BL News: The Sun, The Moon & The Hurricane (trailer)

It’s been a while since I watched lgbt movie from Indonesia so i’m excited for this one

The Sun, The Moon & The Hurricane

It’s already been released since 2014 but i just heard about it so 😀
i’m going to it’s first commercial premier on pacific place next week 20 or 21 March
anyone coming?



When Rain (William Tjokro) looks back as a 32-year-old, he reflects that it all started the day the enigmatic Kris (Natalius Chendana, a star is born) protected him from bullies in high school. Kris went on to demand Rain’s friendship, insisting on sleepovers and telling him to ditch his other friends, despite himself pursuing nights out with a succession of casual girlfriends. Rain, who’s coming to terms with being gay, can’t understand at all, and he’s devastated when Kris abruptly disappears from his life. But he gets over it, and has a formative sexual experience on a visit to Bangkok. Several years later he gets a surprising invitation to visit Kris, now married and living in Bali. But what does Kris really want?

Andri Cung’s debut feature is essentially about the ways we all learn from experience… and the ways we try to avoid getting trapped in recurring mistakes. It flirts with schmaltz in a few voice-overs and with melodramatic excess in its closing scenes, but is for the most part acutely observed, exceptionally well-acted and ardently sincere. It sustains its three-act structure with aplomb and looks and sounds great. It’s also sexy, seductive and emotionally very, very intense.

Tony Rayns

Cast :
William Tjokro
Natalius Chendana
Bl1rimDCIAAROJM.jpg large
Cornelio Sunny
and Gesata Stella

Awards & Achiements :
– Nominated The Best New Director Vancouver International Film Festival 2014
– Official Selection Vancouver InternationalFilm Festival 2014
– Official Selections Jakarta International Film Festival (JiFFest) 2014
– Official Selections Jogja NetPac Asian Film Festival (JAFF) 2014
– Nominated Best New Actor (William Tjokro) Piala Maya 2014
– Nominated Best Original Script (Andri Cung) Piala Maya 2014
BmIaMZsCUAE0Tmf.jpg large

More Info :­ne


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