serialized on Lezhin anymore. I was first made aware of this when I went to Lezhin's website the other day and can't see Spring in the Heart on the list of winners anymore, and in the end of the page there was a note that said that 3 of the winners have been found out to have violated the contest's rules and were hereby disqualified. I did some digging around and someone asked Lezhin about this matter and they replied that due to violations and forfeiture of the creator, the comic has been disqualified. They didn't elaborate any further. Bbong/Dami has also deleted her tweet about the said comic. I don't know what the future of the comic will be but I hope that Bbong/Dami would still publish it on another comic site. I'm extremely dismayed about this because I was so looking forward to it and I'm sorry if this is the first time that you hear about this disheartening news. If Bbong does say something about it on twitter, I will inform you right away. Let's just hope for the best. Edit: Bbong said that it was because she wasn't aware that the concept of hanahaki had a copyright owner. Hence she was disqualified 😦 . . #springintheheart #bbong #dami #news

A post shared by 🌸 M A R U 🌸 (@maru_fujoshi) on

other than that you may wonder why havent i mention KILLING STALKING well i did read and plan on keep reading that manhwa cause i’m pretty fucked up and i like really dark story as well but i dont think i need to recommend it anymore cause most people already know killing stalking and what it is about

For Drama this is my recommendation right now actually i have a lot more list of new drama but its too much and currently i’m sticking to what i enjoy

HIStory web series
if you are uptodate with BL dramas probably you wont miss this, HIStory is a taiwan BL series that was devided in 3 Arc
My Hero, Stay Away from Me, and Obsessed

from these 3 stories my favourite and everyone else favourite ofcourse is Obsessed cause the make out scene was sizling hot i havent seen this much action since Like Love and Counter Attack

and I also love it for being a Taiwan drama which make it more free of expression without being worried with cencorship and government oppression like in China

Puppy Honey S2

OFF and GUN everyone !!! they are really really cute
i like Gun Attaphan since i 1st saw him cause he is just so pretty and he look good to be paired with any hot guy, but i didnt expect him to be able to blend with off very much, off bring out the playfull side of him that i didnt see before, with his previous movie partner he was very calm and professional

let me insert an Off Gun interview for season2 just because i love ’em :p

Diary of Tootsies the Series S2

season 1 trailer

season 2 trailer

I really like this series since the previous season this is SUPER SUPER hilarious and the friendship stories are wonderfull
kinda like Sex in the city , the Toot (sissy) version

and also they feature Jayler as Top the pair for the main character Gus in this series let me tell you that kid is hot as fxxx

Boys Next Door (썸남)
its a korean bromance / misunderstanding series based on a webtoon, an so far it is really2 entertaining

my friend said that the title 썸남 actually mean “something going on (red:affair) with that guy”
webtoon here>> http://m.comic.naver.com/webtoon/list.nhn?titleId=654331&no=&seq=

i kinda wish it will develop like The Lover (Joonjae x Takuya) but i think its only limited to bromance 😦
oh k-drama when would you give this thirsty fujo a full fledged bl series you have so many cool bl webtoon already, perhaps fool?? anyone with me on this?!!

thats all for now maybe i’ll tweek this entry again later if i remember something i forgot to say or anything byeee


Review : Yukidoke no koi (Love that melt the snow)

“We are the only one locked up in this white world”

Title : yuki doke no koi (love that melted snow

Author : Itz

Rating :💝💝💝💝💝

Will they find happiness with each other or will they face pain and suffering? Is it a risk worth taking?

This beautiful manga follows the story of two men bound together by fate, Someya Yoshiyuki and Sumito Takada. One is a handsome and talented teacher, whilst the other is one of his students who is excitable and striving to be as popular as his teacher and to discover his meaning in the world.

Meaningful, sweet and heart breaking, a manga impossible to stop reading even for a second.  (manga updates)

To my excuse i’ve been busy that i am very late to post this post

This manga scanlation was release a while back and i was immediately captivated as i was reading it

I found the existence of this manga trough ig account @maru_fujoshi (hey you owner thank you)

For you guys fujo and fudan who like some yummy up to date yaoi news you’ll be interested to follow that account , careful if you dont like spoilers tho

The story is trully beautiful and heart wrenching definitely my kind of love story

It content 3 separate story , if you already cried reading the 1st story i dont know if you could handle getting your heart ripe apart by the 2nd and third story

But dont worry this is still a very sweet and heart warming story not the kind that make you depressed

Review: Feng Yu Jiu Tian

纵使成为十一国之主 你是我的容恬
纵使兵败国亡 你是我的容恬
就像我 永远是你的凤鸣

Even though you become the king of the 11 kingdoms, you are my Rong Tian.
Even though you lose in the battle, you are my Rong Tian.
Just like me, I am always your Feng Ming.
– Feng Ming to Rong Tian

天下壮丽江山 吴与你共享
世间轰烈快事 吾与你分尝
惟有灾难 吾一人独挡

I will share this beautiful world together with you.
I will share this world’s most happiest things with you.
Only disaster I will bear it alone.
– Rong Tian to Feng Ming


凤于九天 The Ravishing of the Crown Prince (Feng Yu Jiu Tian)

Feng Ming was only 19 when he lost his life saving a child from death.  Without hesitation, the grateful father of the rescued child grants Feng Ming a second chance at life. Unknown to Feng Ming, his soul is whisked away to a far away ancient land (resembling the dynasties of China.)

