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The Classics is always unreplaceable: Banana fish, Furuba

The first anime that you watch, your first favourite, or a manga that give deep impression on you will stay with you for a very long time, that was furuba and banana fish to me

the first anime i ever watch was probably sailormoon and doraemon, but the anime that i watch in japanese and got me to learn japanese was fruits basket, i think it was also the first anime that made my cry and squeal almost every episode


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my first

Its funny how suddenly random topic bring back a lot of memories this late of a night
okay since i feel like writing about it today i would like to share stories about my firstS

My first anime crush was TRUNKS from Dragon Ball

this was the first thing that pop in my mind tonite seeing a random Saiyan dance on youtube my friend share LOL

i fell in love with this particular illustration
i saw a poster of this illustration and think aww he is kind a hot,
especially that purple hair !
back then purple was my favourite color and that kind of hairstyle was hot
like my idols back then , andy lau, jimmy lin  and aaron kwok

anyway i also remember there was a boy whom my brother think kinda look like jimmy lin (probably just because he was chinese) who had a crush on me, the first and only one time a boy made a move on me. It didnt turn out really well LOL maybe for the best

My first shoujo manga that led me to manga and japanese content obsession was Min Min (Yu Asagiri) and Asarichan

that time me and my parents when to a book store and i bought that manga in a bundle
i was fascinated to see kiss scene for the first time (i was on elementary school)
and the art was soo pretty
Well as you know Yu Asagiri also became a yaoi mangaka XD
after that i had Sailor Moon and lots other stuff going on

My first Yaoi was Gravitation Anime (not the manga)


Not like other girls who got exposed to yaoi too much young
i see my first yaoi on the 1st grade of university so i was mature enough to process it. Still it was like a new world open up before me i was enlightened LOL
i think i have seen some LGBT content gay or lesbian before in tv drama tho
and i watched with somewhat fascination or curiosity that i didnt really understood
only after i have seen yaoi than my eyes were open

My first yaoi manga was either Boys Next Door by Yuki Kaori or Love Mode

also the first time probably i saw explicit hardcore sex in media on Love Mode! i guess i was pretty innocent before 🙂 (but i did watch titanic like every other teens my time and been exposed to sex scenes in hollywood movies before). Like i wouldn’t have imagine that blow job would be that much exhilarating if it weren’t for yaoi manga.
i did had my denial and down period when i felt guilty and delete all my yaoi stacks (but i end up downloading it again LOL)
but now i think this encounter with Yaoi is one of the best thing that ever happen too me i’m grateful that it allows me to be open minded to see the world

Last a bit off topic compare to above, My first song (or was it 1st foreign song?) that i like was Crazy by Julio iglesias i dont know why haha
but the first song that really resonates with my heart and all those teenage melancholy was Have you ever by Brandy, i cried too this song few times in the past really nostalgic

Yuri on Ice Theories Discussion (Proceed with caution)

I know some fans might hate me for bringing this up again , i just would like to share what was in my mind.

When Yuri on Ice was airing there was some theory regarding why victor decided to take a leave from professional ice skating and became Yuuri’s coach. Other than seeing Yuuri viral video was there any other reason that was more personal. One of those theory was it because he is sick like cancer or something.

However Kubo sensei does confirm that she will not make this story a tragedy or sad story instead she wants this story to be overflowing with LOVE and now we know that the real reason Victor came to Hasetsu was because he was smitten by a drunk sexy pool dancer that was Yuuri LOL :p
So please chill and dont make a big deal out of what i’m about to say cause it is most likely not the case

This theory was first brought about when Yuuri touch Victor head and Victor commented about his thin hair. And then on episode 10 i got alarmed because some of the dialog did hinted same possibilities

Now other than the dialog that was mentioned above “If i continued to skate Yurio wouldnt be motivated to fight and neither would I..”

Actually if you understand Japanese, the dialog before was also hinting and pretty intense
When Victor squeeze Yurio face he seems pretty pissed aside from Yurio calling Yuuri Pig etc.. Right before that scene the line Yurio was saying さっさと居なくなるジジ which was translated “Just go away already, geezer” while actually 居なくなる (inaku naru) can also translated into to disappear or to die so if we translated it more harshly it will be “Just go and die already, old geezer” which explain why the always calm and laid back Victor was triggered.
Also the first opening line from yurio in this scene was “viktor nikiforov is dead” so it goes with the flow of the dialog.
Some fans think that victor was offended for Yurio calling the ring from Yuuri as garbage but no that line was said afterward..
So after watching that scene I admit i was very worried about the course that the story may take.

