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My Top List Bishounen Pairing ^0^ v3.0

It’s 2017 i think its time for me to update my otp list, i have a lot of ship i wont mention the pairing/cp that i already mention earlier only my latest obsession, well i cant say i’m obsessed with all of them, maybe just the top 4 but yeah even only that have taken over much of my life

previous post were here (v1) and here (v2)

I rated this couples for their on screen and offscreen chemistry and mostly for the love i have for them which is my personal bias so dont go around saying this couple is better that that couple kay or you can just go someplace else rather than my blog

1 QingYu


You all already know how or why I Love QingYu, i already posted so much about them

I must say QingYu takes a part of my heart and run with it, With their story they could take me to 7th heaven but also could potentially rip my heart a part, by the way i miss them so much right now T^T

If you are a non fan It’s hard for me to explain why i keep rooting for them even tho we hardly see them you just need to see and experience by yourself to believe.

I love them very much i just wish them to be happy and peaceful together i know they want to succeed to keep their promise to the fans but hope they are not so hard on their self and take it slow i’m still willing to wait for them and i would love to see them together on screen again.

bonus trivia : Wangqing (Pisces)  x Dayu (Virgo) opposite attraction where a Dreamer and a Realist falls in love

2 Leo x Lucas (MingWang)

Like a soothing breeze of wind is what i felt with Leo x Lucas especially while QingYu being absent, i am drawn to this couple with how much similarites yet also how different they are with QingYu.

Coincidentally both QingYu and LeoLucas are living proof of an opposite attraction between Pisces with Virgo and Leo with Aquarius.

This CP is so free spirited and could care less about what outsider think and just focus on enjoying their time together. if i could describe their good qualities are that they don’t feel they have anything to hide, they are Free , Happy, Playful and Bold.

bonus trivia : LEO (Leo) x LUCAS (Aquarius) opposite attraction where a King and a Rebel falls in love

3 Baozi Hana

i would say none of my pairings are as relationshipgoals as baozi and hana
they are like old married couple, they have went trough things that other cp havent went trough
and most of all they are real, they are open, committed and just content with each other
they are like practically married they have live together for years and have been sporting couple/engagement ring for a while now

I’m just waiting for the official announcement of the wedding date

if you didnt know them before you can learn about this cosplayer geeky cp from their lovely Q&A

4 Off  Gun

OffGun is sooo freakin cuuuuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Off is the eccentric prankster and Gun is a cute cinnamon roll, their personality blend very well together.

I like both individual before they were cp, especially Gun, he have been paired with a couple of cute guys before but i’ve never seen him have so much fun and being this clingy (in a cute way) as he is with Off. And Off was always a good and appealing side character its nice too see him enjoy the spotlight with Gun

Altho with the circumstances they limit their relationship as a P’ Nong (SeniorJunior /HyungDongsaeng) relationship i am okay with that as long as they keep that cute bond and beneficial relationship.

5 Bernard x Teddy

Between that hot make out scene and cute bts interaction cant blame me for shipping them.
I think they keep their relationship professional but nevertheless their chemistry is off the charts, as a working partner they blend very well especially with Bernard affectionate and nurturing gestures

6 Singto x Krist

They are comfortable and not awkward with each other which help so much to their on screen chemistry
I already expect that Sotus is going to deliver long before it aired. Different compare to the series where Arthit (Krist) is the tsundere Senior and Kongpob (Singto) is calm yet bold Junior, in reality Singto is the Calm and Nurturing Senior and Krist is the Playfull Junior.

I love how Krist like to tease Singto so much and Singto cant do much about it

7 Nut and Karn

if you have watch grey rainbow you should know that their story is so heartbreakingly beautiful you cant help too root them together.

spoiler alert fmv

8 Jaejoon and Takuya

I was seriously obsessed with this pairing in the Lovers while the drama airing , cause finally a canon BL couple in korean tv drama that i really like
but i do not ship Jaejoon and Takuya in real life, i just love Joonjae and Takuya in the drama so soo veryy much

spoiler alert fmv

9 Joenghan  S,coups (SEVENTEEN)

A kpop pairing , Cause they are both such a beautiful being , i just love they look cute and beautiful together

10 Jingyu Weizhou

This couple also honestly i do not ship them offscreen , i cant see them other than Guhai and Bailouyin, just like Qingge and Dayu were Born for the role of Chicheng and Wusuowei
Jingyu also a perfect Guhai and Weizhou a perfect Bailouyin

Dont get me wrong their chemistry were great on and off screen also, physically they were sizzling hot, but i didn’t see anything beyond that


Cute CP Leo x Lucas

Recently i’m interested with this CP Leo and Lucas , altho honestly their drama have sooo many flaws which is to bad since their trying to sell that stuff, the should have picked a better project, well enough ranting let me introduced them first


