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Leo Lucas fanmeet in Bangkok & Seoul late report and my thought about them

Dear Blog Reader how are you doing? i’m a little behind on posting my blog updates aint I hehe, as you know i am a little bit lazy
perhaps most of you fujoshi’s already know about this but i want to write about recent things that excites me

First about Leo Lucas first international fanmeeting in Bangkok and Seoul, yes i know its supeeeer late the meeting was done like in february while its already april know
but since its one of the big step for them i still want to wrote about it

but before that i would like to introduce LEO (Yang Yeming) & LUCAS (Yao Wang) again for those who havent really into them

so for a non fans some people think they are just doing fanservice cause they are waaaay to lovey dovey and not subtle at all some people said its feels like stage
which is its up to you if you feel that way

but for me, my personal opinion you need to get to know their personality first before judging them

Leo is a straightforward man and being a Leo he do things extravagantly that also include in love he would love extravagantly, very loud and in your face. the king like to show off and he may display his partner like a trophy almost (dipamerin gituu)
if he wants something he would get it he is a man who wont take no as an answer.
one quote that really gets me is that when a Leo is in love it is as if the whole world can feel their warmth.

Lucas will seems very detached and aloof at first, he is free spirit he would go with the flow he would do what he wants without caring what people would say, once he is really interested in you he would show it clearly.
Also an aquarian like Lucas doesn’t like someone that is fake, they wouldn’t accept someone if they didn’t feel that they are sincere.
both of them would be very honest with what they feel and also their action no mind games no nothing

That is just how they are as a person and i wouldn’t be surprised if they really enjoy their time together to the point that its seems exaggerated

this is one video where you can see their chemistry summarized

10 Sweet Points of MingWang, i am still waiting for the complete subs

Back to the fanmeet before i forgot

I was lucky enough to be able the went to their Bangkok FM, unfortunately any recording was not allowed during the fm so there aren’t many recording so let me tell you what i remembered

Bangkok fm

going from beijing to bangkok they already teased us with pda like this

it was late night flight Lucas is sleepy so he leans to Leo

i was lost in translation cause i don’t understand either thai or chinese but one thing i could say they are GORGEOUS in real life , well especially Yang Yeming he is even more gorgeous than in the picture

credit translation report by baoboal

the fanmeet was opened with that theme song of theirs Shizu and its soo cute, i love this song so much cause i think of it as their themesong

the fanmeet was setup in a talkshow setting where two mc ask questions to them, they also played some games with fans etc

During the beginning me and my friends could sense that they are a little introvert in large crowds, through the whole show we could see that they have their own little world, a little bubble where no one else exist.

The MC ask simple question like what they wanted to do during in  thailand
Leo said he wanted to take Lucas for a motorcycle ride and then they try to demonstrate the motorcycle ride but Lucas tried to Sit on Leo’s lap instead
Leo was suprised his gesture was like “you naughty boy trying to mess with me , i’ll get you when we are home”

they were asked to explain/compliment each other

in which Yaowang eventually admit that “Leo is not silly he is just innocent, he take cares of me very well”

and then when its Leo turn ofcourse he have so many things to compliment Lucas

okay too much information there Leo but thank you very much for letting us know that Lucas whole body is fair

the major fanservice was the sit up pocky games

the best part was the balloon suprise of course, for Lucas birthday they prepare a surprise it was a balloon with lots of fan messages the biggest message was

“Baby stop playing hard to get, just accept my love” LOL of course you all can guess what the fans trying to convey representing Leo


After the Thailand FM the Seoul fm is even much much more exciting with more candies
i’ll wrote some about it later one in this post but since i dont want to postpone this post any longer i’ll publish this first

the Seoul FM already have english sub so you should just go and watch it if you have not

LeoLucas sang “At least i still have you” in Chinese and Korean it was a very beautiful song

Pocky game again this time twice

Full fm engsub


My Top List Bishounen Pairing ^0^ v3.0

It’s 2017 i think its time for me to update my otp list, i have a lot of ship i wont mention the pairing/cp that i already mention earlier only my latest obsession, well i cant say i’m obsessed with all of them, maybe just the top 4 but yeah even only that have taken over much of my life

previous post were here (v1) and here (v2)