In the interview below however Kubo sensei also explain that she may have thought to make Victor sick but decided not too cause that plot would be too much for a 12 episode anime

Kubo: As a story moves from the middle to the later stages, it’s quite common for the protagonist to have something important to him or her taken away. We thought that it was about the right time to do that. That’s why we had Victor leave Yūri’s side momentarily in episode 8. In a long-running manga serial, it’s quite possible that Victor would fall sick or meet with some kind of accident, but we can’t take such a roundabout route for a one-cour anime. That’s why we had Maccachin steal and eat some buns instead (chuckles).

Well that was my thought but certainly not my hope for any of this to happen i’m just saying the possibility. I do wish that Victor and Yuuri would live very very happy and healthy together until they grow old *cough*marriage*cough*

I think the previous plot might be interesting just for fanfic material or something :p
so yeah looking forward for season two i wish for the best for them,

Peace out ♥

Other Yuri on Ice Trivia Source

Dream event: BL Convention for South East Asia anyone?

Its not that yaoi fans communities is nonexistent in here infact there is already some of event happening that we could say catering to fujoshi in South East Asia.
But i think it would be really cool to combine those event into a much larger event like South East Asia own Boys Love/ Yaoi convention

Things that i wanted to see

♥ BL Anime and Movie festival, launching and promotion
Other than animes from Japan, Thailand have loads of BL series made from BL fiction and they have huge fandom in their own country and it affect the neighboring countries as well

in Bangkok Love Sick the series launching and fanmeets was a huge success

♥ A fan meet & greet of famous BL actor pairing and BL mangaka, BL authors would be great

inviting Asia’s Talent like Angelina (I still love you even tho you are a man aka. Like Love) , Chai Ji Dan (Addicted, Counter Attack), Feng Nong (Feng Yu Jiu Tian), Lan Lin (A round Trip to Love),P’Hed (Love Sick), He Tian (19Days)

♥ Butler Cafes

A Fujoshi’s heaven on earth exists in Ikebukuro’s Boy’s Love Academy cafe

♥ Comic Market with lots of Yaoi Doujinshi circle and Fan Artbooks

Samples of Gallery display for inspiration

♥ it should be fanbase oriented

AFA in Indonesia invite baozi and hana every year! because their fanbase is pretty much establish and will support a lot with attending the exhibition and buy their merchandise

its really important to recognize this fanbase, Let the fanbase create special activities for their fandom
Since i’m a huge fandom member as well  it would be pretty cool if we could gather all of the favourite CP, OTP, Ship with large fanbase in south east asia
such as BaoziHana, BNY, QingYu, Leo x Lucas, White Captain and let them have their fan activities would be really fun to watch

Existing Communities

If we are talking about fujoshi event. The largest of it all is Japanese Comic Market, eventho like AFA it was not 100% fujo oriented, i’ve heard that the first time Comiket ever held the attendees was 90% girls.
another event in Japan for girls >

So i’m thinking since Japan is sooo far away it would be very cool to have something like that here too

whats interesting in fujoshi communities in South East Asia or anywhere outside Japan that its not about just japanese bl manga and anime anymore. i think its really facinating to explore that and showcase how far the communities have grown

In USA they have this kind of event

Samples of event that is already happening here


In Indonesia the closest thing we ever have for this kind of event is Anicult in Surabaya, tho its still subtext as a regular anime exhibition but compare to AFA (Anime Festival Asia) that largely caters for otaku boys , Anicult exhibitor and content largely caters to girls

The event successfully invited Mangaka like Nekota Yonezoh sensei in the previous event isnt that cool?


Comifuro or Comic Frontier is an annual event for local manga/doujinka circle to display their works, and when i say Doujin you can guess that there will be load of yaoi doujin there to 

By the way the next Comifuro will be held on 21st of January 2017


OTPCon/C2Fiesta is one of organizer of such event in smaller scale recently they sucessfully held Moviedome where Movie fans can display their fanworks. The opening of next year they will held Yuri on Ice fan gathering! how awesome i hope i dont miss that

Last but not least


In Jakarta they have already attempted to made this kind of event in a form of BL butler cafes, and i would say their first attempt was really successful i went there and it was soo much fun. In this event we gather with fellow fujoshi watched some Yaoi OVAS, and My oh my all that juicy fan services
Unfortunately sharing picture was prohibited, try to imagine from the menu served

as much as like the events held here its still not very ‘safe’ to held such events here in big and public scale, so i’m thinking Bangkok would be great place to have it dont you think?

BTW next february i’ll also be attending LEO and LUCAS Fanmeet in Bangkok SUPER EXCITED


Okay that all from me what do you think ? Do you like this kind of event? Do you already have this kind of event in your country?