姚望 Yao Wang akaLucas
Birthday : 1992-02-18
Location : Chengdu, Sichuan

Lucas is a young man with a charming smile, we can see that he have that gentle aura but it wasn’t easy to get cause he said it took time for him to be cozy with someone, and at first impression he finds Leo over friendly attitude annoying but after a while he realize that Leo is a nice man

业明 Yang Yeming aka Leo
Location : Nanjing, Jiangsu
Birthday : 1994-07-23

with his outgoing personality and high level flirting skill Leo didn’t give up charming Lucas even tho Lucas giving him cold shoulders since he allegedly thinks for him even iron will melts
and finally he is quite successful getting Lucas to warms up to him

and then being around each other they get really cozy 🙂 really really too cozy :))))
its really cute to watch so lets see how they develop from now

wake up

moon fest

favourite quote
Leo ; “you are so pretty”
Lucas; “you are toxic yeming.”

Leo hand obsession

Taiwan honeymoon





barbecue and touching butt XD

typhon day


watching sunset


Seoul honeymoon


Namsan tour trip

Make up game

Leo and lucas looking like touya and yukito

one thing i realize they looks a lot like Touya and Yukito from CCS especially when Lucas wear that cute round glasses


Fighting for gege title

As you can see in the video gege title is a big deal for them and they constantly fighting for the spot, obviously lucas is older than leo however leo insisted to be called gege instead but Lucas surely wont give up easily

and lastly their chat

notice that background wallpaper of Leo chat box which he said d he didn’t change
their web series SWAP 错生 novel in chinese


Bishonen of the week ; Bank & James

Oh i have been pending this post for a couple of weeks now so they should be bishounen of the month :p
This time we are still going to talk about Thailand beauties hehe
so we have two pretty boys for today Bank & James from Hormones season two!! ain’t they cuute? If you watched the phenomenal thai lakorn Hormones the series you should know about this two cuties.
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Yay Bromance ❤

Okay here is the topic I ‘ve been wanting to discuss for a while Bromance in Cinema, especially in K drama I like bromance in alkind of drama in TV or Bigscreen, some of my favorite such as Supernatural, Death Poet Society, Sherlock, main reason obviously  (no lies here) cause  I enjoy BL (boys love) so I love  to find slash-able pairing in drama’s and bromance make it lot easier *grin* but I do understand that Bromance and  regular BL is different, the slashing part is just going on in my imagination and make me squeal in excitement each time the bromance part is on screen So anyway I love bromance but bromance in Korean Drama in K Drama especially are Superb, why is it Korean bromance is special? i think to understand that you need to understand the culture check this article to learn about male friendship>> Here are some drama or movie you can watch purely for the bl slash bromance Continue reading Yay Bromance ❤

My Top List Bishounen Pairing ^0^ v2.0

Wuih dah lama bgt sejak saya ngomongin tentang OTP dan penyakit shipping saya, time have passed so much now i think its time to update you about my recent top pairings

This entry is to update My Top List Bishounen Pairing ^0^ which i posted in 2008
this is an additional list from before so i wont post the previous pairing again although i still love them obviously (YunJae forever!!!)
check the previous list on

Here are the list of pairing which captivated my heart from 2012-2014
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Godfrey Gao x Sunny Wang

Why do i post this two Hottest guys as a pair?


Okaaay just a while i stumbled upon Godfrey Gao x Sunny Wang being paired on a drama Never Give Up Dodo(钱多多炼爱记) and their kissing screen caps ^_^

tapi jangan salah ini bukan BL drama, it’s not a boys love story 😦 its a regular romance comedy

Godfrey Gao character already have wife (or is it girlfriend?) and Sunny Wang played as his gay bestfriend visiting their home


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Lee Jong Suk says he gets over his fear of crowds by being with Kim Woo Bin

my current favourite pairing Kim Woobin x Lee Jongsuk

130828 SBS Kim Woo Bin Lee Jong Suk with… by wywrd

kyaaa to sweet!!!

cant embed daily motion so i add the youtube vid you can see the translation from dailymotion link above


other link>

Review: Takumi-kun series ~DaiMao Movie 2-5~

Hey i know it’s several years too late but i need to write this review got to write this review 🙂
seperti yang mungkin kalian dah tahu i love the cast of the first movie soshite harukaze ni sasayaite, Suka banget sampai saya takut bakal kecewa dengan lanjutannya, akhirnya saya ngelewatin bertahun-tahun ga nonton film ini.

Kemudian karenaNijiiro no Garasu lihat reaksi teman-teman yg dah nonton pada suka saya coba juga nonton,
dan ternyata saya salaaaaaah bgt, OMG the second cast is waaaaay better. dan scenenya juga lebih sesuai dengan manganya bahkan menurut saya lebih bagus dari manganya… a little regretfull that i didn’t watch it sooner but also glad because i could see all movies at once ^__^

okay since i think already lots of review about this movies, i’ll skip the details and just tell you about my favourite parts, and submit pictures

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