I rated this couples for their on screen and offscreen chemistry and mostly for the love i have for them which is my personal bias so dont go around saying this couple is better that that couple kay or you can just go someplace else rather than my blog

1 QingYu


You all already know how or why I Love QingYu, i already posted so much about them

I must say QingYu takes a part of my heart and run with it, With their story they could take me to 7th heaven but also could potentially rip my heart a part, by the way i miss them so much right now T^T

If you are a non fan It’s hard for me to explain why i keep rooting for them even tho we hardly see them you just need to see and experience by yourself to believe.

I love them very much i just wish them to be happy and peaceful together i know they want to succeed to keep their promise to the fans but hope they are not so hard on their self and take it slow i’m still willing to wait for them and i would love to see them together on screen again.

bonus trivia : Wangqing (Pisces)  x Dayu (Virgo) opposite attraction where a Dreamer and a Realist falls in love


2 Leo x Lucas (MingWang)

Like a soothing breeze of wind is what i felt with Leo x Lucas especially while QingYu being absent, i am drawn to this couple with how much similarites yet also how different they are with QingYu.

Coincidentally both QingYu and LeoLucas are living proof of an opposite attraction between Pisces with Virgo and Leo with Aquarius.

This CP is so free spirited and could care less about what outsider think and just focus on enjoying their time together. if i could describe their good qualities are that they don’t feel they have anything to hide, they are Free , Happy, Playful and Bold.

bonus trivia : LEO (Leo) x LUCAS (Aquarius) opposite attraction where a King and a Rebel falls in love


3 Baozi Hana

i would say none of my pairings are as relationshipgoals as baozi and hana
they are like old married couple, they have went trough things that other cp havent went trough
and most of all they are real, they are open, committed and just content with each other
they are like practically married they have live together for years and have been sporting couple/engagement ring for a while now

I’m just waiting for the official announcement of the wedding date

if you didnt know them before you can learn about this cosplayer geeky cp from their lovely Q&A

4 Off  Gun

OffGun is sooo freakin cuuuuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Off is the eccentric prankster and Gun is a cute cinnamon roll, their personality blend very well together.

I like both individual before they were cp, especially Gun, he have been paired with a couple of cute guys before but i’ve never seen him have so much fun and being this clingy (in a cute way) as he is with Off. And Off was always a good and appealing side character its nice too see him enjoy the spotlight with Gun

Altho with the circumstances they limit their relationship as a P’ Nong (SeniorJunior /HyungDongsaeng) relationship i am okay with that as long as they keep that cute bond and beneficial relationship.

5 Bernard x Teddy

Between that hot make out scene and cute bts interaction cant blame me for shipping them.
I think they keep their relationship professional but nevertheless their chemistry is off the charts, as a working partner they blend very well especially with Bernard affectionate and nurturing gestures

6 Singto x Krist

They are comfortable and not awkward with each other which help so much to their on screen chemistry
I already expect that Sotus is going to deliver long before it aired. Different compare to the series where Arthit (Krist) is the tsundere Senior and Kongpob (Singto) is calm yet bold Junior, in reality Singto is the Calm and Nurturing Senior and Krist is the Playfull Junior.

I love how Krist like to tease Singto so much and Singto cant do much about it

7 Nut and Karn

if you have watch grey rainbow you should know that their story is so heartbreakingly beautiful you cant help too root them together.

spoiler alert fmv

8 Jaejoon and Takuya

I was seriously obsessed with this pairing in the Lovers while the drama airing , cause finally a canon BL couple in korean tv drama that i really like
but i do not ship Jaejoon and Takuya in real life, i just love Joonjae and Takuya in the drama so soo veryy much

spoiler alert fmv

9 Joenghan  S,coups (SEVENTEEN)

A kpop pairing , Cause they are both such a beautiful being , i just love they look cute and beautiful together

10 Jingyu Weizhou

This couple also honestly i do not ship them offscreen , i cant see them other than Guhai and Bailouyin, just like Qingge and Dayu were Born for the role of Chicheng and Wusuowei
Jingyu also a perfect Guhai and Weizhou a perfect Bailouyin