BL News; BLOOM & other BL stuff

ini dah telat 1 tahun tapi saya juga mau share ttg majalah online ttg yaoi dari Indonesia Fujoshi Forum

namanya BLOOM singkatan dari Boys Love Online Magazine

Sayangnya cuma ada volume 1 padahal kontennya lumayan ^_^ coba dilanjutin lagi, tapi pengalaman emang susah bikin online magazine volunter yg kontinue pasti yg buat punya kesibukan sendiri2

P.S Kawaii BGT cover utamanya Both x Newyear ❤

Eh pas lagi browsing di ISSUU malah ketemu Essay yg membahas tentang manga BL karya Fusanosuke Inariya sensei

Forbidden Love and Violent Desire: Themes in the WWII Yaoi Manga of Fusanosuke Inariya

aaah kerennya!! pengen bikin tulisan akademik tentang BL kaya gini

Istilah Penting di Blog ini


Yo kali ini saya tertarik membahas istilah penting, tidak penting?, penting bgt apa penting ajah?

Istilah-istilah di bawah mungkin sering muncul di blog ini, biasanya sih yg mampir ke sini sudah tau ga perlu dijelaskan tp just in case ada yg belum tahu ini sy kasih penjelasannya ya

BL or Yaoi=Boys Love adalah salah satu genre fiksi khususnya di manga (komik) jepang yang menceritakan kisah cinta sesama laki-laki (gay) klo di blog ini i used more wider definition of BL buat semua cerita fiksi (film , drama , novel, dll) dan kisah nyata yg bertema gay

Fujoshi=perempuan penggemar manga boyslove (BL) atau yaoi atau hal2 berbau gay

Fudanshi = pengemar BL juga tapi yang cowo

Shipping = shipping ini ga ada hubungannya dengan kirim mengirim paket via jalur laut ya ^_^
shipping ini adalah pairing yang kita sukai dan ikuti biasanya dari anggota idol group tertentu, film, drama, sampai reality show (misalnya We Got Married/WGM), pairingnya bisa Cowo x Cewe [Ssangchu couple (Hyunjoong&HwangBoo,WGM S1), Cowo x Cowo [YunJae (DBSK5), WWCT(LSTS), HeungSoon(School2013)], dan ada juga Cewe x Cewe [Tiffany x Taeyoon (SNSD)]

karena berasal dr kata Ship atau Kapal istilah ini sering diplesetin seperti ini
-“My Ship Sails”= Kapalku berlayar = Shipping saya hubungannya lagi bagus bgt nih (mesra, lovey dowey)
-I will go down with this ship = ini kayanya dari lagi White Flagnya – Dido ya?, artinya apapun yang terjadi kita tetap percaya & belain shipping ini 😀

Shipper = identitas fans yang suka banget sama pairing tertentu dari tokoh fiksi sampai artis/public figur beneran [misalnya Yunjae Shipper, Alshin shipper] sukanya dari mulai suka dengan persahabatan mereka, berharap mereka jadian, sampai percaya 100% klo shipping kita benar-benar pacaran

Pairing= belum dijelasin tadi pairing apa sih?, pairing lebih gampang saya artikan pasangan
(mis; Jaejoong pairingnya siapa sih? oh Yunho), klo di Korea pairing ini disebutnya Couple
biasanya pairing ini dikasih julukan dari singkatan nama (YunJae=Yunhoo&Jaejoong) atau sesuatu yg mengingatkan kita pada mereka

OTP = One True Pairing, kalau di idol group semakin baik dan erat hubungan para membernya OTPnya jadi semakin rancu hingga ada turunannya jadi OT3=one true 3some OT5 =one true five OT7 = one true 7 dst

Member-ai= istilah ini dari fandom boyband girlband jepang, artinya kasih sayang sesama member :p #tsah

Slash= artinya hampir sama dengan pairing? tapi lebih dekat dalam dunia fanfic khususnya dari fiksi di US, dan biasanya antara 2 tokoh samesex istilah ini sudah ada dari jaman StarTrek di tahun 70-an loh (Kirk/Spock, StarTrek)
read more>

Skinship= sentuhan penuh arti haha klo definisi inggrisnya affectionate physical contact

Bromance= Gaya bersahabat dua orang cowo yg romantis hingga nyaingin sepasang kekasih
biasanya banyak bgt terjadi di korea, nah bromance & skinship ini yg memunculkan shipping 2 idol cowo

Fanfic, Fanvid, Fanart= hasil karyanya para fans ada yg suka bikin video di youtube, bikin fanfiction, bikin gambar atau komik/manga

ada lagi yang perlu dijelaskan? nanti klo kepikiran aku tambah ya atau tanya ke sini jg boleh