Upon waking up, he finds himself inhabiting the frail body of Xi Lei/Thunder Kingdom’s crowned prince who is also graced  with the title of the most beautiful man across all the lands. However, his beauty has a price as he attracts the unwanted attention of the minister of affairs, Rong Tian who finds every reason to torment the prince mentally and physically. As Feng Ming starts to get a-hold of the conspiracies surrounding him, what will happen when the prince’s  true identity is revealed?’ And what actually happened to the ‘real’ prince?

Credit sookybabi



Another story got me smitten, really this story worth to be called epic
Very detailed and enchanting saga if i may compare this story with something like harry potter
Also as a fans of juunikokki and taiko this story really among those historical fantasy epic, the best thing of course that its a BL version of those story i loved.
The love story is so sweet and the character oh the characther have depth you’ll love or hate each and everyone of them. And yes since i categorized this as a saga, this is a long ass story with most likely would be 30 long volumes. I managed to read the english translation up to mid volume14 and wow what a ride so much have happened that made me laugh, anxious, blush and cry (hueee my ludaaan)

review: http://rainscene.blogspot.co.id/2011/08/feng-yu-jiu-tian.html


manga :: http://manga.animea.net/feng-yu-jiu-tian.html

translation http://xfengyujiutian.tumblr.com/
vol 1-3 http://xfengyujiutian.tumblr.com/Volumes
vol 4 http://www.docfoc.com/feng-yu-jiu-tian-vol-4-pdf
vol 5 http://www.docfoc.com/feng-yu-jiu-tian-vol-5-pdf
vol 6 http://xfengyujiutian.tumblr.com/post/77645540725/feng-yu-jiu-tian-volume-6pdf
vol 7 http://xfengyujiutian.tumblr.com/post/81106745109/feng-yu-jiu-tian-volume-7-complete
vol 8 http://xfengyujiutian.tumblr.com/post/83737917928/feng-yu-jiu-tian-volume-8-pdf
vol 9 http://xfengyujiutian.tumblr.com/post/85558617029/feng-yu-jiu-tian-volume-9-pdf
vol 10 xfengyujiutian.tumblr.com/post/89063775919/fengyujiutianvolume10pdf

vol 11 http://xfengyujiutian.tumblr.com/post/93815297979/feng-yu-jiu-tian-volume-11-pdf
vol 12 http://xfengyujiutian.tumblr.com/post/99362540099/feng-yu-jiu-tian-volume-12-pdf
vol 13 http://xfengyujiutian.tumblr.com/post/111783078229/feng-yu-jiu-tian-volume-13-pdf
vol 14 http://xfengyujiutian.tumblr.com/tagged/Volume%2014


FENG NONG’s Message to her fans:

Words to fans? I’m very happy to have fans in the US and overseas. Because there are passionate fans to do translation, everyone was able to know about “Feng Yu Jiu Tian”
– it was a very nice surprise.
My English is not good, therefore communicating in English is quite difficult, but, I will work hard to improve my English.
“Feng Yu Jiu Tian” started out as a simple time-traveling story. Originally, I wanted to write about a beautiful young man who arrived in ancient period and met many handsome men who tried to woo him, haha. Afterwards, I didn’t know why it became more and more complicated. There are currently 29 Volumes written, I’m working on
writing the 30th. I hope everyone will continue to like this story more and more. I will also put in the effort to give the story a beautiful ending.
— Feng Nong





BL News: seven days promo pic & Timeline next gen stories


The popular BL manga seven days will be adapted to two parts movies, above we can see their first promo pics
the movie will be staring Tomoki Hirose as Shino Yuzuru and James Takeshi Yamada as Seryou Touji





another news from Adam Poe on facebook BL movies group revealed 3 stories included in the new Timeline movie sequel (Thailand)

The 3 stories of Timeline Next Gen are:
1) I Love You
2) Memory
3) Body Language
check out that cast lineup soo freakin cuuute

Also the cast from Fluke Pongsatorn (my bromance) new movie seems alluring ^_^


How will this BL vampire romance turns out??