Dont get me wrong their chemistry were great on and off screen also, physically they were sizzling hot, but i didn’t see anything beyond that

[QingYu] Feng Jian Yu New Song “The Iron Forest” 钢铁森林

From QingYu International Fanpage

[UPDATE] 161223 <<钢铁森林>> by 冯建宇
Gāngtiě sēnlín by Feng Jianyu
The Iron Forest by Feng Jianyu
English Translation

Walking along the while horizontal line
The setting sun would soon disappear
Between you and me
Brushing shoulders occasionally
Such an exhausting yesterday
Yet always repeating it
The initial craziness
There’s still a bit left

Perhaps silence will enable a better tomorrow
But this is not at all what I wanted
How much farther till the iron forest?
Want to break through the darkness and find the light

You tell me why
I give you love
You tell me why
I give you love

Always here

The night expands carefully
The lights slowly die out
Quiet streets
Rounding up a loop
Lonliness steals away the time
Runs the heart aground gradually
Strip off the disguise
It has become safe

Perhaps silence will enable a better tomorrow
But this is not at all what I wanted
How much farther till the iron forest?
Want to break through the darkness and find the light

You tell me why
I give you love
You tell me why
I give you love

Always here

The awaited dream will come true baby yeah
Yesterday was merely a hallucination

You tell me why
I give you love
You tell me why
I give you love

Until forever

Hearing the song and reading the lyric
i got the feeling of unwavering love but also insecurity and lonelyness
a typical QingYu feels i get every time, they have come a long way didnt they ;_;

Also i learn that this song is a theme song for a BL movie The First Light adapted from a danmei novel , hmm let me dig into that story as well i hope its interesting

P.S my friends commented that the back vocal sounds a lot like Qing LOL

Cute CP Leo x Lucas

Recently i’m interested with this CP Leo and Lucas , altho honestly their drama have sooo many flaws which is to bad since their trying to sell that stuff, the should have picked a better project, well enough ranting let me introduced them first


姚望 Yao Wang akaLucas
Birthday : 1992-02-18
Location : Chengdu, Sichuan

Lucas is a young man with a charming smile, we can see that he have that gentle aura but it wasn’t easy to get cause he said it took time for him to be cozy with someone, and at first impression he finds Leo over friendly attitude annoying but after a while he realize that Leo is a nice man

业明 Yang Yeming aka Leo
Location : Nanjing, Jiangsu
Birthday : 1994-07-23

with his outgoing personality and high level flirting skill Leo didn’t give up charming Lucas even tho Lucas giving him cold shoulders since he allegedly thinks for him even iron will melts
and finally he is quite successful getting Lucas to warms up to him

and then being around each other they get really cozy 🙂 really really too cozy :))))
its really cute to watch so lets see how they develop from now

wake up

moon fest

favourite quote
Leo ; “you are so pretty”
Lucas; “you are toxic yeming.”

Leo hand obsession

Taiwan honeymoon





barbecue and touching butt XD

typhon day


watching sunset


Seoul honeymoon


Namsan tour trip

Make up game

Leo and lucas looking like touya and yukito

one thing i realize they looks a lot like Touya and Yukito from CCS especially when Lucas wear that cute round glasses


Fighting for gege title

As you can see in the video gege title is a big deal for them and they constantly fighting for the spot, obviously lucas is older than leo however leo insisted to be called gege instead but Lucas surely wont give up easily

and lastly their chat

notice that background wallpaper of Leo chat box which he said d he didn’t change
their web series SWAP 错生 novel in chinese

錯生的瞳孔> http://big5.quanben.io/n/cuoshengdetongkong/list.html

QingYu Moments on Dayu Birthday Hong Party

0827 Dayu birthday hong party. Dayu looked dazzling , shining and evermore handsome than usual the performance and the dance were jjang he must have practiced a lot he was very tired T^T otsukaresama Dayu.