20 fact about me

1 I’m INTROVERT. I never have lots of friends. And I’m awkward among strangers.

2 But I looooove being with my small group of FRIENDs especially with the ones that have the same interest with me. Even if you hang out with me i don’t have much to say. I’ll just listen to you and laugh at your jokes, and respond to you. But sometimes i also can be a bit chatty for some topic

3 I’m a THINKER, i may not looked like a thinker but i am. I think about lots of thing that sometimes

4 i didn’t notice thing happening around me. i have what they call “KACAMATA KUDA” so I’m sorry if you happen to say hi to me and i just walked passed you. or you tried to talk to me and i just didn’t listen because i’m concentrating on something else. I am not being arrogant, I just didn’t notice :p

5 I’m ADDICTED to a lot of things mostly related to JAPANESE, & KOREAN POPULAR CULTURE, manga , dorama, jpop, Jrock, kpop,  all hail to the INTERNET and every information that it could provide me ❤

6 I am MESSY, LAZY and CARELESS hey have you seen the movie Nodame, and Hotaru no Hikari? The heroine in those dramas is the mirror of me, that’s how messy and lazy I am. No kidding.

7 On top of that I’m a SPOILED BRAT I’m not your noble heroine of your movie, I have it my way or no way. I am like this especially toward person closest to me my family. That’s why I adore my husband for keeping up with me and being able to accept me for who I am including my bratty attitude. I’m not proud of this, I hope I can fix this

8 My HUSBAND is my FIRST real relationship, my first kiss my first sex and I like that to be like just the way it is. He was not my first love, being in LOVE is very easy it came naturally but to stay in love you have work it out, but it can’t be forced either. I hope that I can cherish this until the rest of my life, and I’m so glad it’s him not anyone else because I don’t think that anyone else can handle me.

9 I lived a STRAIGHT LIFE, I never touch drug, booze, smoke, I stayed a virgin until I get married, and I’m somewhat religious. I just don’t take risk that I think may harm myself. Some may say a boring life but I’m cool with that it’s just the way I am.

10 Despite being the way I am I think I have an OPEN MIND, I have a very tolerant and pluralistic view on people, the truth I wasn’t always like this I might have a narrow mindset before but people change they grow. This is largely influenced the next best thing

11 I’m a FUJOSHI doh! Haha I found yaoi on my first year of college, this beautiful and bizarre attraction that I have to toward Boys Love, make me think about a lots of thing, it’s like an epiphany. It shapes my way of thinking now, and I thank GOD that I found this.

12 This might not be a popular way of thinking. I think that ALL HUMAN ARE NATURALLY BISEXUAL (that include me yes), I don’t think that there are pure heterosexual and homosexual human in this world. I agree with Kinsey scale that your individual and unique experience shapes your orientation. It’s up to you to decide which side of the scale you belong to. Of course no one should force you to be something that you are not, you just need to embrace who you are.

13 I also had an academic interest toward LGBT I like to read up about it. I wrote about “Social discourse of Homosexuality in Japanese History” for my graduation paper.

14 I CAN SPEAK & WRITE JAPANESE because I major on Japanese language and culture in university, I’m not good at it though I’m just ok

15 As you can see I let my HOBBY being a huge part of my life and a huge influence on me as a person. When I’m OBSESSED  with something new I could spend lots and lots of time browsing about it night after night even until  sunrise, this make me an OTAKU? But I hate being categorized as Otaku 😦

16 I love to DRAW MANGA style. I wanted to have my own manga but lacking the effort and talent to accomplish that. You can check my artwork (mostly BL gakuhai fanart) on deviantart (

17 I enjoy WRITING review about manga, movies, books I like (mostly BL) on my blog

18 I looooove pretty boys, BISHONEN or KOTTMINAM. As I have written before my true sexual preference is predominantly leaning toward oriental male sex ANDROGENOUS people)

19 I am a SHIPPER, one pretty boy couldn’t satisfy I have to pair two of ‘em together LOL, I have LOTS of OTP, but the most dominant one was YUNJAE

20 I have a lovely DAUGHTER she is my treasure and I looove to doll her up. She is so much like me it’s scary 😛 . I always wanted to call my daughter AI-CHAN from her first name Aisyah, but she end up being called CIPA from her last name Syfa. I wish her only to have a long happy and healthy live and feeling the love of people around her.

Temptation is when…

Temptation is when you are assign to a day business trip and you think of inviting that beautiful boy you barely know to join you, however i’m still sane and i love my husband so fuck that thought

this past year shigoto kankei de saya jadi sering nemu local beautiful boys seandainya saya punya duit banyak pasti dah saya scout deh buat bikin Jhonnys Jimusho Indonesia

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