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Bishonen of the month; Krittapak Udompanich (Boom)

Do you like your bias to be a nerdy cute sweet boy
the only problem is she is not legal for nuna to drool over wkk
not fair  15y’old boy should not be this hot

i must admit this boy is all about my type , sorry Abi-kun :p
Pretty , Smooth Skin, Sweet Smile, Nice Voice, Nice body, Bishounen , my type

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I should skip long introduction cause most likely all of you already know this it boy starring on Thai popular BL series Make it right everyone talkin about right now

  • Name:

    Udompanich Krittapak

  • Native name:

    กฤตภัค อุดมพานิช

  • Also Known as:

    Boom; บูม; Boom Krittapak Udompanich;

  • Nationality:


  • Gender:


  • Born:

    January 12, 2001

  • Age:




Bishounen of the week; Peem

Let me introduce a cute boy from Thailand again Peem Jaiyen

Why do i choose him?

He is on Hormones the series which proves that he can act, aaand he play a gay character (fujo weakness)

He is Straight, he dates a cast of Love Sick The Series and seems so sweet to his GF

He is one Hot piece of ass  abs XDD
12107873_761867640623930_6686922454202669504_n peem

even more he can sing awww

check his instagram @pmpeem

Bishounen of The Week : “Push” Puttichai Kasetsin

i’m currently in love with this thailand hottie after seeing him on ugly duckling the series “perfect match” (watch on youtube)

he is cute, witty, funny and just fun to watch, not to mention that hot body

wpid-1438188967003.jpg wpid-1438188968890.jpg wpid-1438188975865.jpg wpid-tumblr_ms10uk0xaa1s2c7z4o1_500.jpg wpid-md4pkpq.jpg600px-1184773_618656498166550_509449299_n

Push Puttichai Kasetsin (พุฒิชัย เกษตรสิน) started his career as a DJ for Chill FM 89. Later he took on small roles in lakorns until he had his own debut lakorn as p’ek in Leh Nangfah with View Wannarot Sontichai. Since then he has slowly started to gain more fans. Push is known to be flirty and silly with his co-stars and quickly becomes friends with them, many say he’s easy to get along with. Push’s fame starts to grow lakorn after lakorn, making him one of Exact’s best actors.
source :http://www.sharerice.com/index.php/Put_Puttichai

and on top of that he is also good with fanservice awww you know how i love fan service
here was his fanservice for ugly duckling the series


i’m excited for his new lakorn

I wanna be supstar.

i hope someone would kindly sub this lakorn for us ^___^

more gorgeous push >https://huongduong1412.wordpress.com/2015/07/16/push-put-puttichai/

BL News: ′The Prince′s Prince′ starring ftisland jonghoon

11109666_10205156724140030_896055844707126561_n Exciting news from south Korea !! They are currently releasing a webtoon based drama with borderline BL storyline called

′The Prince′s Prince′

프린스의 왕자 (The Hangul read as Prince of Wangja, they differentiate between english and korean word for prince)

The most exciting thing is that my baby Choi Jonghoon from are staring in this one (dokyuuun~~ ) 86832002 Here are the news i copy from BL Movies Fb group , credit Mr Alexander BL Movies

[Korea/Web Drama Series] Prince’s Prince – 프린스의 왕자 (Update: Added Ep.02 Eng Subbed)
Can an older brother save his younger sister? Park Shi Hyun (Jonghun)’s younger sister (Yuna) is so engrossed in video games and her computer, she lives in an imaginary world all her own. Can Shi Hyun get his sister to return to the real world, or will his nemesis Lee Mong Ryong (Lim Yun Ho) stand in the way?
“Prince’s Prince” is a 2015 Korean web drama directed by Shin Joo Hwan. It is based on a popular webtoon by the same name. This series marks the acting debut of Jonghun of the popular Korean pop-rock band FT Island.

