I want to be the bed in your room for just a day Oh Jaejoong~


I wanted to ask..
Why I was lost in the woods..
Why I followed such a difficult love..
Why I couldn’t find happiness in my life..
Now I know
That I’m happy to have..
someone who understands me..
and cares about me…^^

~December 2006, Jaejoong secret message to U know who XD~

Yo! Thanks for visiting (^__^) I would be very happy if you care to take a look (^_~)
A little about myself.. I’m an Indonesian who studied Japanese Language and I love Japanese Stuff ( especially the Bishounen 😛 haha) & ofcourse I love Korean Stuff

anyway I might as well write this blog in English, Indonesian, & Japanese (Gado-gado desu) so pardon me if you don’t understand my language at all hehe, well YOROSHIKU

Oh and one more thing, keep yourself OPEN MINDED while browsing my blog!! I DO NOT intend to offend anyone but this is my page, I have the right to write just about anything i want (^_^) ok?!
My old blog was on blogdrive
and for my work of art (that is filled with GacktxHyde fanart) check on my deviant art

there is also a copy of this blog and some more on Tumblr & Livejournal

I Want to be a bed n your room for just one day oh Jaejoong

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