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QingYu and YunJae analogy

In my lifetime i never thought another couple can make me feel how much love i felt for YunJae and even beat them until I encounter QingYu and  i’m glad i found them this lovely love birds

So today i’m going to compare the parrallel between YunJae and QingYu,

any indonesian language you’ll find are local jokes that i dont need to translate

Feeding birthday cake

Both Yunjae and Qingyu like to feeds their couple from their own hands, and if it was birthday cakes they will play around and flirt with it


Leaning to the other for comfort

Both Jaejoong and Dayu have this unique habit to lean or hide behind their partner , especially when they are uncomfortable, here the example

Jaejoong goes to Yunho after doing mistakes with his dance moves


When Dayu asked question about their relationship where Dayu having trouble to explain
the obviously uncomfortable Dayu leans to Qingge for comfort, and after that CJD even point it out asking “why do he always leans to Qingge if uncomfortable?”

Further Qingge also mention about this habit on a magazine interview

Q: Is there any gesture of the other which only you understand?

Wang Qing: When DaYu is not happy, angry or embarrassed, he would scratch his thighs; or if he is sitting on an armchair, he would play with those handrails. If we are talking with each other, sometimes he involuntarily leans toward me. Those times, he might feel unhappy or insecured *smile*. Right now, he feels very safe, you can see how cozy he gets *smile*.

[TRANS] Wang Qing and Feng Jian Yu Interview in Easy Idol Magazine issue no. 720 (January 2016)
Credit Counter Attack International fans


PDA (Public Display of Attention)

Brushing hands are regular for Yunjae and Qingyu

While YunJae was very comfortable with hands on each other thigh

So does Qingyu they even comfortable having one hand all over and inside their pants

Taking care of each other

Both Yunjae and Qingyu show their affection with small attentive gesture

For Jaejoong and Dayu taking care of their partner neat appearance is a most, that is what Yunho favor

While in Qingyu part not only Dayu but Qingge also pay attention and take care of Dayu appreance


Ideal type

When asked about their ideal type of ‘girl’ they would date both Yunho and Qingge would mention their couple characteristic
takut ga dapat jatah mereka kayanya sih klo salah ngomong

OWKAAAY that sums everything, every QingYu fans know who exactly Qingge was describing even tho he add “it was ideal type of girl ”
especially because on the previous fm at Shenzen he mention how he likes Dayu shining (in other words “Bling Bling” with the same hand gesture) big eyes that give him courage , and Qingge also had mention about Dayu tan skin on another older interview


Kiss attack

Both Yunjae and Qingyu have moments of Uke suprise kiss attack that makes their Seme gets all flustered *tehehe




If Yunjae have Yoochun as their club president QingYu have MC GuoTao as their club president





They look so comfortable doing back hug

list yunjae Lean 20150905164856_EjLTG.thumb.224_0

but on Qingyu case Dayu also doing the back hug
dah jaman emansipasi uke soalnya sekarang sih yaa

Did i miss anything else ? let me know if you found another parallel of this two OTP

Yunjae Fanfiction Links

Just compiling some of recommended YunJae fanfiction, to be read >> Indonesian >> Indonesian

any other recommendation please tell me ^____^

Drowning in Yunjae angst for the last time?

내 맘속에 비밀이 된 우리 사랑 꺼내려도
even if I want to take out our love that became a secret in my heart

지나친 내 후회가 널 찾으려 해도 막네
that too much regret of mine obstructs me from trying to look for you

(Kim Jaejoong – All Alone)

Ok i haven’t blog about them for a long time since their seperation,
i kinda miss them so this may be the last post?? but i dont know what  will happen in the future, however this is going to be a depressing post


yunjae was suppose to meet at an award ceremony (September 5th 2013), but Yunho didn’t come and the camera capture one moment when Jaejoong looks like he was going to cry T_T oh well we wont know what was he thinking at that moment

130906 Korean news article title: “U-Know Yunho and Kim Jaejoong – they could have met this time… a failure.” (cr @_Hitsumabushi

i’ll just end this post with lyric from jaejoong’s sad song my only comfort (BE WARNED!!)