Original title 프린스의 왕자 Also known as Prince of Prince, Prince’s Man Broadcast Period 2015-06-08 to 2015-06-19 Rating PG-13 (ENG SUB)
Episode 01 Destined Enemies: https://t.co/TLXMIi9J1c (ENG SUB)
Episode 02 Trojan Horse: https://youtu.be/QgmYaB62WkY

Will just update this post for next episodes!

Personal Note: 1. Yes, this is BL Series produced by KBS. The whole story will make you giggle with the main casts. Acting and Plot are good. Just bare with comic style since this is a web drama and 1 episode usually 10mins only but 2 Episodes per Week, Enjoy! (Edit: Oh this will daily for 2 Weeks!)


BL News : Japan Ame To Kisu

kabegami1920_1080 CGoCHLwUkAAVJRT

Japan will be releasing a new BL live adaptation from manga Ame to Kiss (飴とキス) candy and kiss

DVD Sale event will be held on July 24th, and plan to feature guest stars actor of the movie

Yoshioka Yu 吉岡佑
Kishimoto Takuya 岸本卓也
Toshihiko Tanaka 田中稔彦

(photo’s will be added)

my oh my they are really eye candy


BL News; The Blue Hours, ThirTEEN Terrors Ep13

Ohisashiburi desu , i’m back to bring you the hottest news of BL world First ThirTEEN Terrors , the final episode and also ‘BL’ story episode 13 will be airing soon this week yay 1969126_777821495645129_4078587605963860551_n 1526680_776950579065554_5681533175040184295_n this will be the short version of the story meanwhile the longer movie version of this episode will be participating in Berlin movie festival with title THE BLUE HOURS WOW i really need to watch this one

Tam, a loner gay boy is always bullied by his friends at school. At home, his father who works in the army always beats him. His mother and brother never trust him. One day, Tam gets to know Phum, a mysterious boy on the internet. He goes to meet him at an abandoned swimming pool. They have sex and begin their relationship which will lead Tam to commit the biggest crime of his life.

Read more: http://twitchfilm.com/2015/01/the-blue-hour-check-a-dozen-stills-from-the-berlin-selected-lgbt-mystery-gallery.html#ixzz3Qggz4pSR
Trailer ThirTEEN Teror Ep13

Trailer The Blue Hours

As you can see this movie is a thriller / horror genre

Now fangirling time, i just need to mention that the cast is sooooooooooooooooo cuuuuute of course they are GMM really know how to pick their actors

They are OAB (http://instagram.com/Oabnithi) X GUN (http://instagram.com/gun_atthaphan)

Gun the pretty one will also be playing on another BL movie Love Love You which is the sequel of Love’s Coming he is casted to replace Tee Mild as Gump 1533781_590058754459117_2850903474805460120_n

Bishonen of the week ; Bank & James

Oh i have been pending this post for a couple of weeks now so they should be bishounen of the month :p
This time we are still going to talk about Thailand beauties hehe
so we have two pretty boys for today Bank & James from Hormones season two!! ain’t they cuute? If you watched the phenomenal thai lakorn Hormones the series you should know about this two cuties.
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My Top List Bishounen Pairing ^0^ v2.0

Wuih dah lama bgt sejak saya ngomongin tentang OTP dan penyakit shipping saya, time have passed so much now i think its time to update you about my recent top pairings

This entry is to update My Top List Bishounen Pairing ^0^ which i posted in 2008
this is an additional list from before so i wont post the previous pairing again although i still love them obviously (YunJae forever!!!)
check the previous list on https://shiraai.wordpress.com/2008/12/20/my-top-list-bishounen-pairing-0/

Here are the list of pairing which captivated my heart from 2012-2014
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This week Kottminam/Bishounen ; Thanapob Leeratanakajorn aka TOR

before i went to bed i just want to share this Thailand beauty oh my the gossip i heard about him today really got me spazzing


let me introduce you to TOR !! (real name : Thanapob Leeratanakajorn)
he is know for his hot blooded teen character on Thailand tv drama Hormones the Series

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