but i still want to focus on my favourite qingyu moments, i got this moment ofcourse with the help of my awesome QingYu family not by myself, thank you all

dayu blush

Dayu was tired from practicing and prepairing this birthday event
he said “at moment like this i want to lean on someone”
the interviewer ask “do you have someone like that?”
Dayu answer “I have”
the interview ask “who?”
Dayu pause and blush for sometime and answer “my fans”

muehehehe yeah right

the mc was our favourite uncle guotao no 1 qingyu supporter, and ofcourse he keep teasing wangqing on the second floor

160827 冯建宇庆生会 Feng Jianyu Birthday Party #冯建宇0827生日快乐 #冯建宇 #FengJianYu

A post shared by Rainbow星光 (@rainbowkjj2) on

160827 冯建宇庆生会 Feng Jianyu Birthday Party #冯建宇0827生日快乐 #冯建宇 #FengJianYu

A post shared by Rainbow星光 (@rainbowkjj2) on

indeed Qing know Dayu very well even about favourite sleeping position #eh
when they play a game to find out who knows Dayu very well Qingge already disqualified by our uncle tao, but he still play the game

the question i forget was something about what Dayu do when he have trouble sleeping
and ofcourse baba  could answer correctly because they slept together ROFL

The way Qing Looks at Yu never changes

WangQing gift to dayu is a bracelet , ofcourse its not the habit of King of Romance Mr. Qing to gift ordinary bracelet

i heard that bracelet worth around 500~600USD but that aint important, the important thing is the meaning behind that gold lock and key bracelet

160827 冯建宇庆生会 Feng Jianyu Birthday Party #冯建宇0827生日快乐 #冯建宇 #FengJianYu

A post shared by Rainbow星光 (@rainbowkjj2) on

here are the tagline of that bracelet from its website

Creating a special love story, or to send your heart to the one you love, a free and sweet pair, making a one of a kind promise of love. The romantic set of a lock and its key, wishing for the loving couple to love forever, never to part

aaaaaaargggghhhh my poor shipper heart, that bracelet are indeed for a lover

also my friend rin told me that bracelet also mean
“My heart only YoU can unlock” awwwwwww

but actuallyyyy on shenzen fanmeet WangQing was challenged to give Dayu a house / apartment on the most expensive 3rd district in Beijing, which he agreed

Did wangqing forget his promise? not at all.

He apologize for not keeping his promise because he still cant afford to buy dayu their house but he said when that day comes (once he can afford) he’ll make the key from the bracelet to be able to open that future house, LOL Ameen to that

also the rumored mistery ring

Guys!!! There's more!!! A RING!!! #QingYu #WangQing #FengJianYu

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lover embrace

the one on the 2nd floor is WangQing

thats all i can compile for now , good night everyone

Love Departure – Feng JianYu – reading between the lyrics

cr english subbed by Summer of QingYu

This song is special because Dayu wrote the lyric himself and who are he trying to fool the content its obviously for Qingge
Well maybe he is not really fooling us cause he should know the daughters can tell each words are for who and he is letting us know

Lets start analizing (i adjust the translation according to i think most correct based on the chinese characters position and all, i hope it is correct)

Looking forward for each holiday
creating memories together
In this warm season there’s you with  me

The opening lines for me already screams QingYu because they’ve promise to go on vacation together to someplace warm :p

Even when we don’t contact frequently
There is you and me in this heart
We have each other
Even when we aimlessly angry at one another
and there are words that i didn’t say
But it’s alright, because you understand it all
No need for the long-talk
Because you understand me

Its like saying we can go through each distance, difference, and quarrel because we have each other in our heart and we understand each other

I make a vow for you (我为你许下了原)
and you achieved it for me (你却为我实现)
How precious it is (如此珍贵)

Now this phrase screams like baba, we all know how he like fulfilling his partner dreams

Life is a bit crazy and a bit bitter (生活有点疯 有点痛)
There are small groups of people who will face it (有些人一起冲)

I would like to thank Spring Rui and Qingyu Inter FP for pointing this one

In life they will face a little craziness and bitterness but there are people who can face/withstand that , this part maybe talking about discrimination or bitterness some small group of people may be facing and its related to the next lyric

Close your eyes to this love (闭上眼 在爱中)
And let us dream this dream together (我们一起做梦)