너를 위해 준비했던 반지는 짝을 잃고
The ring I prepared for you loses its pair

내 손가락에만 남겨져 슬픔이 또 울고
only (the ring) remains on my finger. The saddness cries again

비가 왔으면 좋을 것 같아 내 눈물 감추게
I think it’d be great if it rains, so it hides my tears

울고 울고 또 울고
I cry and cry and cry again

내 귀에 흐르고 있는 슬픈 노랫소리가
the sad singing voice that’s traveling through my ears

주저앉아버린 내 심장을 멈추게 할 것 같아
seems to be stopping my sunken heart

떠나지 않는 사랑의 영혼이 나를 또 붙잡아
the soul of love that wouldn’t leave holds onto me again

울고 울고 또 울고
I cry and cry and cry again

사랑 사랑 날 버리고 간 사랑
my love, my love, my love who abandoned me and left

사랑 사랑 기억과 추억 속에 살아
my love, my love, I live within my memories and reminiscences

이미 넌 나의 영혼인걸
you’re already my soul

어떻게 살아야 너 없는데
how would I live when you weren’t around

나도 모르게 시켜놓은 니 커피 한 잔도
a cup of coffee I ordered for you without me realizing too

내 맘 같지않게 식어버린 너처럼 차가워
doesn’t seems like what my heart feels, it’s cold like the cold-hearted you

이미 어긋난 사랑의 퍼즐을 또 맞추려
I want to piece correctly the love puzzle that’s already wrongly pieced

울고 울고 또 울고
I cry and cry and cry again

사랑해 사랑해 날 버리고 간 사랑도
I love you, I love you, my love who abandoned me and leave too

사랑해 사랑해 기억과 추억 속에 살아도
I love you, I love you, even if I live within those memories and reminiscences

이미 넌 나의 영혼인걸
you’re already my soul

어떻게 살아야 너 없는데
how would I live when you weren’t around

오 내 사랑이야 넌 어디에 오 내 사랑이야 영원히
Oh, my love, where are you? Oh, my love forever

Translation Credit: InHye87
Romanized by: kromanized
Shared by: PrinceJJ

YunJae Quote

I loooove these quotes makes me miss yunjae more

Sorayagami's Blog

“there are flaws in romance but love is perfect” – Kim Jaejoong

“I know Yunho from his personality to his body” -Jaejoong -> YunJae mode now.

“I don’t even remember when fans started to become obssesed with us. Is YunJae really that interesting?” -JJ

at a fanmeet ->Fan: Jaejoong gege, you do know that JiJi in chinese means penis right? *JJ stares awkwardly at her then blushes

“The chinese yunjae fans are very kind. They sent me and Yunho links to fanfictions. *giggles* They were ‘fun’ to read.”-JJ

“When Jaejoong kissed Hyo Joo, the whole movie theater was screaming in agony and I heard multiple shouts of ‘YunJae!'” -Movie cinema staff.

“I met Yunho in 2001. Then we met again in SM and I was a bit surprised. I guess it’s fate.” -JJ

“I think the fan’s minds are very interesting. The plots in the fanfictions are very cool to…

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yunjae moment: i want to hold your hand

Yunho have 1001 reason to hold Jaejoong hand ^o^

@ history of japan 4
more –>

@ zoom in 071109

pengen downloaaaaad XDDD

watch Zoom in091107

part of HoJ4 DL link from DBSKnight Subber

DBSKnight Subber
Jaeho_Yongwonhi @ LJ

Jaejoong said there are secret behind secret code XDDDDD

Hyaaa I’m Hyper XDDD yet another confession from jaejoong, there ARE secret behind secret code *cough*nobody knows*cough* <333

ehmm… *calms self*

*calming self failed* kyaaaaa XDDD

i’ll try to quote it for you guys
they were talking about Secret code and
so Jaejoong said: (from 0:23)
“…Tohoushinki no himitsutekina tokoro ha ippai kakushite iru kamo shireinai no de sagashite mite kudasai tanoshinde kudasai…”
translate = there are pobably a lots of Tohoushinki SECRET side hidden so please look for it and enjoy it
<333333333 are you thinking what i’m thinking ❤
Crazy Love, Nobody Knows … = YUNJAE