lets wait and see

Review: Another September

Awal bulan September…
Hiro dikabarkan tewas terjatuh dari air terjun.
Yuuta, sahabat dekatnya, sangat terpukul mendengar kabar itu.
“Kalau Hiro masih hidup… pasti ada satu lagi bulan September yang lain.
Tapi Hiro sudah nggak akan kembali lagi…”

091358210000d0000000_xlUdah pada baca manga yang ini kan? sekitar tahun 2006 diterbitkan oleh elex. Ini salah satu komik taeko watanabe yg memasukkan unsur shonen-ai dan ini salah satu komik KESAYANGAN SAYA BANGET dari Taeko Watanabe, yang lainnya WE ARE, LOOKS LIKE RAIN yang juga Shonen-ai pernah dibahas sebelumnya

Ternyata hari ini saya baru tahu klo komik ini sebenarnya Doujinshi spin off nya Taeko Watanabe sensei untuk
Neon Genesis Evangelion Kaworu & Shinji ♥ WOW saya suka banget pairing Kaworu & Shinji dari awal2 sy suka BL


coba dilihat Hiro mirip Kaworu dan Yuuta mirip Shinji kan character designnya?shinji-y-kaworu-k-lindos-no

aaah jadi tambah cinta sama manga ini (sebenarnya Another Septembernya oneshot sih, di manganya ada 2 cerita lain yg juga really good)
yang belum baca coba cari komik ini deh bagus tapi sedih bgt T^T saya nangis sesengukan baca surat terakhirnya Hiro buat Yuuta

Review: Do Whatever You Want

No matter what happen I know,
I will not loose you

A youth infatuation and lifelong friendship that’s pretty much of what’s going on between the two main characters of Do Whatever you want

Their friendship came from attraction bordering on homoerotic attraction. Jinwon Hyun is a portrait of your regular carefree high school student. And Hooso who was the more mature and calm kind of boy. Jinwon noticed that Hooso was constantly staring at him and become more & more curious about his intention. After learning that they share the same interest in music and admiration for each other they become very close. Some time that closeness alienates Jinwon other friends. Enter two girls, Soomin and Dana, and the drama in the 4 characters lives unfolds. How would they cope and examine their feelings for each other.

Some may think that this is not a real shonen-ai, but the attraction and emotion is very clear as the story evolves, it may need a closer look because its subtle-ness. A bittersweet story about love and true friendship, a Na Yeri specialties.

Sakuragari scanlation final

My favorite manga Sakuragari scanlation have reached final chapter ♥

chapter 8 & 9 scanlation are available on Mangafox

we can also download the chapters from here >> http://community.livejournal.com/sakura_gari/23290.html

now i’m still waiting for my copy of volume 3 from Kinokuniya 🙂

its great cause i’ve been waiting for ages for the scanlation, but it is also sad cause i cant read anymore Sakuragari =’ |

i wish Watase Yu sensei would consider to make the sequel ;p

Hunting Exceptionally Good BL Manga/Manhwa

I’m in the mood for manga hunting & wish to find a BL /Shonen-ai manga with great story that I haven’t read before

any suggestion??

I got one recommendation from about.com but they are mostly licensed

Talking about some of great BL manga here is my list ❤ just like the way i like it with romance, fluf , angst XDD
(not in order of rank cause i cant choose :P)


CUT or anything with Touko Kawai-sama name

Koori no Mamono no Monogatari or anything with Sugiura Shiho-sama name


Zankokuna kami ga shihaisuru (Moto Hagio)

Yatteraneeze (Meiko Koide)

Haru wo daiteita (Youka Nitta)

Last Client (Kazusa Takashima)

Boys Next Door & Kaine (Kaori Yuki)

Tomoi (Akisato Wakuni)

Koun Danshi/ Lucky Boys & Sakende Yaruze (Satosumi Takaguchi)

i got a lot of favourite actually but that is my top list right now

i’m looking something that could break my heart or make me giggle like crazy or even fall in love with the character hehehe

now any equally good manga recommendation?

Na Ye-ri; Manhwa to look out for

Last night i just read Peter Panda, a ManHwa by Na Yeri (licensed in my country by Elex)
hmm.. Good!!! Great unexpected storyline, and BEAUTIFUL artwork! ❤ ❤
I am familiar with her name because she is a wellknown Yaoi/Sho-ai Manhwa author, but I never grab any of her works just because i DIDN’T read Manhwa ^_^” wrong move! now I know 😛
for those of you who likes reading Drama, Fantasy, Psy Genre, with a hint of Shonen-ai ofcourse (hmm.. sounds like someone I know:p) try this title

This time I’m going to try reading her YAOI piece online
U don’t know me
aaargh online screening ~3~ such a burden ~
does anyone know where I could just download the whole piece??