The 1st meaning : People close their eyes, pretended that those types love doesn’t exist.
The 2nd meaning is..close our eyes, and ignore those who look down on our love, and just experience that love with just the two of us
(cr vivi)



Translation Reference cr Rainbow and Qingyu International Fanpage

[Lyrics] Dayu’s New MV: Love Departure

Even when we don’t contact frequently
There is you and me in this heart
We have each other
Even when we aimlessly angry at one another
The words are there but refuse to come out*
But it’s alright, because you understand it all
No need for the long-talk
Because you understand me
I just want to say
Thank-you Thank-you
Moving me with your utmost honesty
Thank-you Thank-you
Love departure from you
Thank-you Thank-you
I’ll always kept it in my heart
I wanna thank-you thank-you
For me, you have make a vow (我为你许下了原)
And for you, I’ll complete it (你却为我实现)
How precious it is (如此珍贵)
Life is a bit crazy and a bit bitter (生活有点疯 有点痛)
There are small groups of people who will face it (有些人一起冲)
Close your eyes to this love (闭上眼 在爱中)
And let us dream this dream together (我们一起做梦)
Thank-you for understanding me (谢谢你 懂我)
I just want to say (我想说)
Thank-you Thank-you
Moving me with your utmost honesty (给你真心的感动)
Thank-you Thank-you
Love departure from you (爱要为你出发)
Thank-you Thank-you
I’ll always kept it in my heart (一直藏在我心中)
Thank-you Thank-you
Love departure from you 爱要为你出发 x2

I wanna thank you thank you

I wanna thank you thank you
(I wanna thank you) x3

Cr QingYu VN – Vương Thanh & Phùng Kiến Vũ
Trans: Vivi – Qingyu International fanpage

QingYu Protecting the Love

Just want to say something, you are just blind if you cant see how much truth revealed about QingYu after watching these videos
Sure they are maybe doing some fan service but most of the time what they are doing was from their sincere feeling.
Especially WangQing he was seriously follow his instinct to pursue and protect FengJianYu.
He followed his heart and he still does.
All he was doing right are also to protect them both.

I want to elaborate one by one from this video but i guess i am to lazy 😛 maybe later i’ll update

【QingYu Translation Group 青宇翻译组 ★ 中英字幕】
QingYu’s timeline from May 4 to July 3, 2015

160507 Wang Qing Seven Minutes’ Words Of Love [eng sub]

【QingYu Translation Group 青宇翻译组 ★ 中英双语字幕】

Dayu spilling about their private activities as ‘best friends’ for celebrating their anniversary on South Bound Premier

Trans Rainbow
Time Anne Noh
Subber Adarqiz

Happy Debut Anniversary QingYu


Hello WangQing and Feng JianYu

Happy debut anniversary

So many thought i want to say but don’t know how to say, hope this can reach you

I feel in love with both of you and that special ‘love’ you share with each other
it is so beautiful and it touch my heart

No matter what happen in the future, please cherish each other, listen to each other and listen to your own heart, make the best decision that you wont regret

For your carrier i wish for you to continue to support each other and reach success in anything you do, never be satisfied and keep improving yourself

We don’t know what would happen in the future but i know you both are strong enough to get through anything together

Our family will always love you and be here for you for 10 years, another 10 years and more

Love, ShiraAi


Summary 160410 QingYu Moment – The 4th V Chart Awards

Qingyu won 3 awards on YYT Vchart Award
1. Best rookie
2. Most popular mainland singer
3. Most popular artists of the night

and we are so proud of them and also the amazing effort of sisters from mainland through their joint effort of 62 fansites

Forgive me for being so lazy since all of our friends in twitter already did a great job describing their moments i’ll just compile it all together :3

They totally look as if they are getting married :3

My favourite moment when Dayu hand on Qing’s waist

Fans calling for Dayu making Qing all Jealous again XDD and the effort Qing does to makes it seems normal is useless haha we can see right through you Baba

They are being very sneaky touching hands behind people’s back XDD


My Babies Cryiing T^T

The most beautiful QingYu constellation

Baba taking picture of QingYu constellation