Nobody Knows Yunjae Analysis

Theoretically speaking if Nobody Knows is a YunJae song, then my mission as a YunJae follower to crack the secret code behind that song hehe. *is crazy XD*

WARNING: Avid Fangirl Analysis Ahead!

Nobody Knows Yunjae Analysis/Theory

First I must say it is indeed the slash-est  song since Gakuhai Orenji no Taiyo ^o^. So here we go..
(translation credit lunatunalover)

Even though I love you, nobody knows
The veil of darkness hides how you’re staring
Footsteps interrupt, but we’re just lost in a daze, searching each other’s eyes
Where the sighs go, no one knows

I admit the first line& the title is not so YunJae, because EVERY Dongbangshinki fans will know about Yunjae, they are highly noticeable couple/pairing, not that I’m complaining.
Thus this song about a secret affair, If not YunJae than the song could be applicable to people who hides their love in secret, probably a gay couple XD.
2nd line ; Hmm the secret stares is so Yunjae,  So  it was some night they are alone somewhere nobody can see them but they can hear people foot step but they just didn’t care (woo I’m sure that  was exciting XDD).
Last line; it’s tiring to hide their relationship T^T

Now we’re both accomplices, we’re marked by this
I can come meet you, it doesn’t matter what the excuse is; I say you “have a terrible headache and can’t sleep”

They are guilty for the crime of being in love XD (that sounds very romantic in its own way) and they are marked by it. *cough*obvious*cough*
They made up excuses to be together, like saying they have a terrible headache and can’t sleep and sneak up to a room *grin*

I push you against the wall
Baby, checkmate
In this situation, we have no choice but to melt together
Are you still afraid of something?
I’ll be by your side forever, and deep within you

Woaaa *nose bleed*  this phrase  pretty much said it all. Now I’m imagining Yunho pushing Jaejoong against the wall %&*%OT%){&GJ^I&#*#! So Jaejoong is still afraid but Yunho promise that he’ll be by his side forever and *nose bleed*

A “destiny satisfied” or a “beautiful eternity”
Right now, I’m not concerned with those things, you’re everything
Your eyes pull me in, your magnificence is addictive
Every day is like this and no one knows

It’s probably a destiny or beautiful eternity but right now they just don’t care all they know is just they meant everything to one another. 3rd line; well Jaejoong’s eyes is like a magnet and his attraction turns Yunho into an addict XDD. Last phrase; well they practically live together, so every day it was like that but no one knows *yeah right!*

If you don’t want to lie, just be silent until morning
I alone know the truth… that this isn’t a nightmare, it’s love

They must keep their voice down or else they have to make up a story for the next day XDD
It’s nothing wrong they are just in love <3333333333333333333

Bitter, painful black chocolate, mouth-to-mouth communication
I promised I’d stop if you cried
So for now, let’s just experience one another

Their secret love hurts and sad T^T but like a black chocolate it’s delicious? XD I want to witness that mouth to mouth communication XDD, I don’t think I need to explain the rest of this phrase XD

Someday, I want to see the blue sky with you
Is it alright to wish that? Secretly, in my heart…
As you sleep, I play the piano on your back
And no one knows the words to that melody

I’ll also pray for the day to come when YunJae (if they are real) can be out in the open :p . Aaah just picturing Yunho playing a melody on Jaejoongs back, so beautiful TT^TT someone should make a fanart! Me? I don’t have enough talent to draw that.

I’ll be by your side forever, and deep within you

Yunjae Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